Call Me Booty


I couldn't help it, I just had to yawn again it's all of six in the morning. I suppose most would be used to getting up that early, though when you are getting up at seven every day for the last ten years, earlier is hard. The guards laugh and tell me yet again they could put me back to bed if I prefer.

My free girl clothes in hand, the guards referring to them that way of course I make my way into the changing room followed of course by one of the guards. Taking small comfort in it not being that perverted greasy haired Stephen I turn my back to her and pull the obnoxious orange jumpsuit from me. Followed shortly afterward by the dirty grey bra and panties provided for me by the prison.

"Here, I know you feel dirty so may as well clean the dirt of this prison from you." The guard says as she hands me a wet bath sponge, her hand caressing then squeezing my left cheek.

"Susan you know how I feel about sex with women, but tell you what, if I end up in here again you can give me conjugal visits, perhaps that sicko grease ball would leave me alone then." I say as my body trembles at her touch and the cold water of the sponge as I begin to clean myself.

"Probably wouldn't help, I had to deck him a couple times before he sorta leaves me alone. I talked to the warden about him, he can't transfer him, no one will have him and the man is related to the director. Try not to come back is the best I can say, if you do though I am so holding you to the conjugal promise."

She sighs as she takes a seat and watches me clean myself, the cold water making my nipples stick out, the water cascading over my body highlighting the tattoo's and scars. Being ever the tease I turn so the light splashes on me causing my wet nipples to shine, butt sticks out a little and my hand slows down, paying special attention to breasts and pussy.

Now clean but very wet and a little chilled I turn and toss the sponge in the bucket before I am folded into a towel. I look over at Susan as her lips meet mine, her arms wrapping around me and holding me close. At first I resist, but in the end I let her kiss me, her soft little tongue worming it's way into my mouth. I feel a tingle running up and down my back, my toes curling a teensy little bit even. When the kiss ends she steps back and we both catch our breath, a faint smile creasing her lips as she looks at me.

"Maybe I shouldn't have done that, might give you an incentive to come back."

"Probably not but I gotta think about it, sent chills down my back, though I can't think of anything but sex right now. I'll let you know." I say winking at her as I dry myself off.

Anything else she may have wanted to say is cut off with banging on the door and Stephen yelling out that if we take much longer he's going to come in and watch. With a shiver I grab up my clothes and start getting dressed, Susan sits down again laughing. She quiets down and watches as I pull my stockings up my legs, careful to include a slow roll of the hips and alternate between hiding my pussy and flashing it to her. She groans as I turn my back to her, bend at the waist then pull the thong slowly up my legs and in place.

With the garter in place and clipped to my stockings I pull the teeny dress into a crumpled mass before raising it high and letting it fall mostly into place, with a few adjustments both breasts are somewhat covered and Susan is practically drooling.

"I still can't believe you actually wore that dress to trial, leaning forward must expose all of you to view."

"Well the juror number 4 I think was a most delectable specimen of man I wanted to see if maybe he would be interested. He wasn't but he sure stared hard, mores the pity I could have used some hot man loving in here."

Purse in hand we move to the door then go down another interminable corridor with Stephen staring at my ass the entire way. They leave me sitting in front of a desk, though Susan stays behind a moment longer to hand me her number. I sit there fiddling with my purse I don't know how long before another guard enters and sits before me. He drones on for some time with some nonsense of my rehabilitation, the terms of my release a number of times even mentioning the fact that I am released on parole and breaking that will have me back in prison for the entirety of my sentence along with any added time. Finally he tells me to remember what he said and puts a paper in front of me with a pen, for my signature.

As I am then led by the new guard to the gates he hands me a folder with all of the things I need to know, along with the name and address of my case worker. I have to stop and retrieve a piece of paper that falls free, on it is a name and number.

'So is this your number?" I ask him quizzically.

"Oh no I am a married man, quite happily I am happy to say. No that number is my sons he isn't married and made me promise to give it to you." He answers turning at least four shades of red.

"Tell me about him, it's not like a felon can get a good paying job, I may as well explore homemaker."

"Well to be honest you probably won't like him, he worked as an IT man for a few years but is back in school to learn game design."

"Oh shush, I like games, my brother had an arcade he would swear I spent more time in there than anywhere else besides playing our Nintendo. In fact I think the first thing I buy will be one of those Xbox's. Besides you didn't tell me much, what are his eating preferences does he drink, well actually forget all that what is he like?"

"Well he is always polite, played games endlessly it seemed as a kid, a lot like you I guess, has a mind for these new fangled computers. He says that he turned down several lucrative offers to go back to college so I suppose he was good at it. It's all Greek to me he loses me every time he starts talking about scripts and operating systems." He tells me face lighting up, pride for his son evident all over his face.

"He sounds wonderful to me it would be good to have intelligent conversation, most of the gals in here and a few of the guards are rather lacking upstairs. I'll be sure and call him soon as I get settled in somewhere. Tell your son I will call in a couple days at most." I say as I grab onto his arm and pull myself up to kiss him on the cheek.

He turns at least eight shades of red as he reaches for the door and opens it to the gate. The warden is standing there along with a number of guards, the stern look on his face making me think my parole was a joke. I guess the look on my face told him my fears because he strides over to me, his face softening with a smile.

"Don't worry Miss Smith, you are being released now, we are here to make sure you can get into the taxi. There are a number of reporters outside and the police didn't send any officers."

"Oh please, you are here to get some TV time and look like a good warden you know perfectly well I wouldn't have problems getting to a taxi. Though I am curious, why do I get a taxi?"

"Guilty as charged, I guess it is good we are in a prison. You are getting a taxi because the bus is having engine troubles and there is not a spare to run out here. The taxi is paid for already, in part by me and in part by your case worker she is rather excited to meet you. Personally I'm glad you are leaving, you are making my guards look bad they either drool all over themselves at you or try their hardest to be on your ward. Apologies for Stephen but well I knew he would drool at you and leave the rest of the women alone."

"He actually made prison bearable to be honest his constant attention let me forget where I was. Let's be on with this, I have to see a parole officer, a cemetery and see if I can find an apartment."

He opens his mouth to say something, shuts it, opens it again then shuts it and with a smile takes my arm and leads me to the gate. With a wave of his hand skyward the gate begins opening. There is a great ruckus outside, some lights start shining through the widening gap of the gate as it opens, some shouting and a little jostling can be heard. As the gate opens wider the guards move forward to go out first, the wardens hand on my arm holding me in place.

When the gate finally opens all the way the reporters are herded to either side, leaving a rather wide path between, just off the road I can see a yellow taxi sitting there, the driver leaning out the window watching the chaos with a wry smile. The warden pulls his hand from my arm and guides me out into the corridor the guards formed toward the left side. He pulls away from me after whispering in my ear to talk to these leeches for a minute and goes to the right side.

Before I have a chance to hear a question or formulate anything to say several microphones are shoved in my face followed by a barrage of shouted questions. The lights on the video cameras blinding me so bad I can't even figure out where the questions are coming from.

"Stop, ask your questions when you are called on or I'm not answering any questions and you can simply record me leaving." I scream at them in disgust.

The guards laugh as the reporters pull back the microphones stick their hand in the air and dance around like little kids with the answer to the question or needing to go to the bathroom. I look around for a second before spotting her, a small little woman like myself, half shoved in the back by the taller ladies and the men. I point to her and smile as she excitedly shoves her way forward with the tallest cameraman of all of them.

"Thank you Ms. Smith, I am sure all of us are wondering what your plans are now that you are free, paroled or not you must be biting at the bit to find the people who killed your brother." She says somehow finding the nerve to compose herself before shoving the microphone in my face.

"That is an excellent question. To be frank I would love to find these persons and exact revenge in every ounce of their bodies, twice. However I have no desire to return to this prison or any prison unless I am visiting a friend so I shall leave it to the police to find the persons responsible. I have every confidence in their abilities they did manage to catch me after all, the persons who killed my brother stand no chance."

There is some laughter then one of the tall ladies yells out a question relating to finding the killers. I don't answer her I simply stare at her for a second, recognizing her as one of the reporters at my trial who kept interrupting it.

"Since you have no class I am not answering any of your questions, stand here and record what I say or go away I care not one whit. Open your mouth again and I'll tell you exactly what I think of your talents and they do not appear in front of the camera. Now I shall take a question from you." I snap at her before turning to a tall blonde man.

"Yes thank you, you did not specify what you were going to do now besides let the police chase after the killers of your brother." He says with a catch in his voice, though he is definitely older than a puberty stricken boy.

"Oh yes you are right, well as you can see my brother is something of a sore spot so I apologize for that oversight. Today I am going to go see my parole officer, I understand she is excited to meet me, I am going to visit my brother and pay my overdue respects, I trust you reporters shall let me do so in peace. I am also going to have to find an apartment likewise in peace I would rather not be bothered with reporters and sightseers. Of course one of the more important things in my list of things to do today is touch base with my friends, see how they are catch up on gossip, find a job, and if I have time after all of that, find a lot of sex. I'm hoping that I can do the job and sex relatively easily. I'd like to say I'm going to be a secretary or even an assistant, but with my record and face all over TV I'm probably going to be reduced to doing porn or stripper. Not that either are demeaning or unwanted, porn has a certain appeal alot of sex to be had there in theory, practice though I've heard isn't there. I hope that answers your question fully."

The little reporter lady elbows the blonde guy who is standing there turning red mouth agape before turning to me and opening her mouth.

"Yes thank you. Now if I may I have another question."

"Well since you asked so nicely and you rather seem to be the smartest one here anyway."

"Flattery will get you everywhere thank you. I noticed you mentioned your friends, I am sure everyone here knows that your friends at least most are members of the gang you were in that has largely disappeared, do you perhaps know differently?"

"No I don't know differently, I do however know where at least one of them lives and I have a suspicion that some of my friends are still using some of our old haunts, though if he happens to be watching this giving me a ride would be nice. Now thank you for being orderly, I believe I shall let the reporters on the other side ask me some questions now. The warden will be happy to answer any questions you have for him, about me I am sure but do ask about the prison it is quite well run."

So saying I put my hand to the guard closest to where I am standing and motion him to let the little reporter lady and her cameraman through. As I cross the small path the little reporter beaming widely in hand the warden leans in and thanks me in passing before he begins fielding questions behind me. Pausing a couple steps before the reporters I turn to little reporter and tell her to stay here I wish to speak with her before I leave.

"Now wait until you are picked to ask questions and do please not ask the same questions, I know your cameramen were able to get my answers." I tell them as I approach, as one their hands shoot into the sky and they are dancing in place.

"Yes thank you. I would like to return to your earlier answer, in case you do not know the police have not made any visible progress in finding the persons responsible for the death of your brother. Does that change your plan to let the police handle the matter?" Asks the man I have picked, a mousy little man with graying temples looking vaguely familiar.

"I did not know that, however since I am a relative of the victim they will apprise me of their progress in more details than you reporters get and I perhaps can get more information than they have already after speaking with my friends. Of course I'd like to say this again, if you are watching I would like a ride you know where to find me." I answer him before pointing to a different reporter, a tall blonde lady.

"I have a two part question if you don't mind. I'd like to ask you if you are expecting a car to come to the prison, and are you planning on going back to your old activities?"

"Short answers no and no, longer since I know you want one to the second question. I do not wish to return to my old activities, well paying though they may be I am the last of my family in the U.S. it is my duty to see that I do not stay the last. At present my plan is to find a nice man settle down and have as many kids as we can. I have one good lead so far but time will tell. Now next question, but not about him, that is private and shall stay that way."

"Yes thank you. I would like to ask if you are interested in any other jobs, perhaps as a reporter. You are quite knowledgeable, concise and clear. You would not be able to cover military issues but the police reportedly hold you in high regards."

"Well I did receive training as a secretary and I am sure all of you are aware that I would make a good security guard, perhaps be all in one as a receptionist. However my record eliminates me from most of those jobs immediately, not to mention I could not be an armed security guard, at least not in the classic sense, I really have no interest in being a reporter, I'm not tall enough to be a cameraman, or man enough in certain ways I suppose I should mention. I could open up my own training gym and teach others Muay Thai, except then I would disgrace my ancestors, the Muay Thai I know is our family art and is not to be shared outside the family, I won't do that. Before you ask it is better to let it die with me than to pollute my heritage with outsiders. Now if you would excuse me I must be going before my driver falls asleep, I have much to do and probably not enough time to do it in."

Grabbing the little reporter by the hand I walk toward the taxi, the driver looking interested at my approach. The direction his eyes traveling let me know exactly what he is interested in though I find it a complement rather than disgusting, I really gotta find a cute guy and use him until he passes out. A few feet from the taxi but hopefully far enough away from the reporters and their cameras I stop and turn to little reporter.

"First this is a rather private discussion about you so you better turn your microphone and camera off." I tell her then wait for her to do so. "OK now I must ask did you know my brother. He used the flattery phrase on a daily basis it seemed."

"I... well yes I did know him, six years ago he saved my life." She tells me, turning red in the process.

"It turned into more didn't it."

"I'd rather not say those cameramen are probably listening to us."

"Perhaps, ah well I guess I am going to have to kidnap you into coming with me for a little while, so we can talk."

Without waiting for an answer I turn to the taxi and open the door, waiting for her to join me. I can hear her talking to her cameraman who says something about an exclusive before she turns and trots over to the taxi and gets in.

"Let's see you should drive your van over to oh I don't know, let's say Washington and Thirtieth in a half hour or so." I tell the cameraman before the taxi driver and the cameraman both tell me an hour.

With a flip of my hand and a snorted fine I get into the taxi shut the door and wave to the reporters. The taxi goes into gear and drives away rather quickly causing the two of us to look at him.

"Hey you said Washington and Thirtieth in an hour that calls for speedy driving." The driver grumbles as he manhandles the wheel into another turn, his gravelly voice hinting at a smoker.

"First I gotta ask, what is your name?"

"Stephanie." She mutters low.

"OK, now dish, were you and my brother an item?" I ask as I turn towards her to see her shrinking into the seat.

"Oh lord I wish he was here, he always said you had a hell of a temper." She whimpers out breathlessly.

"Ha that's funny he always had more of a temper than I do. However don't worry I'm not mad about this, it's not like I wanted him or something." I tell her laughing, the driver laughing with me.

"Well thank god. Yes we were I was very glad he saved my life and it well sorta turned into a little more than gratitude. Though he did make me wait until I graduated college before... well..." She trails off turning bright pink.

"Well I'll be he waited, dang you must have been special to him."

"I would hope so especially after..."

"Wait, you two didn't use protection? So I'm an aunt and not the last of my family?" I excitedly interrupt her.

She reaches for her purse and pulls out her billfold, when opened a string of pictures flop out. Grabbing them up I look at them each in turn my jaw dropping further and further. At first it's my brother and her, then it is them both beaming with her belly swollen. The next picture I swear my jaw hit the floor of the taxi and kept going, they are both holding a baby.

"My god twins, so I have two nieces or nephews." I mutter before looking at her smiling face and a hand held up with three fingers.

"Two nephews and a niece actually, and no not triplets, I think I would have killed him myself for that. I feel guilty but he didn't know I was pregnant again when he died I found out that day and left a message for him to come over, but he had already left." Her eyes filling as she says it.

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