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Call Me Roxanne


I had placed the personal ad in Metroland magazine as a joke at first, in response to a conversation I had with another brother I go to school with. He had been making fun of me when I told him about my taste in women, which happens to be a bit off-beat and decidedly not Afro-centric.

"I love white women," I admitted when my friend quizzed me about why I had showed little interest in a sister who hit on me after class. "Nothing against the sisters, but white women really trip my trigger. Especially the older ones."

"Who? Like the Golden Girls?" Reggie said with a chuckle.

"Depends," I replied. "I don't mind a little grey in the bush. They're really passionate and they don't mail in it. They turn into animals, and the more straight-laced they are in real life, the wilder they get in the sack."

I explained that I had been lucky with a few white women in their 40's and 50's, but it wasn't that easy to link up with them, because at 19 I was too young to get into bars.

"Why don't you put an ad in the paper?" Reggie had suggested in jest, but the more I thought about it the better it sounded.

I sure couldn't put it in the regular newspaper, but there was an alternative publication in the area that seemed to take just about any kind of personal ad, so I invested a few of my scarce bucks at put together an ad.

"BLACK MALE, 19. Good looking student seeking an afternoon rendezvous with a mature white lady. I am discrete and expect the same from you. I'm 5'8" and 140 pounds. Write and tell me about yourself and what you are looking for."

I opened another e-mail account and put that address in the ad, mailed the form to the paper and waited for the next edition of the rag to come out.

The Thursday that the paper was published, I logged onto that e-mail account and was stunned to find that I had over a dozen responses. More than half of them were bullshit - racist rants or guys wanting me to service them, along with a couple of escort services wanting me to pay for it - but there were a couple that seemed real, so I replied to them.

One in particular caught my eye, and surprisingly it was one that offered little in the way of details, simply giving me the briefest of descriptions. No photos or anything other than telling me that she was 57 years old and that she liked the part about my being discrete.

I wrote back, telling her that I liked her style and that I wanted to meet her very much. I explained that I was a student and had neither a place available to entertain her or the financial resources to provide a place for us to party. She got back to me almost right away, informing me that she couldn't meet me at her home but would pay for a motel room.

That was fine with me, so I sent her back a short list of questions and asked her for her honest replies. They weren't very intrusive questions, but I asked her to open up a little bit so I knew what I was getting involved in. The answers to my questions came back the next morning.

"Hello Del," the e-mail read. "I'm sorry I haven't been more outgoing with you. I'm very scared and am afraid that I will get found out. Like I said earlier, I'm 57 years old. Yes, I am married. No, I have never cheated on my husband. I have never been with a black man. I don't care about color.

I am 5'4" and am a little heavy. Probably about 20 or 30 pounds overweight. My hair is a reddish brown. I will do anything that you want me to except anal sex. I can't provide a picture but I will meet you in a public place and you can look at me to see if I interest you. If you don't want to do me, you can just not come up to me and that will be the end of it. You can call me Roxanne."

"Sounds good to me, Roxanne," I replied. "Why don't you go to Central Park in Schenectady. There's a bench near the old boathouse. Be there around noon on Friday."


"Not bad," I said as I looked at the woman fidgeting by the bench in the park, and in fact, the more I looked the better she got.

Roxanne might have been fudging around a bit with the amount of extra weight she was carrying, but most of it was in all of the right places. Solidly built in a Rubenesque way, she was wearing glasses and looked like she was about to face a firing squad as I approached her from the path that wound down.

"Roxanne?" I said in a soft and calm voice that still managed to make her jump when she spun to face me.

"Sorry - didn't mean to startle you," I said, trying to charm her by showing her my pearly whites.

"Del?" she said in a shaky voice. "I didn't expect you to - you're 19?"

"Yes ma'am," I assured her.

"What do we - I mean, am I okay?"

"More than okay," I said, looking long and hair at what seemed to be a big rack under a bulky sweater. "You have a car? Then let's go."

I got into her car, which was an old beat-up Toyota, and as she followed my directions to a cheap motel on State Street, I could see her hands shaking, and the tiny wedding band on her ring finger, and that got my blood racing.

When she pulled into the far rear area of the parking lot, I pointed her toward the motel office and watched her big round butt as she went across the lot. When she came back with a key, I followed her to room 14. My lucky number, at least for this afternoon.

We entered the musty smelling room, and Roxanne excused herself and went into the bathroom. I was guessing that she was going to make herself comfortable so I stripped down myself, just leaving on my boxer shorts as I jumped onto the creaky bed.

When Roxanne emerged, she was wearing all of the clothing she went in with, and seemed surprised to see me nearly naked.

"I've never done this before," Roxanne said.

"I can tell. Let's get some of those things off so I can get a better look at you," I said, and after she went over and closed the drapes I stopped her as she reached for the light switch.

"Don't be shy," I said. "Gonna see all of you anyway right? Here, I might as well take these off so you feel more comfortable."

I slid my boxers down as dramatically as I could, and since I had been tugging at myself while waiting for my lady to come out of the can, I cock was looking just about as big as it would get, even if it was still swinging between my legs.

"You like?" I grinned as I savored the open mouthed reaction to my flaccid, uncut mahogany manhood that Roxanne's eyes were bugging over. "Let's get that sweater off so I can check out them titties of yours."

Roxanne's eyes never left my cock as she unbuttoned the sweater and pulled it off her creamy white shoulders. Underneath she was wearing a long line brassiere that was more utilitarian than erotic, but that was understandable given the heavy-duty work it had to do. Her cleavage looked fantastic as she reached back and undid the harness.

"Damn!" I whistled as her gigantic jugs came loose. "Man, what a pair you've got on you!"

Roxanne's hands had come up to cover them, at least as much as her hands could manage, but she let them down when she saw I was pleased. Not aesthetically perfect, since because they were natural they had a little sag to them. The pale white udders also had some veins on the bottoms of them, but that only added to my excitement, and those nipples were crazy big and begging to be sucked.

"Look what you're doing to me," I said as I took the hand that I had been using to cup my cock with as I pulled on it, and when Roxanne grabbed back a half step when she saw my almost fully engorged cock pointing at her, I had to chuckle.

"Let's see the rest," I said, expecting to see a nice furry muff under the slacks, and when they came down and I saw the outline of the thicket of hairs pushing into the cotton of the full white cotton panties, I knew I was right.

A nice full untrimmed triangle for a curtain, a medium brown which didn't match the reddish drapes above but looked mighty inviting. I motioned for Roxanne to come closer, and she got a little tangled up when she didn't quite get the panties off of her ankles.

I moved forward to catch her in case she fell, but she managed to regain her balance as my hands caught her shoulders. Nice arms, I noticed as I held her biceps. A bit plump but solid, and her skin was soft and warm.

"You're shaking," I said when I noticed Roxanne trembling. "Don't be nervous. I won't bite, but I might nibble a little."

Roxanne smiled at that, and when I leaned forward and kissed her around the neck she seemed to be responding. I took her hand and brought it down between my legs, and I heard her gasp a bit when I put her hand on my cock, which was getting thicker and longer with each passing second.

"Let's get a little better acquainted, Roxanne," I cooed in her ear as I put a little pressure on her shoulders, and then she was easing herself down onto her knees on the faded motel room carpet.

She was eye level with my cock now, holding it with both eyes and looking like she was trying to work up the courage to put it in her mouth. I let my hands run through her reddish hair, noticing the graying of the roots at the part I was looking down on.

Roxanne was swallowing, trying to control what seemed to be heavy breathing as she knelt there. Then, after retracting my foreskin and exposing the head of my cock, which is plum-like in size and hue, Roxanne leaned forward.

"Ah!" I sighed as her mouth enveloped the head of my cock. "That's it baby. Oh man, that's so good."

After the initial hesitation, Roxanne began moving her mouth further down the shaft up my cock, and when I looked down she had managed to get about half of the roughly 10 inches slippery with her saliva, while her fist spun around what her mouth couldn't handle.

"Oh yeah. Work them balls for me," I moaned as Roxanne's other hand rolled my nut sack in her palm, and then took her mouth off of my cock so she could suck on my balls individually, making a loud popping sound when her mouth released them.

"Come on up here Roxanne," I said after she went back to sucking on my cock with so much enthusiasm that I had to slow her down before I popped a load in her mouth.

Reaching down, I grabbed Roxanne under her arms and pulled her up. Her armpits were silky smooth and slick with perspiration, which she seemed embarrassed about when she got back up to her feet.

"Hot in here, isn't it babe?" I said, noticing the stuffiness of the room.

"Nervous," Roxanne said, her face flushed a bit and still having trouble looking me in the eye. "No good?"

"You?" I asked. "No, you were too good. You know how to handle a big dick, don't you? Let me taste you now."

My hands went to her tits, and it took effort to lift the heavy pendulous jugs. The flesh was soft but not too doughy, and I could feel her nipples blossoming in my palms as I kneaded the biggest tits I had ever held.

"You're so hot baby. Love your breasts. This feel good?" I asked as my hands got rougher, and when Roxanne nodded I bowed down and took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked on it, softly at first and then with increasing intensity when I felt her body writhe in response.

After I did the same to her other nipple, I eased Roxanne down to the sheets, which weren't very soft but at least were clean. Her chubby body looked nice with her on her back, and her tits still looked huge even in that position.

I spread her creamy thighs and exposed the triangle of brown hair, which was wide but not particularly dense. I could see the lips of her sex through the fur, and the prominent labia looked like an inviting place to put my face into.

As my nose and mouth entered the fold, I was please to find her already wet before I started licking her pussy. The sounds Roxanne was making as I lapped around clit might have been muffled a bit by the press of her plump thighs around my ears, but I could hear enough to tell that she was liking my licking.

I could see her hands gripping and clawing at the bedding, and between the scent of her pussy, which was musky and strong, and the glint of her wedding ring as she clutched the sheet, I was getting as turned on as she was.

Just before I was about to lift my face out of her pussy and get busy, she let out a loud cry, and as her body convulsed my face got hit with what felt like an ocean wave. I held onto Roxanne's hips for dear life as her body went through a series of spasms and convulsions that rocked the bed until they passed.

"Sorry," Roxanne gasped as she tried to catch her breath while I climbed up between her legs, kneeling in a massive wet spot.

"No baby," I said, wearing her spray like a badge of honor as I leaned down and kissed her on her forehead, which was a wet as my own. "No of this sorry stuff allowed. You came so good for you. Wanna see you come again."

I brought the head of my cock in between her pussy lips, where my face had just rested, and leaned forward.

"Relax baby," I said as I tried to fit inside what felt like a virgin's pussy. "Just relax."

I pushed harder, but stopped when I saw the pained expression on Roxanne's face.

"Sorry," Roxanne said in frustration.

"It's okay baby," I said as I straightened up and began to run the head of my cock up and down the moist opening. "You're just nervous."

"Haven't had sex - in over four years," Roxanne said, looking up at me with a pained expression that wasn't from physical reasons.

"I thought you were married."

"I am. He doesn't - you know," Roxanne said. "He's got - somebody else. Somebody younger. Not fat and and ugly I guess."

"That's not you Roxanne," I said. "Believe me. Can't you tell how much you turn me on?"

"I want you," Roxanne sniffed. "I want you so bad. It's just..."

"Then just relax then, babe," I said, continuing to stroke her channel with the head of my dick. "This feels good to you, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Del."

"Then imagine how good it's going to feel inside of you," I said, making another brief push into Roxanne, and actually making a little headway. "Play with your tits for me."

"Mmm," I sighed, enjoying watching her hands massaging her breasts as I tried to nudge a little bit of my dick into her, her hands kneading her big jugs harder than I had, and as she took her nipples between her fingers I pushed forward.

"OMIGOD!" Roxanne cried. "So big!"

"You can take it - here comes," I grunted as I felt the head of my cock pop inside of her pussy, and as I eased myself down into her Roxanne practically bridged her upper torso up of the bed as she slid back toward the headboard.

"Del!" Roxanne cried as I began working the part of my dick that was inside of her, coaxing a little more with each move of my hips.

"You feel so good," I told her as I looked down and saw my black cock in between those big beige pussy lips. "You're tight as a teenager."

Roxanne was clutching my arms, squeezing me so tight that it actually hurt a bit, and all I could see was the whites of her eyes as her head rolled around on the bedding.

"Wanna see you cum again, babe," I said as I intensified my thrusting, having gotten half of my cock into her. "Gonna cum aren't you? Feel good to you?"

"Yes," Roxanne said in a voice so strained that I could hardly understand her. "Can't believe how good you feel - you're cock is so big... gonna split me in two... gonna..."

Roxanne's pussy seized my cock so hard that I thought she had snapped it in two, and as she clawed at me with a wild-eyed expression on her face, I started thrusting into her hard, our sweaty bodies wrapped around each other as I tried to cum with her.

I came a little bit after Roxanne had, after as my cock spewed what felt like an ungodly amount of spunk deep into her womb, and as I held myself up over Roxanne I smiled.

"That wasn't so tough, was it?" I asked, and after she shook her head and gave me a tight-lipped smile we embraced and rolled around the bed like two 19 year old kids.


I stepped out of the motel room shower and dried myself off with the thinnest and smallest towels ever made. Through the open door I saw Roxanne on her back in the bed - a bed that was as disheveled as we had been. The sheets were drenched and hanging off the mattress, and Roxanne was in the middle of the mess, so relaxed that she looked like she was asleep.

Between her slightly parted legs, I could see the result of our third and final coupling, and the sight of my cum trickling out of her pussy and hanging onto her pubic hair was strangely erotic to me.

"I saved you a towel," I said. "Although they aren't much."

"Shower sounds good," Roxanne said, as she made what looked to be an uncomfortable effort to sit up on the edge of the bed. "I'm afraid to see what I must look like. I'm a mess."

"You look nice to me," I said, looking at the middle aged woman with her full breasts hanging down to her waist.

Strange how in the span of a couple of hours, you could learn so much about someone. Roxanne gave herself up to me completely, not only physically but emotionally as well. Her pain of going from being a beloved wife to a roommate and a maid, and of being told how unattractive and undesirable she had become as she aged.

For my part, I shared my pain of being abandoned by my old man, and how hard I tried to avoid all of things that happened to my friends and family - both coincidental and self-afflicted - and it occurred to me that it had been a long time since I had opened up like that to somebody else. I suspect it was the same for Roxanne.

"Come here you," she said with a smile, and when I got over there she took the towel away and took my cock in her palm, lightly tracing the vein that meandered down from the base of my dick and then pulling my foreskin back. "So beautiful."

"Roxanne," I said as she looked up at me with a playful expression. "I though you said you had to get going."

"I do," she said. "Just want to say goodbye."

"It's not going to - I mean, three times in two hours," I complained in an half-hearted manner, but you don't say no to a lady with her mouth around your cock, especially when they can give head like Roxanne.

So I took there and watched as Roxanne slathered affection on my manhood. Her fingers gently caressed the shaft, pulling and stretching my dick while licking and sucking on the knob. It felt so good that I felt really bad knowing that she was not going to bring the dead back to life, at least not so fast.

Then a funny thing happened. I started to feel myself get a little aroused down there. Roxanne felt it too, because then she really started to get busy. She had both hands on my cock, spitting on the shaft and then spinning and jerking it while she sucked on the head.

"Oh man!" I said as Roxanne's head started to move up and down rapidly, and even though I wasn't even erect I felt that familiar tingling throughout my crotch. "Jeez! Gonna cum!"

Roxanne took one hand off of my cock, and while the other pale white hand continued to slide up and down the mahogany shaft, the free hand went to my balls, squeezing and milking them hard and fast.

My knees buckled from the force of my orgasm as I spat what was left in my sac into Roxanne's mouth. She kept sucking hard even after I stopped cumming, the creamy spunk drooling out and down her chin until she finally came up for air.

"You're amazing," I said as she came up to hug me.

"No, you're amazing," she said as she licked her lips with a giggle.

"How about, we're both amazing?" I suggested, and Roxanne agreed to that.

"Let me get in the shower so I can take you home," Roxanne said, wincing as she tried to walk for the first time since we got into bed.

"Actually, I'm almost home now," I explained, since I live only three blocks away. "I'm better off walking. Besides, where I live isn't the greatest place in the world."

"Neither is mine," Roxanne said with a sigh, and I suspected that she wasn't referring to her neighborhood.

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