tagErotic HorrorCall of the Wolf Ch. 03

Call of the Wolf Ch. 03


Sweat dripped down his body as his pelvis thrust down against her smooth milky thighs, a low growl of pleasure escaped his lips as he bit into her already bleeding shoulder. Every time he had ever penetrated his female it had always been like this; like time itself had slowed down so every single incredible movement was a lifetime. Her elongated claws raked down his back causing him to snarl happily and snap at her cheeks, she let out a long animal like groan as she arched her back to meet his downward thrusts. Alex and Nikole were deep inside the woods that bordered her property, their bodies were covered with dirt and their hair was filled with foliage. It had started off as a nature hike, Nikole was showing him the areas she usually frequented whenever she had transformed. She had been talking about what the experience was like for her when she had become aware that he was no longer listening.

Turning around angrily to tell him off she was amazed to find him standing completely naked with his clothes strewn about around him. Alex was slowly and deliberately stroking his long soft member while staring with predatory eyes at her body. He had growled at her as she reached to take her own garments off her body, so instead she just took her backpack off and fell to her knees in front of him. Alex stalked over to her with such speed and ferocity it was inhuman, she looked up at his naked form as he moved like a tiger through the underbrush and her eyes filled with lust and desire. His eyes were normally dark brown but now they bore a yellow tint, his usually out of shape body was now toned and muscular, his veins stood out against his skin as he placed his hands against the back of her head and pushed his hardening erection into her warm waiting mouth. Nikole could feel the same things he was feeling welling up inside of her, the aggression, the desire to be sated completely by this male, it all bubbled up inside of her gut but she resisted it for a time.

She had always; even before she found out about her true self that is, fantasized about taking a walk in the woods then becoming captured by a beast man and then forced into satisfying his every whim. So playing the helpless human while Alex was completely consumed by the wolf was extremely arousing to her. Eventually though she would succumb to the beast inside of her body, she would change both physically and emotionally, then fight back as he voraciously attacked her but for now she allowed him to own her. Nikole's tongue caressed his hard cock as her lips ran along it's base, she looked up into his face through her vivid red hair, her light blue eyes focusing on his now wolf like features. He was her Male, she was convinced of it, no other had made her feel this way yet and no other had embraced it so quickly. Happily she placed her hands against his hips then leant it to his throbbing member to swallow it, he let out a howl of pleasure and his claws raked through her hair appreciatively.

Nikole unwrapped one of her legs from around his hips then stretched it out slowly as he grinded into her, her body pulsated with pleasure as his cock slid smoothly down her wet tunnel. Alex slid his teeth across her neck leaving a faint trail of saliva as he moved down her body to one of her perfectly rounded breasts, he had always loved the feel of a woman's boob in his hands and mouth. Now that he was changed, fuelled by sexual aggression, his love for them was intensified, his elongated claws retracted back into his fingernails as he cupped one of her exquisite mounds then began massaging it furiously. Squeezing it, he slid his slender fingers down her silky smooth skin and rubbed her erect nipple in circles. Pinching, twisting, each time he touched her Alex felt her shudder with pleasure as she pushed herself into his eager grip.

'Will you grow two more pairs when you transform?' He growled hopefully.

'Sorry baby but no. Besides I think mine are enough for you to handle.' She replied rolling her eyes and pretending to pout.

'Very true.' Alex said grinning at her before moving his face to lock his lips around her pink areola. One of her hands immediately snaked around the back of his head, her hand grabbed a tuft of his hair as she pushed him against her breast, rolling her head back against the cold muddy ground she let out a deep bellow of pleasure. His tongue whipped around her nipple as he sucked at her mound while his free hand dug into her shoulder with such ferocity that crimson liquid dribbled down her back while they grinded together in the dirt. Everything was intensified for him, the feeling of her warm willing body in his arms, the taste of her soft skin, the incredible feeling of dominance as he mounted his female. Never before had he experienced sex in such a powerfully stimulating way, never before had he taken a woman so completely. Suddenly he stopped sucking, the pleasure was too intense, the power was too much, his eyes widened in disbelief as he was sucked into his own mind, snapped into a huge black room with a massive picture of Nikole hanging at one end and a cage sitting underneath it.

The Wolf bayed and clawed out at Nikole, begging to be released from it's human form, desiring nothing more then to take his body and ravage their female. Alex wanted it too as well, he wanted to experience the transformation, he wanted to take Nikole as a werewolf. In his mind the wolf was trapped in a cage, he could see it perfectly, a massive bi pedal creature that stood about seven feet tall, a thick matted brown fur covered it's muscular body. It's face was completely wolf-like, a long pointed snout, intelligent yellow eyes that seemed to pierce the very soul and two long pointed ears that stood erect over it's head.

'Release me!' It hissed slamming it's muscular body against the metal cage.

'I can't! I don't know how! Don't I have to wait for the moon?' Alex quavered, not afraid but not quite comfortable either.

'I am part of you now! You desire her more then ever! You want my power to sate her thirsts and your own. Stop fighting it and just let go.' The beast growled locking it's eyes onto his.

'But the full moon?'

'The moon forces the transformation, we have no choice but to meld when it shines upon us. Your female has bought you to the highest level of sexual aggression and wanton lust. You should have seeded her by now but you continue your sexual odyssey. You have built up so much tension inside of yourself you can let me out! Release me!' It howled. Suddenly Alex understood what it meant, he saw what he needed to do. His mouth went dry, his hands curled into fists as he stared at the caged beast, this was it, he could release the monster now or wait a few more days and let the moon force it out of him. Now was the time, he wanted to show Nikole he would never leave her, he wanted to show her that he was her Male. Swallowing nervously he approached the cage and grabbed it's cold metal bars, the Wolf placed it's own claws around his hands and nodded at him. With all his might Alex pulled, he felt muscles in his arms bulge out and twinge as he gasped in effort, a red mist descended over his eyes as he tugged, while the Wolf pushed from it's end. The cool grey metal cried out in stress as the bars began to bend slowly, Alex let out a long animalistic scream then moved backwards violently, his eyes tearing up as pain coursed down his arms he collapsed onto the ground panting furiously and looked upwards. The cage doors were bent open, a large wide gap where they had once stood firm was visible. The Wolf was struggling to get out, Alex grabbed it's outstretched arm and pulled the hulking beast free of it's constraints.

The beast howled appreciatively then placed it's claws on Alex's shoulders and stared into his eyes. He wordlessly nodded at the Wolf who peeled his lips backwards to reveal a set of glimmering pointing fangs, moving his head sideways Alex exposed his neck to the creature who growled then moved forward in one quick motion he had sunk his teeth into the mans neck. Pain and adrenaline swam through Alex's bloodstream, his eyes opened wide in agony as the monsters pointed teeth calved through his flesh. The Wolf exploded into a brown cloud of smog that filled the room, which swirled around Alex then flew into his open mouth until all of it had been swallowed. Looking around the empty room, he felt confused, he did not feel any different what so ever. Then it happened, a massive sharp pain erupted in his chest, clutching his stomach in agony Alex fell to his knees while the room dissolved around him.

'Baby?!? Baby are you all right?' Nikole asked in a worried tone as Alex released her breast from his mouth then bunched up his eyes as an expression of pain haunted his face.

'What's the matter hun? Please talk to me, tell me your.. Oh my God.' Nikole whispered as his eyes opened up staring into nothingness. They were bloodshot and bright yellow. She was thunderstruck, of course she'd heard about this, werewolves changing without the full moon but never once had she been able to or been with any one who could.

'It's okay baby. It's okay, it's going to really hurt the first time okay? But just hold on to me, I'll help you through this.' She began soothingly, but then she felt it too. The horrible gut wrenching stomach cramps that took her before the transformation, wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled his face so his yellow eyes were fixed on her own.

'Give it to me, take your female. Stud your bitch!' She howled out as her face curled into a lustrous seductive expression. This was all new to her, as her prospective partners had never hung around her long enough to experience the transformation let alone take her as a wolf. It was the one experience she had longed for, the one desire she had never had sated and now finally this male, Her Male would give it to her.

Alex's muscles flexed outwards, rippled under the surface of his skin, his bones shook and elongated. As he reared up to slam into his female several of his ribs shrank to allow the meatier muscular chest of the wolf to grown outwards. Pain racked his entire body, every nerve ending exploded in agony, electrical surges of torture afflicted him but he focused on Nikole's naked form underneath him, his yellow eyes fixed onto hers as he pulled his dick almost completely out of her pussy then thrust it back into her writhing body. The pain mingled with the pleasure of taking her, he rolled his head backwards then screamed out as lacerations tore through his skin and tufts of brown hair sprouted out from the wounds. As he curled his lips back against his gums to scream again every bone in his entire face seemed to fracture, snarling through the affliction he brought his arms under Nikole's body then managed to prop himself up onto one knee. Holding her steady in his now hugely powerful arms he stood up and slammed her against a tree, she let out a surprised shriek of pain and her legs which had been hanging lifeless against his hips now wrapped around his waist as her lips locked against his for one violent passionate kiss before he pulled away from her. Blood dripped down his chin, his teeth were now an impressive array of fangs, he had bitten into her lips as they had kissed to taste her warm flesh and now he stared at her, his eyes filled with predation. She stared back at him then licked the blood from her own face, her stained lips curled into a wide grin, she raised her arms from around his head then entwined them around the tree trunk. Alex's arms were now completely covered in brown fur, his hands were now curled into claws, he dug them into her widening hips then growled at her through his gritted fangs. A new feeling now gripped his body, he was half transformed now, patches of pink skin were still visible through the mattered fur and his face was still almost the exact same shape.

Alex looked down to where he and Nikole were connected, his cock was pulsating as he withdrew it to push it back into her waiting hole, huge veins were now rippling across it's surface, it seemed to expand then imploded in one motion, he could feel the power and raw energy radiating off it, it was growing with the rest of his body. He had not been exactly small before at about eight inches but now he could it almost doubling in size, Alex's bloody face split into a grin as he resumed his thrusting. Nikole could feel it too, her face was now dreamily staring into space with a strange smile as her head pushed against the tree bark in pleasure. The pain returned immediately, tearing him from his thoughtful poise. He could feel his face changing, snapping outwards in a violent motion, every time it happened he throbbed in agony. His claws dug into Nikole's rump, he could see what was happening to her face which was not helping him in the slightest. It seemed to be exploding outwards slowly, small concentrated blasts around her jaws which left her disfigured but he could see the eventual outcome. Alex felt an odd sensation coming from his ears, propping the female up with one arm he reached backwards to feel what was happening. They were lengthening, the tips had sharpened into a point now they were turning into the long ones he had witnessed on the Wolf in his mind.

Nikole unwrapped her legs from around his waist then positioned them over his shoulders, a smile crossed her lips, she hadn't been able to do that for years. Alex had been rutting against her for the whole transformation, she was impressed by this and deeply touched. The strength of his feelings for her must have sparked the change, she wondered if he had had to release the beast inside just as she had many years ago. Probably, that would explain why he had blacked out earlier anyway. She was done, she could feel it she had completed her transformation, looking down at herself she marvelled at her form. Female werewolves were coated with a fine silky grey hair rather then the thick mattered brown fur of the males, her hips were wider now, her legs were longer and in her opinion more elegant. Her moist pink tongue slipped out of her huge wolf-like jaws then licked her jowls, she felt happier when she was transformed, she felt like herself and a lot more sexy. Nikole glanced at her Male as he continued to push against her rump, his erection slamming down her wet warm tunnel, she loved the feeling of his larger cock barrelling into her, she loved the determined animalistic expression he wore whenever they made love. His large ochre eyes stared down at her chest, she tried to giggle but it came out as a rasping hiss. Alex was still in there then, he hadn't lost himself to the beast if he was still staring at her tits even now. Much like his penis they too had increased in size to better suit her larger frame, she was sure once he was comfortable in his new form he would be devoting a lot of time to exploring her new features. He looked like he was almost done changing now, she felt relieved, it was horrible to go through it the first time, she was glad for him that it was now over.

Everything bubbled up inside of him, all of his anger, bitterness, lust, desires, everything. All of his emotions were flowing through his body, intensified one hundred fold. The thing he could feel the most was the Wolf however, it was part of him, part of his mind and part of his soul. It wanted to be sated, it wanted to be free, Alex realised he was still holding back even now, he had still not fully unleashed his full power. With a snarl he raised his now fully transformed face to the sunlit sky, the sun's rays were dying in the late afternoon coating the ground in an orange hue. He opened his jowls and howled, a long drawn out powerful sound that echoed throughout the woods, his entire body rippled one last time then folded in, settling at last in his new wolf shape. His howl finally subsided and he brought his face down to Nikole's, his yellow eyes locking onto her body. Now Stud Her! The Wolf cried out, enjoying it's new freedom. Without a word to his female Alex withdrew his erection from her body then planted her on her feet, she looked confused for a moment then comprehension dawned, she span around on the spot and got down on all fours, her huge breasts swaying gently underneath of her as she awaited his power.

Growling lustfully Alex fell onto her, his claws digging into the dirt underneath of her as he lay across her back. His dick ached for it, he could feel the desires and the needs swelling up from his erection. Without another thought he position his hips against hers then impaled her upon his cock, another long howl escaped his lips, this one was filled with triumph as her pussy's lips leaked out her sweet nectar down the base of his member. Nikole let out a long contented sigh as he penetrated her, he had transformed and he was mounting her, it was everything she'd ever wanted and everything she'd hoped it would be. Another thrust rocketed her forwards by almost a foot, she snarled happily then pushed backwards against him, meeting his every assault with her own. Her head violently shot upwards, grunting in pleasure she licked the side of his face as he continued to ram his massive erection deep into her body. Alex was enjoying himself incredibly, he had thought the sensations of his pre transformed body had been intense but this was something extreme. Now he wanted to feel the ultimate, he was pushing against her with all his might, he wanted to explode inside of her, he wanted to fill her with his seed. Every single thrust brought him closer and closer to his goal, he could feel his balls boiling with anticipation, underneath his body he felt Nikole beginning to shudder as well. She rocked violently then thrust herself backwards onto his cock. Her eyes flew open and widened, her mouth rolled open as a long, loud grow of pleasure, snarling furiously she arched her back then snapped at his face as she was lost in the throws of a massive orgasm, collapsing forward she fought to get her breath back as Alex began his own.

His dick spasmed violently inside of her body, his balls pulsated then released, his mouth flew open and he let out a powerful scream of ecstasy. A huge stream of white seed sprayed from his head, he fell forward with her and lay on top of her warm recovering body twitching slightly.

'Your mine now.' He hissed panting furiously.

'I was yours two days ago.' She rasped happily moving into his large muscular frame. He licked the top of her head between her ears then embraced her with his huge furry arms. His softening cock slid out of her covered in tendrils of their mixed juices while his hand slid across her chest to rest on one of her breasts.

'Mmmm, been looking forward to that haven't you?' Nikole hissed snuggling against him comfortably. Alex let out a playful growl that was meant to be a chuckle.

'What do you want to do now?'

'Sleep for a awhile, then we can roam the woods. I can teach you how to hunt.' Nikole snarled with a fierce look in her eyes. As she finally got settled against him her eyes became droopy and she felt the heaviness of sleep approaching. Before she sank into it she was acutely aware of him resting his jowls on her shoulder and closing his own eyes. She let out a grunt of contentment, they would hunt all night and perhaps have some fun with the local humans, she thought with a malicious glint in her eye.

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