tagErotic HorrorCall of the Wolf Ch. 04

Call of the Wolf Ch. 04


Moonlight bathed the forest, a cool breeze rustled through the dense canopy causing the ancient trees to sway eerily in the night. A small deer inched out of the tree line into a small clearing and began to graze on the ground, pulling the roots and grass up with it's mouth then munching slowly. A noise behind it caused it to look around quickly, it's radar like ears swivelled around on it's head as it searched for the source. A small mammal darted out from the undergrowth ran around the side of the clearing then disappeared back into the woods, placated the deer returned to it's grazing. Something was not right for it though, it looked around again it's small eyes spinning around the clearing as it felt extremely uncomfortable. As it looked deep into the woods a large hulking shadow detached itself from the darkness behind it and leapt into the air soundlessly. It had misjudged it's trajectory however, plunging into the dirt a few feet short of it's quarry startling the deer which leapt into the air then fled straight back into the woods running as quickly as it could. A second shadow appeared in front of it, with a quick fluidic motion the deer was laying on the edge of the clearing dead and the second shadow emerged into the moonlight revealing a tall grey creature moving on it's hind legs. The first shadow was still laying in the dirt, it slowly got to it's feet then looked over to where Nikole was already digging into the deer. She looked up and growled at him when he approached, her jowls coated with the deer's blood, Alex snapped back then too began to consume their kill.

Between the two of them the job did not last long, soon most of the what remained of the deer was a large bloody flat area of grass in the clearing and a few scattered bones. When they were done Nikole turned around to face the woods then growled at Alex to follow, in a flash she was gone her grey form a mere blur as she accelerated into the forest undergrowth. Snarling he followed his female, his own muscular legs propelling him forward on her trail. They had spent most of the night exploring the woods together which he had discovered were nowhere as big as he had originally thought. They had followed footpaths, ventured deep into the forest heart, then had paused at a large rock formation overlooking a deep pool while he had mounted her again. Hunger had taken them so they had searched throughout the woodlands for some prey, Alex had been stalking a weasel through the undergrowth when Nikole had spotted the small deer herd making it's way to the pool they had just left to drink. As the landscape span past him at high speed Alex was overcome with the desire to push his new form to the limits, without even really thinking about it he leapt into the air then landed on the side of one of the ancient trees that grew deep in the woods.

Leaping off the bark of the tree he reached the top of the canopy and stared out across the moonlit treetops. Launching himself into the air once again he soared over the top of the forest and caught an unsuspecting barn owl in his mouth before descending back into the woodlands, landing soundlessly behind Nikole who had stopped and was looking around the woods for her male. She span around to face him while he spat the owl out at her feet. Licking her jowls she leaned down then in two quick gulps she had consumed the carcass, letting out a low grateful whine she jumped over his head then vanished back into the undergrowth with Alex leaping through the trees trying to catch up. Eventually the duo reached the rock formation which they had decided to den in due to a small cave that was located at the very top. Nikole landed on the rocks first then quickly padded upwards to their home for the night, reaching the summit of the granite outcrop she paused for a moment while she waited for Alex who appeared at the bottom. He looked up her, she was illuminated by the moonlight which seemed to only enhance her already gorgeous exterior, he loved the shape of her lupine body it was elegant and sexy. From her silky smooth grey hair, to her perfectly sculptured thighs she really was a work of art. Clearing most of the rocks in a single bound.

Alex clawed the rest of the way up to her then slowly moved towards her. Something was wrong though normally she had licked him or even just turned around to ready herself for his penetration, now she was staring straight ahead with the strangest expression he'd ever seen in her eyes. Then he smelt it too, a strange alien odour that stood out against the rest of the forests normal smells.

Footsteps filled the air, noisily crunching through the undergrowth, snapping twigs and stampeding over the landscape it sounded to Alex as if a herd of elephants were approaching the pool under the rock formation. Two figures emerged from the darkness, a tall thin boy covered in acne wearing a pair of thin silver glasses and a short fat girl with long brown hair bunched into a pony tail behind her head. They were both wearing black clothes, the boy with a shirt, jeans and a long leather trench coat while the girl was boasting a long old style black dress with a laced up front. They sat down at the edge of the pool and opened up the rucksack the boy had been carrying over his shoulder. Their voices filled the soundless moonlit night.

'Tonight's a good night my pet, together we will feast on each other's blood then transform over selves into Vampyres!' The boy stated in an unconvincing posh accent and opening a large leather bound book then turning to a specific page. The girl shivered and leaned into him for warmth, Alex could smell her fear even up on top of the rock face, she was clearly nervous to be here. 'What about those weird noises that were in the news? The howling and stuff?' She quavered, her eyes darting from side to side checking everywhere for danger, Alex was reminded of how the deer had looked before he had pounced at it.

'Probably just feral dogs.' The boy replied without looking up from his book.

'Dogs don't howl like that recording, I don't know Stuart I'm a little freaked out.'

'About what? You think there are wolves here in England? In the middle of a small woodland not fifteen acres large?'

'Well no I guess, but it's still a little strange that it was on tonight of all nights.' She whispered shivering again but not because of the cold.

'Perhaps it vas the children of ze night celebrating our transformation!' Stuart replied in possibly the worst Transylvanian accent Alex had ever heard. He turned his muzzle to face Nikole who was burying her face in his flank obviously suppressing the urge to growl out in laughter.

'Vampires?' He hissed silently. She shrugged, she had never been interested in that area of mythology always being obsessed with werewolves she had never taken the time to properly research Vampirism. However since she and Alex were human beings currently occupying the bodies of hulking two legged wolves she supposed anything was possible.

'All right then. It looks like all we need to do is add our own blood to these potions then drink each others. The rituals we have performed before should have prepared our bodies for this.' Stuart said his eyes scanning the pages of the large leather bound book. Which Nikole recognised immediately, in the past when she had been searching for a way to unleash the animal locked away in side of herself she had wandered into a curio shop and bought the exact same book on the promise it would speed her transformation. She had since learned that it was a running joke amongst real practitioners of the arts and was used to fob off posers like the couple before her, she let out a short snort and shook her head at Alex clearly indicating that nothing was going to happen to these people tonight.

'There we go.' Stuart said, running a small silver ceremonial dagger across the palm of his hand. It glinted crimson in the moonlight and he squeezed his hand into a fist dribbling blood into a small golden goblet that lay at his feet. Alex stiffened immediately as the smell of human blood filled his nostrils, it was divine, the best odour that had entered his nose so far today. Metallic and creamy the scent wafted around his body playing a sweet seductive tune across his brain. He began to inch closer to the rock edge but Nikole rested her claws on his shoulder and shook her head.

'Too much attention.' She hissed through her jowls, trying to tell him that killing people was a big werewolf taboo, there were still hunters in the world and nothing brought them quicker then a badly mutilated hiker.

'What was that?' The girl asked spinning her head upwards to spy at the rock formation. The fear and adrenaline that was pumping through her system had increased her awareness, she was certain she had heard a voice.

'What was what?' Stuart asked.

'I swear I just heard a voice.'

'Sarah calm down, an old forest like this is probably filled with spirits. We're so close to changing our form that we can probably commune and talk with them.' Stuart replied matter of factly.

'Oh. You think?' Sarah asked clearly unconvinced clutching her chest staring up into the sky.

'I know. So your hand? Thank you.' The boy slid his dagger across her palm now and dribbled her blood into a separate goblet. The smell of her wound now mingled with the smell of his, the scents swirled together then wafted upwards into Alex's snout. He could tell the difference between their odours, the boys was metallic with a thick creamy texture while the girls was more flowery with a wooden undertone.

'Now drink my sister and soon we shall be reborn anew!' Stuart said, his green eyes alight with joy and hopefulness raising his goblet to his mouth while Sarah followed suit. Draining the disgusting greenish liquid he fell backwards and spread himself out on the dewy woodland floor awaiting a change that would never come. A few moments passed before the girl spoke again.

'I don't feel any different, how long did the book say it would take?'

'Hold on I'll check.' Stuart replied grabbing the book from the earth and flipping through the pages.

'Do you want the boy or the girl?' Nikole whispered carefully in Alex's ears.

'To eat?'

'No. To play with.'

'Oh! The girl.' Alex replied shuddering, he wasn't homophobic by any means but even his recent transformation wouldn't attract him to men.

'Well it says we should have already changed.' Stuart replied dejectedly his eyes flipping over the pages looking for anything they could have done wrong in their rituals.

'Ah well, shall we go home then?' Sarah asked hopefully shivering again.

'What? Uh No! Let's give it a short while longer, we could talk if you wanted?' He asked hopefully, his plan was completely ruined! Only as a Vampire would he have had the power and strength to drum up enough courage to ask her out. Now it seemed he was stuck as a human, he was dejectedly poking the ground viciously with a stick. A loud noise made him turn around, Sarah was staring with horror her face drained of all colour. A massive creature had just leapt into the clearing, covered in thin grey hair it reared up on it's hind legs and stared down at Stuart, who even in his terror could not help but notice the massive bosoms that hung down across it's chest. It was definitely some kind of wolf, he was sure of it it's face was unmistakable in that respect.

'It's all right Sarah. Don't panic.' He whispered with false bravado as his friend was rooted to the floor in terror. Perhaps the ritual was working after all, this being was possibly one of the forest spirits come to aid their transformation.

'Gentle spirit! We mean you no harm!' He called out carefully holding up his arms in a submissive pose.

'What harm could you possible do to me human?' The beast rumbled advancing on him slowly.

'I know several defence spells.. I know several aggressive ones as well!' Stuart replied scrambling backwards in terror as the beast neared him. Sarah remained paralysed, rooted to the ground unable to move in fear, but as the monster passed her it's long elegant face turned to her. Nikole was acutely aware of the girls fear and felt a twinge of guilt in her stomach.

'Don't worry child I'm not going to hurt you.' The monster whispered in such a disarming soft voice Sarah did feel a certain sense of relief taking hold of her body.

'What...What do you want then?' She quavered struggling to reclaim her body from the debilitating fear that had gripped her.

'Your male.' Nikole replied huskily advancing on Stuart as he almost fell backwards into the pool as he crawled backwards to escape. Her voice was like honey being poured into his soul, despite the precarious situation he and Sarah were in he felt his penis twitch against his thigh and harden at the sight of the advancing grey wolf.

'My. What?' Sarah asked confused.

'Your male, I wish to mount him.' Nikole growled as she came to a stop over Stuart and fixed his bulging crotch with her yellow eyes.

'He's not mine! We just hang around at school.' Sarah replied with embarrassment, true she did find Stuart attractive and she had wanted him for some time but she felt far too fat and unattractive to think that he wanted her back.

'Liar, you smell of desire for him.' Another voice rasped out from behind her, another wolf had entered the clearing, this one was covered in matted brown fur and was padding towards Sarah slowly. This one's musky smell filled her nostrils and pulled at her libido, she became incredibly aware of it's muscles bulging against it's skin.

'I don't! I mean I do want him but I...I.' Sarah stammered trying to piece together a rational argument in her mind.

'I want you too.' Stuarts voice filled the air as he whispered softly, he was now spread eagled on the ground his trousers were wide open and Nikole's tongue was gently moving up and down his shaft. In spite of their situation Sarah felt a powerful twinge of jealousy and annoyance at the female wolf, she hadn't given her permission yet after all. She was about to snap angrily at the grey one when a pair of powerful brown claws snaked around her body and began massaging her ample breasts through her dress. A soft moan of pleasure escaped her lips and she sank backwards into the beasts arms, surrounded by his muscular frame and the musky deep smell of him was too much for Sarah to resist anymore. She would be able to have Stuart anytime she wanted now she realised, why not allow him to enjoy himself for one night. After she thought as she felt her wolves erection pushing against her back it was not as if she wasn't going to enjoy herself as well.

The world span out of control in Stuarts mind, less then twenty minutes ago he had been trying to use arcane means to entice a woman into his life and now he had was being sucked off by an alarmingly attractive wolf while his probable girlfriend was stroking another wolf's growing member. A gasp of incredible pleasure was released from his mouth as Nikole's incredible jowls opened up and swallowed his own cock, he reached down and took her grey mane in his hands then began to thrust his pelvis upwards against her face mimicking something he had once seen in a porn movie. It did feel incredible however, her warm inviting mouth wrapped around him, her pink moist tongue swirled around the base of his dick massaging and groping him, each movement a crescendo of intense pleasure that shivered up his spine.

An animal howl of ecstasy filled the air, he looked over at the larger male werewolf who was standing triumphantly in the clearing while Sarah was on her knee's in front of him taking his erection into her mouth. Stuart became aware of just how sexy her ass looked through her thin black dress and he longed to impale her mouth on his own erection. As he watched, the male wolf tore at Sarah's black dress letting it fall to the floor around them as she sucked on his enormous member, Stuart watched stunned as he realised that she had not been wearing anything underneath it, he was not the only one who had hoped tonight would turn into something else he thought. Nikole looked up from her work on his dick, she watched him staring at the other female with lust in his eyes, she understood him completely. Often during the night she had watched Alex take to his new form with gusto, how he had began to push his werewolf shape to it's limits and enjoy himself immensely, she let out a low seductive growl at Stuart who turned his face back to hers slowly. Her claw wrapped around his dick and she pumped on it roughly, quickly sliding her grey hand up and down his shaft as she stared into his eyes.

'How old are you human?' She hissed.

'Eigh...Eighteen.' Stuart replied as he writhed in pleasure at her touch. Another howl of joy sounded out from the other couple but he was to consumed by pleasure to look at the reason why.

'Have you ever mounted a female before?'

'N..No.' He whispered as she moved up his body with her tongue positioning herself over his erection, the heat radiating from her pussy pulsated onto his cock and he groaned with wanton lust and desire.

'No!' An indignant voice yelled out across the clearing. Nikole's head span around to face Sarah who was standing completely naked not far from where they were laying. She had her hands on her hips while she stood in the screwed up torn remains of her dress, Alex's white seed dribbled from her mouth and coated her large veiny breasts.

'I want him first.' She demanded advancing on Nikole who stared at her with disbelief in her eyes. The smell of Alex coated Sarah completely, his seeds insidiously intoxicating aroma almost pushed Nikole into lunging at her but she blinked and regained herself. This boy was Sarah's male after all it would be rude to mount him without permission, but that didn't mean Nikole was going to give up without a fight. Bounding over to the girl she stared up at her through her yellow eyes, the female was strong willed it seemed, she stood her ground without even flinching. The smell of Alex was even worse right here, his ejaculation coated the girls body submerging her own attractive odour in the incredible scent of Nikole's male's seed. Without even thinking about it Nikole began to lick the cum from Sarah's breasts, the girl gasped at the move then her eyes widened in pleasure as the female wolfs moist soft tongue continued to lick against her firm mounds. Sarah let out another groan, happily she pushed the grey wolves jowls against her body enjoying the soft understanding feel of another female against herself.

Reaching underneath Nikole's body she began to massage and caress the wolfs swaying breasts salivating at the opportunity to put one into her mouth and fully realise her lesbian fantasies. Nikole took Sarah into her large grey arms and gently manoeuvred her onto the ground, licking then sucking at her supple milky breasts Nikole reared up over her and pushed her face into her own cleavage. The human girl revelled in their enormity, a massive perfectly shaped pair of tits were hers for the taking. Sarah's tongue pushed over them expecting to be put off by the rough texture of the wolves fur but was instead greeted by a soft silky feeling as she explored the creatures breasts. Wrapping her arms around Nikole's waist she pushed herself further into her bosom then began to suck and lick at the creatures huge pink areola focusing on the enormous pert nipple that sat in it's centre. Nikole's long wolf like head rolled back in bliss at the females touch, her claw slipped down between Sarah's legs and began massaging her moist pussy while she rocked in happiness. Sarah groaned, her lips parted from Nikole's saliva covered nipple then she resumed suckling against the giant females bosom.

Gently turning around Nikole positioned her hips above Sarah's face, thrusting her vagina against the humans willing waiting mouth she lowered her jowls to the humans own crotch and began licking furiously against her clitoris. Sarah's tongue entered the wolf's passageway, easily slipping into her moistened tunnel happily licking up all the juices the creature was producing. As she drank deeply from the nectar a shadow crossed her vision, the male wolf was standing over her, his giant throbbing member was positioned right next to Nikole's rump. She looked down between the grey wolfs firm swaying breasts and saw that Stuart had taken position next to her own lower half, Sarah felt like a Goddess about to be placated by her worshippers, she felt like the most stunning woman in the whole world. Arching her back she made one final push into Nikole's willing jaws, her body shuddered as an explosion gripped her. Every nerve cluster fired off massive signals of complete enjoyment, her eyes flew open in disbelief as the most glorious sensation she had ever felt coursed through her system. Nothing she had ever done or experienced had ever felt like this, she spread her legs out as far as she could, her heart beat pounded against her chest in anticipation.

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