tagErotic HorrorCall of the Wolf Ch. 05

Call of the Wolf Ch. 05


Hey all, I wanna thank you all for the nice comments you've been leaving. I would appreciate some feedback however just to see if there are any fans of the series that have anything to contribute to the direction of the story. Thanking you in advance :-).


'Can't you just quit?' Nikole asked impatiently as Alex prepared for work.

'Well I could, but we're still going to need money for our human lives. You said it yourself it's too dangerous to stay as wolves the entire time.' Alex replied as he gently turned under the warm spray of the shower apply soap to his body. He felt invigorated and truly comfortable in his own skin for perhaps the first time in his entire life, he could still feel the presence of the wolf at the back of his mind but he knew he could control it now.

'But your going to move in here?' She asked plaintively.

'Of course baby, it makes more sense to stay close together.' He replied rubbing the shampoo from his hair.


'After work I'm going back to my flat and pack a few things. I've already called my landlord he said it's fine because my rental contract expires next month anyway and I've always been a good tenant. I'm even getting my security deposit back. I'll just sell the rest of the junk we don't need.'

'Sorry if I'm being unreasonable.'

'Your not being unreasonable, you want me here where I'm always near you and I want you to be near me. Yeah it's only been a couple of days but this is not a normal relationship.' Alex replied reasonably stepping out of the shower and towelling himself off. 'Where are the other's anyway?'

'At college, they left earlier this morning. I cannot believe I was so stupid!' She exclaimed kicking the floor angrily. After they had transformed back the reality of what had transpired the night before had hit her, without the wolf in control of her she realised the stupidity of taking two teenagers as her own children.

'We both got a little carried away, besides if they don't like it they don't have to change. They'll get the choice just like we did.'

'It's not that, they wanted it and we helped them break out of their shells and enjoy themselves for a change. It's the hunters I worry about, with you suddenly moving in here and those two suddenly hanging around us a lot it's going to look very suspicious.' Nikole said fearfully. Alex took her into his arms and smiled at her lovingly, he kissed the top of her head softly.

'Don't stress yourself out too much, we'll cross that bridge if and when it happens. Besides your going to have a baby you need to keep calm.' Nikole's face immediately brightened up at his words.

'I know! You felt it too didn't you?'

'Yes it was strange it was like I felt it happen inside of you.' He replied remembering the strange feeling he had gotten after he had mounted her the night before. Nikole's eyes narrowed slightly as he spoke, her hands gently began to massage his back as she hugged him.

'You seeded me, you studded me.' She whispered kissing his exposed chest.

'It's the males purpose.' Alex growled running his hand through her long red hair as she pulled the towel off his waist.

'Mmmm yes, to fill his female with his fertile seed.' Nikole was on her knees now, her lips were brushing up against his hardening member while her hands had slid down his back to squeeze his buttocks.

'You will bear my young.' Alex groaned as her lips wrapped around his erection.

'I will bear your young, I will sate your desires. That is the females purpose.' She replied as his cock slipped out of her mouth and rested against her chest. She pressed her breasts against him then squeezed them around his rod, he began to grind against her chest slowly enjoying the feeling of her soft milky skin pressed against him.

'Whoa baby no!' Alex suddenly regained himself then pulled away. 'I'll be late.' He stated apologetically reaching for his clothes while she pouted at him.

'I was just going to get you off.' She said glaring at him.

'Baby we both know that's not what would have happened. You would have done your thing, I would have changed and before you know it we're back in the woods fucking each other all day long.'

'You say that like it's a bad thing.'

'God no, I wish we could live like that but we made a hell of a lot of noise last night and you said it yourself there are still hunters in the world.'

'True.' Nikole replied dejectedly getting to her feet and kissing him softly on his lips. 'Have a great day.' She said giving him a quick hug as he left the room.

'I'll be back before you know it.'

Sarah was finding it impossible to concentrate during her lecture, the subject was chemistry and it was something she was incredibly interested in but her mind was a blur about the events of the last twenty four hours. Stuart was on the other side of the campus studying history but she could feel him longing for her even from here. Tapping her textbook impatiently she glanced at the clock on the wall. Bah! Another hour and a half of this before she could spend the lunch period with her man. A little shiver of excitement span down her spin as she thought that, her man! She had never really had a boyfriend before, it was enthralling. A sudden scribbling noise drew her attention to her notebook, without knowing it she had copied out a string of notes regarding the lecture she wasn't paying attention to. How on earth was that even possible?

Nikole had told her that there would be a lot of changes to her body and mind though, perhaps this was her new hearing picking up important facts then transmitting them down to the paper to aid her so her mind could wander free in a forest of daydreams. It had been an unbelievable night, the freedom of roaming around the woods, the joy of watching the two wolves soaring through the canopy knowing that in a few short days she would be able to join them. Perhaps even sooner then that she thought with a jolt, after all Alex had said he had not been a werewolf for very long but he had learned to transform without the moon. She had tried the night before to release the aggression that was building up inside of her but to no avail, Nikole had told her soothingly that perhaps it was because she had only just consumed the catalyst and she should just give it a little while longer. Sarah longed to join Nikole as a wolf, she wanted so badly to become as beautiful as the Grey Wolf she had seen the night before. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she remembered how sublime it had been to suckle against Nikole's heaving bosom, the warm creamy taste of her milk flowing down Sarah's throat, the yearning unquenchable sexual appetite she had been unable to sate as Alex and Stuart both mounted her repeatedly. Stuart had told her that during there love-making her body had began to change slowly, she knew he was telling the truth because he too changed whenever they had joined together, he had become a lot more muscular and his eyes had bore a yellow tint. She had known Stuart for years, she truly loved him but he had not been able to sate her as well as Nikole could, after their night in the woods the female wolf had taken them to her human dwelling, a small cottage on the border of the forest. Slowly transforming back, Alex and Nikole had smiled warmly at the two newcomers then gave them blankets to sleep the night away in the spare room.

In the small hours of the morning Sarah had awoken with a start, the room had been quiet and the few beads of dawn sunlight were just starting to show on the horizon. She watched Stuart sleep for a few minutes, his slumbering naked body was enough to wake the slumbering beast that dwelled inside of her mind now, deciding against waking him up she walked out of the room and into the kitchen to get herself a drink of something cool.

While she stood in the kitchen a noise caught her attention, following it to it's source she came to Alex and Nikole's bedroom and the door was slightly ajar. Taking a deep breath she peered inside of the crack to spy what the noise was. Nikole was sitting up in bed her eyes focused on Alex who was sleeping soundlessly, her hand was cupped around her breast and her fingers were massaging her pussy. She looked up as Sarah's shadow crossed the thresh hold and smiled at her. Sarah immediately moved away from the doorway, embarrassed she made her way back to the spare room but was stopped by Nikole who moved like lightning behind her.

'Can't sleep either?' She whispered, her cool breath blowing against Sarah's neck.

'No I was but I woke up. I wanted a drink.' Sarah replied closing her eyes as pleasure shivered over her body at Nikole's presence.

'Why didn't you say so honey?' Nikole's voice was soft and sickly sweet, she moved around Sarah and stood in front of her offering up her breast to the teenagers mouth.

'I meant of water or juice or some..' Sarah's voice trailed off as she couldn't resist anymore, her small mouth parted open then swallowed Nikole's juicy nipple and locked around it. The wonderful blissful feeling of being fulfilled took Sarah's smaller body as she pushed against the teat harder, her tongue coaxing more of the creamy sweet liquid out from it's source and into her throat. Still connected Nikole led Sarah carefully and slowly into the living room where the two lay down onto the couch then entwined each other in their limbs. Sarah sucked and swallowed, everything else in the world seemed to fade into non existence, all she cared about was drinking this well dry. Savouring every drop of the exquisite liquid Sarah drank until she could not drink anymore, removing her lips from around Nikole's bosom she looked up at the woman whose head was rolled back in ecstasy she also became aware of the redheads hand across the back of her head and realised that Nikole had been pushing her into it wanting it as much as Sarah did.

'Can we? I mean I want to.' Sarah stammered and Nikole's face slid into a comforting smile.

'Of course darling.' She replied pushing her pert nipples up against Sarah's own breasts and drawing the girl upwards to kiss her passionately. 'But keep it quiet all right sweetheart? We don't want to wake the boys and spoil our fun.'

What a night! Sarah thought happily while she scribbled away on her notepad. It was weird however that she and Stuart had started the night off as wanting to become Vampires and ended up as werewolves. She hadn't really even believed in either she had just trailed behind Stuart hoping that something would happen deep in the woods between them.

'Well Sarah? Could you answer the question?' The lecturer asked sneeringly, obviously thinking that she had not being paying attention as she had been staring off into space.

'Hydrogen, sulphur, Oxygen in a two one four ratio.' She replied amazed at her own lips.

'Oh. Correct.' The man replied clearly annoyed that he could not persecute her. He returned to his lesson glaring up at the girl before turning back to his white board. Rolling her eyes at his turned back she gritted her teeth, the one negative of this subject was that she had to put up with this asshole of a tutor. He was always picking on her, always searching for a weakness he could exploit and put her down in front of the class. Sucking on the end of her pen she glanced at the clock again and sighed unhappily.

'Howling?' The man asked the shopkeeper curiously. The owner of the store stared at the stranger with distaste, he was locally born and bred he did not care for new comers coming into his store and inquiring about local business, especially such a shabbily dressed one. Worst luck dictated that his store was the closest premises to the forest, except for that cottage the American girl was renting and the stranger had overheard him discussing the weird noises coming from the woods the night before with a local elderly woman.

'Yes but it's just an old urban myth. Probably just dogs out in the night but the village likes to make a big deal about it.' The keeper replied curtly. The stranger smiled, he was dressed in a long dirty leather trench coat, an animal skin shirt and long ripped faded jeans. His hair was black and greasy bunched up behind his head in a pony tail but the most alarming thing about his appearance was the necklace of what looked like dog's teeth that hung around his neck.

'Did you hear anything?' He asked in a deep gravely voice. The shop keeper paused then looked up in to the strangers dark sunken eyes, he was not a dishonest man by nature and sating the mans curiosity would clearly make him leave his premises quicker.

'Yes, but like I said. Sounded like feral dogs to me.' The stranger nodded at the owners words.

'Thank you for your time. Out of interest is there anyone around here who lives closer to the woods? I'm writing a paper on the local wildlife.' He inquired carefully. Realization dawned on the shop keeper, A Student! Of course that explained everything.

'Well there's an American girl that's renting a cottage right on the border. If anyone heard anything better then me it would have been her.

'American? Red hair?' The stranger asked quickly his eyes focusing on the shop keeping with alarming aggression.

'Aye, do you know her?'

'Yes. We're old acquaintances,' The stranger replied thoughtfully turning around and stalking out of the store leaving the bemused shopkeeper shaking his head.

'Sarah can I speak to you for a moment?' The teacher asked as the rest of the class filed out of the room. The lesson was finally over and she was looking forward to meeting up with Stuart then perhaps going to Nikole's for the rest of the afternoon.

'Of course Sir.' She replied with a perhaps too much politeness.

'Can I see your notes please?' He asked holding out his hand for the book. Sarah nodded and handed over her A4 pad. The teacher immediately poured over it, clearly hoping that she had been doodling or something while she had been daydreaming. She had spent most of the lesson staring off into space or staring at the clock but for some unaccountable reason she had answered every single question he directed at her. It was infuriating, even more so now that he looked at her notes and realised that she had copied down all the important facts of the lesson, how was she doing it?

'All right Miss, how did you do this? Tape recorder or did you get someone else to write down your notes?'

'No Sir?' Sarah replied confused. The familiar feeling of dread welled up in her chest as she realised his new angle. But the feeling was quickly replaced by a different alien feeling as something else reared up inside of her and bared it's fangs at the male.

'Look you were obviously day dreaming for most of the lesson, there are camera's you know I'll be able to double check!' He snarled at her clearly relishing the opportunity to destroy her self esteem. 'Now, were you paying attention in my class?'

'Not really.' She replied dreamily.

'Ha! So how did you get this?' He asked thrusting her notes in her face. She looked down then smiled at him, she would have been overjoyed to realise her expression was similar to the one Nikole had worn the night before.

'Your such an intelligent man, perhaps you were reaching me subliminally.' She whispered moving closer to him.

'Well. What?' He asked clearly stunned by this turn of events.

'I mean you must be a great teacher for me to have written such wonderful notes and known all the answers to your deep questions while I was day dreaming.' She cooed as she neared where he was standing.

'Yes. I suppose. What were you thinking about anyway your usually paying close attention.' She stopped and stared him, her viridian eyes staring deeply into his.

'I was thinking about how great it would be to suck your cock.'

'I uh, What?' He asked blinking several times, but she was already on her knees in front of him clawing at his trousers. 'Sarah, No I'm your teacher I could get into a lot of trouble.' He stammered weakly as she pulled his member out of his pants.

'You have no idea.' She whispered, her green eyes flashing yellow as her lips closed around his rod.

'Where have you been?' Stuart asked impatiently as Sarah walked up to him smiling distantly. He had been waiting by the main building for about half an hour and was feeling a little hurt and rejected.

'Dealing with a nuisance.' Sarah replied dreamily pressing her lips against his warmly then throwing her arm around his waist as they walked off towards town.

'How was your morning?' She asked lovingly stroking his back.

'Weird, I wasn't paying attention at all in my class but.'

'You managed to write a decent set of notes and answered any questions you were asked?' Sarah finished his sentence with a grin.

'Same thing happened to you as well? I uh, well something else happened.' He started apologetically and Sarah knew immediately that he had had exactly the same morning as her.

'Who did you nail?' She asked squeezing him.

'That stupid bitch Melissa. She kept making fun of me during class and afterwards I confronted her and then well it just sort of happened.' Stuart replied surprised at her reaction.

'I sucked my teacher off after class.' Sarah said looking back at the campus to where Melissa was standing with a bunch of friends with a dazed look over her face.

'Huh, thought I'd be more jealous.' Stuart replied after awhile of walking in silence.

'I wouldn't worry about it too much baby it's just our new bodies I suppose.'

'I heard you and Nikole last night you know.' He said clearly wishing to get it off his chest.

'Oh, did THAT make you jealous?' Sarah asked confused.

'A little bit, but it's more sort of. Well I don't know how to put this without hurting your feelings.' He began slowly.

'You felt more happier after sex with her then me?' Sarah asked stopping dead in the street.

'Yeah.' Stuart replied sheepishly trying not to make eye contact.

'Me too.' Sarah whispered.

'I mean that first time with you was wonderful, I never felt so content in my life but after we, I mean after.' She nodded understanding the unspoken part of the conversation.

'Maybe that's why, because she's the one that changed us?' She wondered aloud taking his hand in hers then continuing to move down the street towards the bus station walking past a man who was reading a paper. He watched them walk down the pavement then get onto a bus heading off towards the forest.

'Changed huh?' The stranger whispered putting the paper down. Idly he rubbed his necklace of fangs and stared into the distance. So the bitch was recruiting others to her pack then, this was going to be more interesting then he originally thought.

'Well the kitchens clean but there's one last thing you have to do before you can leave.' Kate said looking around the immaculate food preparation area.

'There's nothing I HAVE to do bitch.' Alex replied picking her up then slamming her down onto the kitchen table.

'If you stop fucking me then I'll fire you, your good for nothing else.' She sneered hiking up her skirt to reveal white cotton panties where a dark moist spot was spreading quickly. Alex reached down and unzipped his trousers, his hard prick spilled out from his boxers, pushing her panties aside he thrust himself deep into her warm wet tunnel then let out a long sigh of fulfilment.

'If I stopped fucking you you'd never get laid again.' He panted as he began to grind against her crotch. Kate's grey eyes bulged out of her sockets as he entered her, closing her legs around his waist she arched her back and pushed against his assault.

'Your bigger! Taking growth hormones to impress your boss? Pathetic Alex even by your standards.' She groaned as his balls slapped against her thighs with each violent movement. His muscular arms snaked around her waist, a hand slipped up her back then yanked on her hair with malicious force. Grunting with effort he pulled her off the table and held her up in the air wrapped around his body like ivy bouncing up and down on his erection like a yo-yo, she let out a long guttural scream of pleasure. Pulling her almost completely off his body he held her, the tip of his huge member barely still inside, her juices dribbled down his rob while her eyes bunched up tightly as bliss rocked her entire body. Dropping her against his member the overwhelming thrill of his penis sliding down her canal throbbed though his body as he repeated this motion until she pressed her lips against his and bit down hard on his lower lip.

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