tagBDSMCalled Up to the Boss's Office

Called Up to the Boss's Office


I've been working at the new division for 4 weeks. Things were going well. I have my own office and was very glad to have my own 4 walls and a door. No secretary...yet. But I am on the move. This is a small division in a monolithic company. That was good thing though, it mean there was only 4 levels of management between me and the top.

On this particular Friday afternoon however, I am feeling particularly good. The new male receptionist had flirted with me. I had been able to answer technical questions about the new product line. And in a big meeting I was able to ask intelligent questions and my manager actually seemed pleased. I was looking forward to a good weekend. But just before quitting time, the engineer down the wall came by and said "The big boss wants to see you - top floor suite - Pronto!" The he was off to his weekend.

My heart was now in my throat. The big boss, who I haven't even meant, wanted to see me. Well, he must have heard about my "performance" at the 2 meetings today. "This could be my break," I think. As I go to the elevator I noticed, being a summer Friday, almost everyone has left 15 minutes early. It was 4:55 and the floor was almost deserted. I get in the elevator and pushed the highest button - 15. I'd never had a reason to go above my floor, 11, before. Now I am on my way up, literally. I am daydreaming of bigger offices and a new car as I get out of the elevator and the door closed behind me. As I come back to reality, I realize I must have gotten out at the wrong floor. This floor was filled with cubicles and lined with offices just like my floor - no executive suites. I remember now that the building is 20 floors; there must be another set of elevators.

I start walking the perimeter of the floor, and find another set of elevator in a hall off the west corner of the building. I hit the call button and get in it when it arrives. I push 20, but it doesn't light. It has a key next to it. "I guess they are key access only." I am now beginning to think I have been sent out for that proverbial "bucket of air" or "Left-handed monkey wrench." Cute joke guys. Fuck with the new woman engineer. Well, I'll get back at them. Just to be sure you try the other buttons. 18 lights up. "OK, maybe it was no joke."

At 18 I get out in another world. A luxurious hallway lined with big offices (judging from the distance between the doors). All the doors are closed, save one. I approach it. None of the doors are labeled, I guess you have to know where you are going or you don't belong here. I steady myself and open the already partially open door.

"Hello. Hello?" I think now that I really should have taken the time to check the org chart and see what this guy's name was. But as I approach the inner door you see a name plate - Hallelujah! "Mr. Murray" it read. "Hello, Mr. Murray?" I cautiously push open the inner door. "Mr. Murray?"

In a his luxury executive suite, Mr. Murray is standing at the window, looking down on the city and even his silhouette against the window is making my heart beat faster. His well-cut black suit is well suited to the air of mystery he portrays with the drink in his hand and his stance at the window. He slowly turns to me, looking at me as if I were a piece of furniture and says, "Well, to what do I owe the honor of this annoying interruption?" He strides over to the bar in the corner and refills his drink. He pauses and turns back to me. I am trying to fade into the woodwork. "What are you doing here?," he asks impatiently, "Speak." "You sent for me. Ms. Riley, at your service." Oh that was lame. Now I sound like a rookie receptionist, instead of an experienced engineer. My comment brings a smirk to his face. He was handsome, in a brutal sort of way. I jump when he says "Well, Miz Riley. How about a drink?" Without waiting for an answer, he pours about 3 finger of amber liquor in a glass, with ice (thank goodness) and hands it to me. He take two large swallows out of his and directs me to a chair. "Have a seat, Ms. Riley. Let me see if I can remember why I asked you up here on this shitty Friday afternoon." He returns to his desk and leans on the edge while finishing his drink.

He doesn't look at me. He is standing directly in front of me but looks out into space. I find myself looking at this face. Looking into his deep eyes and wondering. "See something you like, Ms. Riley?" With that comment he turns his head and locks eyes with mine. For a moment, I am frozen. What power does this man have over me? I will find out soon enough.

"Please finish your drink Ms. Riley. I am nothing if not a polite host." I look down with the drink as an excuse, trying not to jerk away from his stare as I do. I finish my drink and as I do I can feel the buzz. It's been 5 hours since lunch. I wonder what his next move will be. I am beginning to feel that this is some sort of game.

"What division are you from?" he asks absently. "Scientific, I just moved up from Commercial a few weeks ago." "Well, an up and comer," he says without masking the sarcasm. "I suppose you think with your looks, your charm and your talent - you could have my job." I am smart enough to know when not to say anything. "Well, we are all just slaves here Ms. Riley. Some of us just have nicer cages." As I try to think of a witty comeback...

He moves to the side and in a deft movement, knocks the pencil container off his desk. Oh, that is too cliché, I think. He's just a typical lecherous male manager, wanting to sneak a peak. And I was worried. I should have been. "Pick that up for me will you Ms. Riley?" As I get on all fours, obliging his little game, he changes the playing board. When I reach to get a pencil from under the table, he puts his shoe on my shoulder. "You are a pretty little corporate slave though, aren't you." When I push back against his heel, not really believing he could doing this, he says "Oh no, I want you down there." I try to wiggle out from under his foot, but he has rather effectively trapped me. "I think I'd like to make you my personal slave. What do you think of that." I can't think. All the blood is rushing to my head. The position, the booze and the idea of things that might come nearly have me blacked out. He reaches down and pulls me up by my hair. He brings my face to his and ravages my mouth with a deep and sensuous kiss. I am at first repelled by his roughness, but them I find myself yielding to it and I melt into him. His kiss pulls at a need awakening deep inside me. Then just as suddenly he pulls away and lets me out of his grasp. I have to take a step forward to keep from falling over.

"Oh, you are a pliant little slave, aren't you." I try to get some composure, but then, "On your knees!" he barks. And since mine are currently made of rubber it is easy to comply. I try to clear my head. I put my face in my hands and rub my eyes and temples. Got to think! He can't take this much further. It's just not done. I sense he's moving forward and as I look up he is right there in my face. His huge cock is bulging, smooth and hot and it is in my face. Before I can react, he takes my head with both hands. He turns my head up to look at his. There is no doubting the look of animal lust in his eyes. I can't turn away. I can't think. I am petrified...not with fear, but with the shock of the feelings that are stirring deep inside of me. As he turns my head back down and brings my mouth to his cock, I don't loose the lock his eyes have on me. As he slides his enormous shaft in my mouth, I watch as his eyes glaze and he is lost in the lust.

The feel of his smooth dick is like nothing I have experienced. I taste a salty drip as he passes the tip through my lips and it touches my tongue. As if a signal, my lips close on his cock and I suck it in. He still holds my head so he has some control of what I do. What he doesn't know is that he has all the control. I am lost. This smooth hard cock is like key to a secret place. As it is thrust into my mouth again and again, the door opens wider. I suck on it as if to pull out the dark contents behind the door. And as the darkness from behind the door enters the here and now, it treads on reality and the fantasy becomes real. In the here and now a very real heat and yearning is burning its way through me from the inside out. My cunt is throbbing painfully. I moan as he thrust harder and harder still as my ardor makes him more excited. I am having trouble keeping my hands off him. But I know it would be the wrong move, even through the red haze of sensual pleasure I am feeling.

Then as I run my tongue across the bottom of his rod and suck and moan again, he pulls my head back and using one large hand to rub his shaft, he pumps it and buck once, then once again. My eyes on the eye in front of me and I watch with fascination as a white stream shots out. His other hand is keeping my head still and I feel the warm thick liquid hit my lips, tongue and neck. When he is spent, he puts him softening dick in his pant with one hand and pull me up with the other.

He leads me over to the closet on one wall. I am limp and need help. He puts an arm around me for support, but says nothing. He opens the closet next to the bar and I cling to him afraid he will separate us. Not what comes next, only that I will loose the source of heat I crave. Right now I need something. Something hard and hot. I don't really know what. He reaches in and pulls out a silk tie. He uses it to wipe my face. I lick my lips and this move makes him smile tenderly. He carefully cleans my face and neck. He then gathers both my hands and ties them with the silk tie. I am still in shock and heated to a fever's pitch, as he raises my hands over my head with one of his hands, I still can't look away from his eyes. He presses me against the wall with his whole body. This is the contact my body is screaming for as he tenderly kisses me keeping my hands above my head, he puts a thigh between my legs and I start to hub my clit on his thigh. His kisses deepen as I moan deep in my throat.

He pulls away. "No." Is that my feeble voice? He pulls up sharply on my hands. With his free hand he pulls a penknife out of his pocket, he expertly opens it with one hand. My eyes and now on the knife. I stop breathing. "Look at me" he demands. "You are mine. You are precious to me. You are for me and me alone. I will not do nothing to harm you. I only give you the pain you cry for. Now give yourself to me." My eyes are locked on his again. With the grace of an artist he cuts through each of the button on my blouse. As each one falls, I hear myself gasp. Then he runs the knife under the front of my bra and with one careful twist it is cut away and my breast are free. My nipples are painfully erect. He switches hands and for one heavenly moment his mouth is on one tit and his hand on the other.

Then his free hand goes down between my legs, pulls off my panties and as he touches my clit I nearly scream. "Ohhhh god," manages to come from my throat. But he pulls up on my hands and let me know that I should remain silent. I am melting now. Certainly there will only be a pile of molten wax soon. His tie won't be able to hold me as I slip to the floor. But his lust has me trapped in his embrace. And just as I think my cunt will ignite from the heat, he pulls away.

He holds me from him and the separation is like a bucket of icy water. I shiver and plead with him with my eyes. I see a moment of tenderness, and I think I detect him leaning towards me just a little.

KNOCK KNOCK. "Mike! Where the hell are you? If you are going to schedule a meeting on Friday night, at least you show up! Mike!" POUND POUND.

He looks at me. Is that an apology, or a promise in his eyes? He opens the closet and sits me in a pile of soft clothes in the corner. He places my hands in front of me still tied. And hands me a full glass, ice and scotch. "Be very quiet.," He threatens softly. "Make one noise and you will be eating 3 more cocks tonight!" In a show of bravado, I manage to give him a look that he properly reads - "You call that a threat?" He squeezes his eyes as the thought of me enjoying it sends a new thrill through him. We are both left thinking as he closes the door.

In the darkness, I feel as though I am in a cocoon. I am comforted by the dark close quarter. I sink into the corner. And sip my drink. Held in both hands. To cool my still over heated body, I bring the cold glass against my breast and have to suppress a moan, as the shock of the cold has my nipples straining and my cunt in a painful spasm. I concentrate on sipping my drink and trying to listen to the conversation outside. And now I know my new "master's" name is Michael.

As I finish my drink, the voices are becoming more heated. I fall asleep maybe for a few minutes. Then a fist pounding on the desk, wakes me with a start. I hear more heated conversation. Someone leaves. There is talk. Then the rest leave. I imagine my master fixing himself a drink. I hear the ice. I hear him settle into a chair. I think of his face as he thinks over his win? Loss? As I drift off, my body is still throbbing. I don't know how long I sleep.

I feel strong hands around me. I lean into the shoulder. Not wanting to wake up, I keep my eyes closed and nuzzle against his hard body, which seems to fit me so well. He sits on a soft couch and just holds me for a minute longer. Then he kisses my neck and I lean into him. The heat starts to rise in my body almost immediately. I reach for him, but realize I am still bound. I can reach up and feel inside his shirt. This seems to please him. He loosens his tie. Slips it over his head. And I finish unbuttoning his shirt. He sucks in his breath, as I am lost in the fell of his chest. Hard and soft. Broad and tapered. I lean to him to kiss him, nibble him. But he pushes me back and starts again on my neck.

He goes lower and feeds on both my breasts. His hands are wondering all over my body as if taking a survey. He expertly finds all the places that make me shudder or moan. He plays them like a soulful musician. God his hands. His mouth. I am nearly lost in all this when he goes lower. He slides me off his lap and onto the couch. He slides to one side and in the next instant is eat my pussy and my moaning fills the room. He doesn't seem to mind this time. He just keeps at my clit. When I start to writhe, he goes for my cunt and back again to my clit. Round and round. Side to side. His hands playing the buttons they can reach.

Then with an overwhelming intensity, the center of heat that is my cunt, blast out like a self feeding forest fire. I buck up against his face. He pushes 2 finger in my cunt to feel it spasm. My whole lower body jerks with the force of my climax. And my voice is lost.

As I am still throbbing from the cum of my life. He slides me back on his laps. He sucks my tits and has my cunt spasming again in rhythm with his sucking. So deep, it feel like he's sucking my soul. OH yes. He lifts his head. His eyes are cloudy with passion. As he leans to kiss me I can taste my own juices on his lips and tongue. Oh god there it goes again. As I buck with another orgasm, he has his rod out and slides himself forward on the couch. He then lefts me and lowers me on his cock, with my back facing him. Ohhhh. My head goes back and my tied hands go to his knees. He is so deep I can feel the tip and this sends me dangerous near to another climax.

Then he starts to move me, he raises me up and down. His huge ridged head is doing ungodly things to my g-spot. Soon, I need no help as the g-spot takes my brain and tosses it in the pile with my torn clothes. Every 10 strokes I have a spasm that gripes his cock. He can feel each clinch. I am riding him hard now. And we pull and thrust against each other. Each time I drop my cunt over his huge shaft he rises to meet me. Then his breathing quickens his movements become involuntary. I can't help myself. I scream, "Oh Michael, now, cum in me now. Hard hard Yes. Yes. Ohhhh Michael." And I fall forward. He catches. Pulls me off and them back on and turns me to face him. As his cock quiets in my cunt, he kisses me deeply.

We are both spent and collapse on the couch. My hands still tied, go around his neck, we both sleep.

Will the cleaning lady find us on Saturday morning? Will Ms. Riley get a promotion? And who is this Mr. Murray anyway (besides a stud beyond compare)? Will Ms. Riley quit her position as an engineer and become Mr. Murray's love slave (not likely)? Stay tuned as these and other possibilities will [HOPEFULLY] be answered in YOUR next installment.

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