Alone in the darkness
Nowhere to turn
No one to run to
Trapped in the wasteland that was my life
Then you found me……….

You shone a ray of light
Into the darkness
And reached out to me

You showed me kindness
And understanding
You listened
And did not judge me
You took me for who I was
And did not try to change me
You gave me love
And asked for noting in return
You took away the darkness
And gave me light
You fulfilled me
And chased away my emptiness

Now there is no darkness
Only your light and your love
You have taken my life
And turned it around
You have inspired me to blossom
Into the person I am today
You have made me realise that there is more to life
And that I must reach up toward my goals

Had you not found me
Who knows where I would be
Somewhere lost in the abyss
Lost in the tangled mess that was my life
Sitting empty and alone
With no family and no love
Having pushed it all away with my stupidity

I will never find the words
To tell you how much I love you
And what you mean to me
You have brought warmth into my soul
And you love surrounds me
Without you there would be no reason
And the darkness would return to me

In three months
I will be your wife
And we will be as one
Facing the world together
And shining light to into each other

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