tagLoving WivesCaller ID Ch. 01

Caller ID Ch. 01


"There, that should do it!" Maggie finished and looked over the group of coaches and assistants gathered around her.

Leaning back against her car she smiled and said, "Get your team members together and pass on the information they need to get the season started. I'm looking forward to working with y'all."

She and the other coaches had just finished making the team selections after watching the girls practice for the third day. The coaches went back to the girls waiting to hear about the selections and she started gathering her papers together when she looked up from her clipboard and saw two, strong-looking, dark-skinned, hairy legs displaying several scars and lumps standing in front of her.

Raising her eyes she noted the blue soccer shorts embroidered with the Italian Soccer team emblem hanging on trim hips blending into a narrow waist topped by a broad chest almost covered with a mesh tank top showing his nipples. Maggie eyes paused for a moment on his chest before moving up to see a white-toothed, smiling face looking down on her from over six feet above the ground.

"Ciao! Buona mattina! Good morning!" he said through his smile.

Maggie turned towards Jack, the league director, standing next to him and raised her eyebrows in a quizzical gesture.

Jack smiled and said, "Maggie Phillips, meet Roberto da Silva. Roberto, meet Maggie! Maggie is the Trainer and the Sports Medicine Specialist at the College of Charleston. Maggie, Roberto is a rising sophomore at FSU. He's staying with his aunt and uncle for the summer and he wants to help with the city's soccer program. He's on a soccer scholarship so he knows a little about the game. Don't you, Roberto?"

Maggie's hand disappeared within Roberto's grasp when he enveloped it with both of his and gently held it rather than shaking it.

"I am honored, Miss Phillips," he said with a slight bow. "I hear much about you from Director Eppes. You ranked second in the United States in college."

"Well, thank you," she stammered. Her hand was still trapped in his but she felt no desire to pull it away. "He probably exaggerated a little. He's known to do that. Aren't you Jack?"

"Maggie. I've got to get going. Will you take care of Roberto for me and show him around. He's willing to help out wherever you want him. See you later."

"Arrivederci, good-bye," Roberto said when Jack turned and walked away.

Maggie said, "Bye," to his retreating back.

"Your body is very young, si?" Roberto observed as his eyes swept up and down her figure. "Your hands, they are strong and your legs are long and strong. You are a goalkeeper, yes?"

Maggie could feel his eyes as they surveyed her.

"Uh, yes," she replied and attempted to pull her hand from within his grasp. "Where did you play?"

"I go private school and train at Univerista' dei Stranieri, Italian University Soccer Boarding School in Perugia. I have place with pro football team but il mio padre, my father, insist I must have first an education. Florida State University give me soccer scholarship and I go to school."

"Wow!" Maggie exclaimed while thinking that his accent was sexy. "That's quite a background for a young man."

"How may I help?" he asked.

"You can start by giving me my hand back," she laughed and attempted to pull it away but he held on and looked carefully over them.

"Your hands not like mine. My fingers broken and twisted from hits with balls. Yours are femminile yet so strong."

Maggie retrieved her hand and blushed at his remarks.

"You talk more like an Irishman full of Blarney than an Italian," she said. "I thought Italians were romantic."

"I am that also," he responded. "Maybe later you see. How may I help?"

Maggie showed him the list of teams and outlined the teaching programs that she wanted to institute. At first, she felt a little uncomfortable with him standing close behind her and looking over her shoulder but she soon relaxed.

Turning towards the field, she said, "Let's go meet the other coaches and I'll introduce you to the players if there are any left. We already turned some loose for the day."

"Hokay," he replied and fell into step alongside of her.

"Careful!" he said and held her waist to maneuver her around a puddle in the gravel parking lot. "Your shoes, they get wet."

The girls all swooned after him while he was being introduced. They were giggling and primping as they whispered back and forth. They finally got them settled down and after another hour of light practice Maggie told the coaches to release their players and to keep her informed as to any problems since the summer season started in another week. She watched as Roberto walked to a van sporting a TV antenna on its raised roof and get in and start the engine.

"Nice butt! Quite a rig for such a young boy," she said and turned to open her car's door.

Startled by the sound of a horn, she turned and saw Roberto waving at her just before he pulled away.

"Who does he think I am?" she wondered. "A high school girl?"

Marvin wasn't home and the girls had stopped at a friend's house after the team selection so the house was empty when she got there. Stripping off her sweaty clothes she started the shower and stood under the hot water. The girls' summer soccer league was off to a good start. It would give her something to do until the college season started later on towards fall.

She couldn't stand to be bored and with Marvin's dental office schedule and his golf and poker playing doctor friends she didn't see much of him. This would also help the girls stay busy and keep them out of trouble.

Megan had to stay in shape since she would be a starter on her high school soccer team in the fall and Jessica just needed something to do to keep her away from the boys that hung around her since she turned 16.

"I think I'll take a swim before everyone gets home," she said into the steam of the shower. "I need some more sun than just on my arms and legs."

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