tagLoving WivesCaller ID Ch. 07

Caller ID Ch. 07


Maggie stood under the stinging spray of the hot shower as it rinsed the dried sweat from her body. Standing with her hands braced against the wall, she let the shower beat down on the back of her neck. The little episode with Roberto had not given her any sexual release but it had increased her power over him. She was pleased that he was more afraid of her and her possible rejection than he was before. Now, there was less danger of his doing something stupid as long as she could keep him under control.

There were marks on her breasts but not enough to give her any great concern. On the slim chance that Marvin would notice them she prepared an explanation involving a collision with a goal post to explain them away. After applying lotion to her body she stood and studied herself in the mirrored wall. A tall, sexy looking woman with long brown hair and an athlete's firm body stared back at her. Turning sideways she admired her tight butt and her shapely legs.

"Not bad for a 41-year old broad with a 19-year old boy toy," she smiled and blew herself a kiss.

She was surprised to find Marvin undressing in the bedroom when she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. He gave her a weak greeting and waited for her rejection but was surprised when she stood in front of him and gave him a hug and a kiss while apologizing for her behavior earlier that morning.

"I'm sorry I acted that way sweetheart," she said and pressed herself against him.

Marvin's body responded and he quickly gained the beginning of an erection that made it felt against her belly.

"Umm, is that for me?" she giggled and rubbed against it. "The girls are downstairs so we have to be quiet."

Marvin was stunned by her response to him. This was not like her at all but he was not about to argue since he thought she was still going to be angry when he got home.

"I'm all sweaty. I have to take a shower first," he said.

Maggie pulled the towel from between them and pushed him back towards the bed.

"I like my men sweaty," she laughed. "But I also like them without their socks."

Marvin bent as if to take off his socks but Maggie pushed him back down to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Turning around so that her back was towards him, she lifted his leg and took off one sock. Still straddling his leg she rubbed herself up and down on it before moving over and repeating the action with the other one.

Marvin was now totally confused but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth and he caressed her ass and thighs while she rubbed herself on his leg. Turning around she stood straddling his legs and pushed his shoulders back and down onto the bed while following him until she lay spread on top of him.

"Did you have a good game, sweetheart?" she asked while nibbling on his chest and moving around with his cock trapped between her thighs. "Did you get the ball in the hole?"

The last was said with a full laugh that ended in a moan when she succeeded in capturing his erection with her aroused pussy and pushing herself back and down onto it. Marvin could do nothing but hold on while Maggie skidded her pussy up and down without stopping until they both came in a clenching, grunting orgasm. She stayed on top of him until his erection dissipated and he slipped out of her helped along in its final few seconds by her squeezing down with her pussy.

Afterwards, a still stunned Marvin lay on the bed and silently watched as she pulled on a pair of panties and a tee shirt, slipped on her robe and headed for the bedroom door.

"I'm hungry. Have you eaten yet?" she asked and almost skipped out the door.

The girls were splashing around in the pool and Maggie was sitting in the lounge chair with a spaghetti sandwich in her hand and a glass of buttermilk on the side table. Cold spaghetti sandwiches were one of her quirks and she made them without benefit of any sauce with only salt, pepper, butter and Parmesan cheese between two slices of white bread.

"Lots of pasta gives me energy," she explained when Marvin appeared with his plate of spaghetti and sauce and made a grimace at her choice.

"Don't forget! We leave early tomorrow for the tournament and we won't be home until Sunday night," she said. "What are you going to do all day?"

"My house chores I've been putting off. This will give me time to get them done. I'll be alright."

"Are you going golfing?"

"No, the club is too crowded on Saturdays and Vince is going shopping for some new furniture. Hey, instead of working around here maybe I'll ride down to the tournament with you. How does that sound? Is there room on the bus?"

Maggie almost choked on her sandwich as she considered his surprise offer. It had been a long time since Marvin had offered to accompany her to a game. Visions of he and Roberto spending some time alone without her to control the scenario gave her chills.

"I don't think there's any room on the bus," she lied. "It's too late to check tonight. Do you want to get up early and come down and see? I'm afraid you'll be disappointed though."

"No, never mind. I'll stay busy. Maybe some other time."

Maggie gave a silent sigh of relief. She had already formulated a plan to be with Roberto and she didn't want any problems. The sex she just had with Marvin was really as a result of Roberto getting her so hot and she had made up her mind that she wanted to try him at least once.

That night, Maggie surprised Marvin again when he came out of the bathroom and found her laying on the bed wearing only a pair of panties. She had several candles burning around the room and the flickering light served to heighten his arousal before he even pushed his pajama pants down and kicked them off of his feet. This was so unlike her he was beginning to worry about what was happening around him.

"What's got into you?" he asked after he lay down beside her and she pressed against him with her right leg up and over his thighs.

"Nothing yet!" she giggled and rubbed her wet panty crotch against his leg. "I'm just horny tonight. Can't a wife get horny once in a while," she pouted.

"Anytime you want," he replied and pressed his lips to hers.

"God, he's a good kisser," she thought as they worked their lips and tongues against each other. "I wish Roberto was this good!"

She was surprised that the thought of Roberto entered her mind at that particular moment but after giving it a fleeting thought she knew that her increased desire for sex was because of him and not Marvin.

Marvin was not responding but he was only semi-hard and he seemed to be having some doubts as to being able to complete the act with her. Slipping her panties off she wrapped them around his cock and used the warm and wet nylon to caress him. He groaned when she cradled his balls and fondled them through the nylon and his cock responded with a little lurch as it filled with blood.

"Let mommy help," she offered and sliding down his chest she replaced the panties with her long hair and used it to tickle him to full arousal. He was as hard as he was ever going to get when she enclosed the head of his cock in her lips and clamped them around it just behind his crown.

Holding him tightly in her mouth, she sucked as hard as she could while swathing him with her tongue. The unexpected sensation caused him to lurch and emit a groan that was accompanied by a surge of lubricant that poured into her mouth. She released him and raising her head, she smiled at his astonished face and smacking her lips she elaborately swallowed his essence.

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