tagNovels and NovellasCallie's Intimate Learning Pt. 02

Callie's Intimate Learning Pt. 02


Callie went to Al's house a few days later, knowing he was not expecting her. He was glad to see her and welcomed her in with a tender hug. They cuddled on his sofa for awhile and shared soft kisses and roaming hands. Callie's mind was acing with thoughts, but knew what she needed to say.

"Al. I really like being with you and want us to move forward. Today I'd like to try giving you sexual pleasure with my hands. You know...jerk you off?"

"Really? That sounds great. If you really want to. I know it's all new to you."

"I'd even let you see my tits," Callie added.

"I would like to see them if you really want me to."

Callie had not worn a bra and removed her top after turning her back to him. She quickly crossed her arms across her chest, worried that her breasts were too small, only being 32C's, He had touched her with clothes on but was different this time.

Al walked up to Callie, turned her around, and pinned her arms above her head against the wall. She saw the gentle glare in his eyes as he looked at her exposed breasts. It was the first time she had shown them willfully, and for an intimate reason.

"Stop being so embarrassed. You're very sexy, and your breasts are beautifully formed," Al told her.

Al removed his shirt and lowered his head to one nipple. Callie moaned in pleasure as he kissed her soft skin and sucked lightly on each nipple. She also wondered how much she would allow. His body looked firm with fine musculature. The muscles of his hairless chest and tightness of his abdomen excited her.

Al asked, "Want me to stop?"

Callie just smiled and replied, "Just kiss me you moron."

After a few minutes of tender kissing he trailed his lips lower and lower. He stopped eye level at the top of her shorts. Callie was sure he was going to take them off, but instead ran his fingertips along the skin just above them.

"Do you trust me Callie?"

"Yes of course. Do anything you want. Well maybe not anything. I'm not sure what you're thinking so I don't know how to answer. I feel excited but unsure."

"Relax Callie. Honey all I was going to suggest was maybe we take a shower together. It would be relaxing and maybe you could overcome some shyness. Then of you still want to jerk me off after, that is fine. But I won't expect it."

"That actually sounds nice," Callie replied, "Let's do it."

Al kissed her belly and slid her shorts to the floor, followed by her panties. His eyes were level with her pubic hairs and she felt his warm breath on the thick curls. She had just let a man see her naked and actually felt relieved. She also knew what to to next and asked Al to stand in front of her. She undid his pants and slid them down to his feet. He kicked them off as Callie stared at the huge bulge in his underwear. She grazed her hand over his briefs and felt the hardness beneath them. With a shy sigh, she pulled them down and his cock sprung free.

"You look about as long as thick as a banana. How big?" she asked.

"About eight inches. Do you want to touch it?"

"Let's go get wet," Callie replied.

In a few minutes they stood under the warm spray of the shower head. Callie faced him and noticed e was already growing bigger. He turned her around and stood behind her, then soaped up her backside from top to bottom. He spent several minutes kneeling down and caressing her soapy ass and legs. He turned her enough to let the water rinse her off then kissed her butt. That feeling was totally new to her and Callie instantly knew she liked it.

Al then stood behind her and applied a generous amount of shower gel onto his hands. He then reached around and soaped her breasts. As he caressed them from behind she felt his thick hardness against her butt. The way he cupped, squeezed, and massaged her tits was unlike anything she had felt before. She knew then that he would become her first lover in the very near future.

"Can I do something that may seem odd, but feel we may enjoy?" Al asked.


Staying behind her, he slid his cock between her legs, with the head protruding under her belly. She looked down, watched it move, and wondered how it would feel inside of her. She almost found out when the head hit the entrance to her vagina and nearly slipped inside. Al quickly pulled back to prevent that and turned her to face him. He again soaped up her breasts and massaged them for w few minutes. Then he moved his hands downward and ran his fingertips through her pubic hair.

Callie could not believe how her body reacted. Having never touched herself, a feeling that good was totally new. Her nipples were as hard as she could ever remember, and her body tensed in pleasure. She knew at that time that she would allow him to do anything aside from putting his cock inside her.

"Trust me," he said. "You are going to enjoy this."

Al inserted two fingers petal-soft folds of her womanhood and started moving them around. He kissed Callie and she moaned into his mouth. As her pleasure increased, Callie knew he was going to make her cum soon. She tried to close her legs for whatever reason, but Al held them slightly open. He made her excitement reach extreme levels by licking her nipples as his fingers did their magic where she most ached for fulfillment.

Callie suddenly shuddered uncontrollably and let out an uninhibited cry of satisfaction as she was overtaken by her first orgasm. She was glad it had finally happened and whimpered in the pleasure it provided. She also wondered why she never tried doing it for herself. Once her body shivers subsided, he removed his fingers and she could see they were visibly slick with her juices, despite being in the shower.

"That wasn't too bad now was it?" he asked.

Callie took take a deep breath, not sure what to say. It had been an incredible and pleasing experience. Her shyness was gone and she felt better than ever.

"Oh baby, that was incredible. I was nervous at first being naked, and thought you may not have approved of my body. My bush is thick and my tits are small. But what you did with your fingers was so good, You gave me my first orgasm ever. Thank you."

Al kissed her on the forehead and said, "Don't be silly. Your body is amazing. I would rather have a girl with small natural breasts than larger fake ones. Besides I find smaller ones more responsive to kisses. And your pubic hair is actually kind of appealing. And trust me, I am honored to be the one to give you your first climax."

"I need to take care of you now," Callie said and wrapped her hand around his cock and instinctively moved it along the shaft. The way Al moaned let her know she was doing good. She continued for several moments, until he stopped her.

"Honey stop. You have me way to close and I'd rather calm down a moment. Let's go to my room and you can do whatever you want." Al said.

They dried off and went to his bed, and he laid on his back. She grasped his rigid flesh in her hands again and slid them up and down the throbbing shaft. She saw his eyes look into hers as his moans became louder and took it as encouragement to continue. She had never seen a man climax, but knew about it.

"I gotta try this," Callie said.

She slipped her mouth over the head and remained motionless a moment. She then guided a couple of inches between her wet lips, and wondered how she could ever get more than half his length down her throat. She sensed Al was getting close and wondered what he expected. She was concerned that if she only jerked him off, he may be disappointed. But Callie was unsure if she was ready to try swallowing, not knowing how it tasted or how much shot out at the moment of his white-hot eruption.

Thankfully he made the choice for her. Al pulled her head away and pumped it himself for a few moments. Callie watched in fascination as he abandoned himself to pleasure. He pointed the head of his turgid shaft towards her chest. Callie knew what he was hoping for and nodded in approval. Then he spilled himself onto her tits and belly, and the warmth surprised her in a nice way. Callie's upper body was coated with his cum, and she actually enjoyed it.

He kissed her and said, "That was really good Callie. You did great. I figured you were unsure about letting me cum in your mouth so I decided to do this instead."

"Thanks Al. I was wondering what to do. I liked seeing it shoot out, definitely more than I expected. But I do want to try sucking you off sometime. Just not sure what to expect."

"Well you could try some now. Maybe lick a little off?"

Callie thought he had a good idea so she took his softening cock between her lips. She found the taste refreshing and not that bad. She also scooped some from her tits and licked her fingers clean. She knew someday soon she would try giving him oral to climax. Someday.

"I like what we did tonight," he whispered in her my ear.

After a small pause, Callie replied, "I did too."

(Stay tuned as Callie continues to explore)


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