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Calling His Bluff


I am a 46 year old attorney, and mother of two teenagers. My husband Jon is 45 and has been showing signs of having a mid life crisis. Most men, when they have a mid life crisis have an uncontrollable urge to buy a Corvette or a Harley. Not Jon. He has an urgent need to see me expose myself to other men, and has even said he wants to watch me have sex with someone else. I hated to disappoint him, but that just didn't sound like a good idea to me. That kind of thing can ruin a female lawyer's career. I gave in a little bit to the point of occasionally wearing low cut or sheer tops under my business suits when I went downtown. If I wasn't careful about how my jacket hung, like if my briefcase shoulder strap made the jacket hang open, my nipples may be visible.

This past Sunday, the kids were both gone for two weeks for summer camp. Jon and I laid in bed talking over coffee and he asked if I could wear something hot for him today since we were alone. I chose a tight white yoga top that although it had a little liner in it, still allowed my nipples to be easily seen. So I wore a little gauzy vest on top so we could go to church without me waving my erect nipples around and causing whispers.

We got home and I changed into shorts and took off the gauze shirt, then went upstairs to my office to work on a case that was due the next day. It was going to be an all day project. Jon changed into work clothes and went outside to work in the yard. After an hour or so, I heard a voice in the hall outside my office door.

"Sheila?" The voice called out.

"In here." I replied.

A colleague who lives near us, Dan is his name, walked in. It didn't occur to me that I was sitting in a shirt that was extremely low cut and showed my nipples until Dan looked at me and his jaw dropped open. Jon new damned well I was up here dressed like this and sent Dan in without warning me on purpose. He wanted Dan to see me like this. I blushed and immediately went into an apology for my attire. I explained how Jon loves it when I wear this kind of thing. I was so flustered and angry that I also blabbed on about Jon's desire to see me with another man. Dan was amused. I hatched a plan to cure Jon of his kinky fantasy. I figured he'd panic if he saw it actually about to happen. I explained to Dan how I'd call Jon in and ask him where he put the condoms after his vasectomy because Dan and I want to have sex and let him watch. He laughed and said he'd play along. I told him to stand next to my chair and I called out the open window.

"Jon! Come up here! You are going to want to see this!"

After a minute or so, Jon walked in and I was sitting in my chair holding Dan's hands in mine. I said

"Dan likes the top I have on. He says he wants to see more. But I think we'll need the leftover condoms. Could you get them for us?"

Jon's reply caught me flat footed. I hadn't counted on this.

"Great! But there is time for that later. First you need some foreplay. Dan, wouldn't you like to feel those gorgeous breasts? Go ahead! Give them a little squeeze!"

Dan looked at me with panic in his eyes. I figured one more step may put Jon over the edge and make him stop, so I pulled open the front of the stretchy top so Dan could see right in and chided

"Go ahead you big baby, they don't bite".

Dan looked down at my exposed 36Cs and swallowed hard. He reached his hand in and gently cupped one of my breasts. I was eye level with his crotch and could see that he was become quite erect. Jon noticed that too.

"Ooh, Sheila. Look at that. Dan's got wood. Why don't you stroke it for him?"

I looked Dan in the eye and he smiled. He was enjoying feeling my breasts. He had started tweaking a nipple and was kneading them. It was at this moment that I became aware that I was getting wet. Dan's massaging was getting me very horny all of a sudden. I took Jon's direction and reached out and grabbed Dan's growing erection and started sliding my hand around on it. He moaned and readjusted his stance to allow me better access. I slid my hand down between his legs and cupped his balls.

"Now I think it's time" Jon said, "for you to take off the top and let your breasts hang free".

This was now much farther than I ever dreamed it would go, but was starting to enjoy myself immensely. I released my grip on Dan's bulge and had to remove his hand from my left tit so that I could pull my top off over my head. My nipples were rock hard, and Dan immediately reached in with both hands and started kneading both my breasts. I was busy stroking Dan's package when Jon's voice broke my trance.

"That is just elastic holding his shorts up. Why don't you pull them down so you can show him how talented your mouth is?"

I reached my thumbs under Dan's elastic waistband and wriggled his shorts down to his ankles. He had to kick off his running shoes to step out of his shorts. I had never looked at Dan sexually, and was surprised to see how well hung he is. Probably 7" long and nicely thick. I wrapped my hands around his shaft and pumped. He stepped closer to me so that his cock was now right in front of my face. I took off my glasses and set them on the desk before grabbing Dan's cock and licking the head. He moaned and placed his hands on the sides of my head and thrust his hips at me urging me to take him into my mouth. I licked his shaft for a while before I opened my mouth and let him slide in. He was large enough that I did a little gagging as he pushed past my tonsils. He was moaning as he vigorously held my head and face fucked me, pushing his swollen cock into my mouth all the way up to his balls. I was slobbering from gagging and it was running out of my mouth and down my chin and dripping onto my bare chest. I had one hand on his ass and was rubbing my own crotch with the other. We were both moaning. I realized that Jon was standing next to us naked, taking pictures with the digital camera. After and while of this, I heard Dan start to gasp and before I knew it I felt a warm gush over my tongue and back of my throat. Dan was growling and moaning as his cum load erupted into my mouth. I had never even taken Jon's orgasms in my mouth. I pulled my head back and Dan continued to cum all over my face as I stroked his shaft. His cum dribbled down my cheeks and off the tip of my nose. I could taste him in my mouth. Before I could even release my grip on Dan's cock, Jon started cumming on my face as well. He was stroking his own shaft and grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock into my mouth. He too managed to cum all over my face, tits, and shoulders. He stepped back and Dan and I looked at each other and he said

"I guess I won't need that condom after all."

We all laughed, and got cleaned up. Dan and I finished the discussion he had come over to have in the first place, and Jon went back to his yard work.

It won't happen again.


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