tagErotic Poetrycalling his name

calling his name


Every beat of my hart inspires me

* * *

Calling his name on the winds of the earth
 My lover comes to me.
 Dancing on the wings of imagination
 My lovers fingers touch me
 Entering my body on the creast of a wave
 My lover fills me
 On a whisper of breath
 My lover kisses me
Feeding fuel to the flame of disire
My lover ignights me
 On the birth of a star
 my lover takes me over the edge
 An eruption of light
 And a solar exposion and I am his
 Till the stars expire. And fall from the firmament
in A million shimmering pieces
 And the heavens are no more

i love to get feed back,, even if you didnt like it ,, kisssssss me

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