Calliope's Daddy



Callie had fallen asleep in Padraic's arms and he tucked her into bed, deciding to let her sleep for a couple of hours. Calling into work, Padraic took a leave of absence. It had been a long time since he had a little girl to train and spoil and he wanted to enjoy it. He smiled remembering the clumsy way she had tried to seduce him. He was not like those weak willed saps at her club and she would learn that he could not be manipulated by a half hearted blow job. She was young and naïve and so sexy that he felt his cock twitch just thinking about her.

'That multicoloured hair had to go,' he thought to himself and picked up the phone to make an appointment with the local hairdresser for the next day. Smiling, he booted up his computer and spent some time looking over the police report from her arrest that he had had emailed to himself and made some notes. It was not a big problem, probation for a first time offence probably and placed in his care for a good behaviour bond term. 'Yes, this would work out very well,' he thought.

Eager as always when starting a new project, he brought up a standard submissive's contract changing certain passages to fit the girl who lay sleeping upstairs. Typing up a summary of his house rules he smiled at the thought of the sexy little girl belonging to him. He would be a strict but fair Daddy if she obeyed his rules. If not, he was just as happy to be as free with his punishments as he would be with his rewards.

He whistled a happy tune as he went to his old playroom. He had not been able to face this room since he had lost his last girl to another. Running a finger through the dust, he went to get some cleaning supplies and returned to spend an hour cleaning off the equipment not enclosed in chests or glass fronted cupboards. There was more to do but he had time before she would be ready to learn about the play room.

Padraic went to have a shower before he woke her. Callie was definitely not the girl he had expected when he got the call from her mother that morning. Charged with prostitution, he had expected a drug addict or jaded well used slut not the bratty little princess he had found. His cock twitched again at the memory of her lips stretched around his fat cock as she had tried to manipulate him by seducing him and he allowed himself a quiet chuckle, 'She has no idea what she opened herself up to in trying that on him,' he thought, 'but she would learn.'

Padraic shut off the water not wanting to waste a load of cum now that he had a little whore to give it to. He smirked as he dressed casually in loose jeans and a soft T shirt and grinned to himself, 'My very own little hooker.' He went to wake her up.

He opened the door quietly. She was still asleep and he sat on the bed softly, watching her. "Calliope," he whispered, "Come on, little girl, time to get up. You won't sleep tonight."

She stirred, "Shi, what time is it?"

"Time to get up," he reiterated in a sterner voice.

"Fuck off," she buried her head under the covers.

His hand crashed down on her bum and she squealed, "Hey, what do you think you're doing asshole?"

Padraic stalked from the room, coming back a minute later with soap in his hand, lifting her head by the hair. She opened her mouth to scream and he filled it with soap. "This is your last warning, little girl. If you continue to have a filthy potty mouth, I will use it as such and you will not like that at all. Trust me."

Callie's eyes went wide with recognition as she woke properly, vivid images of her bath and attempt to seduce him playing in her mind. She nodded her understanding and he withdrew his hand allowing her to spit the soap out.

"Good girl. Now up you get, sleepy head," Padraic smirked.

Callie sat up and rubbed her eyes still spitting frothy soap chips from her mouth.

Padraic stood and waited for her at the door holding it open. Callie swung her legs from the bed and walked sullenly toward him. Taking her arm, he led her to the bathroom. Pushing her in, he turned his back and spoke over his shoulder, "Do what you need and tie that hair back. It looks dreadful that colour. I am taking you to have it fixed tomorrow."

"But I like my hair the way it is," Callie said sullenly as she sat with relief on the toilet. He turned to watch her as she still sat on the toilet and saw the flame of humiliation seep into her face. "Do you have to...?" Callie said sullenly cutting off the nasty name she wanted to call him with difficulty.

Padraic chuckled, "You bump and grind and fuck anyone that can pay the price and you act all pure and innocent here with your Uncle Paddy? I can pay. How much do you want to watch you pee, little hooker?" He was enjoying her humiliation immensely, knowing it eroded the small bravado she had had since he picked her up from the police station.

Callie dropped her head biting back all the angry words that threatened to bubble free, instead she murmured, "You don't even know me." She finished and walked stiff backed to the basin to wash her hands. Turning to leave she heard him clear his throat and went back to put her hair up in a pony tail.

"Better," Padraic smirked, 'Training this girl is going to be fun,' he mused. Taking her arm again as she approached him, he led her to his study and had her sit in an oversized chair that dwarfed her and making her seem even more like a little girl.

Padraic sat on the far side of his large desk, "I have read the police report but I would like to hear your version of what happened prior to your arrest last night. It's time to be honest with me, Calliope. If you want my help, you will tell me what I need to know and be careful about that potty mouth of yours. My threat earlier was real."

Callie told him all of it her head dropping lower and the crimson flush in her face turning deeper as she went through every detail at his prompting, including her history with the men and other clients and how she ended up working as a stripper and part time prostitute in the first place.

"As I see it you have three choices, you can runaway from here in which case I will call the police and tell them you jumped bail and a warrant for your arrest will be issued immediately. Most likely you will become the jail bitch for a huge dyke called Bertha who will make you suck her saggy tits like a baby because you are so tiny and cute," Padraic let his words sink in watching her face carefully as she showed shock and fear.

Padraic shrugged easily, "Or you can live here until the hearing, look after yourself, hire your own lawyer, hope for the best and probably ending up being Bertha's baby bitch eventually anyway, but with a lighter sentence maybe." Again he watched her carefully and smiled as he saw the resignation in the slump of her shoulders.

"The final option," Padraic began, "Is that you can trust me to look after everything for you. I am quite a good lawyer and I can fix this for you. But it will mean that you will stay here with me and follow all of my rules not only until the hearing, but for a year of the good behaviour bond you will probably receive from the sentencing hearing instead of going to jail."

Callie looked up at him a glimmer of hope flaring after the awful visions of a dyke named Bertha trying to breast feed her played through her mind. Fucking this old man occasionally didn't seem such a bad trade off for her freedom. Shit, she did enough old men at the club to know what she was in for. "Okay," she said carefully, "I will follow your rules. What are they?"

"It won't be that easy, Callie. I will want you to sign a contract naming me your guardian of sorts for the term of thirteen months with a provision to extend it should that be needed." Gathering some papers he moved around his desk and stood before her leaning back against the polished wood.

Callie's brow furrowed, "A guardian of sorts?"

"I would be your guardian and make the big decisions for you, like your father would have when he was alive. For want of a better word I would be your Daddy for a year instead of your Uncle Paddy," he grinned at her, "It's not such a stretch from Paddy to Daddy." Padraic handed her a piece of paper, "Here are Daddy's rules. Take your time and read them carefully."

Callie took the piece of paper scanning it, realising this would mean more than just giving him the occasion fuck. She wouldn't be allowed to work. Instead, she would attend training sessions each day. She would have to agree to this training and learn how to please his personal tastes. She lifted her head after reading that, looking at him and wondering what sort of kinky shit the old bastard was into. Basically the document gave him the right to make all the decisions in her life for the next year and she would need to smile and suck it up, doing what he said without question. She would be paid a weekly allowance that would be placed into a high interest saving account that she could claim after the term of the contract. She would be given this in exchange for following his rules and submitting to his training.

She knew this was a better deal than a year with big bertha as a jail bitch plus she had always been able to get her own way with men. She could wear him down once she started understanding what made him tick. All men thought with their cocks she just had to satisfy his and she would be fine. "Okay," Callie said as she handed the piece of paper back, "It beats jail."

He knew she had no idea really what she was signing and that she believed she could manipulate him but he hadn't wanted a little girl of his own this much for a very long time. "You can sign this temporary notice of intent and I will have the official contract drawn up to be signed after your hearing," Padraic said handing her the amended contract he had worked on earlier.

Callie took the contract and pen, "Temporary, just till the hearing?"

Padraic nodded, "With the intent to resign a contract, for one year and one month, once we are sure you will not be incarcerated."

Callie looked up considering him. She was used to selling herself to get what she wanted this was no different really. A few good fucks and he would let her live the life she wanted, she was sure. Callie signed the temporary notice and handed it back.

"Good girl, now you must be hungry. We will have an early dinner and talk about your training."


They sat in the kitchen together at the bench her legs dangling from the tall stool eating chicken soup with crusty hot bread rolls. Padraic explained that the paper she had signed giving him guardianship of her essentially made him her Daddy now and she would call him that here at home. In public she could call him Paddy as she always had but not uncle anymore. Callie agreed and smiled sweetly trying to win him over, "Yes, Daddy Paddy."

Padraic smiled broadly and went on to outline the house rules in greater depth; where she was allowed to go and where she was forbidden without permission. The main living areas were hers to explore, as well as her bedroom. She was not allowed to leave the house for any reason without express permission. A lady would come in twice a week to do the laundry and clean but she would have light duties on other days.

Her main responsibility this week would be learning Daddy's rules and being a good girl to make him happy. He would train her to know how to make him a happy man, and he in turn would give her the things she wanted, starting with not having to go to jail and a shopping trip after the visit to the hairdresser tomorrow.

Padraic smirked as he saw her eyes light up at the thought of a shopping trip, then he reached out to hold her chin tightly and make her look up at him, "If you break Daddy's rules, Calliope, you will be punished like a naughty little girl should be. You understand that after today, don't you?"

Callie nodded and he lifted her from the stool placing her on her feet. He left her to clean the dinner plates telling her to meet him in the lounge room when she was done. After much banging around and muttering bad words under her breath as she tried to find where everything went in the kitchen, she finally followed him out to the lounge room.

Padraic held his hand out to her, "Come here, Callie," she moved closer and took his outstretched hand. He quickly pulled her to him and bent her over his lap, smacking her ass, "I have very good hearing, Callie and while you are only learning Daddy's rules, we have been over this one three times already today. What did I tell you would happen if you continued to use those filthy words like a potty mouth girl?"

Callie was whimpering and kicking as his hand left its print on her ass again. She didn't remember. She only knew that he didn't want her using those words anymore. "I am sorry," she cried, "I won't do it anymore."

He pushed her from his lap and forced her to her knees between his legs, holding her tightly between his knees making her squirm and whimper louder. Unzipping his jeans and freeing his cock Padraic reached out and grabbed her by her ponytail reefing her head back. "Daddy does not make idle threats, little girl." Standing above her he brought his rapidly growing cock to her parted lips. Watching her face intently, he let a small stream of piss flood her mouth holding her head back by the ponytail as she spluttered and chocked on the hot fluid.

Letting go of his cock, he held her head in place until she finally swallowed then let her fall back to the floor sobbing. She looked up angrily and he raised an eyebrow as if daring her to curse at him again. "You want to have a potty mouth, I will use it like one. Now come and sit like a good girl and watch this movie with me," Padraic kicked off his jeans and sat back down in his boxers.

Sullenly, Callie sat where he had left her and sniffed, the taste in her mouth remaining awfully rancid. Her bottom lip stuck out in a silent pout as her mind raged at him, 'That filthy fucker.' Spanking she could handle, she had a high pain tolerance but piss was another matter entirely. Callie started to think running away and taking her chances on the street was the better option.

Padraic was enchanted by the pouty lips and teary eyes of his little girl and he got up to pick her up and bring her back to sit on his lap. "Daddy doesn't like to punish you, baby, but you need to learn to follow the rules and make me proud." He cuddled her close and stroked her back while pressing play on the DVD.

Callie turned to screen as he held her in his lap, a cute young brunette with pigtails in a similar outfit to what she wore on stage filled the screen. Padraic murmured in her ear, "Her real name is Sasha Grey and she can suck cock better than most porn stars. I want you to watch her carefully so you can learn to swallow Daddy's cock just like her."

Callie squirmed as she watched the small figured girl suck and fuck and take cock in her ass eagerly. She could feel Padraic's cock hard against her ass as she squirmed in her own heat. The movie was turning her on more than she thought possible and she wished Padraic would touch her but he seemed to be watching the movie his arms held loosely about her. His lack of attention to her made her angry in an odd way so in an effort to get his attention she leaned up to kiss him.

Growling he pulled away, "Daddy wants you to watch and learn, baby," he turned her so she faced the screen once again, "Now do as Daddy says." She watched the movie as the heat and need inside her increased. The girl on the screen was now servicing two men, they smacked her and called her names and the fucking became increasingly violent as the girl took all that the men gave her and Callie found herself getting hotter by the vision of it.

As the final scene played out, Padriac ran a hand down her body and cupped her pussy. She was so hot and wet. He smirked to himself and pulled the panties to the side sliding a finger between her folds rubbing up and down her wet slit. Padraic watched her breathing increase to a panting rhythm and her hips started to rock, pulling up trying to making him enter her. He leaned down and murmured into her ear, "Tell Daddy what you want, Callie. Such a hot little girl, you're so wet and needy. Tell Daddy what you need."

The blush filled her face as she looked up at him, her voice barely a whisper, "I can't."

Padraics fingers teased her more one dipping into her tight hole briefly, "This," he smirked, and pushed his finger in again deeper feeling her hips rock up, "and this." She nodded her head her eyes glazing over. He continued to tease her, finger fucking her and rubbing at her clit until she was on the edge and then he stopped. Callie's eyes widened as her hips rolled harder at his hand. "Tell me what you need, Callie," Padraic's voice was insistent, "I can see it but I want to hear you say it. Tell Daddy you want him to fuck you."

Her blushes deepened and she couldn't get the words out, "You were a whore Callie, a nasty little slut for all the men at that club. You don't have to do that for them anymore. You just have to ask Daddy to fuck you." Padraic watched her face as she struggled to admit she was the slut he called her, his fingers started their delving into her again, building until she was on the brink once more.

Callie had never felt so hot in her life. She needed to cum to fuck to do something to release the pent up feelings he gave her. 'Why couldn't he just take me? Why do I have to admit to him that I want it? Oh god,' she thought as he brought her once more to the brink without letting her go over the edge into bliss. "Please," she whimpered, "Please."

"Please what, Callie?" He smirked.

"Please, P P Daddy," she stumbled over his name and her small body squirming over his lap sought the elusive edge of her orgasm.

Padraic pushed his fingers hard and deep within her and curled them forward hitting her g-spot, "Beg Daddy to fuck you, Callie. You know it's what you need," his voice lowered menacingly, "You wont be able to cum unless you beg."

Callie's mind bent to his will. The movie, his teasing fingers, his voice all working on her mind and body until she cried out, "Yes I need it. Please fuck me, Daddy. I want to cum."

The words had barely left her mouth when she was picked up and almost thrown over the small coffee table in front of them. Padraic dropped his boxers and ripped her panties from her with enough force to lift her from the table momentarily. Kneeling behind her, he slapped her ass and entered her thrusting in and out roughly, forcing her tight hole to stretch around his thick cock until he drove all the way in groaning in pleasure.

Callie cried out as he tore her panties from her and entered her roughly. She felt him angle down to enter her and hit the spot that made her legs shake over and over again until her orgasm hit her making her jerk and thrash over the table as he continued to fuck her hard and deep, "Beg me again, you hot little slut. Beg your Daddy to keep fucking you."

Callie cried out and Padraic slapped her ass hard, "Beg, you little whore," his hand landing again between thrusts.

Tears began to roll down her face as he pounded her tight cunt, the slaps spurring her breathless words as she gasped, "Fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me."

He slammed into her hard and fast his hand spanking her at the same time until she came again explosively howling into the room, his deep voice growls echoing her howls as he thrust up into her deeply and filled her with his cum. Padraic leaned over her back and kissed her shoulder, "Good baby," he murmured.

Taking his cock from her he sat back on the couch bringing her back to kneel at his feet. Pulling her top from her body he sternly murmured, "Clean Daddy's cock of all your mess, dirty girl." Padraic pushed her head down to his cock and smiled watching her submit to him.

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