tagLoving WivesCalli's Interest Payment Ch. 02

Calli's Interest Payment Ch. 02


Calli went home after her first "interest payment' and went to bed. She was spent. The next morning she awoke to the alarm clock and the pain in her crotch. Getting her husband off to work and the kids on the school bus was near torture. Once they were all gone she drew a hot bath and tried to relax in the water. Her ass burned like fire. She had been an anal virgin until last night and though she had cum in the process, Doug's first penetration had felt like she was being ripped in two. She sat in the soothing water until it began to get cold. The water had done its trick and she felt much better. The mild soreness in her pussy was something she could live with, but her ass was still very tender. She found work around the house all morning that did not require sitting. Just after lunch, the phone rang- it was Doug.

"Calli? How are you feeling today?" his voice on the phone inquired.

Tempted to tell him exactly how she felt, rode hard and more sexually satisfied than ever before in her life, she merely replied, "A bit sore, but I think I will live."

"Good. I may need a bit of help this afternoon. Do you think you could stop over around 3:00? I will be in the calving barn. Ok. Thanks Calli, I will see you then." Doug's voice disappeared from the telephone and Calli was left to wonder just what she had gotten herself into.

Calli looked at the clock, 1:30 p.m. She had an hour and a half to finish up her house work and run over to Doug's place. Her mind raced the whole time about, did he just need a hand, or was she about to be used again. Every intelligent cell in her body told her he just needed an extra pair of hands for something, but she began to tingle with the thought of being used none the less. By 2;45p.m. she was almost dripping wet at the anticipation of Doug touching, licking, and filling her body. She may love her husband with all her heart, yet her body craved the use/abuse that only Doug had ever found a way to combine in a way that made her want it so badly. Pulling into Doug's driveway and up to the walk in door of the calving barn, Calli's body was nearly on fire with want.

The first thing Calli noticed in the barn was how unusually warm it was in there. Normally kept cool this early in January, today the barn must have been 70 degrees. Leaving her coat on a chair in the office, she went through the open doorway into the actual maternity area. There was Doug, leaning on the bureau he stored ob supplies and tools in with a cup of coffee in his hand. He had obviously been working hard; the whole place was spotlessly clean. Seeing Calli, he set his cup down and walked over to her.

Without a word, Doug began to unbutton her shirt and slip it off her shoulders. Turning and setting her up on the bureau, he unlaced her work boots, dropped them on the floor, and unbuttoned her jeans. Once they were unbuttoned and zipped, Doug stood Calli up to slide them slowly down her creamy, white legs. She pulled her feet free of the cuffs while Doug's hands caressed their way back up her legs to the waistband of her soft red panties. Teasing his fingers inside of them, he traced the curve of her ass around to the front and through her pubic hair. Tugging them one side at a time he worked them to her knees. When Calli's panties were at knee height, Doug sat her back up on the bureau and slid them gracefully down and off her feet. Now in nothing but her bra, Calli was fully aware of why she was needed at the barn. Her body that was nearly on fire when she arrived was now a four alarm inferno. Her nipples were hard and tingling inside her bra. She could feel how her clit was growing and throbbing. The lips of her pussy puffing up and begging to be opened either by tongue of dick. She was worried now that she may cum before Doug actually touched her body; the undressing being almost more than she could bear. Finally, Doug unhooked her bra allowing her tits to fall free and her rock hard nipples out into the air.

Fully naked now in the soft glow of the barn lights, Calli was breathing hard. Her hands trembled at the thought of what Doug had in store for her. She knew better than to speak. If Doug wasn't speaking, she should not speak either. The last time she had not followed orders she had received a mild spanking, and her ass had been fucked harder than her pussy ever had before that time. She was made to lie down on the bureau and Doug noticed how her soft creamy tits slid outward on her chest. Opening a drawer under her, Doug produce two shiny chrome choke chains similar to what you see in pet stores. These were longer though, not intended for holding a dog, but to assist in the delivery of baby calves. Doug masterfully slipped the chains through their respective rings to produce the "choke chain" effect. Then he wrapped one each around the base of Calli's C cup tits. Crossing them and draping over her shoulders, he placed the chains in her hands. Pulling slightly on the chains both squeezed and lifted her tits. This was a totally new feeling for Calli. She had never played with any type of bondage in her 38 years. The crossed chains on her chest, the squeeze and pull on her tits felt wonderful. The lust in her eyes was relayed to wetness pouring from her pussy. She was ready for anything now if Doug would just take her.

With Calli lying on back and ready, Doug slid his own jeans down, pulling his underwear down with them. Grabbing his shirt, it was soon over his head and falling to the concrete floor below his feet. As Doug stepped up to the bureau, he took Calli's legs in his hands and spread them. Still without a word, he slid his dick into her wet, waiting pussy. Holding her legs high, he stroked in and out of her at a measured pace. He could feel just how wet and ready she was, yet he did not want to repeat last night's orgasm by her without permission. Pulling her farther off her perch, he held her legs nearly to her chained tits as he worked himself in and out of her body. His strokes Calli's pussy to her inner end. The only sound was their breathing as he leaned down to suck on a nipple. As Doug leaned down to suck one of her tits, Calli pulled on the appropriate chain to lift it closer to his mouth. His mouth on her hard nipple, the chain biting into the base of her tit, Calli moaned breathlessly at the new sensation. Releasing her right nipple from his mouth, Doug turned his head and was met by the left. Sucking for a moment, Doug released the nipple and finally spoke his first words to Calli since her arrival, "would my whore like to cum?"

"Oh god yes, please master!" Calli shouted. She was right on the edge of losing all control of her body. Doug's steady strokes coupled with the squeezing chains and his mouth on her tits was almost more than she could bear. "Please master, may I cum?"

Doug may have been near cumming himself, but he was not about to let Calli off so easy. He kept up his steady push in, slide out strokes of her saturated pussy while he softly spoke to her."My whore wants to cum? Maybe soon. Hold it slave, hold it until you have permission. Does my cock feel good in your pussy? Do you enjoy the pull of the chains on your tits? Answer me whore." And all the while Doug was fucking her slowly into a desperate need for permission to release. Calli was screaming and begging to cum and Doug was enjoying making her wait. When he felt his own cum begin its race to the end of his dick and begin to shoot inside her, he said,"Now my whore. Now you may cum."

Doug was unloading his seed deep in Calli's pussy, yet she could not tell. Finally with her master's permission, Calli was cumming and cumming hard. She cried out, screaming. Her body did not just jerk and twitch, she shook and muscle spasms twisted her uncontrollably. Tears ran down her cheeks as her body tried to turn itself inside out. In her abandon she pulled and released, pulled and released the chains in her hands. Each time her hand pulled on a chain, another wave went through her body. After what seemed like an hour, she suddenly stopped, completely out of energy and breath. Doug's dick had long since slid out of her dripping hole. He stood with hands on her sides to keep her from falling off the bureau.

When full, true consciousness returned to Calli, Doug had already removed the chains and put them away. He had pulled up his own jeans and slipped his shirt back on. Silently he handed her the panties and bra he had removed. She dressed slowly as he handed each article to her. Once dressed as she was upon arrival Doug merely pointed to the door. Calli stepped gingerly out to the office, grabbed her coat and headed home. The kids would be getting off the school bus soon. Her husband would come home from work. She would fix supper, help with homework, and lay semi comatose on the couch. All the while Doug's cum would slowly be leaking out of her used pussy and into her soiled panties. She would get dressed for bed with her back turned so her husband would not see the red marks around the base of her very tender tits or the dried mess in the flame red hair between her legs.

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