Wandering pensive through vapid wilderness,
In the distance, under cold stas
I traverse my lonliness
In pain and quaquaversal awe.
My destitute bones ache for the contentment found in your sanctuary,
My heart cries for rest in the copious titties of humanity.

It seems that i am lost
Or at least i am impossibly distracted,
Under the influence of superficial pleasure my sorely afflicted flesh serves my sub-olympian host
In the most superficial ways as my soul screams for all services to external glory to be retracted.
The pain i struggle with is in looking at the horizon and wishing for the gods to take me across it,
This diminished body wishes to touch the spirit of god and recieve life, to be good, noble and happy in spirit.

Years ago i deserted reality, work and hard won freedom
To roam wild in romantic places, friendless and fatherless
With a seraglio of ideas, living in misery and exhausted whoredom,
Now i listen, joyless, to the diminuendo trailing into decadence, washed up on the isle of a goddess.
Like molten gold her hair in my hands, like burnished silver her tanned, hellenic skin lazing in my listless caress.
Denuded and relaxed in glorious comfort upon her reclining body her beautiful, firm and soft breasts.

Slowly sighinig in the stupor of her slow kisses,
Further to be doped by eating the proffered magenta lotus flower,
Supporting her slim frame at the feline arch of her back with soft strength and tender caresses.
On a divine plateau our senses resolved in the antiphony of soft growl and delighted purr,
Her amphigomous tongue flickers across my body and the momentum builds through thick, warm, liquid sex,
Flowing glacially into her insipid orgasm and my largo anti-climax.

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