tagBDSMCam and Jan Ch. 02

Cam and Jan Ch. 02


Cams fitful sleep held blurry dreams of impossibly tall owners, two statuesque women wearing impossibly tall high heels, both leading her around like a pet on a leash for all to see.

Sevda woke her and Jan up and brought them to her shower...still tied and gagged. She washing them.... teasing mercilessly with the showerhead...alternating the pulsing warm water with a soapy cloth...the helpless girls moaning around their gags.

Of course she didn't let them cum and now that dull ache was a pulsing need that Cam could not ignore.

"Dry off and put on only this. Do not touch yourself or each other." Un-gagging and un-cuffing the girls, She tosses them both plastic bags with matching jeans, low cut white T-shirts, and Keds sneakers as she goes to the kitchen. Jan immediately started masturbating...grinding her fingers hard on her clit as she pulled on her nipples. "Quick before she comes ba-" A hidden Sevda grabbed Jan and quickly reattached her cuffs behind her. She slipped Jan to the floor and hogtied the naked girls feet to her hands.

Replacing the blindfold and gag on Jan in an instant. Then she looked to Cam.

Quickly Cam got dressed. Sevda attached small clamps to Cam breasts and her labia, making the horny girl ever crazier.

Leading Cam outside, Sevda slips a blindfold over her eyes. The cold hits like a shock making her nipples harder and stiffer and causing the clamps to shift and hurt more. Walking outside this way Cam shivers and clutchs desperately to Sevdas hand.

Hearing now razor sharp to everything going on around her. Cheeks flushed from cold, embarrassment, and arousal. Walking through the street is terrifying, cars sound enormous and far too close for comfort. Every dip or crack in the ground causing terror so she clutches harder at Sevdas hand.

"Be still, I will not let anything happen."

The words calmed Cam, until she realized that she was being led down subways steps. A warm fast wind ripping past her face, she tries to pull back in fear

"You can do this.", and again that strength, as if Cam is a small pet.

On the platform Sevda holds her close and gently tugs on the chain between her nipples, as she kisses her lips.

Instinctively Cam clasps her hands behind her and Sevda nonchalantly links the cuffs on her wrists.

The train is like a monster, a low building growl that becames a loud roar. Sevda reconnects Cams cuffs in front of her around the middle pole.

"Now there's something you don't see everyday." A gruff male voice says and there is titters of laughter all around.

"Can anybody mess with her?" a teenage voice, and chills run down Cams spine as more voices join in asking the same question.

"No" Sevda says and something about the way she says it makes all comments stop.

Minutes or hours of mostly silence go by as Cam struggles to keep her balance on the fast starting and stopping train. The clamps are digging into her sensitive nipples and labia.

"No one can take their eyes off of you." Murmurs of agreement come from all around as Cam face get hot. Suddenly Sevda pulls her head back from behind and kisses her. Cam goes weak at the knees, as she gets lost in the kiss.

"What's all this?" the car suddenly seems to go very cold, and Cam starts shivering thinking to herself " I'm gonna get arrested.". Feet shift as if everyone is pulling back from her at once.

"What are you doing girl?" the much too loud voice asks. "This isn't a private place." Cam realizes that she is standing alone and her voice sticks in her throat.

"She is doing nothing wrong." Sevda sounds like she is ordering the police around.

"Hmm...Well is anyone doing wrong to her is the better question..." His voice seems much softer as if Sevda has cowed him with a look.

"She is exactly where she wants to be." Cam's heart starts pounding in her chest now...worried, no, terrified that she will have to admit the truth.

"Is that true miss? Is this some kind of game?" The much softer voice does nothing to calm her.

Cam can barely manage "No, it's not a game.".

"Oh? Are you this way against your will Ma'am?" very close to her now.

"No." the blindfolded girl can barely speak.

"So you are blindfolded and tied to the pole of your own free will?" his voice is right in her ear.

"Yes." Despite the fact that she cannot see, Cam lowers her head in embarrassment, an act that causes the clamps to shift and a moan slips from her lips.

"I see." He is almost breathless.

Suddenly the train stops and Cams hands are released from the pole and reattached behind her.

"Take care everyone." Sevda calls out as she leads Cam off the train.

Cam is so disoriented by everything that she doesn't at first realize where they are until she hears Sevda talking to her nasty doorman. His nasty laugh reddens her cheeks even more.

Cam's apartment was so Spartan that most visitors thought a man lived there...and in truth it had been her ex-husbands bachelor pad. She loves its sharp lines and spare furnishings, white walls, dark hardwood floors, and shiny glass and steel surfaces.

Sevda unclips Cams cuffs.


Cam is naked in a moment, the cuffs reattached, and a small click on the collar she forgot she was wearing.

Sevda pulls her around by the leash now attached to her collar, touring the large mostly empty rooms. Cam keeps bumping into things as Sevda pulls her around.

The brief tour over Sevda sits on the coach and removes Cams blindfold.

"This is a wonderful apartment. High ceilings, hardwood floors, large empty spaces, but only one bedroom? Tell me where does Jan sleep?"

Cam looks down afraid to say the truth out loud.

Sevda smiles "Let me guess...in your bed, or on the floor. I bet she keeps this place spotless. How hard it must be to keep a slave when you yourself crave it so much. And you do. You crave being a slave so much that Jan knows. I know after only having just met you. You know too, you were just waiting for someone to tell you."

Sevda takes off her sandal and puts her shapely foot by Cams mouth.

"You are a slave." She puts her soft foot on the naked kneeling girls cheek. "What are you?"

"I am a slave." Cam's heart is beating so fast now she is almost dizzy.

"I have decided that you and Jan will be my slaves." She picks Cam's head up with her toes and teases her lips before letting her new slave kiss and lick her foot.

Hidden in the shadows Jan smiles.

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