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Camelot...More Like Cumalot


While I am still a regular on CSI I was asked to film two episodes on the new television series Camelot. But before I agreed I wanted to know my part and what my part would entail. I couldn't believe my luck when I was told I would be a temporary love interest of Morgan Le Fay played by the actress Eva Green. It was only two episodes and I was asked if a sex scene with her and me being seen topless would be okay by me. I couldn't believe it this was getting better by the second. Having a sex scene with Eva Green I wouldn't care who saw me topless, look who I was in bed with. Eva Green the dark hair and dark eyes and that look of cold hard bitch confidence. I also loved the costumes in that show, I would love to wear those. I did mention it to the producers of CSI and they granted me time off to film the two episodes on Camelot even though I was new. I was set - a sex scene with Eva Green I might not have to work so hard to get her like I had to do with Jorja (Fox).

I arrived bright and early for the first day of shooting and introduced myself to all the current actors and actresses and of course spent as much time as I could would Eva. She was really nice to me and friendly and definitely not stuck up. Just looking at her was intoxicating I was trying so hard not to cum in my pants.

The director started showing me the part and explained what was going on although I was watching the show so I was not totally in the dark. The name of my part was Lady Carolyn, I flipped through the script trying to find the sex scene and there it was. And it wasn't in a bed which was even more exciting to me. It would take a place on a dining room table could this be any more perfect. The shooting took a long time and was a lot of standing around but I did ask some of the stars to take pictures of me in the historical costumes. I wanted some to send home to my family and friends and I wanted to keep some for myself too. It would be a good addition to my slowly and hopefully growing portfolio as a serious actress.

Finally the time came for me to shoot my sex scene with Eva. I was told the sex and the talking would be done in separate shoots not as one continuous shoot. They walked me down the halls of one the luxurious castles, I felt like royalty. I entered the room and Eva was already there sitting on a table naked waiting for me. The crew was all there and she appeared not be nervous at all.

"Action," was called and I walked towards her as my part had stated and then just before I reached her to shed my clothing. It was also stated in the script that she would lead me in the love making, although I was sure I wouldn't need any help. I stopped in my tracks about eight feet in front of her naked body on the table with a glass of wine sitting beside her. I undid the zipper on the back of my dress letting fall and pool at my feet, I was naked underneath as I was told to be. I slowly crawled on top of her on the table and as her arms moved revealing her breasts to me I looked down. Her breasts were exquisite full and firm with perfect nipples. I moved my hands down the sides of her breasts and she began to kiss my lips. I couldn't resist and forced my tongue in her mouth. Her arms went around me and she forced her body upwards towards mine and started to grind against me. I felt her breasts press into my mine my nipples hardening instantly. I released my mouth from hers and began to suck on her neck.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned as her left hand went to my head and in my hair her right hand steadied herself on the table knocking over the glass of wine spilling it on the table and floor. She moved he head down and began to lightly bite my shoulder as I continued to suck on her neck Before I knew it she flipped me over so I was on my back on the table as she straddled my waist. Again I got nice look at her her breasts and her pussy which she kept natural. Her head bent down and she began to suck on my breasts her tongue flickering over my nipples. My hands moved to her ass squeezing it I wanted to spank it so bad but resisted. I heard rustling in the background but took no note of it. Eva looked behind her and slowly began kissing her way down my stomach before lashing my hot wet pussy with her tongue. I immediately sat up wondering if this was too much for the script and noticed the entire crew was gone. I don't even remember hearing the director say "cut."

There I sit on the table with Eva's head still buried between my legs. With everybody gone I felt safe and would let her do whatever she wanted maybe she would let me do the same. Eva's tongue continued to work at my pussy and slowly began to slide in and out. I leaned back on the table and arched my back lifting my body up holding myself up by my head. My hands went to her head my fingers running through her hair and I held her head firmly to my cunt and she didn't resist. Then the big surprise I felt penetration as she slipped two fingers inside me and started to pump my pussy and she continued to lap away at it. Her free hand raised up and started to lightly squeeze my breasts, my nipples as hard as diamonds. I knew I was about to cum in no time.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I screamed as my body started to convulse, my toes curled and I tightly wrapped my legs around her head as I let go and released myself in her swallowing mouth. I was panting and coming down from my orgasm as Eva slid up my body to face me and smiled. Her lips were covered with my body fluids and she slid her cum covered fingers and my mouth as I sucked and licked them clean then she kissed me deeply, I tasted my sweetness on her lips and tongue.

Now it was my turn.

"Get on you hands and knees," I told her in my best commanding voice but not yelling. She smiled at me and got on her hands and knees on the table her ass facing me. I crouched behind her, placing my hand hand under her applying pressure to her pussy and began to lick.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," moaned Eva as her head shot back her dark hair landing on her back. She started to rock herself back at my face so then I lowered my hands from her pussy to her thighs to steady myself and keep me from falling backwards. Then and she stopped rocking I used my index and middle finger from each hand to spread open her cunt as I slid my tongue inwards as deep as I could licking her love hole. Eva started to breathe heavier and heavier, I was happy I made her feel as good as she made me feel earlier. I stood up and pulled her back and off the table so both of our feet were on the floor but her upper body still bent over the table her breasts and head laying flat on the table. I licked two of my fingers and the began to pump them in and out of her juicy wet cunt. "Oh gosh yes," Eva groaned.

"You like that," I replied as I slid a third finger in and began to pump her harder. "Feels nice don't it?" I began to spank her ass hard what I wanted to do for so long. I knew now just how kinky and wild this girl really was.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,"she screamed as her body began to shake and I could feel her warm love juice coat my fingers. She had orgasmed and was totally covered in sweat as was I.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm," I cooed and smiled as I lay on top of her my breasts on her back and slid my cum covered fingers in her mouth.

Eva was coming down for her orgasm as she swallowed the last drops from my fingers. "Are you sure you don't want a permanent role? You and I could rule Camelot and turn it into Cumalot"

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