tagSci-Fi & FantasyCamilla Ch. 037

Camilla Ch. 037


Camilla had a very strange dream that morning as she lay naked on Mr. Langella's living room carpet, which was still stained with her copious come from the night before.

Camilla and her mother, Collette, were in the living room of Collette's house, in the middle of a terrible argument.

"No!" Camilla, naked, shouted. "I won't put my clothes on! I'll do whatever I want, whenever I want to!"

"I said 'put your damn clothes on'," Collette demanded. "You little slut!"

"Oh, you're a fine one to call anyone a slut," Camilla said. "You, who publicly cheated on my father when I was little, and hung around with swingers after you divorced Daddy and took him away from me!"

"You little bitch!" Collette shouted, slapping Camilla.

Collette stormed out of the house, and Camilla, shaking, went down into the basement. It was pitch black down there, even when she turned on the light. She was frightened, yet strangely excited, too, and she continued down the stairs. There was a strange presence, a power, on the basement floor. Though Camilla couldn't see anything at all, she could find the source of this power because she was drawn to it. She felt vibrations emanating from it, giving her feelings of fear and desire; those feelings grew stronger and stronger the closer she got to the source.

Finally, she found the source of that power, a small, black, egg-shaped thing that radiated a kind of 'black light', as it were. As she held it in her hand, she felt her whole body tremble with fear and sexual excitement. She dropped the 'egg', and started growing...and growing! Soon, her head hit the ceiling of the basement, but it didn't hurt, for as she grew in size, she also grew in strength. She broke through the ceiling and living room floor, then through the living room ceiling and walls, and at last, she broke out of the entire house, reducing it to rubble.

When she finished growing, she was fifty feet tall! Everyone in her neighbourhood looked up in shock and terror at the giant naked 18-year-old girl. Hating many of the people in her old neighbourhood, she went about stepping on the houses of all those hated families. At one point, she tripped and fell on a row of houses, crushing them all.

As she lay there, a 45-year-old man she'd had a crush on for years was standing by her vulva. Drooling at what he saw, he crawled into the wet hole. As he crawled about inside, he thirstily licked her G-spot, and rubbed his hands against it as if he were massaging her back. Already wet with excitement from the stimulations she got from the 'black egg', she now grew hornier...and wetter...from his excitations. He crawled deeper and deeper inside that pitch black tunnel, in search of her A-spot. As he reached around a curve to find that nook of climaxes, he was suddenly deluged with her vaginal fluids. He had nowhere to raise his head above the surface of fluid so he could breathe. Frantically trying to turn around in that narrow cavity so he could escape, the man swam aimlessly inside her aquarium of vaginal fluids, desperate for air. Before long, he breathed in the fluids and drowned in them. She stood up, and his lifeless body fell out of her cunt and hit the sidewalk. She continued walking through the neighbourhood, crushing more houses with her feet. She soon reached downtown Vancouver...or was it Vancouver?

Indeed, the city of her dream was an appropriately surreal one, at one moment looking like downtown Vancouver, at other times like Tokyo, or New York City, or Paris, or one of many other cities. Looking down, she saw terrified Japanese running away from her and screaming 'Gojira'! An American lustfully shouted 'Attack of the Fifty-Foot Camilla!' She picked him up and shoved him head first inside her pussy. She pumped this human vibrator in and out of her, while his fascinated hands felt all around her soaking vaginal walls. He at first eagerly tasted her vaginal fluids, but soon they drenched his face, and he could no longer breathe. He was desperately kicking and fighting to get free of her firm grip, his head shaking wildly and his fists hitting her vaginal walls, but this only got her more excited, and he was flooded with all the more vaginal fluid. He, too, drowned in her fluids, and she let his body fall out of her hole. The corpse struck the pavement of the road, between her feet. A French lesbian called Camilla, 'la grande Gargantua femelle'. Camilla picked her up and put her little finger up the woman's dress. Fingering the woman, Camilla got her excited at first, but she didn't know her own strength, and her strokes grew more and more aggressive; blood came out from between the woman's legs, and she died of her injury. Camilla dropped her on the concrete, too.

Camilla saw a Catholic church her mom used to take her to; the priests looked up at the naked giantess and lusted after her. She picked up one of them, one who looked like her father. She stomped on the church, and the other priests were crushed under the rubble. She shoved the priest head first inside her cunt, moving him in and out. This priest, a genuinely religious man, had no wish to do anything sexual; yet ironically his frenzied punching and shaking acted as a perfect vibrator for Camilla, even better than the American had been. She sighed and squealed with pleasure. The priest's fighting to escape got her especially excited, and she drowned him in her vaginal fluid. She let him fall out, and he hit the pavement.

Then she saw naked Candice and Mr. Leroy running up to her. Candice called out, 'Camilla, I love you...love me, only me.' Leroy, finishing a chocolate bar, called out, 'Camilla, please put me between your buns!' Ignoring Candice, Camilla picked up Leroy, and as she brought him up to her anal cleft, she unwittingly stepped on and crushed Candice. She opened her buttocks and put Leroy face first in between those soft pillows of skin. Coprophilia being Leroy's passion, he thrilled to her faecal smells as she wrapped her buttocks tightly around his body. He crawled up and down her anal cleft, pushing his face against her anal orifice and trying to crawl inside. Though to him the smell of her shit was as sweet as that of a Hershey bar, the toxicity of the odour was too powerful for him, and he died after three sniffs. She squeezed her buttocks as tightly as she could and crushed the corpse.

Next, she saw Mr. Burgess, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Johnson running up to her. 'Please put me between those beautiful tits of yours, Camilla!' Burgess shouted, and she picked him up and put him against her chest. She then closed her soft breasts around his body. He kissed the skin of her right breast as both of them gently pushed against him. He crawled up and down between her cleavage, caressing her giant goose-bumps and covering that right breast with kisses. She sighed with pleasure from those kisses, as well as from his caressing hands. At one point, he wanted to crawl out from her cleavage and reach for one of her nipples, but she had him so tightly clenched there that he couldn't get out. He tried to shout, 'Help! I'm trapped!', but he couldn't breathe, let alone make any sound. She smothered him in short order, and he died; she opened up her breasts, and his lifeless body fell and hit the concrete. Then she picked up Williams. Since she knew he liked her fellatio, she decided to treat his whole body as a phallus and put it all, face first, in her mouth. Holding his feet, she sucked on him like a lollipop, pushing him in and pulling him out. Her tongue caressed his face and torso, even tickling the erection in his pants. But he, too, drowned in her inundating saliva; instead of spitting him out and letting him fall onto the ground, she decided simply to swallow him whole. Her enzymes would soon melt his corpse into nothingness. Now it was Johnson's turn. She picked him up and brought him up against her pubic hair. She let his face and arms swim their way through all her wisps of pubic hair. He loved the feeling of that 'terrific tuft' caressing his face. Then she bent over and shoved him face first up her ass. He eagerly pushed open her anus and slid inside, wishing he had a flashlight so he could see what it looked like in there. There was no faecal odour this time, for she was perfectly clean for the purposes of this part of the dream. He felt his way around her immaculate rectum as she pushed him in and pulled him out by the legs. At one point, she shoved him in too far, and his feet went inside. He stayed a resident of her rectum until her next shit, which would come not too long in the future.

She straightened up, and saw the Eiffel Tower in the distance. As she walked towards it, she noticed dozens of Frenchmen running up to her with lust in their eyes. She squatted down so they could see her vulva up close. She could feel Johnson kissing and rubbing his hands against that anal wall of hers that neighboured her vaginal wall; this oral and manual massaging got her wetter and wetter. Those Frenchmen, whose heads were just a foot or two below her vaginal opening, gazed up at the hole in an awed daze. She spread her labia wide open so they could see better. The sight of her hard clitoris especially impressed them; some of the men touched it, patting it, kissing it, and caressing it; she got even wetter, and she screamed with pleasure. Other Frenchmen put their hands inside her vagina, reaching for her G-spot. Still other Frenchmen stared in fetishistic admiration at her urethral opening, and began rowdily chanting, 'Douche doree, douche doree! [Golden shower, golden shower!]. Suddenly, piss started pouring out in a yellow waterfall, drowning most of the men, though a few ran to safety in time. Camilla laughed. 'Elle nous tue par rire, ici a Paris!' shouted one of the survivors.

Then after getting up, Camilla saw Dirk and Guy, the men who'd tried to enslave her, and who died from the toxic chemicals she'd added to their Vaseline. They were by her feet, looking up at her pussy. Guy shouted, 'Hey! Clean up our apartment!' She bent down and breathed fire on them, burning them to a crisp.

'Oh, that burning passion,' she said. Then 'Camzilla' roared a mutant dinosaur roar, appropriate to the occasion. Also appropriate to this monster of an occasion, her hair--including her pubic hair, her fingernails and toenails, and her eyes all turned black. Her skin paled to a ghostly white. Straightening up, she now saw something else of a distinctly kaiju nature.

Her mother was approaching: she, too, was fifty feet tall! Collette must have returned to the ruins of her house and picked up the 'black egg'. 'Queen Conglette', if you will, rushed at 'Camzilla', and the two giantesses started to fight. They grabbed each other's shoulders. Collette's fingernails dug into Camilla's skin; her blood poured down on the people below, some of whom were eagerly drinking it. The people immediately died from poisoning, for the blood quickly changed colour, from red to black, as soon as they'd started drinking. Camilla tore her mother's shirt off, revealing her large breasts, which shook quickly as the giantesses fought. Camilla bit at Collette's cheek: briefly Collette's face changed to that of her father; Camilla kissed him hard on the mouth. Then, switching back, Collette kneed Camilla in the groin. Collette pulled at Camilla's hair as Camilla grabbed hold of Collette's skirt, tearing it off: both giantesses were nude now. Collette, in her forties, had the body of a 25-year-old woman for the purposes of this dream. All the men of the city, as well as many lesbians, stared in lecherous fascination at the two sexy naked giantesses. Collette pulled on Camilla's hair, making her fall on her mother. Camilla's mouth fell on her mother's left breast, with her lips wrapped around the nipple. Camilla sucked on it, and saw her mother's face briefly change into that of sighing Candice. Still thinking it was Candice, Camilla put her hand on her lover's pussy; but the face changed back into that of her mother, and Collette pushed Camilla off of her. Camilla fell back, crushing several more buildings of the city. As Camilla got up, she looked in the windows of a business firm: many well-dressed men in suits looked lustfully at her nakedness. Now standing up, Camilla looked down: she was on Wall Street. As she ran back at her mother, she ignored all the houses she was stepping on; they were of a poor neighbourhood.

She and her mother continued fighting, always kicking and throwing punches at each other. Having completely destroyed all the buildings of this composite city by either stepping on or falling on them, the giant women went into a nearby forest, stomping on trees and bushes as they fought. They came to a muddy area, and they rolled around in the mud as they hit each other. Three of Collette's ex-lovers were watching the two giant nude mud-wrestlers. Though covered in mud, their delicious silhouettes were still visible in the minutest detail--every nipple, every wisp of pubic hair clearly seen. Camilla grabbed one of the men and shoved him up her mother's cunt. 'Here, Mom,' Camilla shouted, 'Here's the man I saw you in bed with, when you were still married to Daddy! I hope he gets you off now as much as he did then!' Indeed, he did, for Collette stopped fighting to enjoy feeling the man being moved in and out of her vagina. The moistness of Collette's cunt washed away the mud between her legs, and she screamed in ecstasy. The man drowned in her moisture, and Camilla grabbed another of the men, shoving him in her mom's pussy. Again, Collette moaned with delight as her former lover swam frantically through her vaginal fluids, poking his hands against her vaginal walls and stimulating her G-spot. Camilla shoved him even deeper inside, though he tried to push his way out in desperation for air. His head turned the curve deep inside and reached Collette's A-spot. The man drowned, but Camilla kept pushing the lifeless head against her mom's A-spot; her mom came. Camilla let go of the man, and let the body get washed out of her mom's cunt and onto the muddy slope the giantesses were lying on. Then Camilla grabbed the third and last ex-lover and shoved him in Collette's mouth. 'Remember this guy, Mommy?' Camilla shouted as she force-fed him in her mother's mouth. 'When I was seven, I saw you giving him head--it was horrible to see, even for the split second that I saw it! Now you can give him head again!' She made her mother swallow the man whole. He could be heard screaming as he went down Collette's throat and into her stomach.

Camilla was getting more and more excited from all this would-be lovemaking, and she was about to come. She kicked her mother, who went flying in the air and crashing into a tree, destroying it. As Camilla saw her mother getting up, she lay on her back and lifted her legs up. Collette ran up to her, and Camilla gushed her come all over her mother's face, which had briefly changed into that of Ms. Callahan. The come was like acid, though, and, turning black, it ate at Collette's flesh, causing her to melt into oblivion.

Victorious Camilla could still feel Johnson knocking around inside her rectum, and she needed to take a shit. She found a lake and, after feeling Johnson slide through her anus, she crapped in the water, killing all the fish. Johnson was buried alive in her island of diarrhea. Now she had to look for something to wipe her ass with. She stomped out of the forest, killing what remaining vegetation there was. Returning to the city, now reduced to ruins, Camilla saw former US president George W. Bush giving a speech to world leaders at the UN. "The oil-rich nations of the Middle East are responsible for creating these Women of Mass Destruction," he said. "We must go to war with the Islamists everywhere: you're either with us, or you're with the terrorists." She tore off a wall from the UN building, bent over, and displayed her muddy anus to him.

"Look in the mirror, Dubya," she said. Then she picked him up and, after farting in his face, wiped her ass with him. "Oh, too rough," she said. Then she picked up other world leaders, past and present, like Kim Jong-Il, Robert Mugabe, Hugo Chavez, Silvio Berlusconi, Muammar Qaddafi, Than Shwe, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. She tried each of these men out as toilet paper; not surprisingly, none of them was soft enough, either. Finally, she found a giant quilt with a design of the face of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney on it: when she wiped her ass with its softness, she felt a miraculous sensation in her arsehole that tingled up her spine right to her brain, stimulating her chakras.

With this pleasant feeling, she went back to the forest, or what was left of it, and lay down on the grass, killing what green remained alive. Mr. Langella ran up between her feet. "Oh, hi sir!" she said.

"Can I come in?" he asked, pointing to her vagina.

"Sure," she said, and she opened her legs and labia wide so he could crawl inside. As he crawled in, she moaned with delight at the feeling of his body bumping against her vaginal walls. He had a flashlight so he could see what it looked like in there. What he saw, the origin of all life, was so divine, so beautiful, so breathtaking, it defied description. She was getting wet, but he didn't seem to care about whether he could breathe or not, because he continued crawling around in there most enthusiastically. His back rubbed against her G-spot, and he kissed and rubbed his hands against her vaginal walls. She fingered her clitoris, which was getting harder and harder. Then he crawled deeper inside, looking for her A-spot. He curled his head around the corner and found it: his hands patted against it quickly while his bare feet rubbed against her G-spot. He was drenched in her vaginal fluid, but that didn't matter...

Camilla woke up; it was 2 PM, and everyone except Candice had left Mr. Langella's house. She felt his huge cock pumping inside her pussy: he had started fucking her while she was sleeping! She didn't mind at all; his cock was making her pussy smile. Camilla squealed and screamed with pleasure as his massive shaft pushed its way in and pulled out. He was fucking faster and faster, and her cries of ecstasy were coming out in ever faster staccato squeals, higher and higher in pitch. He kissed her as he rammed away, and she played with her tits, pinching the nipples. Finally, she came all over the carpet again, and he pulled his cock out. "Fuck!" he shouted. "I forgot about that. Now I'll have to clean the carpet all over again. Oh, well." She got up on her knees, and he, standing, brought his rock-hard cock to her face. She masturbated him with the tip of his phallus just an inch or two from her face. Soon, he came, spraying his load in powerful straight lines on her right cheek, nose, left eye, and lower lip. She giggled and screamed with delight as she happily received each squirt of her facial.

He looked down at the come-soaked face of Camilla, who giggled and wiped the come out of her left eye. She looked up at him with a wicked grin on her face and a naughty look in her eyes. "Beautiful," he said. "Just beautiful."

Candice, dressed and in the kitchen smoking a marijuana cigarette, looked jealously at her roommate.

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