tagErotic CouplingsCamilla Ch. 097

Camilla Ch. 097


As Camilla's unconscious body continued receiving gang-bangs from incubi in the Montreal aquarium, the spirits of Don, Agape, and Candice were discussing her somewhat improved situation in a mental conversation with Dr. Singh.

Camilla's self-control right now is the best she's shown since her first year of marriage to Cameron, Don observed. There's been very little lewdness in her thoughts.

Yes, Agape agreed. By focusing on every detail of that first year, with her convenient photographic memory, she's brought to a minimum the levels of lust-energy in the Nigrovum she's ejaculating.

And that is weakening the masked men's power, Candice added. She just has to give up her life, so this whole nightmare can end.

But she won't, Dr. Singh communicated psychically from Vancouver. Not at least until she mentally relives her memory of what happened to her son over a week ago, and knows of the masked men's involvement in it, and in every step of the way leading up to it.

Knowing where Eros is, she'll immediately want to help him, Candice told them. Though she won't be able to.

We could tell her about Eros now, Don psychically said. If she'd only regain consciousness and listen to us.

As she continues to unravel the mystery, Agape noted, she'll inevitably relive sexier memories again, and soon.

Oh, well, Singh concluded. It'd been a pleasant rest from concupiscence, while it lasted. We all must do as much as we can with our own power to compromise that of the masked men before they get stronger again.

As the invisible cocks of the incubi continued pumping in and out of Camilla's mouth, not-so-lubricated pussy, and asshole, a new body fluid was mixing with the water she was hovering over: her blood. The masked men were content with this, since they could also use the pain and trauma in her Nigrovum energy, to their advantage, in their mind manipulation of the masses.


Camilla was reliving a memory from eleven years before her ordeal in the Montreal public aquarium; one September night in her house in Toronto, when she was twenty-six, her seven-year-old son was asleep in his bedroom.

In his dream, he saw three men in grotesque masks approaching him. At first, he was scared, and wanted to run away.

"Don't be afraid," one of them told him. "We're your friends. We're here to help you."

"Help me with what?" Eros asked.

"With getting rid of your stepfather," the second of the masked men said. "We know you don't like him, and we also know you have your mother's powers; you should use them against him."

"How?" Eros asked. "Mommy will know I used my powers, and she'll get mad at me."

"Not if you're really careful," the third of the masked men said. "Look at this picture." They showed Eros an old painting by William Etty, 'Candaules, King of Lydia, Shews His Wife by Stealth to Gyges, One of his Ministers, As She Goes to Bed." In the painting, Gyges sees her naked. "Use your power to put this image in your stepfather's thoughts. It will excite fantasies in him, which he'll want to act out with your mother, and she won't link those fantasies with your tempting him with them. His acting out the fantasies will lead to him eventually going away."

"But it's just a picture," Eros said. "How will a picture make him go away?"

"It will, we promise," the first masked man said. "The less you know how, the better. Just trust us."

37-year-old Camilla watched this vision with horror. Her expanded consciousness, gotten from years of exploiting all the psychic potential in the Nigrovum in her blood, made it possible for her to relive not only her own memories, but those of other people. She was, indeed, unraveling the mystery behind what had put her in her current predicament; and knowing that the masked men had gotten to her boy terrified her. She was anxious to know what else those bastards may have done to her son.

Eros woke up the next morning, and at every opportunity he had, he thought of that Etty painting--remembering its every detail--and he psychically put a vivid image of it in Cameron's thoughts, several times that day, and on many days afterwards. Constantly, Cameron was being hit with vivid flashbacks of that painting, and he had no idea why he'd found himself suddenly so obsessed with it.

The painting was a favourite of Cameron's, exciting fantasies he'd had for many years; these were fantasies of Candaulism, of a man's desire to display his female lover's nakedness to other people. Cameron knew well the story of King Candaules, as Herodotus had told it in his Histories.

Candaules, proud of his queen's beauty, wanted to prove it to his servant, Gyges; and he ordered him to hide in the king's and queen's bedroom one night. There Gyges could watch Candaules' wife undress, and she'd never know Gyges was there. But when she was naked and going to bed, she noticed him sneaking out of the bedroom.

As revenge for shaming her, the next day she sent for Gyges, insisting that he either kill the king or himself. Gyges chose the former, and became her new husband and king.

Cameron had a beautiful wife, his own queen of whom he was proud; and though she'd reformed from her former promiscuous ways, and had been a faithful and even obedient wife, he imagined she'd be more willing to indulge his proclivities than Candaules' queen had been. After all, Camilla was willingly obedient, happy to cook and clean for Cameron. She did all the duties of the traditional housewife in between her research for her doctoral thesis, all without complaint. Even when he frequently offered to help with the household chores, she insisted that he sit in the living room and watch TV; she'd even bring him a beer as he sat in Agape's old chair.

She did all this lovingly, in order to compensate Cameron for all the years of shaming his father had subjected him to, always calling him 'worthless and weak'. Far from looking at her husband with contempt, as his father had, she had boundless admiration for Cameron's intellect. Indeed, she'd consider it an honour if she could become just half as good a professor as he was, when she finally got her PhD and a teaching job. Playing the role of traditional, obedient wife was also a way for her to put her mind in a completely non-adulterous attitude. She could never do anything Cameron didn't want her to do, and presumably, he didn't want her to be unfaithful. Finally, being subservient was a way of atoning for all the deaths that had been caused by her out-of-control lust. For all these reasons, she was a surprisingly happy patriarchal wife in 21st century Canada.

One day in late September, Cameron built up the nerve to discuss his fantasy with Camilla (in her black-haired 'Goth' look). She, conveniently, wanted to discuss how they could improve their sex life.

"Honey, you know I love you very much," she said, sitting on his lap on the couch in the living room. "But I really wish we could spice up our sex life a bit. All we ever do is vaginal sex: no oral, no anal."

"Oh, but you get no pleasure from that," he said.

"Yes, I do!" she insisted. "How many times do I have to tell you before you'll believe me?"

"But it's so degrading for you," he said.

"Nonsense! I love it, and I want to please you in new and different ways."

"Well, there is one thing we could do...but it's really naughty."

"Name it; I'll do it," she said.

"No, it's going too far," he said in half-feigned bashfulness.

"Tell me. I wanna go too far. I wanna be naughty, if it will please you."

"OK, but if you don't want to do it, we won't."

"What is it?" she asked impatiently.

"Do you think Dr. Hewitt is handsome?" Cameron asked.

"Well, sure...but he isn't the man I love. You are." She was nervous about what Cameron was implying, and did not allow herself to read his thoughts, out of fear of what they might tempt her to do. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you...to strip naked in front of him. That would really turn me on."

"W-what? That's your fantasy?" she asked in shock at something she'd never used to be shocked about.

"Yes," he answered bluntly. "What's the matter with that? I thought you liked that. You're used to people seeing you naked, aren't you?"

"Yeah, but I've put all that behind me now. I'm your wife. If I did that, it could lead to other things. I don't want to betray you."

"No, but you do want to obey me, don't you?" he asked, looking hard in her eyes.

"I'll always obey you," she said, looking down at her feet. Indeed, she'd come full circle: her desire to be the perfectly submissive, obedient wife had gone all the way around that ouroboros, the circular continuum that led from one extreme opposite to the other. To obey her husband, she had to cuckold him, or at least risk it.

"Will you do it?"

"Yes, OK, I'll do it. But we're controlling this, so it won't get out of hand. You'll be with Dr. Hewitt and me the whole time."

"Of course. How can I enjoy my fantasy if I'm not there?"

Eros was in his bedroom, psychically sensing that his plan had worked, though it had succeeded in some vague way that he was too young to understand. He just sat on the floor with his toys, and smiled.


The next day, Dr. Hewitt, another York professor, was invited to Camilla's house. Eros was at a friend's house for the whole day, so she and Cameron didn't need to worry about the boy seeing the naughtiness they were about to engage in. With her original blonde, peach-skinned look, she was wearing an aqua-coloured dress with flower patterns on it, quite an old-fashioned thing to be wearing; she also had her usual heavy makeup on, and high heels.

She made lunch for them all, then served them drinks in the living room. Dr. Hewitt was sitting on the sofa, and Cameron was sitting on Agape's old chair. Camilla stood in the middle of the living room, facing Hewitt.

"Well, what shall I do for you now?" she, always the obedient wife, asked Cameron.

Looking over at Hewitt, Cameron asked him, "She is beautiful, isn't she?"

"Well, yes," Hewitt said, blushing. But are you sure that's an appropriate thing to talk about? I'm sure you're making your wife feel uncomfortable."

"Oh, not at all," Cameron said. "Camilla likes it, actually. Sweetheart, why don't you take all your clothes off, but keep your heels on, for you know how much I like heels. Show him how lovely you look naked."

"Yes, my husband," she said, grinning and unbuttoning her dress.

"W-wait a minute," Hewitt said, shocked. "What are you--?"

"Don't be embarrassed, Dr. Hewitt," she said, dropping her dress on the floor and revealing her white lace bra and panties. "If I'm not embarrassed, you needn't be. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show."

So they're into kink, thought Hewitt, enjoying his erection as she removed her bra with her usual wiggle of her tits; then she pulled down her panties.

"How do I look?" the grinning naked woman asked Hewitt, turning around for him.

"Divine," he panted. "Are you sure you're OK with this, both of you?"

"Do we seem not OK with it?" Cameron asked. "Only you seem not OK with it."

Camilla got on the floor on all fours, pointing her ass and spread-out legs at Hewitt, and showing off her pussy and asshole. She looked back at him with eyes that asked him if what he saw pleased him.

"What's n-not to be OK with?" Hewitt asked, still not believing what he was seeing, but getting very excited all the same.

She got on her back, and spread and raised up her legs so he could see her pussy and asshole the other way. "Does my body turn you on?" she asked.

"Y-yeah. Thank you, Cameron, for being so g-generous with your wife," he said nervously.

"Now," Cameron said. "Would you like to have sex with her?"

Now not only did Hewitt look at Cameron with shock, but so did Camilla. Sure, she and Hewitt found each other attractive, but things were quickly spiralling out of control!

"Cameron, this is going too far!" Hewitt said.

"I thought you were enjoying this," Cameron said.

Camilla, torn between temptation and her wish to stay a reformed woman, did a psychic scan of Cameron. Yes, he definitely wanted Hewitt to fuck her, right in front of him. This is how he wanted to spice up their sex life. She could feel how sexually excited her husband was to contemplate being made a cuckold, for she psychically noted the hard-on in his pants. He wasn't testing her fidelity to him: his self-esteem was so low, he really wanted to be made a cuckold. Feeling her ability to resist temptation disintegrate, and wanting to be the obedient wife--all the way--she reconciled herself to her husband's desires. She now eagerly waited for Hewitt's cock to pump inside her.

"Are you absolutely sure about this?" Hewitt asked. "And you, Camilla?"

"I'm ready to let you enjoy me," she said, "since I know it will please my husband."

"Really?" Hewitt asked again.

"Take my wife, please," Cameron said calmly. "But I get to watch." Now he was grinning wickedly.

"Oh, OK, then," Hewitt said, and Camilla took him by the hand and led him to the stairs. He went up first, eyeing the door to Cameron's and Camilla's bedroom.

"We're controlling this," Camilla whispered in Cameron's ear as they followed Hewitt up the stairs. "You tell us what you want us to do; we'll do only that."

"Oh, enjoy yourself, Camilla," Cameron said. "You know you want to fuck him." They all went into the bedroom, and Cameron lay on his back on the bed. "OK, Camilla, get on the floor on all fours beside the bed. Help him take his clothes off." Cameron lit a cigarette and calmly watched.

Camilla, kneeling before Hewitt, unzipped and unbuttoned his pants as he took off his shirt. She pulled his pants and underwear down, smiling in delight at the size of her lover's big cock, then she looked back at Cameron, hoping her lustful reaction wouldn't upset him. Cameron, always fully dressed, just lay on the bed, smoking with a smile.

Hewitt, a little embarrassed by his nakedness, squatted down, facing Camilla. "What do you want us to do?" she asked Cameron.

"Start with some kissing," Cameron said, puffing away. "Play with his dick."

"OK," Camilla said, then she began softly pecking Hewitt on the lips while fondling his hard-on.

"Grab her tits," Cameron told Hewitt. He gently squeezed them. "No, harder than that; be aggressive."

Hewitt did so, and Camilla squealed in pain, but obediently tolerated whatever her husband wanted her to do.

"Lie on the floor, Hewitt," Cameron said. Hewitt lay on his back. "Sit on his face, Camilla."

"Yes, my husband," she said, then went over to Hewitt's head and slowly lowered her pussy and ass onto his face. She was facing Hewitt's cock; he was sniffing her butt, sticking his tongue up her cunt, and fingering her clitoris. She continued fondling his cock. She looked up at Cameron, who was now sitting on the side of the bed to get a better look. She was relieved to see that her husband was enjoying what he saw. She looked back at Hewitt's cock. Sighing at the sensation of his tongue, lips, and fingers, she asked Cameron, "Do you want me to--?"

"Yes," Cameron said. "Suck his cock."

"Yes, sir," she said, then leaned forward so she and Hewitt were in the sixty-nine position. She gluttonously took his cock halfway inside her salivating mouth, while he raised his head and continued eating her pussy.

Hewitt began fingering her asshole, opening it up wide and trying to look inside. He was impressed with how immaculate she was all over, and was hoping for a chance to fuck her ass.

"Lick her asshole, Hewitt," was Cameron's next command.

Hewitt brought his head up and began licking and flickering his tongue against those beautiful brown wrinkles. He slid his finger inside her pussy, rubbing it against her G-spot. Her head was going up and down on his cock in a frenzy now. Squealing at higher and higher pitches, she soon came all over Hewitt's neck and chest.

"Holy shit!" he said in surprise.

"Eat it," Cameron ordered him. Hewitt scooped up as much of her come off his neck and chest as he could, then put it in his mouth. "Good," Cameron said. "Now lick the rest off her pussy." Hewitt licked it all off. "OK, now get off of him, sweetie; let him put his cock in your pretty little pussy."

"Yes, my husband," she said, getting on the floor beside Hewitt on all fours. He got behind her, and happily aimed his cock at her cunt, though he still hoped he would soon stick it up that pretty asshole she was so generously showing off to him. He slowly slid his cock in her pussy. "Oh, oh, oh!"

As soon as Hewitt's cock got all the way in and poked against her A-spot, she screamed and came all over his thighs. That felt so good! She hadn't had a fuck as hot as this since before she'd married Cameron, over a year ago! Hewitt was thrusting away aggressively, looking at and coveting her sweet asshole.

After another minute or so of watching Hewitt fucking his wife's pussy, Cameron noticed how her lover was always ogling her asshole. "OK," Cameron said. "Pull your cock out of her pussy, Hewitt, and stick it in her ass."

"Alright!" Hewitt groaned, eagerly pulling out. Camilla used her psychic powers to cause lubricating moisture to appear all over her anal orifice and rectal walls. "What the--? How'd you do that?"

"I'm divine, remember?" she said. "Pop it in; my husband wants you to ass-fuck me."

Hewitt slowly pushed the tip of his cock against her welcoming anal orifice; she looked back at him and smiled as his cock slowly went in, inch by inch. Then she looked over at Cameron, hoping not to see a frown of jealousy on his face. But all her husband did was watch and smile.

Hewitt got his cock all the way in, and slid it in and out, in and out. He loved the tightness of those anal lips; this was his first anal fuck ever, and he was so glad Camilla was being receptive. The prettiest asshole he'd ever seen on a woman, a married woman, and she so blithely showed it to him, and allowed him to fuck it! This afternoon was a dream come true!

This was also her first anal in over a year, and she now remembered just what she'd been missing! Oh, how good it felt to have a long, thick cock probing and exploring her rectal tunnel, and rubbing against the anal wall that neighboured her vaginal wall. She squealed and squealed with pleasure, and after a few minutes of ass-fucking, she had an anal orgasm.

"Great," Cameron said. "Now for some ass-to-mouth. Take your cock out of her ass, stand up, and put it in her mouth."

Hewitt did as he was told, and Camilla turned around and knelt before his still fully-erect cock. She looked up into his eyes and began licking the underside of his cock, where his bulging corpus spongiosum was. Then, after kissing and licking the tip of his cock a few times, she took it all the way inside her mouth, deep-throating him. She played with his balls as she kept the full length of his cock inside her, his pubic hair tickling her face.

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