Camp Kink


"Alright," she whispered finally.

"Good girl," he said, and was rewarded with a flush of pleasure to her cheeks and one of her shy little looks that said she was feeling both vulnerable and happy, peeking out at him from underneath her lashes. "Put your hands to your sides."

Watching him from beneath hooded eyelids, she lowered her hands. Little bumps at the front of her shirt said that her nipples were hard. She was turned on. By his orders or by the idea of being slowly exposed throughout the day? He wasn't sure. Stepping forward he unbuttoned the first button. Since she hadn't been buttoned up all the way this meant that a fair amount of skin was exposed in a sexy V and if she leaned forward he'd be able to see right into the shirt.

As it was, he managed to get a pretty good glimpse of cleavage and breast flesh just looking down at her.

Reluctantly he stepped away without unbuttoning her further and exploring that tempting expanse of skin.

"Ready to go?" he asked, holding out his hand. Christine smiled up at him as she slid her fingers between his and they headed for the Lodge.


The amount of people who had pretty much completely stripped down for the day unnerved Christine. They were all so comfortable in their own skins! She rather stood out since she was wearing the most amount of clothing; more than one person cast appreciative eyes at her legs and curious ones at her covered torso. In fact the Doms and Dommes seemed to be particularly amused by her since several of the subs were caught trying to peek and see if she was wearing any underwear. She and Bradley ended up watching more than one impromptu spanking demonstration and it made her panties unbearably wet.

Every hour seemed to pass too quickly as they watched a Shibari bondage presentation, went on a nature hike and returned to the Lodge for lunch. The worst time for the buttons to gape open over stomach.

"Please," she whispered to her husband, angling her body away from the other people who were heading into the Lodge, talking and laughing, only a few of them still covered by underwear. Bradley had taken off his own underwear after breakfast, apparently encouraged by the fact that almost no one was wearing any. "Can't we just wait another hour or two for the next button?"

Truthfully she knew that she would beg again then, anything to put off exposing her body to all these confident people, giving Bradley a side-by-side comparison to the other, more in-shape women in the camp.

Looking down at his wife's pleading expression, Bradley was more confused than ever, although he didn't let it show. Instead he just raised an eyebrow at her. They'd already compromised earlier that morning and he could tell from the way she was unknowingly licking her lips and the hard little bumps at the front of his shirt that she was still aroused.

Deciding to push her a bit, to test her -- maybe she just needed him to take the option away from her -- he shook his head. "No Christine. We already made a deal. Unbutton the next button."

He was particularly looking forward to this button since it was right above her belly button and he knew that it would make the shirt gape open attractively, showing off the rounded curves of her breasts and making it impossible not to see right into the shirt if she leaned forward even just the slightest. Already he'd been getting peeks of her luscious breasts all morning, a tantalizing tease that he'd enjoyed, but the tease was supposed to go somewhere and it was time to take the next step.

Watching her glance flick to the other people as she fingered the button, without actually unbuttoning it, she wasn't disobeying - yet.

"Christine, unbutton the next button or I'm going to take you over my knee and give you a spanking."

She might gasp with outrage, but he could also see the interest and excitement spark in her eyes as her fingers stiffened. Her tongue flicked out over her lower lip again and he almost groaned. Yeah, they both liked that idea. Ducking her head, his wife looked down at the button in question and then back up at him, a kind of curious defiance on her face. As if now that he'd made a threat, she wanted to test him and see if he would follow through on it.

Little brat.

"No," she said, very, very softly.

If she was expecting any kind of hesitation from him, she was sorely disappointed. Bradley reached out and had her tucked under one of his arms before she could do more than let out a startled yelp. His arm was like an iron band around her middle, her head hanging down next to the back of his thigh, her panty-clad bottom all too easily accessible now. The shirt rode up with her bent over like that, exposing her completely.

With the way she was positioned, Christine couldn't see whether or not anyone who was entering the Lodge had seen Bradley position her and she covered her mouth with her hands to muffle her first yelp as he smacked her bottom with a sharp, short slap. This might not be exactly over his knee, but it was a more than adequate position to spank her in she very quickly found!

It had been a long time since she felt this vulnerable, this delicate... Bradley was holding her like her weight was nothing, his leg braced against the front of hers to help keep her in position as she wiggled and squirmed, doing her best to take the hot peppering of her bottom quietly.


The muffled squeal as he landed a blow directly to her bare sit-spot, which didn't even have the dubious protection of her thin panties, was much louder than she'd intended. No matter how much she tried to choke back the sounds or cover her lips with her hand, to her ears it sounded like she was shouting. The spanking continued, turning her bottom hot and pink, and she started squirming even more, releasing her mouth from her hands so that she could beg Bradley to stop. She'd gladly undo the button to stop the pain!

And yet it was turning her on too, especially as she pictured others watching the humiliating discipline. They could have an entire audience, lined up in front of the Lodge right now, watching her bottom turn a dark pink under the paddle-like hand of her husband! They would see her feet dancing, her thighs twitching, and the ever-growing wet spot on the crotch of her panties, which just got even wetter as she pictured the scene.

Resting his hand on his wife's hot little bottom, feeling the heat rising through her panties, especially hot where the undergarments hadn't protected her, Bradley paused. "Are you ready to undo the button now?"


"Why didn't you want to in the first place?" he asked, mostly out of curiosity. "Not that I minded the excuse to spank you sweetheart... and I don't think you did either." He dug his fingers into the hot pink flesh and received a moan from his wife, as well as the little squirming movements that came from sexual need rather than pain.

"I just didn't want to!"

"I don't think that's entirely true," he mused, thinking to himself out loud more than talking to her. "You weren't trying to get a spanking originally, you just didn't want to undo the button... why not?"

Christine felt her face heat in mortification. There was no way she was going to point out her flaws to Bradley! If, by some miracle, he hadn't noticed the things that were wrong with her body she wasn't going to clue him in. Not to mention that it was embarrassing to reveal how insecure she was when they were surrounded by people who were obviously confident about their bodies.

"I don't want to talk about it!"

"Well that's too bad, because I could do this all day. Although I think I'll switch hands to give myself a fresh start."

She only got a glimpse of her husband's stern, handsome face as he stood her up and then tucked her back under his other arm. A resounding smack landed on her already chastised bottom and Christine yelped loudly and then gasped with horror as she realized his intentions. He was going to spank her all over again, with a fresh hand! The cheeks of her bottom were already burning, that little rest hadn't been nearly enough to allow them to return to their normal hue and the tenderness of her beaten flesh made that new smack feel a hundred times worse!


Bradley rested his hand on her bottom again, finger tapping almost warningly. "Tell me why you didn't want to undo the next button."

Silence. He raised his hand again and brought it crashing down on her other cheek just as Christine squealed "Wait!"

Watching her darkened flesh jiggling in the aftermath of his smack, Bradley took the opportunity to grip his cock as he waited for her answer. His erection was practically smacking against his stomach he was so hard, the blood throbbing through the tip. It looked almost angry with the plum head so red it was even darker than her bottom. And if she didn't answer him soon then he was going to make them match.

Panting, Christine decided to give in. She knew that she would sooner or later and it was better to make it sooner so that she didn't have the extra humiliation of another spanking.

"I didn't want anyone to see me," she whispered.

"What?" Bradley pulled her back upright so that he could look at her tear stained face. Except that she couldn't meet his eyes.

"I didn't want anyone to see me." Her eyes welled up with tears as she tugged at the edges of the shirt, trying to bring them together over her breasts. Bradley held her biceps, his hands rubbing up and down in a comforting motion and it proved to be her undoing. "I don't look like I did before I had the girls... I don't have that body anymore. I've got rolls and stretch marks and -"

He cut her off with a kiss, pulling her into his arms as his heart ached a little bit to see the sad resignation and vulnerability that had been etched across her face. Wrapping his arms around the soft, curvy body that he adored, he castigated himself for not having realized sooner what the problem was - not just here at camp, but at home too. Hadn't he thought it was a shame that she'd stopped wearing bikinis at the pool and beach? Hadn't he hated how she always insisted on turning out the light? Hadn't he noticed that she no longer wanted impromptu sex during the day?

And yet he'd rarely thought about why.

Of course she hadn't ever hinted at her insecurities, and before the girls she'd always been so supremely confident that it hadn't occurred to him that might have changed. Especially because he loved her body the way it was. Her heavy breasts, the little marks that said she'd carried his children, the imperfections that showed what a wonderfully real, live, sexy woman she was.

They'd both made mistakes and now it was time to start fixing them.

Pulling away he looked down into her eyes which were staring up at him through a watery sheen, filled with anxiety and just a dash of hope.

"I love your body." He said it firmly, holding her with one arm as the other slid into the front of her shirt and cupped her breast. "I love seeing the proof that you've had our children. It turns me on that I can look at you and know that I've marked your body irrevocably. That those changes are because of me. I love your curves." He squeezed the heavy flesh in his hand and felt her shudder against him. The hope was rising in her eyes, so beautiful and warm. "Part of the reason I brought us here this weekend was because we'd talked about exhibitionist fantasies when we were younger, and I want to show you off now as much as I did then."


He pinched her nipple. "Really. So no more of this." With a few sharp movements he ripped the shirt from her body, buttons went flying everywhere as he grinned and she gaped at him in disbelief. "No more buttons to undo, sweetheart. When we go into the Lodge I want you to look at people's eyes. Their expressions. I want you to see the admiration, the acceptance, and that you have nothing to be ashamed of. And then I want you to look at me and see how much I love you and how much I love your body."

Holding her away from him, his hands having moved down to her hips, he gave her a frankly lascivious appraising once-over. That look did a lot to shore up the bolsters that his words had just given her confidence. Any lingering doubts that he might have just been saying the words without meaning them were swept away as he practically devoured her with his eyes. Standing in nothing but her panties, she felt both brave and terrified, vulnerable and excited.

Dropping the shirt to the ground in between them, Bradley nodded his head at it. "On your knees sweetheart. Just being around you, looking at you, has an immediate and profound effect on me that you need to take care of."

Yeah... if she ever had any doubts about her attractiveness to him, all she needed to do was look at the throbbing length of his erection. Almost mesmerized, she knelt down in front of him, the soft grass beneath them providing extra padding beneath the shirt. Out of the corner of her eye she could see some movement around the front of the lodge and she moaned a little, incredibly aroused by the proof that they were blatantly visible to someone.

"Play with your breasts," her husband ordered in a grating voice as he gripped his cock with one hand and pointed it towards her lips, his other hand on her head, guiding her forward. As she cupped her breasts, her lips parted and she eagerly sucked him into her mouth.

For the first time in years she felt impossibly sexy. Confident. Erotic. On her knees, with a warm cock in her mouth, bottom still hot and burning from a spanking, people watching... and completely naked other than her underwear. If someone had told her two days ago that she would be in such a position, she would have been horrified and disbelieving. Now she found it much easier to push away her doubts and insecurities, especially with Bradley's eyes glowing down at her like that as he watched her take him into her mouth, her hands squeezing her breasts to complete the visual.

And of course he loved to play with her hair while he fed the length of his cock between her lips, moving it this way and that, pulling it into his hands and using it to move her head back and forth. She moaned around the thick rod of flesh, sending shivering tendrils of sensation up his spine. Watching her roll her nipples between her fingers, he groaned and began to pump his hips hard and fast in and out of her mouth.

As much as he wanted to take his time, he knew that he could do that later. They still had lunch to get to. And his cock was so wretchedly hard from spanking and then stripping her that he was feeling an almost desperate need to cum. No reason he shouldn't get his rocks off quickly now and take his time with her later.

Gripping her head hard, he let out a strangled shout as the cum boiled up and shot out into her mouth. He could feel her jerk in surprise, not because she had an objection to swallowing but because she hadn't expected him so cum so quickly. The warm suction of her mouth made his knees feel weak as he emptied himself, her throat and tongue working to milk him dry.

"Fuck baby... that's right... swallow me down... fuck that feels amazing..."

He rocked his hips back and forth as the last shudders of his orgasm were wrung from him. Opening his eyes, he looked down into the needy eyes of his wife; she was twisting her cherry red nipples hard, obviously in need of her own release. She was a sex goddess on her knees before him, lips swollen from the rough use he'd just put them to, eyes glassy with desire, nipples dark and hard...

Rather wickedly, Bradley decided to leave her like that. It would help her face the others without the protection of his shirt if she was distracted by how horny she was. He didn't want to get her off and then have all of her other emotions come crowding back in.

"That was wonderful sweetheart," he said as he removed her hands from her breasts. Christine let out a little whimper but allowed him to help her to her feet. He kissed her, hard and deep and passionately, claiming her mouth and tasting the familiar sweetness of her lips and slight salty tang of himself. "Come on, appetizers are over. Time for lunch."


Although she'd originally wanted to kill Bradley when he'd led her to the Lodge, her pussy so hot she felt like she might actually melt, she had to admit that the heady mix of sexual frustration and anger at her husband had helped her forget to be scared about what other people were thinking. In fact, when she did notice them looking at her, she made sure to look at their faces - the way that she wanted him to.

She saw interest, admiration, and a few neutral glances from people who obviously weren't into what she had to offer, but those didn't make her feel as bad as she thought they would. Another sub - a young woman whose body was one of those that she envied - got a spanking from her Dom for being too blatant in admiring Christine's newly revealed charms.

Later Christine would run into the young woman in the bathroom and she apologized, awkwardly because how did one really apologize for such a thing? The young woman had just grinned at her, let her gaze flow over Christine's curves again and let out a little sigh followed by two words that sent Christine's self-esteem flying.

"Worth it."

And on top of everything else, Bradley was obviously struggling with both excitement at being naked in front of others, at having her naked in front of others, and a kind of possessiveness that seemed to want to show her off while simultaneously becoming territorial if anyone looked too hard. It made her giggle more than once as he crowded her space, his arm almost glued around her waist as the Doms and Dommes looked at her approvingly now that she was as bare as everyone else. The subs had to be a little bit more circumspect of course, but they looked. In some ways, she found their surreptitious peeks even more exciting and flattering because they were risking punishment in order to do so.

That afternoon she found out how wonderful it was to have the sunlight trickling down onto her bare breasts. She'd always enjoyed sunbathing, but there was something very different about feeling it on an area that was typically covered. And she didn't have to worry about burning because Bradley was eagerly assiduous in applying sunscreen.

They went to the pool for the water volleyball tournament, which Christine desperately wanted to join, but one of the rules was that all participants must be completely nude. She waffled for a few minutes and then Bradley took the decision away from her by ordering her to strip her underwear off. Seeing the relief in her eyes, as well as the little trickle of fear and anxiety, he realized that it made things much easier on her when he gave her both rules and consequences.

The spanking he'd given her earlier had made her squirm through lunch, but her bottom was only slightly pink now, and he was sure that by the time they got out of the cold water it would be back to normal completely. But it had still been a consequence, one they both enjoyed.

He decided to sit out and watch the tournament rather than joining in, allowing Christine to be pulled into a group made up of all women. Mostly submissives, but there were two Dommes on the team as well, and he could already tell that Christine was feeling better about being on a team with so many other woman. All of whom had very different body types and were obviously comfortable with that.

Snagging a lounge chair next to Luke, he nodded his head towards Jane and the team she was on, which was huddled together whispering as they watched the game currently being played. "Not a volleyball fan?"

"Oh I like it enough, but I like dictating from the sidelines better," Luke said with a grin.

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