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Camp Swampy Sexcapades


Sheila Buxley had the best job in the world. She had started out in the secretarial pool at Camp Swampy when she was 21 and fresh out of business school. Although her clerical skills were moderate, her personality and willingness to take on new responsibilities soon garnered the attention of General Halftrack, and shortly, he began the process to have her transferred to his office. He was more than aware of the fact that she had a killer body and loved to show it off.

When the General called her in for an interview, Miss Buxley dressed as conservatively as she could. Her skirt was modest, and her blouse, while bordering on transparent, was adequate office attire. The General slyly looked at her full breasts, and tried to guess their size. He had made up his mind the week before in the Officers' Club when her current boss had drunkenly lamented about her slutty attire, but not wanting to fuck him. General Halftrack wasn't interested in fucking, but he did relish an occasional blowjob from a woman as sexy as this.

"Miss Buxley, I must say your credentials are excellent and your present office will be sorry to lose you if we come to an agreement here today. I must say I am concerned that you seem to like wearing outfits that push the boundaries of proper military attire. Do you have any thoughts on this matter?" he asked as he rose from his chair and walked around the desk to her side, close enough to get a hint of her perfume.

He had not noticed that she was wearing hose, but as he approached her, she began to inch her skirt higher on her thighs, finally exposing the lace tops of her silk-encased legs. Looking into his eyes, she knew she had won this battle, saying rather plaintively, "But General, I'm not in the military. Yes, my clothes are a bit stylish, but I like to think I make them sexy. Like my blouse-if I unbutton these two top buttons, don't you agree that the view is much better?" she said as she unfastened the two straining buttons, exposing the tops of the smoothest, creamiest breasts that the General had ever seen. "I mean, anybody could wear this blouse to church, but I like to go other places. My salary won't allow me to spend money on 'work clothes and dress clothes,' so I just have to make do."

Her breasts were rising and falling slightly and her eyes seemed to pull him down to her quivering mouth. He caught himself before he leaned to kiss her, and clearing his throat, said, "Miss Buxley, what you are saying makes perfect sense. You have the job on two conditions. First, I will get you on a clothing expense account so that you may supplement your wardrobe, hopefully with sexy outfits that will open a lot of eyes and make my fellow officers envy me. Secondly, I will require a blowjob on the first Saturday of every month, here on this desk, at nine AM. It must be thorough with all the accompanying fluids cleaned up so that I can make my 10:00 tee time. What's it going to be?"

Sheila Buxley knew a good deal when she saw it and jumped up to hug him, allowing her breasts to bounce and jiggle seductively within the confines of her bra. The hug she gave and the kiss she planted on him sealed the deal.

"Oh, Thank You, General! You'll not regret this. If sexy is what you want, sexy is what you'll get," she said, rubbing his erect cock through his uniform pants. "You want to jump start your benefits?"

"No, not today. I have to go and brag to my buddies. Just be here tomorrow morning dressed to tease!" he laughed, walking her to the door and watching her walk to her car, swinging her ass emphatically. "Not bad for an old fart!" he thought.

The next morning, General Halftrack hurried to his office, but was still unable to get in before Miss Buxley. She was sitting primly at her desk, barely acknowledging his entrance, and dressed conservatively. Wanting to see what the week would bring, he let the matter rest, and noted little change in her appearance until Friday, which was the fourth of the month. This morning, she wore a soft, curve-hugging dress that matched the color of her blue eyes perfectly. When he walked into the office and greeted everyone, she caught his eye and winked seductively. As he sat down, his computer flashed a message from her.

"Call me to your office."

He buzzed her and when she came in, he was glad he was sitting down. Her dress might as well have been transparent. Every soft, delectable curve of her body was outlined by the material of the "Come Fuck Me!" dress. Her nipples pressed against the fabric, creating delightful tents of strained cloth. Hugging her hips, the dress ended at mid-thigh. What he hadn't noticed before was the fact that the front of the dress was held closed by a series of buttons, starting at the hem and ending at the neckline. When she turned to close the door, he saw nothing to indicate panties.

"That is a very nice dress, Miss Buxley," said the General, as she came around the desk and stood at his side.

"Thank you, General. I bought it this week from my special clothing account. Do you really like it?" she asked.

"Oh, yes. It is the model of understated sexiness, and with your body, it's almost as if you have something in mind," he said, inhaling her intoxicating perfume.

"Well, General, we have to get you in the mood for your treat tomorrow. I thought I might wear something special to let you know what you're in for. Would you like me to wear anything special in the morning?" she asked, innocently toying with the top button of the dress.

"Why don't you surprise me?" he answered, feeling his cock stirring in his pants.

"You're sure?" she asked.

"Absolutely. That will be part of the deal. Whatever you choose to wear will be fine. I'm sure you can make a nun's habit sexy," he said, adjusting the front of his uniform as his cock grew.

"I can handle that," she said sweetly, bending down to kiss his cheek lightly. "Oh, by the way, don't leave early today."

"Why not?" he asked.

"Well, one button of this dress will get unbuttoned every half hour until five o'clock. You wouldn't want to miss the show!" she said, as she left his office.

Mentally kicking himself for not counting the buttons, he calculated the number that would be unfastened by the end of the day. Were there that many buttons? Would she flash him on his way to the car? These thoughts, along with Saturday's promise occupied his mind so that he actually got nothing done that morning.

When he went to lunch, Miss Buxley was walking across the office towards him. Several buttons had been opened from the hem of the dress, exposing a pair of silky thighs, almost to their juncture at her pussy. Walking on, he caught her eye and nodded curtly. "I'll be back in an hour," he said, leaving the office.

When he returned, she was sitting at her desk next to his office. He noticed that two of the top buttons had been opened, drawing his eyes to her chest. Wondering what five o'clock would bring, he managed to busy himself until mid-afternoon. Unable to stand it any longer, he buzzed Miss Buxley.

"Could you come in here, please?"

When she came in this time, she took his breath away. Her skirt was still fairly modest, but her top was threatening to expose her magnificent breasts. He could see the curve of each breast, and was delighted by the slight jiggle as she walked to his side. "What do you think?" she asked, as she leaned down, sliding her arm around his neck, drawing his face to her exposed cleavage.

"I think you're fucking fantastic, and if I wasn't in this office, I'd try and fuck your brains out," he answered, slipping a hand into the open top of her dress and cupping her perfect tit.

When he pinched the nipple, she groaned and tightened her arm around his neck, pulling his face to her chest and holding it there.

"By five o'clock, I'll only have six buttons left fastened. Don't miss the show!"

Waiting until he heard most of the staff leave, General Halftrack peeked out his door. Miss Buxley was the only person left in the office, and when she saw him looking, she stood up and let him gaze at her day's work. True to her word, only six buttons held the dress closed. The top one was at her navel, and the bottom one was level with her pussy.

"Well?" she asked, turning from side to side. "Will you be ready in the morning?"

"Oh, fuck yeah! I'll be ready," he replied, watching her wink over her shoulder as she left the office.

Nine AM found the General in his office, sitting at his desk, with his pants unzipped and his seven-inch cock in his hand. He heard the outer door open and close, and held his breath as Miss Buxley strode into his office. Wearing a trench coat, she walked to the end of his desk and stopped. "What'cha got there big man?" she asked, untying the coat's belt and beginning to unbutton it.

"I've got the finest cock you've ever wrapped those pretty, sexy lips around," he said, rolling his chair back and showing her his very erect dick.

"Oh, that is a fine-looking cock, General. But I haven't sucked it yet, so I can't truly say it's the finest. You see, they make sure we tell the truth at my school," she said as she dropped the coat and exposed her scantily clad body. "You like my school uniform, General?" she asked as she twirled around.

Her plaid skirt was barely more than a wide belt. The short pleats had flown up when she twirled, giving him and unobstructed view of her shaved pussy and perfect ass. Her white top was tied snugly under her breasts, their weight straining the fabric so that her nipples were outlined. She bent down and caressed his cock, kissing the bulbous head, and tickling his slit with the tip of her tongue.

Standing up, she took his hand and led him to the end of his desk. "Sit here where I can get every inch of that joystick in mouth," she said, sliding his pants and underwear to his ankles. She slowly slid her lips down his shaft until her nose was in his pubic hair, and the head of his dick was at the back of her mouth. Pulling back, she held the head in her lips and lashed it with her tongue, using one hand to fondle his hanging balls. She rolled them in her hand and continued to suck his cockhead, parting his slit with the tip of her tongue and laughing as he groaned.

"You like that General? Want me to suck some cum out of that big ol' dick? I bet your come looks like this when it shoots," she said, holding the head and spitting on it twice. "Or, does it look like this?" she asked as she dribbled a copious amount of saliva onto her hand and the shaft of his cock. "I know-I'll give it a tittie bath!"

Straightening up, she untied the knot under her breasts and allowed the shirt to open. As she shrugged it off, her breasts swayed enticingly and General Halftrack whispered hoarsely, "Those are some damn fine titties Miss Buxley. I'm looking forward to whatever you want to do with them."

"Why Thank You kind Sir. I think you'll enjoy this!" she said, leaning back down, so her nipples were touching his thighs. She reached under her hanging breasts and cupped them as she neared his balls. Dribbling more saliva on the head of his dick, she moved her titties to his shaft and held them in place around its entire length. Slowly she moved them up and down, keeping his shaft wet and slick. Occasionally she would lean down and lick his cockhead, until finally he grunted and said, "Here it comes!"

"Let me have that jizz, General! Shoot it deep in my mouth!" she squealed as she replaced her titties with her mouth, and grabbed the General's hips, pulling him as deep in her suctioning mouth as she could. When the General shot his load, she sucked as if she were drinking the nectar of life and swallowed every drop.

Easing her lips upwards, she continued to suck, draining every drop of his cum from his balls. Patting his deflating cock, she purred, "Not bad. I enjoyed that! Did you?" she asked coquettishly.

"Yes I did. I just wish I were young enough to get this old cock in your pussy," he replied, standing up and fastening his pants. "You'd probably kill me, but what a way to go!" He leaned in to kiss her and told her to lock up when he left.

The next month followed a similar pattern, with Miss Buxley providing plenty of eye candy and making the General's situation the envy of his fellow officers.

On the first Saturday of the month, he was stationed behind his desk, dick in hand, when she arrived. Today, she wore a swimsuit covereup, tied loosely around her waist with a sash. He could see quite a bit of skin and very little fabric. As she untied and shrugged the coverup off, he swore softly at the sexy vision standing before him. Sheila Buxley, 36D-cup breasts, 22-inch waist, and succulent, perfect 36-inch hips stood before him in a red slingshot bikini. The material attempting to cover her nipples was about an inch wide and see-thru, while the strings that held everything together nestled between her cuntlips in front and her ass in back. Her breasts almost touched in the center of her chest, reminding the General of his last tifuck.

"I must say Miss Buxley, you are certainly dressed sexily. Is this for me?" he asked, standing and showing her his cock, a drop of precum forming at his slit.

"You know it is, General, although I do plan on going to the lake and getting some sun after I suck your cock," she replied, parading around the office, striking a variety of poses to heighten his anticipation. "Do you want me to take this off, or would you rather imagine me on the adult beach, getting my titties and pussy lips sunburned?"

"It doesn't matter, my Dear. Just the thought of you lying naked in the sun gets my engine running," he laughed as he sat down and rolled his chair to the center of the office and leaned back, his cock pointing skyward.

She knelt and crawled towards him, her eyes on his cock and her lips glistening. "Did you like how I sucked your cock last month? Would you rather I take it all in my throat and let you fuck my mouth?" By now, she was within and inch of his cockhead, her breath cool, yet exciting.

"Any way you want my Dear. Just get those hot lips on there," he said breathlessly, holding the shaft and wagging it in her face.

She kissed the crown gently, and before he knew what was happening, she had slid his entire shaft down her throat, just using her mouth. When the head bumped the back of her throat, she didn't slow down, and as it slipped into her throat, the pressure was incredible. He almost lost his load, and held her head still for a few seconds.

"Whew, Miss Buxley! I won't last long like that! Where did you learn to suck cock like that? I never had such a blowjob. Give me a minute," he said, leaning back and pulling his cock almost out of her mouth. She licked his cockhead and tongued his slit. She looked into his eyes, smiling, and let her tongue play over his crown. When his breathing leveled off, she deepthroated him again, this time holding the base of his cock with her lips and beginning to groan. Her tongue was playing the underside of his shaft like a virtuoso coaxing a lullaby from a violin. She could feel his muscles tensing, knowing that his eruption was going to be massive.

General Halftrack had leaned back in his chair, his hips pumping gently, his eyes closed in euphoria. He felt the load leave the soles of his feet, travel up his legs and center itself in his balls, waiting for just the right moment to blast into the inferno engulfing his throbbing cock. Unable to speak, he simply grunted, "Unghhhh," as the biggest load of his life sprayed Miss Buxley's throat. The motion of her throat muscles as she swallowed seemed to draw more cum from everywhere in his body. The release almost caused him to pass out, and suddenly, he felt her mouth milking him for everything he had to offer. She pulled more come from his balls and continued to lave his cock, finally grabbing his dick and pumping it, getting every last drop of his nectar from his balls.

Pulling her mouth off, she grinned and said, "My goodness, General. You sure do have a lot of cum. Is it just for me?"

"You know damn well it is. You are undoubtedly the sexiest fucking woman on earth. I just wish I was able to enjoy the rest of your body and return the pleasure you give me. Time takes its toll though, and I am lucky to have you bestow your talents on me. As a reward, I'm doubling your clothing stipend so you can dress like the sexy, desirable woman you are every day," he said.

"Oh, General, that's so sweet! Do you want an encore?" she asked, stroking his flaccid member.

"As great as that sounds, I couldn't stand it. Let's just plan for next month, with maybe a little 'playtime' between now and then," he answered, finally getting his breathing back to normal.

As she stood, she leaned in to kiss him, and rub his cock one more time. "Any time, any where, Baby," she said as she turned to retrieve her coverup.

Shrugging into it, her tits slipped out of their "restraints" and popped into sight. "Got to go get some sun on these puppies!"

She left the parking lot, and headed to Camp Swampy's recreation lake. As she sped along, she turned before the main entrance, which led to the adult section of the lake. Nude sunbathing and swimming were allowed in this area, and Sheila Buxley felt at ease baring her voluptuous body and soaking up the sun. She had learned early what kind of effect her body had on men, and she often "accidentally" flashed someone just for the thrill. She had grown into a full-blown exhibitionist and her job in General Halftrack's office only fed her desires.

Miss Buxley had discovered a semi-secluded niche on the clothing-optional beach and headed straight for it. The little nook gave her plenty of sun exposure, and allowed her to see other beachgoers before they saw her. As she spread her blanket and retrieved her lotion from her bag, she noticed several hunky GI's playing volleyball. Most of them were nude, and she smiled at the variety of cocks bouncing around as they batted the ball. By now, she had slithered out of her strings and was getting ready to apply her lotion. Squirting a glob on her chest, she smiled, remembering the General's huge load she had taken earlier.

As she massaged the warm lotion on her breasts, she gently pulled her nipples, realizing that she was still turned on. Sliding her hands down her body, she slipped a finger between her cuntlips and was excited to feel her clit protruding from its hood. Rubbing her finger over it lightly, she opened her legs slightly. Still pulling her nipple with her other hand, she realized how close she was to coming. Just a little more pressure, just a little further down and into her pussy and all the lights in the universe exploded at once.

Clamping her hand between her legs, Sheila diddled her cunt until the wonderful spasms passed. Giving her nipple a final pull, she extracted her finger and licked it clean. As her breathing returned to normal, her phone buzzed with a message.

"I know what you did this morning," it read.

A little disturbed, she sent back, "Who are you?"

"Beetle Bailey, at your service," came the reply.

"What the fuck do you mean?" she asked.

"I can explain better in person. OK if I come over?"

"I guess so."

Looking around, she saw him approaching from the bar area, his toned body glistening in the sun, a confident smile on his face. What really caught Sheila's attention was his cock swinging between his legs. It looked to be about seven inches long and as big around as her wrist. The shaft was larger than the head, which was perfectly shaped.

"Damn, what a pretty dick!" she thought as he neared her.

"Hello, Miss Buxley," he said as he sat beside her, his cock flopping of its own accord against his leg. "Now I know why you have no tan lines."

Now more inquisitive than disturbed, she asked, "Do you make a habit of spying at the nude beach?"

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