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Campfire Fantasy


Becky, you need to get her laid. Yeah, I mean she's wound so tight that she just needs to relax and get some action. Like maybe you can set up a kidless campfire some night. Set it up as a three-couple thing with me and Katie, you and your date, and then two friends you want to get together. The other girl is kinda put off by his charm though because he is a real gentleman.

We'll have to do it on a night that is kinda cold and as the fire is getting low, Katie will shiver. I excuse myself to go pee and he notices her shiver. He moves in behind her, placing his coat over her shoulders. As he straightens the coat, he comments on how tight her shoulders are and he suggests that she could use a good massage. He tells her to "come on" and starts into his tent. As she protests, noting that she is married, you and your date urge her to go ahead -- that he gives very good massages.

As you are trying to get her to go with him, I return, rubbing my hand. What happened? I went to open the door and it was sticking so when it finally came loose my hand smashed into the wall. I ask what is going on and you speak up saying that she really needs a massage to relax her back and shoulders. I protest that I can't because of my hand but the guy by the tent offers to give her a massage if I'm okay with it. She looks at me and I tell her that's fine. She could use a good massage. She finally concedes and goes into the tent with him, which he then zips up.

Once inside, he has her lay on her belly on his air mattress. She does so and gathers her hair up to give him access to her neck. He makes a few preliminary pushes and notes that what she needs is the Eruvian technique (a name he has made up). She asks what that is. He tells her it uses a blend of oils rubbed into her skin. He tells her to take her shirt off. She refuses and wants to leave. He assures her that this is strictly professional and it will help her greatly. Grudgingly, she agrees.

She takes her shirt off and lies back down. He pours a little oil onto the small of her back. "I'll help you off with that," he says as he quickly unstraps her bra before she has a chance to object. His fingers run through the oil on her back, gently spreading it up to her shoulders. His firm hands glide up and down her bare back, working out the tensions. She sighs in contentment. The aroma of the oils stirs something in her that relaxes her body and mind. She gives in to his touch. He sits her up, rubbing her shoulders from behind. Then, his hands begin easing the tensions along her sides. A soft moan escapes her lips. Not a moan of sexuality, but one of release from a burden welling up in her sides.

With this, his hands move forward to wrap around her, caressing her breasts. In the same instant, his lips find her neck and he begins kissing her sensitive flesh. Lost in the feelings, finally giving herself over to accepting pleasure as an emotion that she deserves to indulge in, her arm reaches back to caress the back of his head. Her own head rolls back and to a side as her lips seek his. He indulges her. Their tongues caress each other. He stands up, takes off his shirt, and moves around in front of her. Shorts cover his cock, now inches from her face as he leans over her, rubbing his hands up and down her back, continuing the massage.

Unable to resist due to the incredible release of feelings, the aroma of the oils, and the scent of his aroused manhood, her fingers wrap around the elastic of his shorts and pulls them down. Without a thought, she takes him into her mouth. His hands work their way lower down her back, sliding under her panties as he rubs her ass. She moans, the vibrations on his cock causing a tiny squirt of precum to escape into her mouth. She slides his dick out of her mouth and savors the taste of his juice. It was just a little bit, not enough to activate her gag reflex.

She leans back and begins to slide out of her shorts and panties. "I want to feel you inside me. Yours is much larger than Ryan's and I want you to fill me with your warm meat," she whispers. He lies down between her spread legs, his dick resting atop her glistening pussy. He looks into her eyes. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he politely asks. "I'm so wet," was her verbal reply as she physically responds by taking his dick in her hands and positioning him at the entrance to her love hole, pulling his ass into her.

A loud moan escapes from her lips as his dick plunges fully into her, touching places that had never yet been reached. We all look at each other in surprise at just how loud her moan had been. He begins to pump into and out of her as he lay atop her, their mouths kissing sensually. His rhythm builds. Every thrust seems like it enters her deeper.

We move to the door of the tent. She does not hear as we unzip it and enter. The four of us take off our clothes and move into position to further eroticize my wife. The other girl starts to suck my dick to lube me up for my action. Oh Becky, he starts to grunt as your date moves into position to have Katie suck his cock. Lost in ecstasy, she takes him into her mouth willingly, sucking him as the other guy grunts loudly, pulls his dick out of her, and shoots his load all over her pussy lips and ass. He falls back onto the mattress as the other girl begins sucking the last of the sperm from his cock. As he moves out, I move my cock to her asshole. I plunge in, his cum acting as a lubricant, as you straddle Katie and start licking her pussy. You tongue strays too low ass it brushes my dick as it slides in and out of my wife's ass. You become a bit more insistent as you begin licking my dick every time I slide out. Your date now turns around to fuck you doggie-style as you alternate sucking the cum off Katie's pussy and taking my dick deep into your own mouth. I then move my face between her legs and we both lick her for all we're worth, our tongues working as lovers together, in tandem on each other and off. The excitement is just too much for Katie and she reaches up to suck your date's balls and lick his ass as he fucks you. All of a sudden we stop.

We lay all three of you girls on your backs with legs in the air. We strap you leg to leg. Each of us slides between one of your legs and your date fucks you, I fuck Katie, and Mr. Massage fucks the other girl. Two minutes later we stop and switch. Your date fucks Katie, I fuck the other girl, and Mr. Massage fucks you. Two minutes later we switch again -- I fuck you, Mr. Massage fucks Katie, and your date fucks the other girl. All three of your girl-cum is coating our dicks as we move into final position.

You and the other girl take turns between kissing with Katie and sucking on her tits. Your date fucks Katie hard until he shoots his load into her pussy. Mr. Massage fucks her next, with no loss of rhythm -- his thick, long cock sending chills of pleasure through her as he unloads his juice into her. I finalize the deal by fucking her twice-creamed pussy until I add the final ingredient. "Third time's the charm!" I exclaim. You and the other girl then turn around and begin to lick and suck the juices from Katie's pussy, stopping every few moments to swirl your tongues together. Katie reaches up her hands to rub your pussies as you suck her.

An idea pops into your head. You move into a sitting position, facing Katie. You slide one leg under one of her legs and place the other leg over hers. You slide forward until your pussies are grinding together. The leakage from Katie's pussy is being smeared on your own. Each in turn, the other girl, me, your date, and Mr. Massage lean down to lick your merging pussies. You stop. The other girl replaces you as she slides into position to grind her pussy with Katie's sticky mess. Again the juices smear. And again, in turn, you, me, your date, and Mr. Massage lean down to lick their grinding pussies. Finally, you and the other girl do the same, to receive the same licking from me, your date, Mr. Massage, and finally Katie, who lingers a little longer on your soaked carpets than the rest of us.

Katie and I then fall into each other's arms, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes and simply touching each other's sweaty bodies. You and your date follow suit. The four of us fall asleep as we hear a polite voice telling the other girl that she could use a good massage.

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