tagNovels and NovellasCampfire Stories Ch. 11

Campfire Stories Ch. 11

byGood Burger©

Keri was disappointed. She was sure that she was going to lose her virginity this summer. Recently, however, Nick hadn't been paying much attention to her. In fact, he had stopped hanging out with their little crowd altogether. With Dan and Ashley spending a lot of time alone, it left Keri to spend her days with Gina and Mike.

For two weeks Keri went without a sexual release. The last time she masturbated was on the last hike she had taken with Mike and Gina to their old spot in the woods. Mike had to go to the bathroom, so he stood before a tree, pulled out his dick, and pissed on the ground. Keri's pussy moistened at the sight of his cock, and told Gina and Mike to go on with out her. As soon as they left, she shoved her hand down into her shorts and vigorously rubbed her twat until she came all over her hand.

But tonight that would all change. She had finally gotten up the courage to do something about her loneliness. After lunch, she walked up to Mike, and asked "Are you as horny as I am?"

"God yeah, probably more."

"Our spot tonight?"

"Yeah. Definitely."

Midnight hit and Keri snuck out of the cabin and hurried into the woods. She had been so excited all day. All she could think about was Mike's huge cock and how good it would feel to suck it, or to have it penetrate her virgin cunt. Keri wore a tight pink tank top with matching panties, and threw on a pair of gray shorts for the hike. She suddenly felt her stomach cramp up a little bit. She had meant to use the bathroom before leaving, but was afraid to make any noise that might wake someone up. She should've known better. Her bladder was weaker than average. One time, after being away from the cabin all day, Ashley told a joke that made Keri laugh so hard she peed herself. Another time, her and Gina had just gotten out of the lake and were walking around the beach. She had to go so bad, and by the time they were halfway around the lake, she was soaking her bikini bottoms. But now, Keri had reached the clearing, and all thought left her mind. Mike was standing there in a cut off tee shirt and mesh shorts.

After an awkward greeting, they sat in the grass and chatted for awhile. They both knew what they wanted, but were both unsure of how to bring it up. They spoke for about half an hour before Mike suggested they do what they came to do. He stood up and pulled off his shirt. Keri rose and went to do the same thing, and felt a little pee escape from her bladder as she stood. She quickly squeezed her legs together and held it in, hoping Mike wouldn't notice.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"No, I just really have to pee." It was driving her crazy, she had to go so bad.

"So run back real quick."

"I don't think I can make it," Keri whimpered. She was starting to cry she had to go soon or she was going to explode.

"You can use a tree."

"I'm not a guy! I can't do that!" She cried. Just as Mike was about to offer another suggestion, she sobbed. The sob was enough to set her off, as she let loose and began peeing right on the spot. A large wet spot formed on her shorts and a stream of piss shot to the ground. She stood there frozen, crying, and peeing for over a minute before it stopped. Keri was so embarassed.

After a few moments of awkward silence, Mike offered her a towel he had brought to clean up his cum, as he had planned on some sexual activity that night. She tearfully thanked him and took the towel. Keri then pulled off her soaked shorts and panties and began wiping and drying her crotch. When she was done, she sat down next to Mike. She noticed the huge bulge in his shorts. Keri also noticed Mike staring at her exposed pussy. Slowly, she peeled off her tight tank top to reveal her completely naked body to him. Mike just stared. She pulled down his shorts and his eight inch dick popped into view. Without a word she lowered her mouth to his member, and began kissing and licking the tip. She began sucking him and bobbing her head up and down his rock hard shaft. She managed to get him halfway in her mouth before she let go, looked him in the eyes and said "I want you to fuck me."

Mike grabbed her by the waist and laid her on her back. He knelt between her legs and slid his big dick across her wet lips. Mike spread her legs wide, and placed her feet on his shoulders. Then, with one thrust, he entered her and broke through her hymen as she emitted a loud groan of pain and ecstasy. Mike began a rhythmic thrusting motion, his long, black cock punching deep into her tight cunt. Keri moaned with each thrust, and Mike stared at her tits as they bounced along with his strokes. He looked furhter down, and saw his cock inside of a pussy for the first time, and it was too much for him. With one more thrust he fired his load deep into Keri's vagina, filling her depths with his cum. Feeling the warm semen coating her pussy walls, Keri began cumming with her lover.

After Mike withdrew from Keri, the two lovers licked each other clean. The feeling of Keri's tongue swirling over his penis caused Mike to empty the remainer of his cum into the blonde's mouth. Keri swallowed it all. Eventually they stood up, and were ready to go. Mike was in a hurry before he had an accident like Keri's. What happened next surprised him. Keri pulled his pants back down, grabbed his dick, and said "Go." She held his cock for him as he let the piss stream out of him. It turned her own to hold Mike's cock and watch him as he pissed. After he was done, she squatted in front of him, spread her pussy lips, and let him watch her as she peed on the ground. Had it not been getting too late, they would've fucked each other right on the spot again, their hormones were raging. However, they would just have to wait for next time.

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