When my two best friends and I decided to make an annual tradition of taking a week-long camping in Oconee National Forest together with our wives, we had no idea how much fun it would end up being. We were as different as three white guys from the suburbs can be, but having been friends since kindergarten, we were as close as brothers. Nick was tall, blond and athletic; his wife Nina was a busty Italian girl, with a heart-shaped ass and pouty lips that were equally likely to sweet-talk you or spit curses. Adrian was a punk rocker, with spiky hair and tattoos all up and down both arms; his wife Asha was Indian, tall and leggy, with skin the color of dark chocolate, waist-length black hair, and breasts the size of two ripe peaches. My name is John (for the sake of privacy, all names are made up (we didn't all marry girls with the same first initial), and my wife Jiao is half Chinese, half Korean, petite, with choppy black bangs and the wettest pussy I've ever come across. Seriously, when I eat her pussy, the mattress is usually soaked through.

How did we end up married to such hot girls? All three of us thanked our lucky stars on a daily basis. And the thought of fucking our wives under the stars, maybe even talking them into some skinnydipping, had all three of us hot for weeks thinking about it.

The first trip was fantastic. Both Jiao and I had had plenty of experience before we got together, but neither of us had ever fucked outdoors before, so we made the most of it. As soon as we had set up camp, I chased her through the woods, tearing clothes off as we went, and we fucked each other ragged in a grassy clearing with no one around but the birds. We had trouble finding some of our clothes, and Jiao was embarrassed walking back into camp with nothing covering her breasts but her hands.

But she needed not worry, as Asha was lounging around the campsite wearing nothing but a pair of bikini bottoms. Silver rings stood out against her nearly-black nipples, and gleaming jewel shone in her navel. As casual as she was about being topless, it was hard for the other girls to be self-conscious, so Jiao let her arms drop to her sides, and from that moment, it wasn't a big deal. In fact, within ten minutes, the two of them were peer-pressuring Nina to take her top off, and soon she unleashed her massive mammaries to hoots and hollers from guys and girls alike.

The rest of the week was a blast. Jiao and I fucked under the stars, then under the sun, every chance we got. The river had a wide bank that was 15 yards of thick, black mud, so we watched the girls mud wrestle naked until they were caked from head to toe, then each of us wrestled our girls into the muck until we were covered as well. It took everything I had not to rip my shorts off and fuck Jiao senseless, but we weren't quite ready to do that in front of the other couples. So we all went skinnydipping to wash off the mud, and Jiao led me out to the deep water where she threw her arms around me, and then under the water, wrapped her legs around my waist and sunk her hot little snatch onto my rock-hard pole. As she slid her lithe body up and down my cock, I looked around to see if we were being watched. But as far as I could tell, Nina was giving Nick an underwater blowjob in the shallow water, and I'm pretty sure Adrian was finger-fuking Asha under the water. So maybe we weren't so shy after all.

So, needless to say, we all had a fantastic time. All six of us agreed that this tradition was too good to be annual, so a month later, we were back in the woods. And that second time, we nearly fucked everything up for good.

As much outdoor sex as we had on these trips, we still spent the night in our tents. And one moonless night, after some heavy drinking around the campfire, the girls went back to the tents while the guys doused the fire. Then we staggered back to our tents, and fucked our wives once more. It wasn't until I awoke to the sound of screaming that any of us knew what had happened.

Nick and I had switched tents. How I didn't realize I was fucking his busty, curvaceous wife and not my skinny Jiao I don't know. We were pretty drunk. Maybe on some level, I didn't want to know. But now I realized I was in deep shit. Nina ran out of the tent, and threw open the door to hers, where Nick and Jiao were lying together asleep, his morning wood pressed against her hip, and his sperm matted in her pubic hair.

Needless to say, I was furious, Nick was furious, the girls were furious. Yelling, threats, tears, the whole soap opera. It was only when Nick and I were on the verge of punching each other's lights out that Adrian tried to be the voice of reason.

"Guys, just chill out for a minute. It was an accident. You fucked his wife, he fucked your wife. The way I see it, you're even. None of you might be happy about it, but at least it's fair."

The campsite got quiet, as we thought that over. We took a step back, and reconsidered murdering each other. Jiao reached over and touched Nina's arm, in a mute gesture of reconciliation. But then a voice broke the silence.

"It's not fair, actually."

It was Asha. "You all got to fuck around with somebody new, and I didn't! Neither did Ade!"

We were stunned for a second. She was upset that she didn't get to cheat on her husband, and she was saying this right in front of him? We waited for Ade's turn to get pissed, but a sly smile crept across his face.

"That's true," he said, thoughtfully. "That's a good point."

A shit-eating grin crept across Nina's face. "I know how to fix that," she said. She took Adrian by the arm and started to lead him towards her tent. Asha took me by the hand and started to do the same. I looked at Jiao for her response, but she just shrugged her shoulders. We had each already fucked one other person, what was one more? All three girls were on the pill, so where was the harm? Resigned, she grabbed Nick and dragged her into the tent.

I barely remembered fucking Nina, but I'll never forget that first time with Asha as long as I live. Turns out, her clit has a silver ring through it to match her nipples. I must have spent a solid hour flicking that ring with my tongue, sucking it into my mouth, tugging it with my teeth, as Asha had one orgasm after another. Finally, her long legs were wrapped around me and I was pumping a hot load of sperm into my best friend's wife, while my own bride was getting the same treatment a few feet away.

Far from feeling any guilt or regret, we all agreed that swapping was incredibly hot. The girls came up with a game called Tent Roulette, which we played faithfully from then on. During the day, sometimes we played around and sometimes we didn't. Then at night, each girl would pick a different tent, unseen by us. We'd pick a tent a few minutes later, not knowing who was inside. Sometimes you got your own wife, sometimes your buddy's.

We ended up going camping 5 times a year. The unspoken rule was, outside the campground, you didn't so much as look at the other two wives. But once we were in the woods, it was a free-for-all.

After three years, we thought it couldn't get any hotter, until the trip where, on our first night in camp, Jiao stood up in front of the campfire, took a small package out of her backpack, and threw it in the fire.

"Those were my birth control pills," she announced.

A hush went over the camp as the implications hit us all. We had all planned on playing Tent Roulette that night and every night. Was she suggesting what I thought she was? My mind swam, and my dick started to stiffen in my pants. Without breaking the silence, Asha stood up and threw a package onto the fire. Then with a gulp, Nina did the same.

"What happens next is up to you," Jiao said. All three girls stripped off their clothes, and each headed into a tent. The meaning was clear — usually we didn't know who was in which tent. But now we were facing a clear choice — fuck our own wives, or each other's, knowing each one was fertile and unprotected.

The thought of knocking up Asha or Nina had my reeling. I had a vision of Asha's smooth, brown belly swollen up with my kid. And Nina's big titties, grown gigantic and leaking mother's milk. But then I thought of my little Jiao, her pussy flooded with another man's sperm, soaking up millions of little swimmers, each trying to make her belly grow with a bastard child. I pictured my tiny bride with a huge, bulging tummy, ripe with another man's baby. And I saw myself in the delivery room, welcoming a baby I knew wasn't mine. I should have been horrified. I should have been disgusted. Instead, I nearly came in my pants.

"That is so hot." I didn't even realize I was speaking the words until they were out of my mouth. But Adrian nodded in agreement.

"So, we're doing this?", he said.

Nick tried to be the voice of reason. "Do you really want me getting your wife pregnant?" he asked me, "because if we do this, I'm putting a baby in Jiao if I die trying."

My cock tensed up and I felt my balls start to ache. "And you'll be raising someone else's kid after one of us fucks Nina."

Adrian was lost in thought. "We don't look that different. No one would have to know but us."

"But we'd know," I said, voice trembling with excitement.

"Let's make a deal, then," said Ade. "No fucking our own wives until the rabbit dies. That way we're all in it together."

"Fair's fair," Nick said in a faraway voice. He was staring at Jiao's tent, and I knew in his head, he was already fucking her pregnant.

"Looks like we're doing this," I said. We stood there for a minute, none of us wanting to make the first move, knowing there was no going back. Finally, I walked to Asha's tent, not looking back, knowing that by the time I woke up, my wife could be pregnant with another man's baby. And loving that fact, more than I would have thought possible.

Asha was lying on her back in the tent, knees up, pussy wide open and waiting for me as she lazily played with her clit ring. "I thought I'd get you," she said with a smile.

I didn't waste time with her ring this time — she was already soaking wet. My cock slid into her snatch in one long, slow stroke, and nothing had ever felt better in my life. I was in heaven, fucking my friend's beautiful wife, knowing she wanted to have my baby and not her husband's. After a few minutes, I could hear Jiao's distinctive moans from the next tent over, and that just spurred me on even more, knowing my wife was about to take another man's sperm into her fertile womb. I grabbed Asha's hips, and started thrusting for all I was worth.

Visions of Nick flooding my wife's cunt with his seed alternated with Asha's belly swollen up with my baby. On top of the mental stimulation, Asha was crying out and thrusting her hips in time with mine, eager to drive my cock deeper inside of her. I should have been a goner after a minute or two, but the intensity of the situation actually made my stamina build. We rutted like animals in heat. Hell, we were animals in heat. Asha came, and I kept going. She came again, and I kept going. Finally, I heard Jiao scream in ecstasy, and I heard Nick call out her name before grunting in time with each shot of fertile sperm that he drove into my wife's willing cunt.

She had never, until this moment, had truly unprotected sex. We had always used the pill; other guys had had to use condoms. No man's sperm had ever had a chance at finding a fertile egg, and now another man was enjoying the privilege that was supposed to be for me alone. As we fucked on our wedding night, she whispered in my ear that one day the cock that was buried deep inside her would give her a baby. We fantasized about it often since then, turning each other on with the idea that, when we were ready, her body would transform, a new life would be created, and our lives would change utterly, all because I shot my sperm deep inside her womb.

But at that moment, her womb was opening up to accept another man's seed — millions of sperm that were already swimming deeper into Jiao's belly, searching for a fertile egg. One of them would find it, and a new life would start to grow inside of my wife. Her abdomen would swell up, her breasts would start to fill up with milk, to give life to a baby that wasn't mine. Jiao was going to be pregnant with Nick's baby. She was going to give birth to Nick's bastard child. And she and I were going to raise Nick's child, knowing without a doubt that, after all her promises, after all our fantasizing, I hadn't been the one to get her pregnant.

The thought of it was so taboo, so intense, so erotic, that before Nick had come down from his orgasm, I started one of my own. I swear it was the most powerful one of my life, as I shot spurt after spurt of thick, creamy sperm into Asha's fertile womb. As my cock spasmed six, seven, eight times, I reflected that the huge load of sperm I was pumping into my friend's willing wife were going to make her pregnant as well. The ropes of sticky, white cream that I was shooting directly at her cervix would also seek out an unprotected egg. While we slept, our DNA would combine to create a new life. Asha's brown belly would expand and swell, as my baby grew inside of it. It was the most erotic, most exciting moment of my life. And the funny part was, I don't know which had a more powerful effect on me — my getting another man's wife pregnant, or knowing without a doubt that my wife was being impregnated by another man.

Of course, it was far from over. We didn't speak afterwards, we just kissed passionately, as Asha kept her knees up again, letting the sperm run deeper inside of her. I sucked on her nipples for a while as her fingers grazed against my soft cock, rubbing a few drops of excess sperm around the head, until she finally said, "I need more of your sperm in me."

She sucked me until I was hard, and then mounted me, gasping as she lowered herself onto my cock. I swear I could feel the massive load of sperm dripping down around my cock as she rocked her hips back and forth, pushing me ever-so-slightly in and out of her. We fucked lazily like that for a while, and after she rubbed herself to her first orgasm, she whispered, "when I come, it pulls your sperm deeper into my womb."

No more lazy fucking after that. I flipped her on her stomach, and pounded her from behind until I had added a second load to the first. She got back into position, letting her womb absorb more of my seed, and I ate her pussy ravenously until she came again. By that time, I was more than ready for a third go-around, and by the time I finished, she was so full of sperm it was leaking out of her and on to my balls. We finished the night spooning, with my still-hard cock sawing in and out of her, keeping as much of my cum as possible inside of her, until finally I added a fourth load and we fell asleep, my cock still lodged inside of her.

In the morning, I fucked her two more times, until my dick was finally too worn out to function. I went into the woods to pee, and came back to see Jiao staggering out of her own tent looking as well-fucked as any woman in history. Before either of us could say a word, I pulled her close and kissed her passionately.

"I think I might be pregnant," she said with a sheepish grin.

"I love you so much," I told her, gazing into her eyes. "I'm so glad we did this."

I stepped back to look at her body. Her pussy was red and swollen, with a steady trickle of sperm running across her lips and down her thigh. She had love bites on both breasts, hickies covering both sides of her neck, and what could only be a red hand print on one ass cheek. And she looked more satisfied, more fulfilled, and happier than I had ever seen her.

"Nick put seven loads of cum in me, and I begged him for every one. And I'm going to need a lot more of his sperm before the week is out. I want every drop of sperm his balls can produce to go deep inside my womb, and I'm going to keep fucking him until his baby is growing inside me. I love you more than anything, but your dick's not going to touch me until I know that Nick made me pregnant, even if it takes months of fucking him every night and every day. You can watch him knock me up if you want. But even if you beg me to stop, I'm going to keep his cock inside of me until my belly starts to swell."

I was silent for a minute, after she got that off her chest.

"Beg you to stop? I've never loved you more than I do right now, and I've never found you sexier." I ran a finger across her pussy slit. It was soaking wet, and my finger came away coated with sperm. I put my finger to my lips and fed Nick's cum to her.

"I'm going to beg you to keep fucking him. I'm going to watch him fill you up with sperm if I have to hold you down while he does it. When this trip is over, I'm not even letting you come home without a baby in your belly. I'm going to drive you to Nick's house, tie you to his bed, and tell him not to let you up until he's put you in the club. HEY NICK!"

I yelled to my friend, who was deep in discussion with his own wife, who was probably carrying Adrian's child as we spoke. But he came over to me when I called him.

"Nick, just so we're clear, Jiao's going to have your baby. If she doesn't catch this week, I want you to keep fucking this little slut every chance you get until she's in the club. I relinquish all rights to her pussy until she comes back to me pregnant."

Jiao couldn't hide her delight. She was hanging on Nick by the end of my little speech.

"And just for the record, I'm going to keep fucking Asha morning noon and night until her belly starts to swell too."

Adrian was listening by this point. "Go for it, man. I couldn't stop her if I wanted to." He walked over to Nina, grabbed one of her fleshy tits in each hand and kneeled down to kiss her belly. "Do you still want to have my baby?", he asked.

"No," she said. "I want to have like six of your babies."

We all laughed, and that was that. We spent the rest of the week trying our hardest to get each other's wives pregnant, me with Asha, Jiao with Nick, and Adrian with Nina. By the time we drove home, with three raw pussies and three sore sets of balls, there was little doubt all three girls were with child. But just to be sure, each wife spent two weeks living with her new man, fucking as often as we could, until pregnancy tests confirmed that Nina and Asha were both carrying bastards in their bellies.

But Jiao wasn't. As much as the stories on this web site always talk about women getting pregnant instantly, in real life, the body rejects the fertilized egg half the time, no matter how much sperm was there to fertilize it. So, true to my word, I made Jiao stay at Nick's house for the duration, not that she minded. The other pregnant girls went home to their husbands, so I spent two months alone, while Jiao sent me breathless letters about all the fucking she and Nick had been doing, how much she loved feeling his sperm inside of her, and how badly she wanted his baby.

She sent me pictures of his sperm leaking out of her well-used cunt. She sent me pictures of herself, naked, with dirty things written all over her in Sharpie. "Knock me up." "Pregnant slut" "My womb needs more sperm" "I want your baby, not my husband's". As weeks passed, they got dirtier. "Dirty cum slut." "Sperm dumpster" "I need a big cock in my slutty cunt." Eventually, the photos revealed that it was Nina writing the really nasty stuff. "Desperate whore." "I need cum." "Fill me up with sperm."

Needless to say, I jerked off to every one. The videos too. They recorded Nick fucking Jiao in every position, as she begged for his baby. Sometimes Nina wasn't in them, but sometimes she was on the bed watching, and sometimes she was giving encouragement from behind the camera.

Two long months later, Jiao came back to me, proudly pregnant with Nick's baby at long last. We had one more camping trip that year, as we took turns fucking each others' wives, who by now all had bulging bellies.

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