tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCamping Fantasy

Camping Fantasy


"Amy, I'm calling in one of those days you promised to be my sex slave," I told my girlfriend as she emerged from our tent still toweling off her chin length dark hair still wet from her morning dip in the mountain lake, "Go ahead and take off your shirt."

"But Peter, your friends could get back from their scouting trip any minute now."

"Then I wouldn't dilly dally if I were you."

"Stupid fucking christmas present," Amy swore taking off her shirt.

"Now your bra," I demanded eagerly, rolling the coil of rope I'd taken out of my pack through my fingers while I watched her expose her perfect breasts just large enough to perfectly fill my hands.

"Get down on your knees," I demanded and Amy was no longer grumbling.

"Stick your elbows out behind your back," I demanded putting a thick stick of firewood behind her back and in front of her elbows keeping her arms pulled back and thrusting her breasts forward. Using the rope I quickly bound the wood in place and for good measure lashed her wrists together.

"God you look hot like that," I whispered. "You're totally helpless now and I can do whatever I want with you. There isn't even anyone around to hear you call for help."

"What are you going to do with me then," Amy asked clearly turned by seeing me assemble a camcorder on a tripod and aim it towards her.

"How would you feel if my friends came back and saw you like this?"

"Humiliated," Amy replied but the catch in her voice told me the idea was also turning her on.

Running my hand lightly over Amy's side I said, "You always fantasize about being raped and I've always wondered how you would feel about the real thing."

"Ohh God, you wouldn't," Amy gasped in shock but her nipples had suddenly become rock hard.

"They'll need a sign," I mused picking up cardboard and a pen, "How about 'Fulfill my fantasy. Rape me.' Nah, how about 'Please rape me. Ignore whatever I say.' There I'll hang that on your back."

"You wouldn't," Amy exclaimed struggling at the ropes, "They wouldn't."

"Don't bother struggling, you know your totally helpless," I said cupping one of her breasts.

"Please let me go," Amy begged as I hung then sign around her neck but her voice betrayed how disappointed she'd be if I did.

"We'll, I'll give you a chance, if you can get me off before they come back I might lose interest," I said standing up and taking out my cock. Immediately, Amy went to work forcing her head back and forth doing her best to get me to cum but I maintained enough concentration not to let myself get close.

"I think I hear them coming back," I remarked.

"C'mon, please just cum on my face," Amy pleaded. Bending down I gave her a long full kiss, "Not on your life. I've never seen you this turned on before and I love you too much to let you miss out. Don't worry too much. I'll be right here. Now I better go give them a heads up."

Finally realizing this was really going to happen Amy shivered.

"Holy shit," one of my friends exclaimed seeing Amy and I rushed out to convince them to ignore anything she said.

"Your really going to let us rape her," one of my friends asked again in disbelief as we approached.

"Damn, she's got nice tits," another exclaimed staring at her heaving chest.

"Holy Fuck, Holy Fuck," Amy swore as the six guys closed in futilely pulling at her bonds.

"Don't listen to him," Amy called out and my friends hesitated.

"Ignore her," I reassured them, "it's all part of the fantasy." Sensing their uncertainty I added, "Can't you see how turned on this is making her."

Seeing Amy unconsciously thrusting her tits forward, one of my friends laughed and stepped closer, "Well that's certainly true." Another followed him adding, "I'm sure not going to pass this opportunity up."

"Ohh my god," Amy exclaimed in disbelief as one of my friends reached out and grabbed one of her breasts. "Please don't do this to me," Amy pleaded even as she thrust her other breast forward to be groped. Then someone began undoing their zipper and there was no going back.

"Don't you dare bite," the guy whose rock hard cock bobbed in front of Amy's face threatened but there was no need. Amy leaned forward and hungrily wrapped her lips around the waiting cock treating him to all her considerable skill.

"Jesus Christ she sure knows how to suck cock," the lucky guy who'd gotten to her first exclaimed but from the little "mmmm" and "ohh" noises Amy was making I figured it was a toss up who was enjoying it more.

"Can I cum on her face?" the guy asked urgently.

"You guys are here to rape her. Do what you want."

"Keep your mouth open and look at me slut," the guy getting blown demanded before pulling out and spurting all over Amy's pretty face while she gasped in obvious arousal.

As if that had released any remaining doubts Amy soon found herself staring down three cocks while another guy knelt behind her kneading her breasts. While I watched she bobbed back and forth between them trying to keep all the guys happy.

From the way she was grinding herself back against the guy kneeling behind her I knew she could feel his hard cock pressed against her ass. It wasn't long before that grinding motion was more than my friend could stand and he stood up dragging Amy to her feet after him and announced it was time she got fucked.

Amy opened her mouth to say something but the guy behind her clamped his hand over her mouth saying, "It's not up to you, fuck toy." Amy's eyes bulged but the guy behind her kept his hand clamped over her mouth reducing her to unintelligible grunts as he unbuttoned her shorts with his other hand. Totally helpless there was nothing Amy could do to stop one of my eager friends from pulling off her panties. Using his leg the man behind her forced Amy to step out of her shorts and spread her legs nice and wide. For a brief moment Amy had the chance to speak as the guy about to fuck her unzipped his pants but all she managed to say was "Holy Shit he's really going to do it." Then Amy was pushed forward with only the grip of her imminent rapist on her arms keeping her from falling.

"Ohh my God he's fucking me," Amy exclaimed looking straight towards me. Another set of hands reached around and grabbed her breasts pushing Amy over the edge. "Ohh Shit, Shit," Amy moaned clamping down on the guy fucking her. "God, what an amazing fuck," the man fucking her remarked spasming after less than half a minute inside her.

Before she could get her bearings someone had pulled the wood out from behind her elbows and picked Amy up and laid her out on her back on a picnic table. "Holy shit that's huge," she exclaimed fearfully catching a glimpse of the cock waiting between her legs, "Please don't" but she wasn't given any choice in the matter and found the long thick shaft being forced into her.

"Your going to fuck me with that no matter what I say aren't you?" Amy asked, her eyes revealing how much the idea turned her on.

"Damn straight, I wouldn't pass up a tight little thing like you for anything."

"Ohh god that's hot," Amy moaned as the jizz from her face dribbled up into her hair.

"Shut up and start sucking my cock," the guy standing over Amy's head demanded spitting on her face.

"MMmmph," Amy tried to yell as the spit made her cum a second time but her mouth was filled with his cock.

Knowing the huge cock between her legs would impale her whether she liked it or not Amy took matters into her own hands gyrating her hips to work her way down the thick shaft to the delight of it's owner. The thought of how subservient she must look writhing atop his cock obviously turning her on.

Clearly turned on by that image as well the man Amy was blowing announced, "God damn, you ready for me to cum on your tits?" Whether she was ready or not didn't seem to matter as the man she'd been sucking off pulled out and finished himself off on her chest.

Seeing my girlfriends tits glistening with cum was more than the guy fucking her could stand. "Time to get fucked," he announced reaching forward to grab hold of her waist.

"No, wait!" Amy cried out but the man between her legs was far too turned on to listen and the huge cock between her legs was rammed the rest of the way into her.

"Ohh jesus," Amy moaned looking right at me as she squirmed on the thick cock buried inside her. Then, suddenly, she was getting forcefully fucked and moaning with each thrust.

"I totally want a copy of that tape," my roommate remarked fingering his rock hard cock as he watched my pretty young girlfriend get her brains fucked out.

"Screw the tape, I want to fuck her nice tight ass," another friend remarked.

"No, you can't. I've never..." Amy protested in gasps but was cut off as the man intent on taking her anal virginity stuffed her panties into her mouth after whipping the precum off his cock with them. Amy tried to spit out the bunched up fabric but a handy cord was quickly noted around her neck tying the panties in place.

"Mmmph, Mmph," Amy pleaded hearing the guy describe just how much he was going to enjoy fucking her ass while he stroked his cock over her face. Unfortunately for him the site of my girlfriend helplessly pleading not to be taken in the ass while her whole body shock with each thrust of the guy between her legs was too much for him to bear and instead of my girlfriend's ass he found himself suddenly cuming on her face.

Amy knew everyone was watching her hoping to see her cum on the massive cock fucking her but with the surprise addition of another load on her face she just wasn't able to hold back anymore and moaned incoherently through her gag, grabbing the man fucking her with her ankles and pulling him forward so she could cum on his huge cock. Feeling my girlfriend convulse around his cock was more than the guy fucking her could take and he spasmed several times as he filled her with a second helping of jizz.

Not about to pass up his chance with Amy my roommate stepped up to take his turn. Untying her gag he gave Amy a deep long kiss before breaking it off and saying, "You know I've fantasized about this for a long time." Pulling her down onto a blanket that had been laid out in front of the fire last night so she lay on her side facing me my roommate lay down in front of her saying, "I'm going to take my time and savor this," as he pulled one of her legs over his body and readied himself to take her.

"It turns you on being handed over to me for my pleasure like this doesn't it?" my roommate asked as he slowly pushed into Amy.

"Yes," Amy admitted honestly, turned on by finally being handed over to the man who had so long tried to hide his longing for her.

"You know I enjoyed seeing you used like that don't you," he asked and Amy moaned back, "I can tell."

"You boyfriend told me about his plan before we left and promised me a copy as a wedding present," my roommate admitted continuing to slowly thrust into Amy, "I've been looking forward to this during the whole hike."

"Ohh god," Amy moaned, "Your going to give him a tape of this. What if he shows people. Or even posts it online."

"Well, that's kinda the point, I'm sure he plans to show the videos to his groomsmen but you'll just have to convince him not to go any farther.

"What about his fiancé Susan?" Amy asked about her good friend.

"She seemed to think it was a good idea,"

"Ohh my god," Amy moaned realizing that not only had I let my friends have their way with her but that I'd effectively be handed her over to my roommate and best friend as a present. Of course she was the one whose fantasy it had been to be traded like this but she hadn't really believed I would really go through with it.

"You know I'll be making good use of you for the next month," my roommate said thrusting into Amy once again.

Too turned on by hearing my girlfriend moan in response to her predicament, I laid down on my side behind her. Positioning my cock against her ass I added, "You know you're going to be his piece of ass

"Ohh my god," Amy moaned as I gently took her anal virginity even as she continued to be fucked by my roommate, "You know he's going to fuck me at his whims"

"Yes," I admitted simply. "Does that turn you on?"

"You know it does," Amy admitted.

"It turns you on to be a piece of ass like that doesn't it?"

"Ohh jesus christ," Amy moaned, "I can't believe this is really happening." "

"Ohh shit I'm going to cum," Amy gasped.

"Fuck, I'm going to enjoy this," my roommate moaned in response and Amy quivered one last time around both of our cocks.

"No, No, No," Amy moaned but she clutched my roommate tightly against her and I could feel him spasm inside her even as I did.

"Holy shit that was intense," Amy told me with a kiss after she shuddered one last time.

"So you don't object to having your ass shared like that?" I asked.

"Well it was my fantasy," she replied with a quirky little smile.


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