tagLoving WivesCamping Fun Ch. 2

Camping Fun Ch. 2


I hope you enjoyed Camping Fun! Now here is part two of our weekend and it was also the end of our friend ship with Charley. He left Betty soon after this weekend not being able to handle the fact that she liked to eat a little pussy now and then!

Charley was walking back from the public restrooms as Terry came out of the motor home. She walked up to me as I was dropping bacon into the pan. True to her word she had on a long white slip that I loved. It was made of a soft cotton with a open collar that left her shoulders and most of the top of her breast uncovered and when she bent over it would fall away from her breasts giving any one looking an unobstructed view of her soft swinging tits and nipples.

Her slip was not quit see through but the darker color of her nipples easy to see and her little landing strip of bush turned the material a darker color as it hung down her flat tummy and over her lush thigh's. It was cut low across her back exposing her strong back muscles to the sun. In fact this one was cut so low I could see just where the crack of her ass started with the darker area down the crack giving just a hint of what else was to be found on the inside. Any one looking knew she was nude under it. I loved it when she would wear it around our camp and we had other campers that were close enough to see her as she moved around our camp. She had a way of making the men and some time the ladies wonder at her lush firm body.

Terry was standing with her arm around my waist as I watched to bacon cooking. Charley got back to us and I watched as he let his eyes run over Terry's body as he sat at the table.

"Are you ok Charley? You look kind of shaky." Terry asked him.

"Yes, yes I'm fine. Umm, just a little to much beer last night."

"Well here can you keep this for me?" She handed him a little remote control that I knew went to a vibrator and I knew it had to be in one of the three girls' pussy! "I have to help Sam with the cooking and don't want to get it wet."

He took the remote looking at the on off buttons and the wheel that controlled the speed of the thing. Terry knew sooner or later he would play with it and I knew that it would be an interesting breakfast as I wondered witch one of the girls had it in them.

Charley sat it on the table as Betty and Mary came out of the motor home. Betty had on a long T-shirt that stopped just below her ass cheeks. Her bare breasts swayed under the thin material as she came to us. Marry had on a tine little bra top that just barely covered her nipples and was a pail pink. Her nipples were hard and the darker color of them could be seen. She had a sarong wrapped around her waist.

Charley got a funny look on his face when he realized I was going to be seeing as much of his wife as he was mine! He took a kind of nervous look around at the other camp sights then looked back at Betty as he spoke to Terry.

"What does it work Terry?"

"OH it works a little radio I was going to take to the boat. It needs battery's and I was going to change them."

We had two of remote vibrator and they were the best I had ever seen. They didn't just buzz when they were on they really BUZZED. Terry loved the dam things and she loved to wear them when we went out. One was for the vagina and the other was a little smaller and fit into the girls' bottom nicely! Betty had walked up to me and was just about to steal a peace of bacon when Charley pushed the on button.

Her knees went together as it was a total surprise to her. "Oh fuck!" she looked around fast, "Umm that was hot! Umm oh!" she started blowing on the bacon like it was burning her but I knew what had happened.

Betty moved over quickly and sat down on the other side of the table from Charley and next to Mary. Charley turned the remote over looking at it. He moved the speed wheel up and down then turned it off and back on. Terry let her hand slip down the back of my shorts as she watched her friend and lover moving on the bench seat of the table. She leaned into me kissing me on the neck then whispered to me.

"I bet she cums before I get the eggs cooked!" She said.

I smiled at her, "Umm nope I wont take that bet." I said as I kissed her thinking about how she had fucked me the night before.

Terry patted me on the ass as she moved over to get the eggs from the ice chest. Charlie's eyes followed her as she went and he gave the remote a good twist. Betty looked at me with a look of lust on her face as she ground her bottom into the bench. She looked at Charley as her turned the speed wheel up and then down up and then down.

"Charley fuck stop!" she couldn't get her breath as she was very close to cuming.

He turned it up, "Stop what?" he pulled his eye's from Terry looking at Betty for the first time, "Are you ok?"

"No turn that thing off! Oh fuck!"

Charley turned it off and got up walking around to his wife. He knelt down beside her taking her hand.

"Are you ok? What can I do for you?"

Betty stood up, "Here, set here and I'll show you what is wrong."

Terry moved back beside me as Mary got up and came to stand by my other side. Betty pulled her T-shirt up to just above her crotch as she climbed up on the table setting down with her feet on the beach and on either side of Charley. He looked at me and the girls now knowing we were not only watching them but also seeing his wife's exposed pussy through her panties!

"Betty what the fuck are you doing!" he was almost in a panic.

"Oh Charley shut up and listen. That thing doesn't work a radio, it works a vibrator!"

Her panties were wet from the sweet nectar leaking from her soft pussy lips. I licked my own lips as I thought about how much I loved to lick the girl and how sweet she always tasted!

"It's in me and you have been turning it off and on for the last ten minutes. Oh Charley look! Look at how wet I am!"

Betty pulled her panties to the side fully exposing her self to us. The little wire sticking out of her wet hole. She leaned back letting her little puckered ass hole be seen by us all. She was leaking so much that her slightly white juices were running down over her back hole.

"Turn it on Charley! Make me cum, make me do it right here!"

I moved the pan off the fire and pulled Terry and Mary over so that we kind of protected them from being fully exposed to the whole campgrounds as Charley turned the thing on.

It was becoming too much for the poor guy and he stood up taking his pants loose! He pushed Betties legs back up so her knees were by her head. He took his cock out of his pants dropping the remote on the table as he put his dick up to Betty's poop shoot. I picked it up the remote as he slipped his dick into his wife's ass hole. I turned it on! He went easy as he pushed into her looking at me knowing just what I was seeing; knowing our friend ship would never be the same!

"Oh god yes in my ass!" Betty hissed "Cum deep in my ass Charley! Oh I'm so close, so close!"

I had the VIB. running full blast as Terry moved to Charles back. She leaned over him rubbing her tits on him as he watched her reach over his shoulder to Betty's wide-open pussy. Terry took Betty pussy lips in her fingers opening them so we could see how open she was as she put her thumb on her clit! Terry started kissing Charlie's neck as she fingered his wives clit!

"AAAAAHO yesssssss here it isssss! Oh rub it Terry ohhhhhh!" Betty was cumming like a fountain now shaking her head back and fourth as she shook from her climax!

It was all too much for Charley and he started shooting off in Betty's ass! He held her by the hips as he pumped her hard.

"OOGGgggooooommmfffpphhhhhhh!" was all that came out of him as he pounded into her!

Charley fell back onto the bench pulling his soft cock out of Betty. He let go of her legs and she rested her feet on his shoulders as his seed dripped out of her open ass hole. Terry was still leaning over Charley so that her tits were now around his head. She was still pulling on Betty's clit as I turned the VIB. up on high. We watched as Betty started cumming again. Her vagina was pumping so hard that we could see it move as her muscles contracted and relaxed!

"OH no more please oh Terry kiss me but no more! Oh godddddd ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

Terry moved over to her side and kneeling on the bench next to Charley kissed Betty a soft loving kiss. I looked over at Mary to see that her hand was busy below her sarong and she was starting to shudder as her own climax took over. She smiled at me as she breathed hard through her nose.

"Ummggaamm." Came from her and then she stood up and came to me putting her cum covered fingers into my mouth.

"Well I think this is going to be a fun week end! Hell I have been eaten and fingered and cum three times and haven't even had breakfast yet!"

"Yes I think we will have some camping fun for sure!"

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