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Camping Holiday


You and Tara had been planning this camping holiday for months. Two weeks away from the rat race. No work, no fumes and no men. True it meant no Jerry Springer for a while, but you could just about put up with that for a while.

You had chosen a nice clearing in the woods, close by the river, a beautiful, clear river, unspoilt by the toxins of industrialisation.

The first couple of nights had been fantastic. The quiet of the woods, and the chance to kiss and cuddle away from prying eyes. Not that you were lesbians, and in fact you both had boyfriends back at home. But you had been "Special" friends for along time, many years.

On the fourth day provisions were running low, which meant someone had to go to the local town, ten miles away, to get some shopping. Tara couldn't be trusted, ad she was a shopaholic. So it meant you had to go.

It was about four when you returned to camp, to find it strangely quiet.For some reason Tara didn't have the radio blaring away in her usual fashion. You call her name, but there is no answer. You decide that maybe she has gone to the river, knowing her love of the water.

You are just entering the tent when you catch sight of her from the corner of your eye. At first it looks as if she is standing against a tree, but as you get closer you see the ropes around her waist. chest and neck, holding her to the tree. Closer still and you see the gag, which is why she did not answer your call.

As you rush over to help her, there is a rustle of trees, and you are grabbed by a pair of huge hands, clamping your arms to your side You struggle to get free, but the grip is far too strong for you, and you cannot get free. Just then three other men appear from the trees, dressed in woodsmans clothes. One of them calls out to his friends. "Told you there was another one. I saw her last night".

As the men move closer you see that one of them has a knife in his hands. He moves right up to you, and places the knife in the waist band of your thin skirt. Seconds later the skirt is lying on the ground at her feet, the knife cutting right through then thin material.

"Not bad", he says, touching your panties with the point of the night. "Get the ropes," he says to the others, "and we'll tie her up like her friend there".

Struggle as you may, you cannot escape the huge arms, and soon the men have you standing with your back to a large tree. Your hands are pulled back, and around the tree, and then tied together, or as near as they can get. This prevents you from moving, and they have little trouble doing the same to your legs.

Seconds later the man with the knife cuts through the thin material of your t shirt, revealing your unfettered ample breasts, to a wolf whistle from the men.

The remains of the t shirt are discarded, and you feel the roughness of the tree bark against your back. Another second or two and you panties join the pile at your feet, as your shaven crotch comes into view, to lewd comments from the men.

Tara has never shaved her pussy, so your smooth one is an added attraction for the men, all four of them now standing in front of you.

Two of the men move over to where Tara is, and you see their rough hands begin to manhandle her tits, not as big as yours, but still looking perfect on her. Finger pull at the nipples, as Tara shakes her head from side to side, a half scream escaping the tightly tied gag.

Then the hands descend to her pussy, and you can see fingers being pushed inside her. You remember how, only last night you had been tasting the sweetness of the same pussy, and that thought, coupled with the victims helplessness, starts to turn you on, and you feel the dampness forming at your own crotch, and without realising you are doing it, your tongue begins to lick your lips, as if you can still taste her.

One of the men close to you sees your reaction, and nudges his friend. Your eyes are transfixed on Tara, as you see from the corner of your eye a hand moving towards you.

In a second the hand reaches your tits, squeezing at the fleshy part, before his fingers locate and lock onto your nipples, already erect and hard. The other mans hand now dives between your legs, brushing the smoothness as if it were a special prize. His fingers quickly locate your clit, and he begins to toy with it, giving it a gentle squeeze, and the nipping it with his finger nails, and going back to squeezing it again.

You can see that Tara now has her mans hands well between her legs, and what looks like two fingers inside her, but the touches on your own body are now distracting you, and you no longer care if Tara has kittens, you just don't want this to stop.

It had started with Tara's pussy, but now the dual assault on your own pussy and tits was bringing a warm and welcome feeling to you, and you knew it would only be seconds before you cum, all over the man's hand.

You tried, but it would not stop, and the warm feeling grew ever hotter as the inevitable orgasm grew closer, and more intense.

With a scream, you let yourself go, feeling as if you had cum buckets full over the mans hand, and smiling as he lifted his wet fingers to your mouth. Even as he moved them closer, you opened you lips to receive the blessing. Just them Tara's face caught your eye. She was not enjoying this, and you started feeling a little guilty about it. You were in your element, and wished that she could relax and enjoy it too.

Just then the men stopped their assault on her, and cut the ropes holding her to the tree. As she was released, Tara sank to her knees, but before she could move, the men turned her onto her back, and one of them moved between her legs. His cock was hard as you saw it pressing to Tara's pussy, damp from the attentions is had been getting, and easily sliding into her. Her face turned from one of terror to one of delight as the hard cock drove into her, the mans balls crashing against her lips, the squelching sound audible from where you still stand tied to the tree.

Seeing your friend being fucked like this, you want it. You eve find yourself asking, begging them to give it to you, but the men move away from you, and turn their attention to your friend.

Together the men turn Tara and her man over, so that she is now riding him, and lean her forwards as if to kiss him. But as she does so another of the men positions himself behind her, and guides his cock to the awaiting ass. Her ass is tight, and she screams under the gag as he enters, but the pain soon passes, and the man begins to grind away inside her, as a third man kneels by her side, turning her head so that her mouth is in line with his cock.

In a second the cock is buried deep in her mouth, the head pressing into the back of her throat, as you can see her sucking at him. The fourth man then kneels the other side of her, and Tara turns her head to take his cock into her mouth, alternating one to the other, as you stand, still tied to the tree, your hormones building up to another great orgasm, and you are not even being touched.

You see one of the men who has his cock in Tara's mouth moving faster, and then Tara sucks the whole of it into her, the head now deep into her throat, and you see her throat working as he comes, to drink it all down.

Now she can turn her attention to the other man, and soon she has a second lot of hot cum sliding down her throat.

You start to moan as You see Tara getting what you almost got such a short time ago, and your pussy gets wetter and wetter. You imagine just one of those cocks grinding away at you, feel it deep inside, hurting you as it goes ever deeper. Again you lose control, and with a scream let everyone in the neigbourhood know you have just cum.

Soon you see the man in Tara's arse moving ever faster. You scream at him to come over and shoot his hot load into you, but he doesn't listen, and send it deep into your friend, as the man underneath her starts to shoot as well.

For a while the men watch you, as you begin to calm down, Tara with a smile on her face you had never seen before, lifts her self off the ground, and moves over to you. The men pick up what clothes they have dropped, and disappear into the clearing, as Tara turns to you and says,"Next time 'I' choose the men, and You get fucked to death...........................

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