tagIncest/TabooCamping In Style Ch. 03

Camping In Style Ch. 03


As I lay there next to Sandy I could feel the warm heat of her tender body. The aroma of sex filled the air and all I could think about was that I had fucked these two beautiful young women. Sandy was lying on her stomach so I reached over and lightly ran my hand down the soft skin of her back to her little round ass. Gently I rubbed my finger up and down the crack in her ass, as I did she moaned and parted her legs slightly allowing my fingers access to her pussy.

I lightly rubbed the outer lips of her pussy, they were still moist from the night before and as I continued to rub them they became wetter and wetter. She spread her legs even further and as she did my fingers slipped in-between her pussy lips to her wet little love hole. I slid my finger down to her clit and was amazed at how big and hard it was. I started to gently tickle it and as I did she began to breathe heavy and moan even more.

My cock was rock hard and needed some relief, so I rolled over on top of her and guided my throbbing cock to her love tunnel. Her little pussy hole felt so wet as my cock slowly entered her. Her pussy was pulsating and I could feel it trying to pull my cock in with each contraction. I began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her and as I did she woke up and hoisted her little ass up letting my cock sink to its full depth.

I reached down and slid my hand under her belly and ran my fingers through her soft mound, her pussy hair felt like silk. Then I slid my hand down further and found her hard little clit. Gently I started to play with it and as I did she let out a gasp and sigh of pleasure. I felt her start to move her ass up and down in rhythm with my cock.

By now her pussy was having spasms and I knew she was on the verge of cumming and so was I, so I began to pump my cock a little harder and faster. I felt her pussy start to tighten around my cock and I knew she was fixing to let go so I shoved my cock in her pussy as deep as it would go and held it there. I started tickling her clit with my finger and as I did her whole body began to shake. She wiggled her little ass up and down as her pussy shot wave after wave of hot cum all over the head of my cock.

I feel of her hot cum splashing against the head of my cock drove me wild, I felt my cock enlarging and I knew I was about to explode. Knowing I could take a chance of getting Sandy pregnant I quickly withdrew my cock and shot my load all over her sweet little ass.

I rolled over onto the bed and just lay there listening to Sandy trying to catch her breath. As I lay there my daughter came in.

"You two up?" she asked whit a smile.

"Yea were just laying here" I replied

"Is there room for me too?"

"Sure" I said as I slid over allowing her room to lay down beside me.

Sandy rolled over and laid her head on my shoulder and my daughter laid her head on my other shoulder. It was so exciting lying there between two horny young women. My daughter leaned over and gave me a kiss on the check as her hand slid down to my half erect cock. She stroked the head it with her finger tips, then I felt her hand move down and wrap around it's long shaft and she began to slowly jack it. It didn't take long before my cock was hard again. I turned my head towards her and our lips came together in a deep kiss.

Then my daughter kissed down over my chest making her way towards my cock. She lightly kissed the head of it and licked her tongue all around and over it. Then she began to lick down its shaft to my balls where she stopped and put her whole mouth over them and gently suck them. Sandy just lay there watching as Linda fondled and licked my cock and balls.

"Why does your cock taste so sweet dad?" She asked as she looked up at me.

"It's not my cock that taste sweet, it's Sandy's cum your tasting" I replied with a smile

"It taste so good," she said as she went back to licking my cock and balls.

"If you like the taste so much then why don't you go to the source," I said looking over at Sandy

I got up off the bed and sat in the chair across from the foot of the bed. I watched as my daughter moved over close to Sandy. They laid there for minute looking at each other then Sandy turned on her side towards Linda and I watched as there lips came together in a passionate kiss. Linda placed her hand on Sandy's breast and started to play with her nipple, then Sandy reached down and put her hand on Linda's. They lay there playing with each others tits for awhile then my daughter slid her hand down to Sandy's legs.

As she did Sandy lifted her leg and propped it up letting Linda's hand caress her inner thigh. Linda's hand moved up and down feeling Sandy's thigh, each time coming closer and closer to her pussy. Linda moved down and began to suck on one of Sandy's nipples, as she did she slid her hand up between Sandy's legs and touched her wet pussy. Sandy let out a low moan of delight as she felt Linda's fingers begin to play with her outer pussy lips.

Sandy rolled over onto her back and Linda started to run her tongue down over Sandy's belly as she made her way down to her pussy. Linda stopped for a minute at her mound feeling the soft silky hair as she rubbed her face around in it. Linda was on her knees between her legs now and was bent over with her face buried in Sandy's pussy eating her out. Seeing I was sitting in the chair at the foot of the bed I had a clear view of my daughter bent over.

Her legs were slightly apart giving me a good view of her pussy. I got up and knelt down at the foot of the bed were I could get a better look of my daughters pussy, as I looked at it I could see her love juices flowing down her thighs. The outer lips were swollen and spread and I could see the whole inside of her wet little pussy. I noticed the love bud of her clit was sticking out from under its hood and was moving up and down, then I saw her little fuck hole opening and closing and I knew she was damn horny.

I could smell the sweet aroma of her love juices and it made me hungry for her. I leaned forward and touched my tongue to her little love bud she gasped and pushed her pussy back towards my face spreading her legs further apart. I started licking up and down her wet slit then I stuck my tongue deep into her love hole and wiggled it around. So here we were, Sandy with her eyes closed getting eaten out by my daughter Linda, while I was licking my daughters pussy.

By now my cock was rock hard again so I stood up and guided it into my daughters waiting pussy.

"Ahwwww, that feels so goooood dad, fuck your little girl real good and hard" she moaned as she continued to lick Sandy.

I began to pump my cock in and out of her wet pussy picking up a little speed each time I did. Soon I was thrusting my cock in and out of her. Sandy was bucking her pussy up into Linda's face by now and I could tell that she was getting ready to climax and Linda's pussy was contracting tight around my cock so I knew she was also ready to cum.

I wanted to give my daughter and orgasm at the same time she gave Sandy one so I waited and watched Sandy. Sandy started to pant as she raised her ass up off the bed, then her body started to quiver as she let go with a powerful orgasm.

"Ohhhh Goddddd Linda your gonna make me cum, don't stop, let me cum in your mouth" Sandy cried out.

Hearing this I began to thrust my cock into my daughter's pussy just as hard as I could. I felt my cock enlarging and I knew that I was about to explode but I didn't want to till I made her cum so I continued pumping my meat into her pussy.

"Harder dad, keep fucking me, I want to feel you squirt your hot cum inside me like you did last night" she screamed.

"Ohhhhh Yesssss, that's it daddy cum in my pussy" she said as she felt my cock explode sending my load of cum deep inside of her.

I stood there with my cock still embedded in my daughter's pussy while I we all caught our breath. Then we all crawled back into bed and snuggled up close to each other. We lay there kissing and holding each other till we all dosed off.

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