tagBDSMCamping Trip, Or Was It? Ch. 02

Camping Trip, Or Was It? Ch. 02


He continued to stroke her softly, he could feel her tremble at times. He knew her body still was feeling his touches. He told her to tell him everything she was feeling. He had become use to her not telling him freely what she was asked. This time she took his hand and placed them on her mound and told him, that her clit still pulsed wildly, asking could he not feel it.

He chuckled, girl I feel it in your entire being but not as you do. But that girl is only to be the beginning. He grasps the chains of her collar pulling her to face him. He begins kissing her moving her chains so that coldness touched her in many places before they warmed. He could feel her tense with each touch, though she didn't move away.

Her fingers begin to travel his body, her fingers traces the buckle of his belt. He chuckles as he asks her what she wanted and teased maybe he needed to taste his belt. She whimpered that was not what she wanted, what she wanted now was to be between his thighs and suckling his cock.

He told her if she could undo the belt and his jeans including his zipper she could taste him. She moved eagerly to her place between his thighs. Once she was snuggled between his thighs she purred softly. His hands slid down to her wrists as she began to undo his belt he pulled the chains on her wrist cuffs. pulling her hands from his belt. Baby you didn't think it would be that easy did you?

She growled softly and set to her task she wanted his cock badly. He only laughed softly at her frustration. When she had finally gotten the zipper down he allowed her the use of her hands. She freed his already hard cock from his jeans and began to suck him eagerly. He begins to tease her, taking his cock from her making her whimper and cry out in frustration.

He reminded her the lesson for the weekend was patience, her lack of it had gotten his cock taken from her. He wasn't to be denied the orgasm though, he tells her to get on all fours, as she positions he slides off the bed and pulls her back to the edge of the bed. She hears his belt come off and her body tightens. He tells her to be still. Yes, Sir was her only reply.

She cries out each time the belt touches her skin. One strike for each letter of the word patience. His hands travel the length of each welt. He liked marking her but not in that manner. He began teasing her slit with his cock, she bit her lip rather than whimpering this time.

She let out a cry as he penetrated her ass. Repeatedly and harshly, each time she cried out he became harder. He came in her so hard she felt as though she felt every pulse every drop but she now craved orgasm. He pulled from her, grabbed the chains on her collar and led her to the shower.

She began to ready their shower, once she undressed him they both entered the shower. She began bathing him, his hands slipping over her body excited her. He was making it harder and harder for her to control her focus. Her eyes remained on his, he saw the struggle, He turned her to the wall of the shower, he pulled her wrists up hooking her cuffs to a hook just barely hidden by the shower head.

She felt his hands again beginning to torment her. Telling her with each rise of her excitement level she could not cum. She bit into her own flesh as she fought the orgasms. His kisses her neck telling her he can tell she is slipping her orgasms came now against her will.

He tells her no once again, she cries out as he again bears down on her clit. His free hand begins exploring her ass. As he forces two fingers in she begins to cum no longer being able to hold it back. He bites her neck softly as her body gives into the orgasms. He whispers to her......... I told you there was nothing you could keep from me.

He release her from the hook, he removes her collar and cuffs, telling her to draw a bath and enjoy it for a bit. He again turned her to face him, kissed her and told her, this was only the beginning.....to be continued

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