tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCamping with a Tease

Camping with a Tease


They arrived at the camp site and began to fling their gear from the heavily burdened truck. It had been a long drive but it was only noon when they arrived. Their secluded spot they would return to year after year didn't hold much in the way of conveniences but it was isolated enough they were never bothered by other campers. While they started to unfold their mid sized tent they were both driven and focused on the task at hand. They had done this a hundred times and worked as a well timed pair, each knowing what they had to do. In the mechanics of it she felt her footing give way. Suddenly she found she had tripped over an exposed root and fell clean on her ass. He walked over and smiled. "Since when did you get so clumsy?" he asked. She scowled at him. He leaned forward offering his hand to help her up. She denied him by rolling herself over onto her knees and helping herself up.

The view was exquisite. Her nice round ass poking into the air as she lifted herself from her knees and onto her hands. He was thankful at that moment for her yoga training. As she slowly straightened her body she reached her arms up into a full stretch. The line of her curvy body was more than he could hold himself from. As she turned around she exclaimed "At least there's grace in my rise as it lacked in my fall." As if her body wasn't enough her intellect made him weak at the knees. He felt a need for her deep down. Torn between whether to take her right there or compose himself until at least their camp had been set up.

She wiped her dusty hands on her khaki shorts and stood once again at the edge of the tent. She leaned over to pick up the corner of the tent. She knew when she leaned over without bending at the knees it drove him crazy. Her balance lent a nice touch to the way she liked to tease him. The slightest contortion of her body always directed his attention to wherever she wanted it to be. She was only half sure he knew she did it intentionally. She once again stood up and dragged the edge of the tent to just under a nearby tree. As she walked back to the truck to grab the poles she couldn't help but noticed he hadn't moved from the place where she fell.

He loved to watch her walk. Even in sport sandals her gait was feminine. She made sure she crossed her steps at the ankle just enough to give her hips a sexy sway. Her khaki shorts just long enough to barely cover her cute ass peeked up with every little wiggle. He stood still wondering what his next move should be. She enjoyed teasing him so. He could tell. Her sun glasses hid her eyes but nothing could hide that deviant little smirk. So often he'd let her get away with it. The torture of it all always made for hungrier sex later.

She grabbed the collapsible tent poles from the bed of the truck. Two fists full almost put her off balance again but this time she was more careful. She bent slightly and let one set fall to the ground. The other she slowly unfolded in her hands. One piece at a time gently gliding through her fingertips. She pointed her gaze his way to make sure he was paying attention as she purposefully slid each section of pole through her hands in a way that he was rather familiar with. She continued with this long gesture until she reached the last section. She then started feeding it slowly into the tent sleeves. She turned to him and asked, "Are you going to help me shove this in here or what?" Her innuendo was not lost in her sarcasm.

He paused only for a second longer. She was an evil nymph deserving of a good spanking right about now for her smart mouth, but he would wait. He walked over and quickly snapped the other pole into a taught line. He gruffly grabbed the other end of the tent and with one swing sent the pole flying skilfully through to the other side. "That's how a man does it." he exclaimed. Each grabbed a corner and in one swift movement the tent was erect and he couldn't help but notice her teasing was having a similar effect on him.

He was closer to the truck but she walked past him to grab the tarps anyhow. She loved how his eyes always followed her. She added a little bounce in her step and instead of casually reaching over the side of the truck box she bent full over onto the tailgate and lifted one leg as she reached for the tarps. She could feel a slight breeze as she realized doing so let him get a little peek up her shorts.

Damn that woman, he thought. She never was one to wear panties even when roughing it. He followed her over and reach over the side of the box and grabbed the rope. There was that little smirk again. He was going to have to let her have it. She was getting a little too comfortable with her teasing even if he tried to hide that it was affecting him. As she walked over to the tree where they usually secured one of the corners of the tarp he followed. Slowly he wrapped one a portion of the end of the rope around his hand and kept the loose coil in the other.

She never bothered looking back to see if he was following her. She walked slowly up to the tree and leaned against it. Taking one corner of the tarp she reached up and stood on her tip toes. She had to keep from giggling with glee knowing how her shorts were riding up. "I think you should come and help. You know I'm too short to reach this. Why..."

He interrupted her with his hand gripping her wrists. "That is quite sufficient young lady." He pressed his body up against hers so she couldn't turn around or move. Suddenly there was no self serving smirk on her face. He threw the loose coil of rope around the low hanging branch she was barely able to reach. With his free hand he began to tie the loose end around her wrists. She had yet to make a sound. He made swift work of suspending her from the branch.

She found herself in quite the situation now, half wishing she hadn't so deliberately teased him. Her wrists were taught above her head with only the slightest of slack in their connection to the tree branch. Her feet were on the ground but there was no where she could go as he kicked away the tarp and reach for a fallen twig slightly longer than his forearm and thin like the ends of a branch usually are.

He was going to let her have it this time. Tease him will she? "Haven't the tables turned." He uttered with a smile. He ran the branch end up the inside of her leg slowly. He reached around her and grabbed her by the front of her shorts. He undid the button with one hand and pulled to one side so the zipper would follow suit. He breathed heavily into her neck and whispered "I hope you know the trouble you've gotten yourself into."

She gasped. His hot breath on her neck paired with the threat cause her to shiver. She felt his hand move around the waist line of her shorts. They were barely clinging to her hips now. It didn't take much effort for him to hook his finger and slip them down. Once past her ass they fell swiftly around her ankles. Her bare skin now naked in the air, she flushed and the embarrassment of her state. She knew though that she had been teasing him and dually deserved whatever was to come.

He thought about tapping her ass with the branch but soon decided this was only appropriate if he used his bare hand. He placed his hand softly upon her behind. "This will hurt you more than it will hurt me." He held his hand back and swiftly let it come back smacking her square on the right cheek. She shrieked half out of delight and half of pain. He knew she loved to be spanked but knew she equally hated the loss of control. That is what gave him the most joy, knowing she was in a defenceless position and finally he had the upper hand.

She could feel the burning from where his hand had been. She had said enough this day to cause enough trouble so she opted for silence even though she knew her outburst had spoken for her and if it hadn't then her flush cheeks certainly did. She could feel a tingling as she peered over her shoulder only to catch the sight of his hand coming towards her again. The fire in his rough touch jolted through her both striking excitement and fear in what was to come next.

He spun her around to face him making her lose her footing ant the rope around her wrists to cinch tighter still. He asked with some glee "Do you want help up now? I'll bet you do. He noticed she was pushing herself up against the tree to help with her own balance. How defiant. He loved it. She was still trying to maintain some sense of dignity while holding back her wit. He knew that must be burning a hole inside her.

She had her back against the tree and her feet now firmly anchored, barely apart, at the base of the tree. He approached her with fire in his eyes. It was mismatched to the way he let a finger gently probed between her legs. He was checking to see if she was getting off on this. Was he serious, she thought? But of course he was. Her body betrayed her and he felt her moist lips part to his touch. As much as she hated being powerless to the situation she found her body responding quite differently to the pleasure of being misused.

He knelt before her and placed his face at her moist entrance. He tasted her. His tongue running the outside of her lips. On the second pass he parted them giving him a better taste of her sweet reaction. He began sucking gently on her clit and brought his finger to where his tongue had been. He pressed upwards to bury his finger in her tight slit. She moaned and he sucked harder. He noticed her body shifting as her forced his finger further up inside her. She was more than prepared for what he had in sore next.

She couldn't help but open her eyes when he stopped. He stood and stepped away. She would have wondered why but she saw him reach for his belt. He undid it quickly and tossed it beside her. He quickly undid his shorts and let them fall. As he stepped out of them he started removing his boxer briefs. She could see his erection fighting with the material as he wrestled to get them off. She knew his frustration would be taken out on her.

Free of his clothing he approached her. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up thanking her only in his mind for instinctively wrapping her legs around him. Still pressed up against the tree he found it easy to slide himself inside her. She was so tight he had to pause for a moment so he didn't lose it right then and there. He began thrusting into her slowly. Feeling himself glide in and out of her tight hole. With each thrust she let out little moans.

She was determined not to let him get any pleasure out of hearing her cry out each time her thrust into her. He was gifted with an above average sized member and the harder he thrust into her the harder she was pushed into the bark of the tree. She wasn't even sure whether it was a pleasurable pain at this point, only that she needed to contain her cries so as not to encourage him. At least from this new height she could hold onto the branch for support and the ropes were not so tight so as to cut off circulation.

He couldn't help himself. There was no more gentle touch or concern for her in his mind. He thrust into her like she deserved it. Long, hard and full thrusts made with such force he knew she was full with his swollen member. Gravity was his greatest ally as she came down heavy each time he let go to let her fall on him. As he impaled her he knew she was coming close as she began to tighten even more around him. This simply would not do.

As her body responded to his thrusts she could not help but notice she was beginning to climax. Just at that moment he pulled out. Her body ached instantaneously for his presence. This cause her to cry out. She wanted to cry as he began to laugh.

"I'm not done with you yet" he stated. He stood back and admired her flushed cheeks. Her body quivering from the sudden stop to it's finale. He treasured the power he held over her at this moment. He turned her once more so her back was facing him. He had always wanted to take this opportunity. She'd never agree any other way. As he pressed himself against her back he whispered once again into her ear. "Relax and this won't hurt you but resist and you'll know pain you've never known."

She was shocked. He'd always been so gentle and never pushed the issue. She'd clearly crossed a line today, one she never thought could have resulted in this. She was frozen in the moment, clearly not knowing how to respond. She took a breath and tried to think about anything but when she felt a moist finger press against the entrance of he tight virgin ass.

He knew she'd never experienced this before and was eager to make it pleasurable when he finally had the opportunity to share this desire with her. At the same time it was all he could do not to tear into her with all the pent up lust he had been holding onto for so long. His finger slid easily in and out of her. It was as if she wasn't even breathing.

He thrust himself in and out of her pussy to provide himself with the necessary moisture to enter her from behind. He placed the head of his throbbing shaft against her entrance. He held his breath as well as he placed increasing pressure against her. He felt himself break into the tight darkness of her forbidden cavity. She gasped uncontrollably and released the slightest muted yelp. He didn't let it deter him.

Slowly he pressed on. He had come too far to stop now. As her body accepted him completely she moaned. He took this as the only encouragement he could find. As such he started pushing himself deeper. She was so tight and hot he couldn't help but rock back and forth faster and faster. Before he knew it he had his hands grabbing onto her hips almost violently pumping into her. He couldn't stop from screaming her name.

She glanced over her shoulder as she started to beg for it. "Oh fuck my tight little hole", she pleaded, "Don't stop." That was it, that was all it took. Those words caused him to have one final deep thrust and he exploded inside her. His fingertips digging into her and his body pushed so far inside her she was nearly lifted off the ground.

He collapsed against her, pinned to the rough bark of the tree. He breathed heavily onto her. He stood there holding onto her. As he noticed a tear down her cheek from both the pleasure and the pain. He waited until he was ready and removed himself from her. He walked over to his shorts and pulled a knife from his pocket. He cut her wrists free.

She turned to face him, flushed and violated. "That'll learn ya" he stated rather plainly, "You should probably pull up your shorts and help me finish up before it gets dark. He picked up his clothing and wandered back to the truck, turned and smiled. "What are you waiting for?" he asked. Still stunned, she did not answer. She bent at the knees and pulled her shorts back up her legs. He just smiled, self satisfied knowing she'd think twice before teasing him again.

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