Camping with My Wife Ch. 02


"OH! Pump your big dick into me like only my husband should! OH! UMMM! Yeah! OH baby, Alec is fucking me so good!! He's fucking me and feeling my tits! Oh he's so fucking big and hard! Oh! Ummmm! Oh, it's like a fucking baseball bat is fucking my pussy! Oh! Ummm! Yeah! Oh he's going to cum in me soon! Oh! Fill me up again Alec! Cum inside me! Cum in my pussy! Knock me up! Make me cum and impregnate me! Watch as your wife is bred by a young stud!" Sue groaned loudly as Alec's hands used her tits to pull her back hard on to his invading rod.

Hearing those words from my hot blond wife and probably the feeling of his long hard dick sliding in and out of her tight pussy made Alec's balls begin to tighten.

"That's it baby! Time to feel my cum in your unprotected pussy!

Oh Baby! Yeah! Uh! Take it! Take my cum! Yeah! I'm gonna cum inside you Sue! Fuck yeah!" Alec moaned loudly.

"OH! UMMMMM! YEEAAAAHH!" Sue groaned in pleasure.

"Watch me, dude, as I cum in your wife's pussy" Alec said looking directly to the camera.

"OHHHHHHHHH!! UMMMMMM!! FUUUUCCCKKK!" Sue groaned even loudly

and began to shake and thrust back harder.

"Oh yeah!!" Alec groaned loudly and with those words he pulled Sue back towards him with her hair and thrust his hard 10-inch dick into her and shot his wads of cum deep into wife's pussy.

"Yeeesss!!!, Don't stop, I am cumming all over that hard cock of yours! Yes! Right there keep fucking me!" She moaned loudly

Alec's dick continued to shoot his hot cum deep within Sue's pussy as he held himself deep within her. Sue was shaking and shuddering still underneath him, her eyes squeezed shut and her back arching as far as it would bend, still with her hair in Alec's grasp. Those large firm mounds with nipples hard and erect were proudly sitting on her chest, wobbling and shaking from side to side as Sue shook in her throws of orgasm.

"Ohhhhh! So good!!! Ohhh!! Never been so good!!" Sue moaned as her shuddering finally started to subside.

Finally Sue's orgasm ended and she collapsed onto the sand. Alec's orgasm also ended and finally feeling the exhaustion of such a tiring session of work he collapsed onto Sue's back, dick still buried to the hilt in her pussy. He let go of her hair and just lay there, listening to her breathing, she sounded asleep.

"Guess we are even on the cell thing, dude...", he laughed as he spoke

The tape stopped playing soon after, it had come round full circle...


Want to thank again everyone that contributed. Feedback is always appreciated, though if you want be a critic, keep it constructive or don't even bother.

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