tagLoving WivesCamping with My Wife Ch. 05

Camping with My Wife Ch. 05


"Guess it doesn't feel all that good being there, does it?" I asked the 18 year old before me.

He shook his head no, trying to get free of his restraints.

"Good." I replied in a dry tone.

Sean kept struggling to break free from the Dutch tape binding him to the chair and covering his mouth, his face swollen, covered by a mixture of tears and his own saliva.

"Come on kid, stop crying. At least pretend you are a man, what would your girlfriend think?" I asked him as I walked away.

"Speaking of your girlfriend, I am sure you are going to like what you are about to see." I told him as I left...

*** 16 hours before ***

This whole situation has reached a level that was way beyond insane. I left the bathroom at the ship's night club in a rush, stumbling on everything on the way. I started looking for my wife, but the place was too crowded, it was a hard task to walk around, let alone find someone there.

I managed to reach the exit, still a little impaired by all the drinking, in addition of being knocked cold by the ether. I didn't have any choice but to return to our cabin, I was hoping Sue would be already there.

As I slowly moved back to the cabin, using every wall and railing as clutch, I couldn't help but think about the person behind all those messages. What was the motivation to do that? Was it just part of this sick game they were playing with us?

I finally reached our door, using my last strength to grab the key and open it. Wasn't so hard after all, it was already open. As I entered the room, I was a bit relieved to see Sue lying in the bed, it didn't last though.

She was sleeping heavily, naked, and literally covered in dried cum. Her beautiful face, her tits and even her nice blond hair were all covered by a thick layer of the white fluid. I could see a large amount of it leaking from her swollen pussy and running down her legs. I tried to take another step forward but I simply couldn't, I just fell flat onto the floor and passed out.


"Honey, wake up!" I heard my wife say as I opened my eyes. I stared at Sue; she was standing right in front of me looking very different than I remembered last night, wearing yet another one of her skimpy bikinis. She looked like she just got out of the shower, quite refreshed, her blond hair still slightly damp.

"It's new," Sue said with a naughty grin, and her eyes led mine down her body. The pink triangle cups strained against her large firm breasts like patches on inner tubes; lower down, beneath her flat, oil-slicked tummy and between the womanly flare of her hips, a small triangle of fabric revealed a maddening wisp of her pussy at its top edge. "Looks like you like it," she said, gazing down at me.

"We did have a wild night, but you didn't need to sleep on the floor, honey." Sue said to me laughing, helping me up. "Maybe you can't keep up with all these games we are playing?" She asked me, teasingly.

"I can see you really want to impregnate me, baby." Sue said half smiling, "At this rate you will knock me up in no time." She winked at me.

If the hangover wasn't bad enough, hearing my wife say that really wasn't making things any better.

"Is everything ok, honey?" Sue asked me as she noticed me frowning.

"I think we need to talk, dear." I finally said. This thing has gone out of control and I just needed to end it once and for all.

"The boat trip is almost over, let's hang by the pool and relax a bit, honey. You can tell me what is bothering you there." Sue said to me, a bit concerned now.

Didn't really want to talk about it at a public place, but on the other hand it could be a good idea in order to prevent adverse reactions, so I took a quick shower while she finished getting ready and we headed for the pool area.

It was a clear day; the sun was burning hot again. Still, the pool deck was fairly empty, guess most of the passengers decided to sleep in. I was trying to figure out a way of explaining this mess to Sue without causing any commotion, so we sat at a far table near the bar, avoiding direct exposition to the hot sunlight altogether.

As soon as we sat down, one of the waiters came over and asked if we wanted to drink anything. "I'd like an olive martini, please." Sue answered him.

"Make that a plain soda, actually two please," I corrected her. The waiter nodded and returned to the bar.

"It looks like it is something really important, since you won't even let me drink, honey. What's wrong?" Sue asked me, in a serious tone.

My cell was buzzing once again; I didn't want to deal with any more cryptic messages, nor was it the proper time to be concerned with them, as I looked into my wife's big blue eyes trying to find a way to explain to her all that happened these past days.

"Look who is here." I heard from behind me when I was about to speak.

I turned around and saw Jewel and one of her girl friends; one of those we have seen before that day at the restaurant.

"Didn't know you guys took the boat trip as well." Jewel said as she kissed me on the cheek. "You must be his wife, Sue. Pleased to meet you, I am Jewel." She continued, shaking my wife's hand.

"My pleasure, Jewel." My wife replied in a polite manner.

The waiter returned with our drinks. Sue took a small sip of the cold soda and so did I, mostly to ease my discomfort of having small talk with Jewel in front of my wife like nothing happened.

"So you two met before?" Sue asked, not entirely sure which one of us would answer first.

"You can say that." Jewel answered her, blinking at me. "Where are my manners?" She continued. "This is my friend Lori. She is Sean's girlfriend, I am sure you two met him."

"Oh yes, one of Alec's friends. We met him briefly at the restaurant, seemed like a nice boy." My wife said to her.

I was a bit upset at Sue's commentary so I turned around and took a closer look at Lori, who seemed a bit shy to be introduced to us.

She was all dressed up, wearing a short black dress, which clung to her curves, emphasizing her very ample chest, which was held by two thin straps over the shoulders. She wore black high heels, to further enhance her sexual presence. The bra pushed her tits together to form a formidable sight of cleavage.

She looked a knockout. Her straight light brown hair hung down her back, her long tanned legs were shown off perfectly by the mid thigh length of the dress. Her green eyes were simply beautiful, emphasized by the mix of black and the light color of her hair. Jumping up, her 34C breasts bounced with the full life they had, looking quite soft and firm.

"We are going to hang by the boat's lounge this evening; maybe you two could join us." Jewel invited us trying to be nice, but I was sure it was a bad idea.

"I'd like that." Sue replied, smiling.

"Aright then, we'll talk to you later, enjoy the sun" Jewel said as she turned to leave. Lori waved goodbye and followed Jewel, they headed to the main deck.

"Those young girls are so pretty, I am sure the boys are all over them." Sue whispered to me.

"I am sure they are, dear." I answered her without being really able to focus.

Apparently Sue didn't have any trouble noticing that. "You still haven't said what is bothering you, honey." My wife said as she held my hand. "Why don't we go to the sauna for a while to relax and you tell me all about it." She continued.

It wasn't a bad idea, since the sauna would be a little more private, something needed due to the nature of the subject. "Ok, dear, I'll met you there in a minute, just gonna check my cell, it's been buzzing all morning." I told her.

"Ok, honey, just don't take too long." Sue got up and headed to the sauna, I could see her movements were erratic and she tripped on everything possible on the way. She looked back at me laughing and said "Guess the soda was too strong." She reached the sauna door, struggling a bit to get it open. Finally, she entered, the door shutting tight behind her.

I started feeling a bit dizzy myself, probably due to the hangover and the exposition to the hot sun. I reached for my cell and accessed the message I received. "Spiked drink" it read.

You have got to be fucking kidding me, I thought. I looked around and searched for the waiter, he was nowhere to be seen. Actually, my sight was fading in and out, all blurry and out of focus.

As I got up, things started to spin, psychedelic forms appeared out of the blue and vanished without a trace, it was like I was experiencing an acid trip.

I felt I was fighting my inner devils as I moved towards the sauna to get Sue out of there; every step was like a marathon. After what it seemed like hours I finally reached the door, only to find it locked.

I leaned back to the wall, using it as clutch, and circled the area, looking for a back entrance. Took me forever to find it in the state I was in, but it only made me worse, since it was locked as well. I took another couple of steps and noticed a small window, I could barely see anything, nothing seemed to make any sense, but I tried to stand still and take a peek in.

Saw my wife there and what it looked like Sean all over her, wearing only a towel, and squeezing her big firm breasts.

"You can do that while you fuck me," she said in a altered tone, her eyes closed tight the whole time. "Pull my shorts off and give it to me. I've never been so horny in my life."

She leaned back into the corner and thrust her hips toward him, with her ass on the edge of the seat. Her navel and her trim waist were beautiful and dramatic in the pale light, all this felt like a hallucination. Then he unzipped her shorts. He looked like he couldn't wait to see her pussy again.

He grasped the waistline of her shorts and pulled. They were so tight on her big hips that they barely budged.

I tried to bang against the glass, but I had not enough strength left.

"Harder, sweetie," she said. "Hurry and stick your big cock in my pussy."

He hauled back on them at arms' length, scooching them down in a see-saw movement. Tug by tug, her bare hips appeared.

He got her shorts down to mid-thigh. "Oh, shit, that's good enough," she panted. "I can't wait any longer." She flipped over and got on her knees. Then she unceremoniously yanked her pink bikini bottoms off her heart-shaped ass. Her juices were already running down her legs. "Fuck me, baby! Give it to me doggie style, honey. I need your big dick inside me right now!"

He dropped the towel to the floor, saddled up against her ass and took his dong in hand. "Is your pussy ready for my big boy, slut?"

"Ooh, yeah, honey, slide it in and start pounding me!" She swiveled her ass hornily and looked over her shoulder, her eyes still shut tight.

"Yes, Ma'am."

He found her entrance and slid his big cock into her. Her tight pussy seemed to stretch beyond possible. "Oh, yes. Oh, Honey!" She cried out even before the hilt of his cock reached her lips. "Ugh, sweetheart," she grunted. "Fuck my cunt with that big thing! Oh, this is going to be the best fuck yet!"

Then all nine inches were inside her. He started sliding his big, long dick in and out of her fast and hard, just like she seemed to want it. Her pussy sucked at his cock and made a squishing sound with each stroke.

"Ugh! Ooh, yeah, baby, satisfy my pussy with your big pole. All the way in and out. You know how I like it, sweetie."

Indeed I did, but I didn't expect that sonofabitch to. I looked down and watched the entire length of his hammer back and forth under her ass.

"Give it to me, baby! Ooh, yeah! Harder!" She began lunging back to meet his thrusts. "Oh, god, your big balls are touching my clit!" He grasped her waist and pumped harder, and his pelvis stared making loud whacking sounds against her ass. Her large tits were banging against her arms and the seat was rocking from side to side with a loud squeak.

"Is that good, slut?" Sean asked.

"Oh, yeah, honey, it's fantastic." She eagerly answered

"Your pussy is so tight, Sue. It's about time we did this again." He told her as he fucked her with deep full strokes.

"I know! Fuck me, baby, ram your cock all the way in on every stroke! Ooh, yeah, your big boy makes my pussy feel so good! Ugh! OH, BABY! GIVE IT TO ME! FUCK ME, HONEY, FUCK ME!"

"Like that?" He asked, thrusting his cock all the way in and out.

"Ooh, darling, it feels great, but pump faster. I'm so fucking horny!" She yelled.

"I can't get used to your size, baby! You are so fucking huge!" She finished. Then her tone got very nasty again. "Ooh, yeah, honey, give it to me. Come on, big boy, we're not supposed to do this to this out here, so you'd better make it worth all the guilt."

Looked like Sue was experiencing a trip of her own, as she thought I was the kid fucking her.

He speeded up his strokes. His balls were slapping loudly against her ass and her tits were taking off again.

"Ooh, yeah," she snarled. "Pound me, baby. Slam my pussy with your big, long, hard cock!"

He thumped her even harder.

"Oh, yes, Honey! Fuck me! Oh, god, yes. Yes! Oh, yeah, baby. Oh, honey, I'M COMING!" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

Sue reached up with both hands against the wall and pushed back as her hips began to spasm. They drove up against him wildly, lifting them both off for three or four of his strokes at a time.

"Oh, sweetheart, don't stop. Oh, fuck me, baby, keep pumping your cock! Oh, now, yes. Yes. Yes. YES. YES! YES! YES! OH, GOD, YES! FUCK ME, HONEY! OHHH! OH, GOD! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Finally, her grip lightened; he eased his strokes and caught some of his breath. It looked like his orgasm was on its way. His balls tightened and his cock head was swelling.

"It's my turn now, slut!" He grunted, arching his back upward and clamping his eyes shut in concentration.

She was still panting from her orgasm. Then that nasty tone again "Oh, baby, that feels so good, but you'd better pull your cock out of me. I know you want to get me pregnant, but I want to feel all the juice that squirts out of those big balls of yours! I bet you will come in quarts! Do it all over my tits, baby! Pull your big cock out of my pussy and squirt hot cum all over me!" She shouted again.

"OH, FUCK, HERE IT COMES!" He said, gulping and giving her pussy one last thrust.

He flexed his ass up high to pull his cock all the way out of her and reached down to stroke and aim it with his right hand. Under him, Sue got down on her knees, facing him.

No sooner was his cock out of her than he grunted savagely and the first long white stream of cum squirted, arcing up and landing on Sue's face. It splattered obscenely over her left eye and ear, running down her cheek to her mouth.

As she was moaning and licking it off her upper lip, he groaned again and another three huge cords of semen spewed out of his big dick and onto her countenance. One coated her forehead and her hairline. Another splashed on her chin and a third sprayed right into her open mouth.

I couldn't believe how much cum the kid was squirting, and neither could she. "Wow honey," she said in awe, almost afraid of all the hot cum being dumped over her. "You really are flooding me!"

His dick kept blasting. A second load on the chin, then another. A stream right into her right eye. Two on her nose. Her face and neck were coated, but his balls didn't seem to be done yet.

"Mmm, yeah, squirt the rest all over my big tits," Sue said, strings of semen dripping from her face. She cupped her hands under her breasts. He aimed his cock at her right tit and shot three long ropes across it, then he swung his dick to the left tit and stroked the last two big salvos right across the nipple.

The final spurts of his load, which just kept coming and coming, showered onto her stomach and her hands. At last, his cock was just dripping semen into her navel as he leaned over her.

He just slapped his cock at her face a couple of times, got his towel and left her there.

She held one hand to her mouth and licked his jism off it, smiling slyly and making a funny purring noise. She looked down at herself. All the semen he had squirted on her tits was running down onto her concave stomach in white rivulets. "Wow, honey, I've never seen so much cum in my whole life. I'm covered." She said to herself, smiling.

Slowly, she got up and headed to the nearby bathroom, being careful not to lose her balance after all the excitement plus the effects of the spiked drink. I tried in vain to fight it off, but once again I found myself falling flat onto the floor and passing out.


As I opened my eyes, I noticed I was at our cabin; Sue was sleeping peacefully next to me. Was it all another twisted nightmare? It felt quite real, I didn't know what to believe anymore.

I rushed out of the cabin, making sure I locked the door behind me, and headed for the lounge area. I needed disclosure and that was the only place I could think of getting some.

I was a bit disappointed to find the lounge empty, didn't know what to do. I just sat at the large sofa, brought my hands to my face, trying to figure out a way to get out of this mess.

My desperation didn't last, though. A few minutes later, Sean comes into the lounge with a cocky smile on his face; he seemed to be looking for someone.

"Looking for someone, punk? My wife maybe?" I asked him angrily.

His expression quickly changed as he was well aware of my intentions. "Calm down, man! I am here to meet with my girlfriend, that's all!" He pleaded.

I could see his mouth moving, but I couldn't hear a word he was saying, my eyes probably red, fueled by my rage.

As Sean noticed I wasn't about to reason with him, he decided to make an offensive move. He threw himself forward, trying to punch me full on. I not sure there was a force that could prevented me from settling this score. I easily avoided his hit, he spun around losing his balance. I placed my arm around his neck from behind and choked him until he fainted by the lack of air.

Dragged his useless self to a room full of office supplies nearby and bound him to a chair with Dutch tape, covering his mouth as well.


I slapped his face so he would wake up. "Guess it doesn't feel all that good being there, does it?" I asked the teenager before me.

He shook his head no, trying to get free of his restraints.

"Good." I replied in a dry tone.

Sean kept struggling to break free from the Dutch tape binding him to the chair and covering his mouth, his face swollen, covered by a mixture of tears and his own saliva.

"Sean, are you there?" We heard Lori calling for him at the lounge.

"Come on kid, stop crying. At least pretend you are a man, what would your girlfriend think?" I asked him as I walked away.

"Speaking of your girlfriend, I am sure you are going to like what you are about to see." I told him as I left the room, leaving a small gap on the door so he could see what was happening at the lounge.

As I returned to the lounge, Lori seemed a bit surprised to find me there.

"Oh. Hello there! Didn't think you would come." She said smiling. "Where is your wife?" Lori asked me in a low tone, as she was afraid of the answer.

"She is at our cabin sleeping, wasn't feeling well." I lied.

She looked relived to hear that and invited me to sit next to her at the large leather couch.

"Guess it is a nice opportunity for us to know each other." She said in a good mood.

And so we did. She told me she was 21 years old and was about to graduate from the same university as Jewel. As a matter of fact, they were classmates and seemed to have a lot in common, hence their decision to take a trip together.

"What about that lame boyfriend of yours, how do you cope with him?" I asked her, knowing he could hear me where he was.

"He did stand me up, by the way." She answered me, looking bothered by the fact.

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