Camping with My Wife Ch. 06


Alec began to lift her up and then let her fall back onto his cock as he held her up and squeezed her ass. He lifted Sue up and down his length several times before I saw her pussy begin to tighten and convulse around his hard cock.

"Oh, sweetie-bear, fuck me with your big cock. Mmm, yeah, that's it. I love feeling it slide in and out. Harder, baby. Pound me. Oh, honey! Ugh! Yes! Yes!" Her big firm tits were wobbling up and down and slamming into each other. "Oh fuck yes! So big, so hard! Fuck me harder!" She cried out.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming again! Don't stop! Keep fucking me with that big cock! Ahhhh yesssss!! I'm cumming all over that hard cock in me!" She cried out.

Sue leaned back against the wall of the shower and he continued to slide her up and down his cock as she continued to cum all over it. When her orgasm had subsided he let her down to the ground and turned her around.

"I want to see that ass!" He told her.

Sue turned around and shook her ass at him. "Is this what you wanted big boy?" She asked, shaking her ass at him as she teased.

"Fuck yeah baby, right now I want that pussy again!" He replied to her ass shaking.

"Oh, baby, go slow with that big thing," Sue told him a little concerned.

"Don't worry, you will love it." Alec said as he sank his whole ten inches into her tight pussy once again.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good! Fuck me with that hard cock, baby!" She said.

"Tell me how bad you want it!" He said, as he continued to slide into her with deep hard thrusts.

"I want that cock so bad, honey! I need that big cock in my pussy, it feels so fucking good! I can feel your big balls bouncing against my ass!" she said, rocking back to him. Her tits were bouncing back and forth.

"Like this?" Alec asked, ramming hard into her.

He was over her on straight arms holding her hips and she pushed hard palms against the wall. "I'm so horny! Oh, honey, fuck me. Fuck me, baby! Ugh! Your big cock makes my pussy feel so good! I'm going to come again!" Sue promptly replied.

Alec continued to pound his hard, thick cock into her tight pussy from behind while she continued to orgasm all over his hard cock. As her orgasm subsided again I heard the bathroom door open, the camera zooming into her. Sue went dead silent, and Alec slowed down his thrusts but kept them going none the less.

"MMMMPH!" She quietly moaned as he bottomed out each time. "Oh, honey, you're about to come, aren't you? I can feel it in your large balls. Pull it out and squirt your juice all over me! Spray it on my face!"

Sue shrieked with her own orgasm as Alec pulled his big cock out of her pussy and brought it up to her face just as the first massive surge of cum arced out of it and splattered over her nose and left cheek.

He moaned and grunted savagely. The next blast landed on her lips and chin and dangled from her face in a snotty white cord. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and he gave her one right on it. "Mmmmmm," she said, swallowing.

"Damn, look at that!" Steve said to the camera as he captured it on film.

Alec wasn't finished. His cock was still on fire and spewed river after river of hot semen on her. A long line crashed onto her forehead and another sailed far back into her hair. Then she rolled her head back in ecstasy and he gave her a pearl necklace-a big one. Her cheeks were covered.

Sue took his spasming cock in her mouth, and her tongue massaged his cock head as he kept dumping what it looked like big streams into her throat. She swallowed but couldn't keep up with his gusher. I watched his juice run down her chin and drip onto her big firm tits.

Alec kept jerking his cock at her face, giving no signs that his orgasm was about to fade.

"Ooh, are you going to shoot another big load of cum?" Sue asked.

"Oh, yeah, any second now!" He replied.

Sue got a stream on the chin. Then another right in her mouth. Then he gave her three huge, thick cords all over her face. She moaned. Then, he aimed down and blasted a few long ropes onto her tits. She rubbed her tits with her hands and he shot cum all over her hands. Then Sue took his dick in her mouth and sucked out the rest. Alec went cross-eyed, almost passed out.

"Holy shit!" Steve said. "That bitch is covered in cum." He focused the camera at her face then at her tits. Alec fountained a gallon of semen all over her beautiful face and her gorgeous tits. A thick layer of the white fluid was all over her, dripping onto the floor.

"I've never seen your cock squirt that much cum, baby!" Sue said laughing and babbling senseless things. "God, honey will you do that every time?"

"Whenever I fuck you," was all Alec replied, just before the image turned to static.

"That bastard!" I heard a female voice coming from behind me. I have been so lost in my rage watching the tape that I did not notice someone entering the cabin.

I turned around to see who was the girl sharing my discontent. She was a strikingly beautiful woman in her early twenties. She had curves in all the right places and nice 34B breasts that perfectly accentuated her small frame, a nice flat tummy with a little tattoo of a rose that was placed just above her low hip huggers, and long toned legs with nice wide hips, and simply a "to die for" ass.

Her face was framed with short cut brown hair, and accentuated with full lips and beautiful green eyes. She was wearing a pair of her stone-washed blue jeans and a pink sweater. The jeans were not tight but they still clung to her thighs and ass, defining both curves and leaving little doubt that what lay beneath was something to be desired. Her pink sweater, although it showed no cleavage, it also clung to the curves of her small waist and firm tits, defining her slightly hourglass figure, clinging to her flat stomach and her fine tits. She looked hot, but she was comfortable.

"How could Steve do something so stupid?" She asked incredulous, not really expecting an answer.

"Who are you?" I finally asked, as it made no sense discussing it further with someone I did not even know who it was. "Linda, I am, well, was Steve's girlfriend." She replied.

"Your moron of a boyfriend is in some serious trouble, Linda." I told her in a dry tone, not the least sympathetic.

"I suppose that was your girlfriend." Linda spoke in a low tone.

"My wife," was all I said.

I could clearly see Linda was uncomfortable with this whole situation, yet I did not care about it. I would not let that stupid kid get away with it.

We both looked back at the front door, as we heard it open.

"They didn't have any ice cream left, Linda. Is there something else I can get..." He didn't even finish the phrase as I pushed him hard against the wall. Despite being one dumb ass kid, he knew right on what was this all about and started trembling with fear.

"Why did you do it Steve?" Linda asked him, trying to understand why he would do something like that to her.

"I'm sorry Linda. I just wanted to watch, I didn't do anything else, I swear!" He tried to justify himself.

I raised my fist to strike him down, as I wasn't the very least convinced by his explanations, but Linda held my hand and gestured for me to let him go, leading me to the cabin bed.

"Fine fucker, if this is what you want I will give it to you, stand there and watch how a real man handles a woman!" She screamed back at Steve.

Linda dropped to her knees without saying a word, unzipped my pants and began to slide her tongue up and down the length of my cock.

I was confused with this situation, but the blood began to fill my quickly inflating cock anyway. I watched Linda as she slid the head of my cock into her mouth and began to slowly stroke the base of my cock with her hand. Linda had tears in her eyes, but soon was fully involved with the matter in hand. Linda slid a hand down the front of her jeans and began to rub her clit as she continued to twist her tongue around the head of my cock, and slide my length in and out of her mouth.

"You like this you sick bastard?" Linda asked Steve as she pushed my hard cock in his general direction with her hand.

"You like watching your girlfriend suck this hard cock? You can't wait for me to slide this into my tight little pussy and watch it sink into me further than you ever will be, can you?" Linda asked Steve matter of factly.

Steve did not respond. He just stood there and watched his hot girlfriend continue to suck on my now fully hard cock. Linda wasted no time and stood up. She turned her back to me, and faced Steve as she slowly pulled her jeans and skimpy red underwear down her legs. Linda was now fully bent over in front of me, and I had a bird's eye view of that luscious tight pussy and round ass. As confused as I was I could not wait for that tightness to engulf me.

Linda slowly backed herself up to me, and then slid her ass crack up and down the length of my cock.

"First, I am going to fuck this hard cock until I cum all over it, and then I am going to slide this thick cock into my ass, somewhere else you have never been!" She told Steve never moving her eyes from his.

Linda slid her pussy up to the tip of my cock and then slowly began to work my thickness into her tight little pussy. She was wetter than hell, which I immediately assumed was because Steve was watching. Linda went slowly taking an inch at a time until the whole entire length of my cock was buried in her depths.

"Oh my God, it is so THICK!" She yelled as the last inch was buried into her.

Linda began to slowly ride my cock up and down letting almost the whole entire length leave her before beginning the slide back down. Several times I thought I was going to pop out just to have her begin the downward trek once again. Linda began to increase the speed and soon was sliding up and down the length of my cock with quick deep thrusts. I could feel her cervix hit the head of my cock each time she slammed her ass down onto my lap.

Steve just stared, and it was very obvious that he was turned on, as his pants were beginning to rise in the front.

"Yes, my God it feels good!" Linda cried.

Linda reached a hand down and began to play with my balls as she continued to stuff my cock in and out of her tight pussy. I could look over and did notice he was now rubbing his cock though his pants.

Linda suddenly stopped with my cock buried to the hilt in her tightness and began circular motions with her hips.

"Oh my God it feels so good, I wish you were as big as this!" She said to Steve.

Linda continued to circle her hips and I could feel my cock rubbing against every crevice in her tight little box. Soon Linda was really running her hips in a circle and then her breathing began to quicken, and she began the long, fast, deep thrusts of taking my cock in and out of her wet pussy. Linda was slamming her ass on to my lap now and crying out as her orgasm began to take her over.

"Fuck! FUCK! Here it comes, oh yeah! Steve, you like watching your little girlfriend fuck this big cock?" She yelled at him.

"I'm cumming all over this big cock!" She screamed for the whole world to hear.

I could feel Linda's juices running over my balls as she came all over my hard cock buried in her.

"Oh yeah fuck me!" Linda yelled as her orgasm was at its highest peak.

I wanted to grab onto her so bad but couldn't with my hands still tied. Steve was frantically rubbing his hard on though his pants now.

"You never make me cum like this!" Linda said to Steve, as she began to slide back up and down my length.

I slipped my cock from her tight pussy and pushed the head against her ass as she was still cumming.

"Fuck! I'm cumming! Put it in my ass!" She yelled, but did not move as I slowly began to push forward.

"Oh fuck, your cock is in my ass!" Linda yelled, as my cock head stretched passed her sphincter muscle and settled into her ass. Linda tried to pull away, but I held her hips tight and did not let her move. I sat there very still as she got use to the size of me in her ass.

As she began to settle down I pushed a little more into her, and she did not cry out this time, just whimpered in a little pain. I reached a hand around her and began to play with her clit as my cock continued to sink into her ass, a fraction of an inch at a time. As I continued to rub her clit Linda began to moan in pleasure once again, and soon I had about 6-7" of my hard thick cock in her ass. Linda began to buck back and forth and screamed, literally screamed as she came with my cock in her ass.

"Oh my God, I never knew!" Was all she said as she began bucking and convulsing as my cock sank to the balls in her ass.

"Damn, your ass feels so good wrapped around my hard cock." I told her.

"Yeah, it feels wonderful, now fuck that ass!" She yelled back over her shoulder. I began a steady rhythm sinking my cock all the way into her ass as I played with her clit, and knew I would not last long. I sank into her one more time and shoved it as deep as I could, as Linda cried out in pain I cried out in pleasure and filled her ass with a sticky hot load of cum.

"Fuck, yeah, move that ass!" As I emptied my seed into her tight little ass she began to move her ass from side to side, and I could not stop the pleasure, my spine tingled as I shot load after hot load into her ass.

"Fuck, I can feel you filling me with your cum! Mmmmmm it feels so good!" She cried out.

As my cock slowly began to deflate I pulled myself from her ass with an audible pop, and sat back and looked at her beautiful ass, with her cute little pussy peaking out at me from between her legs. Man she had a killer body. I could not stop looking at her ass, and knew I would be fucking her again shortly.

Linda moaned out loud and then rolled over on the table.

"Damn, Steve, I love that big hard cock. I never knew it would feel so good in my ass." She said looking up at him. Linda broke out into a laugh and began rubbing her pussy.

She sat there and began to rub her clit in circles as she looked from my face to my cock, and back to my face. Soon she had a finger buried in herself and was really going to town while staring at my re-inflating cock. I had to take her again. As my cock reached full hardness from watching her masturbate I slowly crawled over the top of her, and replaced her finger with my hard cock.

I sank my cock all the way into her tight pussy, and began to fuck her for all I was worth.

"Yeah, look at her Steve!" I said, as I began to fuck her harder, and deeper than she had been fucked before.

Linda moaned loudly at the mention of her boyfriend. I had figured that she loved the thought of the illicit fucking.

My balls were beginning to tighten and I knew I would not be able to last long if she continued like this. I leaned forward and told her I was going to cum, and Linda picked up the pace. Linda rode me harder and faster than she ever had before. Slamming my cock into her depths. My balls were slapping off of the back of her ass as she brought her fully body weight onto my lap with each downward thrust.

"Oh yeah! I'm cumming again! I can feel his hard cock swelling; he is going to fill me with his cum!" Linda yelled at Steve.

About this time I felt Linda's pussy begin to convulse around my hard cock and lights went off in my eyes. As Linda slammed her pussy onto my cock with hard, fast thrusts I shot the biggest load of my life into her. Linda continued to cum for minutes after I had quit cumming, and screamed obscenities at Steve the whole time.

"Yeah this big cock is filling me with its seed! Fuck it is so hot! You can suck his cum out of me if I let you!"

With that last statement Steve started to cry openly.

"You sick fucker! You came in your pants!" She yelled at him.

Linda got off of me and ran to the bathroom laughing at him. He tried to follow her, crying and sobbing, but she continued to laugh as she stayed just out of his grasp.

I just got dressed and headed back to my cabin, needed to check on my wife. On the way, another message: "Soon you will get your final revenge..."


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