Camping with My Wife Ch. 07


As she spoke she felt Josh's hands squeeze harder and faster and Sue moved her hips faster and harder to match. The feeling of his dick now pumping in and out of her was driving Sue crazy, and she looked like she had had enough of the slow pace.

"Fuck, those are the nicest tits I've ever seen in my life!" Josh exclaimed before reaching up to grab them.

"I want you, baby! I want you to fuck me like never before! I want you to screw me and nail me to this car so hard that people can hear me scream how good you're fucking me a mile away!" She continued as she fucked his dick harder feeling it pump in and out of her faster.

"Ooooooo, yeah baby, your dick is good! Now if we're going to fuck, lets do it properly!" Sue began to move faster, slamming her hips back and forth, and slamming Josh's dick harder and harder in and out of her horny pussy, her heavy tits bouncing wildly.

"Mmmmm, Oh!" Sue moaned loudly as the hard 11-inch rod continued to pump in and out of her faster and faster.

Sue pushed Josh's hands from her as she fucked herself repeatedly on his dick, the car now shaking from side to side as my sexy blonde wife banged this skinny pale nerd.

As Sue pushed his hands away, she reached behind her and searched for leverage, her big 36C tits bouncing freely. Sue fucked herself harder and faster, seeming to love the feeling of the hard dick pumping in and out of her just the way she liked it, hard and fast, as her big tits bounced around her chest. I couldn't believe how hard he rammed his cock back and forth into her very needy pussy.

"Fuck, your tits are hot!" Josh groaned as he reached up to cup and squeeze them both.

Sue just fucked herself harder, once more helping him grope her tits with her own hands. The nerd's fingers sinking into the soft but firm flesh of her tits as she continuously impaled herself on his iron-hard 11-inch cock.

"Ohhh, this is so fucking hot!" She groaned as she bounced rapidly up and down on the hard member.

The words made her groan louder and fuck even harder, slamming herself up and down Josh's dick as he assaulted her big tits, Sue groaned loudly.

"Ohhhh! Ummmmm!" She groaned as she fucked the nerd's dick hard and fast.

The bottom of the car was now slamming loudly against the floor as my hot blonde wife bounced around on the 11-inch dick with all her might. She groaned loudly as the thick cock slammed back into her and Josh continued groping her tits.

"Oh fuck! Yeah! Oh yes!" Sue groaned through clenched teeth. "Uhhhhhhh"

The bottom continued to slam lightly against the floor, but as Sue fucked faster, the faster the car rocked and the more the bottom hit the floor and the harder she bounced up and down his big cock, the harder and louder the bottom banged.

She continued to ride and bounce on Josh's dick as he grabbed hold of her smooth thighs once more and watched as Sue held onto her tits and began squeezing them hard as she groaned and fucked him. She was enjoying the hot feeling of fucking too much to look at him, this wasn't the usual kinky sex Sue did, this was a pure fuck to release all that horniness from earlier on.

"Oh fuck! Ohhhhhh! Ummmmm!" Sue groaned loudly as she bounced up and down and squeezed her big tits, she groped and fucked herself and her long blonde ponytail swishing back and forth from the speed and intensity of the illicit fuck.

"Ummmm! Oh! You're so fucking big!" She groaned loudly.

"Yeah, you like my dick inside you don't you, Sue?" Josh groaned back at her, watching intently as she felt herself up roughly.

"Oh yeah, it's so hard! So fucking hard! Uhhhh!" She groaned, her eyes tightly closed as she rode hard, "Ohhhh, oh!"

The car was still moving, the thumping of the metal against the floor marking their illicit sex session.

The hard rod continued to pump in and out of her tight pussy as Sue rode hard with all her might, fucking herself over and over again on the big cock of the skinny nerd. She couldn't think clearly at all, the feeling caused by the drugs, plus having a big dick back inside her was making her delirious.

She kept yelling 'So fucking good!' And with the only thought being the hard dick buried within her, Sue continued to bounce as fast as she could, groaning loudly in time with the loud thumping of the car.

Clearly, the cretin nerd couldn't believe this was actually happening! All he wanted was to fuck a girl, probably even a fat ugly one. Now, a hot sexy blonde was begging for him to fuck her hard, like her life depended on it. The car was rocking back and forth and the bottom was thumping loudly against the floor, as my beautiful wife continued to bounce up and down on his 11-inch cockmeat.

His hard dick buried deep within her pussy, as he was squeezing her tits roughly and pinching her nipples as she rode him hard and fast; fucking herself completely, her big tits being squeezed hard by her hands, her eyes tightly closed as she relished in the pleasure his dick was giving her, her slim waist drawing the eye as did her long smooth legs. Her long blonde hair was swishing back and forth as Sue repeatedly impaled herself forcefully on his iron-hard rod.

She was hot, and the constant moaning and groaning coming from Sue's mouth made her even hotter. Not only was she simply the hottest girl the nerd had ever seen, but the hottest girl he could ever ask to screw. The fucking nerd had no intention of stopping, as he know that he would never get even close to fucking a gorgeous blonde bombshell like her again.

"Oh! Umm! Yes! Yes! Uhhhhh!" Sue groaned, obviously trying as hard as she could to stay quiet, but all she had managed to limit herself to was groaning very loudly.

I could see he was concentrated on the feel of her hot pussy as she repeatedly impaled herself on his dick, beyond thought. He probably hasn't imagined a pussy could be so tight, it looked like she was trying to milk every drop of cum from him by sucking him hard.

It was hard for Josh to keep himself from cumming in my knockout wife, but he struggled on as he intended to get the most out of this situation.

Then Sue did something that almost made him cum.

She let her tits go and leaning back, she placed her hands on his legs in front of her, let her beautiful head fall back so that her long blonde hair fell behind her, and began riding his dick harder than ever.

"Ohhhh fuck! Ummmm, oh yes! So fucking goood! Oh fuck! I need this so fucking bad!" Sue groaned even louder than before as she pounded her pussy up and down the 11-inch shaft.

But all of Josh's attention was on Sue's lusciously big tits. With her back now arched, her tits stuck proudly out from her chest, her hard nipples poking into the air, and they bounced rapidly and wildly as Sue continued to fuck herself.

The nerd could hardly believe it; he seemed he was going to cum as my blonde wife pumped her tight pussy up and down his hard shaft.

"Ohh I love your dick baby! Ohhhhh! So fucking goood!" Sue groaned loudly, "Stay hard and in me forever baby! Ohhhh!"

Josh watched in lust as Sue pushed herself back forwards and stared with complete lust into his eyes, her hair falling over her left shoulder, all messed up after all her hard fucking, and grabbed hold of his hands.

"Do you like your wife, baby? Do you think she's good enough?" She growled lustfully down at him as she pushed against his hands, using them for support as she fucked him wildly.

"Fuck, yes!" He growled back as he pumped his dick upwards in unison with her humping movements. "I'm gonna fuck you all night!"

"Ohhhhhh! Uhhhh!" Sue groaned loudly.

"Yes, ohhh yes! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh! Fuck me baby! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me!" She growled looking so lustful that she might rip him apart if he didn't do as she asked.

Smiling to himself, more confident now, Josh pulled Sue up with his hands, turned around and leaned back against the car so that he was in a sitting position and wrapped his arms tightly around my wife, pulling her close to him as she continued to bounce up and down on his dick.

Sue's naked big tits mashed tightly against his chest, pressing her hard nipples tightly against him like bullets. Her head fell back taking the remainder of her ponytail with it to dangle down her naked back again, but she continued to ride as hard as possible.

"Ohhh! Oh! Oh! Yeah! Ummmmm! Uuhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" Sue groaned barely short of screaming as she repeatedly impaled herself hard on his big cock.

Rocking back and forth, bouncing up and down as hard as she could, Sue groaned loudly in between moaning as the nerd relished in the amazing feeling of her big tits pressed hard against his chest. The nerd couldn't seem to believe how good they felt and how hot this fuck was. They must have been fucking for almost half an hour now.

"Ohhhhhh!" Sue groaned loudly, "Uhhhhh yeah! Oh! Yeah!"

I could tell she was close to cumming as she not only bounced erratically but she had become so loud now that she was almost screaming and at that minute, she obviously didn't care about anything else.

"Ohhhhhh!" My stunning blonde wife groaned again before lifting her head to look lustfully into his eyes, through his thick glasses, "Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard!" Was all she said.

Josh quickly pressed his lips against hers hard, as Sue groaned loudly again into his mouth and their tongues began slashing at each other's furiously. Then Josh reached down and grabbed hold of Sue's tight ass and picked her up, his dick still buried deep within her burning pussy.

Sue's legs immediately wrapped tightly around Josh's skinny waist again as her arms wrapped around his neck, her hands pulling mercilessly at his greasy hair. Josh walked over to the car door and pushed Sue hard against it, pushing his hard dick deeper into my wife.

Sue broke the kiss and moaned as the nerd pressed her hard against the door and he felt her big tits press even harder against him. And then, with his hands supporting Sue, he began to pound her hard against the car's door.

"Oh, oh, oh fuck!" Sue groaned very close to screaming. The only reason she didn't scream was because Josh pressed his lips against hers again, and so she screamed loudly into his mouth, but outside all that would be heard would be a muffled groan.

Josh continued to pound Sue hard against the door, the metal door making even more of a loud banging noise than the hood had, but right then all the nerd could think was how good Sue's tight pussy felt clamping round his dick as he pumped it hard and fast in and out of her.

"OH! Fuck me baby, yes! Fuck me hard! OH YES! OHHH! UHH!" She groaned loudly again, the door banging louder and louder. "Oh yes! You're so fucking good baby, so fucking big! Fuck me, baby! Fuck your wife! OHHH!"

The nerd still couldn't believe that this was actually happening, that he was actually screwing my hot wife against the car's door.

The fucking continued and Josh rammed into Sue as hard as he could, fucking her for all he was worth. The banging of the door got louder and so did Sue's groans of passion and ecstasy.

Just then, she looked at him; pure lust fuelling her eyes, and spoke as he fucked her.

"Oh, uh, this fucking... door... is... uh, making enough noise! Oh!" She growled as he pounded deep into her, her voice vibrating from the ruthless fucking she was receiving.

"I'll have to... do something... about it if you're going to keep... fucking... me! Oh!" Sue managed to growl out in between groans.

Then, my wife loosed her arms around Josh's neck and reached up to take a hold on the top of the door frame, pushing her ass from the door and forcing his 11-inch rod deep into her.

"Ummmm!" She groaned as the nerd kissed her again, "Much better!"

The door had silenced, but she didn't seem to be able to hold on much. Her long blonde hair was now barely contained in her ponytail and some of it hung down framing her beautiful face that was now a pure mask of lust and passion. Her big tits were still pressed hard against Josh's chest, shaking as he continued his assault on her tight pussy. Her long, smooth legs held tightly around his skinny waist pulling him deeper and deeper into her wanton hole.

"Oh! Mmmmmmph!" Sue moaned into the nerd's mouth as their tongues danced with each other as their bodies continued their passionate romp against the door. Sue's tongue invaded his mouth, visibly trying not to groan from the intense fuck that the nerd was giving her, his dick repeatedly impaled her pussy hard.

Josh smiled at the hot blonde before him as he continued nailing her. Sue smiled back, her eyes rolling as the nerd continued to feed her his dick harder and faster. They both seemed to be getting close now.

Alec kept laughing as he recorded the eighteen year nerd as he pounded my 28-year-old blonde wife hard.

"Yes!" Sue groaned loudly, the nerd's cock slamming hard into her.

Still fucking, Sue looked at Josh and her eyes lit up with lust.

"You really are a bad boy!" Sue purred and Josh responded by slamming hard into her, bringing a sharp grunt and a loud groan from her full lips.


As Josh's dick continued to pound in and out of Sue's hot and tight pussy, I was able to see that he couldn't take much more, he was going to cum soon, and as his thrusts became more powerful, Sue showed the same signs.

"Oh Fuck! Oh fuck yes! Oh yes! OH! Fuck me! Yes! Nail me to this fucking car! Oh, so fucking good! Fuck your wife! Nail your wife to this fucking door! Make me cum! Make me cum then fill me with your fucking hot cum like when I sucked your dick and swallowed it all! Fuck me, honey, fill me up!" Sue growled and groaned louder and louder.

Loosing the doorframe and wrapping her arms once again around his neck Sue held tightly, groaning loudly into his ear as he pistoned in and out of her.

The door once again banged loudly as Sue was fucked ruthlessly against it, her groans of pleasure growing louder and more groan than speech. She tensed and made a death lock out of her arms and legs almost choking the nerd, but he continued to fuck her all he could.

"Ohh fuck! I'm gonna cum!!" Sue groaned loudly and buried her head into his shoulder to muffle the loud scream that she gave as her body began to shudder violently in his arms and on his hard cock.

And as Sue's nails dug deep into Josh's back, scratching long welts into his pale skin, he slammed my knockout blonde wife hard against the door, bringing one loud thump of the door, and a loud grunt from Sue, and pushed his dick all the way into her.

"Oh, I'm cumming, baby! All over, uh, your... big... fucking... dick! OH!" Sue groaned out before she began to feel the first shudders begin, "Oh, yeah, ohhhh, yeah, oh! Oh baby! Come on fuck me! Fuck me! Yes that's it, don't stop! Oh don't stop, please don't fucking stop, oh yeah, oh, ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"

Sue let out a loud groan, which turned quickly into a constant moan, louder still, almost a scream. She moaned and came so hard her voice shook as her body began convulsing rapidly. The throaty moan continued as he arms gave way underneath her, no longer able to hold her up. Her body shook and she began to scream in pleasure.

"Ohhhh yes! Oh fuck me yes! So fucking good! Ohhhh fuck!" She screamed loudly as her body shook.

"That's it, Sue! Cum for me! Cum for me! Fuck, you're so fucking good at this, your pussy is squeezing my dick." Josh growled as he fucked her, but Sue couldn't hear him.

Sue was shaking and shuddering as her orgasm rippled through her. All of her senses no longer worked, she probably couldn't see anything or hear anything, only feel the waves of unbelievable pleasure surge through her.

I could see him plunging back into her hard and fast still making her orgasm stretch on and on as if it would never end. He continued to slam in and out of her, fucking her harder and making the pleasure she felt take her higher and higher. Her scream filled the night and her words of how good and big he was spurred him on to fuck her more and more.

"Want me to cum? Do you want my cum?" He growled down at her as she shook limply and groaned, moaned and screamed loudly, this time she heard though.

"Oh yes, yes! Cum in me! Oh fuck, cum in me, don't ever stop fucking me!" She groaned, breathing very hard, "Ohhh yes I want your cum! All of your cum! Ohhhh! Fill me up, knock me up, nail me to this fucking car and make me pregnant! Oh yesssss! Ohhhhhhh fuck!"

Sue's words trailed off into a wordless half scream half groan. She couldn't even think straight anymore. The nerd looked down at her, still in the throws of her intense orgasm.

"Yeah, I'm gonna knock you up with all my cum! Gonna shoot it all into this fine pussy of yours, real deep."

With those words he reached down and pulled Sue up to him by her arms, throwing them around his neck. Holding tightly to her waist and ass he continued to fuck her, her big tits tightly pressed against him, straining to be free.

Suddenly Josh's thrusts became more erratic, slamming into her harder but at a slower pace until he finally growled at her.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum...!" He growled and with a final grunt he slammed his dick all the way to the hilt into Sue and his cum shot up deep into her pussy, straight into her unprotected womb.

As he rammed into her and finally began cumming, his hot cum made her ongoing orgasm even more intense and she threw her head backwards and screamed again.

"Ohhhh, fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed before words and even groans were lost from her mouth, the pleasure was too much and it seemed she was going to pass out. Her eyes were glazed over and the only reason she wasn't lying sprawled on the floor was Josh's arms holding her up.

And as Sue came hard, his hard 11-inch dick continued shooting large globs of his cum deep within my wife's unprotected pussy.

"OHHHHH!" Sue groaned loudly and bit down hard on Josh's shoulder to stop herself from screaming as his cum triggered another large orgasm within her.

The nerd hardly felt my blonde wife trying to chew through his arm, all he could feel was his dick pumping load after load of cum deep within Sue's very welcoming and very needy pussy.

Sue finally stopped shuddering from the intense her orgasm. Only, when she finally was able to come back to her senses, Josh was still tense, holding her tight against the door and his dick was still pumping reams and reams of his hot, sticky goo deep within her hungry pussy.

Moaning from the feel of the nerd's cum blasting into her and unaware that this was not her husband, Sue laid her head on his shoulder, which now had her teeth marks deep in it.

Josh's dick continued to pump load after load of cum into her and I could see it flooding deeper into her, deep into her womb, filling her hungry pussy as it sucked at his dick, milking his hard cock of all its cum.

She had a belly full of cum from all she had swallowed earlier, and right then, it might just fill her stomach up too.

"Oh fuck, don't you ever stop cumming!?" She groaned as the intense feeling of the nerd's dick spurting cum into her made her feel as if she might cum again, "I think I'm going to explode!"

And she did, he filled her with so much cum, more than Alec and Jack put together! But still Josh's dick continued to blast shot after shot of his white seed deep into Sue's unprotected pussy. So all Sue could do, was groan again and let him fill her up like she'd demanded earlier.

Just as I thought that Josh's cum had nowhere else to go, he finally grunted and she felt his dick pump one last glob of cum inside her before he pulled back and let her down from his grasp.

As he let his arms fall away from her and he backed away leaving Sue leaning against the door, her legs gave way and she quickly ended up sitting on the floor against the door, as Alec sat down looking tired at the side of the road. Her pussy was reddish and swollen, but that fact was shadowed by the huge amount of semen that started gushing from it. The thick white fluid just kept leaking onto the floor, like a waterfall, making a big puddle of cum just below her ass.

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