tagGay MaleCampout Peeping Ch. 03-04

Campout Peeping Ch. 03-04


Chapter 3: The Adventure Continues

After leaving the tent, we went to Scott's house for breakfast. His younger brother and sister were there and his mom had indicated that we needed to watch out for them during the day, as she was going shopping. This sucked, because I had other plans. After breakfast, Scott went to the bathroom to shower. I then talked his mom into taking the younger kids with her, explaining that I had several lawns to mow and that Scott was planning on helping me. She left, taking them too!

Scott came out of the shower wearing only a towel and sporting a major hard-on. He grinned at me "So, how'd you get her to take them?"

I explained it to him, and then went into the bathroom for my shower. I left the door unlocked and slightly open, hoping that he might take a peak inside. I quickly stripped out of my shorts, t-shirt and underwear and then brushed my teeth, used the bathroom, all the standard things...all the while hoping he would see me naked in the light. After finishing all the necessities, I climbed into the shower and began to soap up. They had a clear glass door shower and from the crack in the door, I could see Scott staring in. I was hard as a rock, so I thought `why not'. I grabbed my soapy cock and started jerking off, watching for his reaction out of the corner of my eye.

His eye that was peaking in grew larger, kinda like he was surprised and trying to get a better look. I was extremely hard and kept pounding my cock. I could feel that I wasn't going to last much longer, when he suddenly came into the bathroom! I instantly dropped my cock and froze.

"Don't stop on my account," he exclaimed, "I did the same thing! My dick was hurting for relief! I just came in to pee, you know how it is, couldn't wait!" He then turned his back towards me and started to pee. I could see him clearly in the mirror, his cock shooting a steady stream of clear piss.

Then a thought came to me, "So you didn't want to do it at the same time again I see, since you went ahead and jerked off already."

This caught him by surprise, his pee stream stopped instantly, "well, I, huh, I mean, No! I did want to do it together, but we weren't both in here at the same time...and besides, that would be hard to explain with my mom here!" He stammered, trying to put his drained cock back inside his cutoffs.

I had him! "So, what's your excuse now? Oh yea, I forgot, you already did it, so you can't do it again for a while." I was grinning as he turned and stared at my naked body, cock still sticking straight out, pointing in his direction.

He seemed to swallow hard, then said, "well, go on and finish and then we'll find a new place to do it together later."

"Are you going to stand there and watch me?" I barked.

He smiled, "I thought I might, unless you don't want me to," he added with the smile fading.

"Nah, it's okay." I replied, grasping my cock and beginning my stroking again. I then added, "it's really not fair though, you get to see me naked and I don't get to see you that way, maybe you should go," and I stopped stroking, hoping that he wouldn't want to leave.

He didn't leave! Instead, he grinned from ear to ear, pulled off his shirt and dropped the cutoffs and underwear to the floor. Smiling, "Is this better?" His cock twitched, but didn't harden up all the way.

My cock grew even harder as I studied every curve of cock and balls, which were hanging softly about an inch below his cock. He had more hair above his cock than I did, but not much more. I didn't realize that I had been staring for as long as I had been, so I was caught of guard by his next comment which he sarcastically stated, "Well, are you going to stare at mine until the hot water runs out or are you going to shoot-off?"

I grinned and grabbed my aching cock. He watched my cock sliding within my hand, and I thought that I saw him actually lick his lips. After about three minutes of steady stroking, my cock began to twitch and my wad shot of all over the glass door! I continued to shoot, with six or seven shots coating the door. Scott was smiling with approval as I shook the last few drops of cum from my cock, adding it to the steady stream sliding down the door.

"Wow! That was a lot of cum! I didn't shoot anywhere near that much! Good thing this door was between us or you would have soaked me!" He was still smiling.

"No kidding! You'd have to take another shower!" I smiled, "I'll finish up and we can head out of here." I turned around to rinse and then finished showering.

"Okay, I'll find us a backpack and get some snacks and shit for our trip," he said as he picked up his clothes, except for his underwear, and walked out of the bathroom naked!

It was my first chance to get a good view of his perfectly white ass, which met with deeply tanned back and legs! I could have shot another load. I got out, dried off and dressed in only my shorts, no underwear. I thought it might be fun to have to clean up our cum later...without any underwear.

When I walked out of the bathroom, Scott was coming down the hall, still naked!

I guess he saw the shocked look on my face. "What the hell, no ones' home," he said as he turned into his room and pulled out a new t-shirt, slipping it on. I continued to watch, loving the view of his shining white ass bending over; I could easily see his hairless balls hanging below his butt. He then stopped with his shorts half way up, his back still to me and said, "Do you think this makes us fags? I mean, jerking off together, watching each other cum, and being naked and especially me cleaning up both of our cum shots last night, accidentally putting my underwear back on. It sorta sounds faggy. What do you think?"

I was a little surprised that he said it, but I had been wondering it too. He then pulled his shorts on up, turning to look at me. He didn't have a smile, but he did have a look of desire or something like it on his mind.

I thought for a second, and then answered, "I don't think so. I mean, we both like girls, we both jerk off to nudie books of girls. And besides, if something feels good, shouldn't you do it. We haven't like been doing anything that we weren't already doing."

He seemed to ponder the statement for a minute then, nodding his head, said, "You're right. It's not like we only get off with being naked with each other, even last night we were checking out a girl getting fucked." He shook his head adding, "Come on, and let's get out of here. I got some cool shit in the back pack!" He was smiling again as we headed towards the door.

As we walked out, I wondered if he would still be as open sexually as he had been before. I still wanted to feel him touch my cock again, only this time, without the underwear there.

Chapter 4: Finding the Cave

We had wondered around for about an hour, looking for a new `clubhouse'. It had to be someplace not too far from either of our homes, yet far enough away to where no one would bother us. The tent was fine for camping, but we couldn't hang out there during the day without being bothered by other people, and now that we had found a new form of entertainment, that wouldn't do!

Finally, we saw a cave. We climbed up to it only to find that the entrance in the front was too high and too hard to climb up to. Then, Scott noticed that there seemed to be a hole in the top of the cave. We went around the bluff and found the opening in the top.

"This looks pretty easy, let's climb in from here," he said, handing me the backpack and dropping down into the cave opening.

"Man, this is great!" he exclaimed, "come on down!"

"Here, catch this," I said, dropping the backpack to him. I then lowered myself into the opening. The cave was great! It was about ten by ten and tall enough for us to stand up in. The floor was a sandy bottom, not rocky like most caves and the front entrance was actually off to one side, almost making it look like two rooms. We both climbed over to the rocky front entrance and glared out in all directions. The main opening was high enough that no one could climb up and peer into the cave and the hole in the top was small enough that most adults couldn't climb in.

"This is perfect!" I said. "This place will be a great clubhouse. We're only about half a mile from your house and far enough from hikers and campers!"

"Yea!" he said, smiling ear to ear. "Let's make this it! I don't think we can find another place."

It was agreed, this was the new place. Scott settled down on a large rock and began pulling items out of the backpack. The contents included snacks, two bottles of water, candy and nudie magazines! He had swiped about a dozen very dirty magazines!

"Thought these might be kinda cool," he said. I could see his shorts already starting to tent.

"Great!" I exclaimed, "Nothing like some good porn." I added as I began to flip through the magazine. There was a great section of pictures of a woman getting fucked by two guys. One had his cock in her mouth, the other in her pussy. Instantly my dick was hard. I glanced at Scott and saw that his was hard too! After several pages, the two guys were now taking her in the ass and pussy! I was aching!

"Man, look at this shot!" I said, pointing out the dual picture.

"Yea, I love it! See this one here?" He pointed to a similar shot, only in his book; the guy was covering the girl's ass in cum!

"I gotta get some relief," I said, pulling my shorts down.

"Me too!" Scott said, matching my movements. He then reached into the backpack again and pulled out two towels, handing one to me, "here, sit on this. It will be more comfortable than the rocks."

I took the towel and decided to take see if I could change the `jerk off' plans a bit. "Hey, let's put the towels on the ground, that way, we can be a lot more comfortable." I suggested, innocently.

"Man, that is a great idea!" Scott agreed and began to spread his towel out on the floor, turning so that his ass was facing me. I really began to notice that his shiny, white ass was a perfect bubble. It was muscular and very well defined, without a single flaw. I wanted to reach out and stroke it, but I snapped out of the desire when I heard Scott add, "Are you going to spread yours out or what?" I had been caught! I smiled and said, "Just waiting on you to move your ass out of the way!"

Once we had the towels spread out, we both sat on our respective towels facing each other in a diagonal manner. Now, these were not beach towels, so we were actually pretty close together. Almost to the point of our knees touching! Once settled, Scott began to stroke his cock.

"I'm getting naked," I said, "it's too damn hot not too." As I got up on my knees to pull of my shirt, my cock brushed against Scott's leg! I flinched and said, "oops, sorry."

"For what?" He grinned.

I pointed to his leg, shirt off, kicking the tennis shoes off, "I gotta little pre-cum on your leg."

He rose up a bit, pulling his own shirt off, "well, just wipe it off or whatever, it doesn't hurt," he said with a funny look on his face.

I reached over and rubbed the precum around, as if to rub it in. Smiling, I said, "just like hand lotion."

Scott was now as naked as I was and had resumed stroking his cock in a slow and methodical manner. His right hand was at the very bottom of the base and he would very slowly slide the hand and skin upwards, each stroke forcing a little bit of precum out. He was staring at the book, flipping pages from time to time with his left hand.

I was matching his strokes, following the very slow process and forcing the precum to pump out and slide down my cock and hand. This went on for several minutes; I had returned my attention to my own magazine and hadn't noticed that Scott was now staring at my cock, until I went to turn the page.

I thought to myself, time for the next step. I glanced at his face, wanting to see his expression. "What are you looking at there?"

His eyes went wide and a look of panic struck his face. "I was, well, I was just watching you for a minute. Sorry!" He sounded hurt.

"No problem! I was watching you earlier. What were you thinking about?"

He looked relaxed again, "well, I was noticing that your cock is a little longer, but mine looks thicker."

He looked like there was more to add, "What else?"

"Well, what did you notice? You're looking too!" He snapped at me.

My cock was throbbing hard as I began to think of how I wanted this to go. I chose my next words carefully. "Well, I noticed too that yours looks fatter. I noticed that you have very small balls, mine look bigger. I noticed that you had more hair on your crotch and that it was a little thicker than mine," smiling at him, him grinning back, I continued, "I also notice that I have a lot more precum oozing out than you do."

"I guess I never thought about dicks being so different," he said.

"Hey, I have an idea...no, never mind." I was waiting to see if he would take the bait.

He did, "no what?"

"Na, nothing. You might think I'm a queer or something," dragging him in further.

He followed my lead, "no I won't! What? Come on! What were you thinking? Please?"

Now I had him. Bashfully, I began to ask my question, "Well, I was wondering, what you would think about us, well, shooting our cum onto each other this time, instead of all over the ground?"

He looked a little surprised, but just smiled big. "I think that would be cool!" He exclaimed!

I knew that he had thought I was going to suggest jerking each other off, but that was coming later. I wanted to spray my cum on him and I wanted to feel his land on me.

"Okay, so do you want to go first?" I asked.

"Sure, why not." He replied.

"Alright, how are we going to do this? Should I lay down and you point your cock at me or what?" I asked.

"That sounds okay to me, where do you want me to shoot it?"

That was a question I hadn't thought of an answer to. Where? I wanted to feel it, I had a slight desire to taste it, but not that big of a desire. I stretched out as best I could and smiling answered, "how about you shoot it on my dick and crotch?"

He smiled and moved closer to me, his knees touching my side and thigh, "Okay, just want it on your cock huh? How about afterwards, what do you want me to do then?"

That was a good question too. I thought for a second, watching Scott stroke his cock inches away from my body. I then answered, "You can rub it in some, but not all the way, I want to feel it too."

Scott smiled and then began to stroke faster, aiming at my straining cock. His hand looked like a piston, moving faster and faster. He was moaning softly, "oh yea, oh yea, it's coming." He kept repeating it over and over.

Bravely, I placed my hand on his thigh and slid it slowly up and down, encouraging him, "that's it, shoot you're cum on me, shoot it, shoot it, blow that wad."

I wasn't sure if it was his actions alone, or my coaxing, but he began to moan louder and started to turn redder, soon his cock erupted! His cum shot out, one wad landing directly on my cock, another landing at the base of my cock in my pubic hair. A third shot landed on the inside of my left thigh, with the fourth landing between my legs on the towel. He squeezed his cock, forcing a fifth wad to fly onto my belly, above my crotch hair. He continued to jerk and squeeze until a few last drops dripped onto my right thigh. He then rocked himself back, his butt resting on the back of his calves. My hand was still sitting on his thigh, not moving, just feeling his soft, tanned leg.

His cum was very warm and I could feel it slowly sliding down the length of my cock, meeting with the second load that was in my crotch hair. I could also feel the load that was dripping down my thigh, sliding slowly between my thigh and ball sack, oozing towards my round ass cheeks.

"Damn! That was awesome!" He exclaimed, smiling at me. "I've never shot that much cum before, man! Look at it! It's all over the place!" He said in an overly excited voice. He then reached over and rub the cum that was on my right thigh, smoothing it over a larger area. He then reached to the left thigh and rubbed the cum there against my balls and inner thigh.

His touch was awesome! I didn't know how much longer I could stand it! I reached down to my cum soaked crotch and smeared the cum all around, sliding some of it back up my cock. It was warm and sticky, yet smooth and soft too.

I smiled at Scott who was staring at my cock and said, "My turn! Lay down." Scott then did as I said, laying back on the towel. I scooted over to him, cum still dripping in all directions from my crotch, knees to his side. I looked at his softening cock and loved the sight of it. It had a small drop of cum still trying to get out. His cock was beet red and still very thick.

I then asked, "Where do you want it?" as I slowly stroked my cock above him.

He seemed to have to really think about it, he looked almost scared. Finally he responded, "Where do you want to put it?"

"That's not fair! I told you where I wanted it," I replied, grinning, while at the same time thinking of the many places I wanted to cum on him.

"Well, I don't know! I don't want to be a copycat and have you do it in the same place, so I really just don't know. You pick!"

Still thinking about it, I said, "Why don't you give me a couple of choices? Or, would you rather me not cum on you at all?

"No! No! I want you too! I'm just not sure where," he defended. "Honestly, you can do it anywhere you want! There, that is your `choices' anywhere on my body!" He was grinning from ear to ear like he had accomplished something here.

Grinning back, "Okay...how about I cum on your face?"

His smile faded a little, to a more mischievous look. "Really?" he asked, "I guess so." His confidence was blown; he wasn't expecting that at all.

"Or," I decided to give him the choices, "or, how about on your butt? Now you have two choices to pick from; your ass or your face?"

He was grinning again. Smiling he asked, "You like my ass don't you? I saw you checking me out earlier and at my house this morning. So, if I say my ass, you'll really be happy won't you?"

His confidence was back and he had me! "True, I did check out your ass. But just to show you that it doesn't matter, I choose your face!" My bluff was in.

"Okay, but, I'd rather you shoot it on my butt this time."

This time! This time! That meant that he was eager to do this again in the future! And so was I. We were now not just jerk off buddies, but as soon as I could shoot my load, a whole new friendship would be started.

"Alright, roll over. But next time, I get to cover your face! Deal?" He was rolling over, and smiled up at me and said, "Okay".

Once he was on his stomach, he arched himself up on his elbows and looked back over his shoulder at me. I was against his right side now and was mesmerized by his ass. The perfect bubble shape, the soft whiteness, the tanned back and legs. My cock was aching for release. Then I decide to step it up a notch.

I began to move away from him, and he looked puzzled. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing, just getting a better position," I responded. I then began to slide his legs apart. He got the hint and spread them widely. I moved up between his legs until my knees were planted snuggly between his inner thighs. My cock was less than six inches from that perfect ass. "Now, that's better!" I concluded and began to stroke again.

In less than three minutes, I began to feel my cum rising. I leaned over; placing my left hand on Scott's left side, my cock only inches away from his butt crack. I was moaning loudly, "Oh man! Here it comes! Get ready!"

Scott replied as I had done, "Oh yea, blow that cum on my ass!" But then he added, "Spread my cheeks man! Get it in there good!"

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