tagLoving WivesCan I Believe Her?

Can I Believe Her?


Thanks to LokiKarameikos for his editing help.


We had agreed to go out for dinner when I got home. She was ready and waiting for me, so I quickly changed and we headed out for the restaurant.

"I have a surprise for you when we get to Little Italy" she said as we were driving there.

"Why not tell me now?"

"Because I want to wait until we are there for the full impact."

We talked more and soon arrived. We were taken to a booth in the back that we liked. The restaurant was quiet and homey, with long table cloths that went half way to the floor.

"Sit next to me tonight. It will make the surprise easier" she said as she slid into the booth. I followed and sat next to you.

You took my left hand in yours and placed it on your thigh while the waiter was going over the specials. You then slowly slid it up your thigh as you spread your legs. You then took your hand away and simply said, "Keep going higher." I kept going until I came to your naked pussy.

"That is a surprise. Why no underwear tonight?"

"I wanted you to know that that is your cunt."

I simply looked at her for a while as I continued playing with her pussy. "You do know what you are saying don't you? You aren't teasing me?"

Let me take you back in time and fill you in on why I was surprised about her comment.

My name is Bill and my wife is Carol. We are both in our 50's with grown kids and have been married for over 25 years. Over the years I had tried to expand her and our sexual horizons, without much luck.

We had watched videos of wives getting fucked by porn stars, I had bought books for her to read and tell me what stories she liked. I had asked what her fantasies were (she said she didn't have any), to tell me about past lovers and her ex and she said she didn't want to. She never asked about any of my previous lovers, not that there were that many. I just couldn't get her past the occasional fuck in bed with the lights out.

Before we got married, she would dress to show off her tits and would be up for a variety of sexual events. But after getting her Mrs degree, she became a 'Mrs Goody 2 Shoes' in granny panties. I tried to get her to show off her tits again and she would say 'it's just adipose tissue, what's the big deal', and not show even a hint of tit.

She would say that she could do what she was told, but when told to do things, they never got done. I would come home for lunch when the kids were in school and tell her to be wearing a button-up dress or a skirt with a button blouse and no underwear. What would she wear. Slacks and a t-shirt. We would go on vacation and I told her to go look for a bra that had holes for the nipples or were just a shelf bra that exposed her nipples and the top of her tits. She never did. I bought her one and what was her response, 'I can't wear that.'

She would often need help to become wet before fucking. She would use KY or something similar or have me spit on my hand and lube her up that way. I soon decided to bypass the hand and just spit on her cunt directly. There was one time on vacation that we were watching a video of a wife getting fucked and I was saying what I had said before. 'You'd like to be that wife wouldn't you. Getting fucked by a big cock (mine is a bit smaller than average) would really get you off.' When she came, she soaked everything. I had never seen her squirt like that before, or since. When I reminded her of that later, her response was that she wasn't that turned on when it happened.

I then turned to terms of endearment, like bitch, slut, cunt or whatever popped into my head at the time. This was done at home and in public at times, just for us. I then told her that was my cunt I was playing with. Later I would ask whose cunt I was using and she would say it was mine. Then it was my tits and my ass. I told the bitch I was going to do whatever I wanted with my cunt, even share it.

One day I mentioned that I didn't care for her. A couple of days later she asked me what I had meant. I told her I didn't care if she came or not when we were fucking. She was my slut and her only concern was to please me. For the record, most of the time I made sure she got off before me, but there were times when I just used the cunt for me and she seemed to like it. I told her again she was my bitch and here to please me and her pleasure didn't concern me. When we were done talking, she said she understood and was happy with it.

I continued to talk about sharing my cunt and even added maybe I would rent it out sometime. Originally, she didn't say anything about these comments, then she started saying no and I told her it was my cunt and I would do what I wanted with it. At times I would ask whose pussy it was and she always said it was mine.

Normally when we fucked, it was on our sides with me fucking her from behind. Once in a while it would be missionary with me on top, easier to spit on the bitch.

Then about a year ago I went through a bit of depression (lost my job to a layoff). In the process of talking with a counselor, she said she couldn't allow anyone else to fuck her. Prior to this, I had lost interest in sex and we hadn't fucked for a while. I had wanted to watch her get fucked by someone with at least an 8" cock, especially a nice big black cock.

Now she was telling me it was my cunt again. I'm trying to figure out if she is serious or just trying to get me to fuck her thinking she'll let me do what I want with my pussy.

"Do you know what you are saying bitch? You know what I might do if you are serious. You had better think before you answer the question."

"I have been thinking about my answer, that is why you are playing with your naked pussy. It is yours to do with as you decide is best for you. That and your ass, tits and face."

The waiter appears and asks what we would like to drink. I tell him: "She will have orange spice tea and water with lots of ice. I'll have water and coffee for now."

As the waiter walks off for our drinks I look you in the eyes. "You liked that I ordered for you didn't you slut. Your, or should I say MY pussy got wet when I ordered your drink. And you didn't say a word when I ordered the extra ice. I ordered that just for you to see your reaction since I know you don't like ice. Maybe you are serious about this."

"Yes" you say as you look down and start looking for something in your purse. "Please let me out to go to the restroom. You can read this while I am gone." She slides an envelope towards me as she gets out of the booth and walks to the restrooms.

I open the envelope after watching you walk off and sit back down.

My Dear Husband,

I have been in turmoil for quite some time about our relationship and what I have done to make it more stressful. I realize that I was wrong about not allowing you to use me for your total pleasure. That decision has hurt me, but I know that I have hurt you more, the person I love.

From now on, if you will allow me, I will be totally yours.

My pussy is your pussy. My ass is your ass. My 'girls' are your 'girls'. My face is your face.

I know that you must be confused by all of this, but I assure you I am serious. I love you and want to please you in any and all ways that I can. If that includes giving you total control of my/your body, I am willing to do that also. Use me in any way that pleases you.

I know that you would never harm me or put me in any type of danger.

If you willing to accept this offer, do not allow me to sit next to you on my return. Make me sit on the opposite side of the booth facing you.

Your loving wife

You have signed this and put X's and O's under your signature.

I read this over several times before realizing that you have returned. You are looking at me and I simply nod to the other side of the booth. As you sit down, I notice that you have undone another button on your top.

"Who gave you permission to show off my tits? Button everything up all the way to the top. Now!"

You look surprised then look down and start to button up your blouse. You finish just before the waiter returns with our drinks.

"Have you decided on what you would like to order or do you need a bit more time?" he asks.

"Yes" I answer. "I'll have the lasagna and a house salad. The slut will have a bowl of you Italian wedding soup and a house salad. I would also like a glass of wine to go with the lasagna, whatever you suggest."

"Very good" he replies while looking at you with a questioning look on his face and then walks away.

"It feels good calling you a slut or bitch or whatever I decide to call you again. Is my pussy wet from how I have treated you?"

"Yes. Whatever I can do to please you pleases me."

"Do you know why I called you a slut to the waiter?"


"Because of the way you were dressed when you returned from the restroom. Most of the people between there and here already think you are a slut, so why not admit it and announce it. When we walk out of here, there will be no question about what you are."

I suddenly changed the subject and started talking about work and asking about your day. During the course of this conversation I tell you to unbutton your top button. You look at me with a funny look but reach up to undo it. You are doing this as the waiter arrives with our salads and he watches you unbutton the button before putting the food on the table.

"I want to taste my cunt, is it nice and wet?"

"Yes" you answer. "How are you going to taste it?"

"You are going to put your fingers in my toy and let me taste them. Do it now."

You reach under the table and play with your self with your left hand while eating your salad with your right hand. You soon bring it up and I can smell your scent as you do. Your reach across the table and I suck on your fingers.

"Very tasty indeed. And certainly wet. You are a big slut aren't you?"

"For you, yes."

"And for others I chose to share you with bitch?"

"Yes" you whisper.

"What did you say, I didn't hear you."


"Yes what?"

"Yes I am a slut for you and for anyone else you chose for me to be a slut or bitch for."

"Very good. Now undo the next button."

Again you reach up and start undoing the second button as the waiter arrives with the main meal. He again is watching you as he put the food on the table.

"The waiter may keep close tabs on us tonight if he thinks you will be undoing a button every time he comes around. Make sure that he has a nice view of my tits when he comes back." With this instruction you pull the right side of your blouse out and away from your body.

The waiter checks on us after a few minutes to make sure that everything is fine. "Yes" I tell him, "but the bitch needs more tea and I need more coffee please." He nods and walks off.

I see him returning in a matter of moments and tell you to undo the next button, number three. You finish undoing it and pulling the material away as he arrives at the table. I see that you are wearing a shelf bra, so the nipple and top of my tit is showing at this point. After enjoying the view and refilling our beverages the waiter leaves.

"Your blouse is now open to where you had it, without my permission, when you came back to the table. Now the evening will become more interesting. Undo the next button and also pull your skirt up behind you so that you have your bare ass on the seat, but keep my cunt covered."

After you have done this we eat and discuss 'normal' items and enjoy our meal. Our waiter checked on us a couple of times and made sure our beverages were filled.

"Now dear slut, we will see if you really mean what you said. You are to undo another button and then remove your skirt. You are to set it between you and the end of the bench in plain site. Also make sure your blouse is pulled away so that now my left tit and bra are showing also."

You sit there looking at me and not moving. "That's what I thought, you didn't mean what you said. You were just teasing me."

You then start to wiggle as your hands go to your sides. You soon hold up your skirt and set it on the seat next to you. You then reach up to undo the fourth button, then pull the left side around so that both of your tits are visible.

When the waiter returns to clear away any unneeded dishes, he almost falls over. He has a hard time doing his job since he is staring at your tits and the skirt on the bench. Before he leaves I ask for a desert menu.

"Now scoot forward and spread your legs wide. Make sure that my pussy is visible when he returns."

He not only brought the desert menu, he brought more coffee and tea. It was most comical watching him trying to fill my coffee cup while staring at my wet pussy that you were showing him. "Stay the way you are until I order desert. I want you to play with my cunt until I say so."

He returns shortly to take our order and stares at you playing with yourself. "Have you decided on desert?" he asks.

"Yes. I'll have gelato but bring two spoon, I may share with the slut. Thank you."

He slowly takes the menus and walks away to place our order.

"You enjoyed that didn't you slut. I can smell you from here."

"Yes. Should I continue?"

"No. You are to lick your fingers clean, after you put your skirt back on and undo the next button."

You sigh a sigh of disappointment as you remove your hand and start putting your skirt back on.

"Don't worry about tucking the blouse in, you're going to leave that out."

You get it back on and are unbuttoning the button when the waiter returns with desert. He takes a quick look as he leaves after telling us to enjoy.

"If you would like some, you may have some." You slowly pick up the spoon and take a couple of bites, then put the spoon down.

"Thank you for sharing your desert with your slut."

The waiter returns with the check and I give him my card to run. He soon returns with it and I get ready to fill it out.

"When we get up, I am going to adjust your blouse before we walk out. I also want you to tell the waiter thank you for enjoying looking at you."

He soon returns and thanks us for dining with them and to come back soon.

"Thank you for your efficient service. I hope you enjoyed the view as much as I enjoyed you looking at it." you tell him.

"Oh yes ma'am, I enjoyed it very much. Make sure to ask for me when you come back."

He leaves and we stand. I pull your blouse apart so that it's open almost all the way down and just barely covering my nipples. At this time we walk out and I put my arm behind your back and let it slide down to your ass. As we walk out and into the parking lot, I reach down and unbutton the last button. Now your blouse is waving in the breeze totally exposing the tops of my tits to anyone who is interested in looking. Once we are in the car I tell you to remove your blouse and bra. You hesitate for just a moment before scooting forward to remove your blouse and unhook your bra and remove it.

"That is how a slut should travel, with her charms exposed for all to enjoy." Since it is dark, I drive through town all the way home so that there is a chance that others will see you, and some do.

Once we are home and in the garage I tell you to remove your skirt and walk naked into the house. Once in the house I just lean you over the couch, drop my pants and fuck you until I come before you. You then clean my cock with your mouth and get me hard again. We then head to bed where I fuck you again. This time you come a couple of times before I fill my cunt with my cum.

We collapse beside each other and as I drift off to sleep I ask myself again, can I believe her?

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