Can I Have Your Autograph, Please?!


I was sweating just as much and tears of pleasure streamed from my eyes. He was about to slow down, but I panted: ”No! Don’t stop! It’s just because it feels so good – and you don’t dare stop now! I’m so close to coming!!”

So he kept on fucking me, ramming his cock into my pussy with all his force. Again he raised himself up on one arm – this time to reach down with his right hand to my pussy, where he started rubbing my clit.

That was all it took. I came again, screaming and pressing my legs around his waist, hugging him and raising my head to bite down on his shoulder, then grabbing his face to kiss him wildly. I could feel my inner muscles pressing hard around his cock again and again, and I could see it on his face, too. He closed his eyes and panted into my mouth: ”Oh, no! I can’t hold back anymore! I have to stop now, before I come!”

Before I could say anything he pulled out his cock from my pussy, but I rapidly grabbed around his ass and forced him to move up, so that he was kneeling again, straddling my waist and with his cock right above my chest.

I whispered to him: ”Come on! Jerk it off now! I want your cum all over my body and my face! I wanna see you come!!”

I reached down to his balls, gently starting to stroke them. He gasped and looked down at me, but then he grabbed his cock again and started to rub it furiously, throwing his head back in pleasure. I reached down with my other hand and rubbed my still moist clit, and just looking at him was enough for another orgasm to draw near.

I moved my hand from his balls and a little further in between his ass cheeks, finding the male G-spot just between the testicles and the anus. I rubbed at it hard, and at the same time I lifted my head so that I could reach Kiefer’s cock with my mouth, kissing and licking the head.

Almost immediately his body jerked and he roared as the orgasm hit him, his hot cum shot out over my breasts and my stomach. I tried to catch some of it in my mouth, but it was difficult, as I came once more.

Kiefer slowly lowered himself down and streched out to lie on top of me, supporting himself on his elbows on either side of my head. He bent down to kiss me gently, before he buried his face in my neck, just lying there breathing heavily.

I heard his soft murmur: ”Oh, my God!!” and I just couldn’t help myself.

”Sorry, Kiefer – but it was only me!!”

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