tagIncest/TabooCan I Touch It?

Can I Touch It?


"Can I touch it?" I ask looking from my father's dick up to his face. I can't believe I just asked him that. I was the one that insisted there be no contact. I have fantasized about my father for as long as I can remember. I started touching myself when I was very young and would imagine him watching me. As a teenager I had fantasies about him coming to my room and giving me lessons about sex and the male body. As an adult these fantasies continued to be the ones that got me off the fastest.

After separating from my husband and started having my fantasies about my daddy more often. I thought about him any time that I masturbated. I started fantasizing about telling him the kind of thoughts I've always had about him. I never thought I would do anything other than fantasize. One night though I decided to send him an email. I reminded him of the amateur porn magazine he had when I was young. I told him how I used to touch myself when I looked at it and that I had started taking pictures of myself a few years ago. I told him that I had always wondered what he would think of my pictures and asked if he would like to look at them. He responded saying that he would like to see them very much. So, I sent a few, more modest pictures. I told him if he liked them to let me know and I would send more. He wanted to see more. With the more erotic photos I sent him a request to see his a picture of his cock, telling him how curious I had always been about it. He replied that he didn't have any pictures he could send me, but that the next time we were alone together he would show it to me if I wanted. I wrote him back letting him know that I did want to see it, but that I didn't want him to expect anything else. I made it clear to him that while I was curious, I knew it was wrong. I told him when we were alone next we could look at each other and touch ourselves, but that I did not want there to be any contact between us. He seemed okay with this. I played with myself every night in anticipation of seeing him stroke his cock while looking at my body. Finally, the opportunity came for him to stop by my house while the kids were at school.

We didn't talk about it when he got here. We exchanged pleasantries, and then I quietly removed my top and bra. I waited for him to unzip his pants before I started to remove my own. I sat down on my couch with him standing just a few feet away in front of me. He exposed his huge cock to me. It was bigger than I had ever had before and I could feel my already wet pussy start to ache in response. As he started to slowly stroke his cock I let my fingers find their way to my clit and made small circular motions around it.

After several quiet and intense moments I found myself asking, "Can I touch it?"

He moved closer and is now standing right in front of me. I look up at him and wait for him to answer. "Of course you can. Go ahead, touch it for Daddy."

I reach out and gently, nervously, take his cock in my hand. I can't believe I am touching my own father like this. I'm so turned on by how wrong it is that I feel like I could cum right now, without touching myself anymore; just by touching him. I start to stroke it, loving the way it feels in my hand.

I've always had a bit of an oral fixation. I've already gone this far, I think to myself, I might as well go all out and have as much fun as possible. "Can I give it a kiss, Daddy, please," I ask him in my best little girl voice.

"Kiss it baby. Kiss Daddy's dick," he answers back. I continue stoking him as I lightly kiss the tip of his cock. After kissing that little kiss I keep it just inches from my lips as I move my hand methodically up and down his shaft. I look up at him as sweetly as I can and watch his face as I open my mouth and very slowly take the head of his cock into it. I love the look on his face. I keep stoking his shaft with my hand while sucking on just the head of his dick, swirling my tongue around it.

He moans and I move forward, pushing his dick further into my hungry mouth. It's so big that it's hard to fit much in, but I take as much as I can. I tell him to sit down and I move to the floor, on my knees in front of him. I take his cock into my mouth again and start bobbing my head up and down its length, gagging each time it hits the back of my throat, but still trying to take it deeper. He puts his hands on the back of my head and pushes me down further, choking me with his cock. I can't help but move my hips, humping the air as I try my hardest to deep throat my dad's big dick. I love the way it feels to have my daddy enjoying my mouth this way. It tastes and feels so good to my tongue. I find myself thinking that I could do this all day, when he suddenly pushes me away.

"Come up here and sit on Daddy's dick, sweetheart. I want you to ride me" he says it as an order, not a request.

So, I climb up on my father's lap and look into his eyes while I slowly lower myself onto his cock. As the head pushes past my lips and starts to enter me I realize that I'm getting ready to fuck my own father. I know the thought should bother me, but it only brings me more excitement. As I lower myself further onto him I think about sitting on his lap so often as a child. It turns me on so much as I feel him filling me fuller than I have ever been filled before, until I sitting all the way down with him buried deep in my pussy. I start moving up and down, slowly at first then faster. It only takes a few minutes for me to cum. When I finish shuddering with orgasm he tells me to on my hands and knees in front of him.

I quickly comply, and he wastes no time getting behind me and shoving his cock back into my dripping pussy. He pumps it into me so hard that I can't help but scream out with pleasure. My screaming must get turn him on, because he starts pounding me even harder. He grabs my long hair and pulls it while he fucks me. "You're such a dirty girl, letting Daddy fuck you this way. You make such a good little whore for Daddy" his words and the pounding of his cock bring me to orgasm again. When I'm done cumming this time he tells me to stay on my knees and move in front of me.

He waves his dick, wet with my cum, in front of me and slaps me in my face with it. He takes it in his hand and rubs the head of his dick all over my face before putting it back in my mouth. I start sucking all of my juices off is cock.

"I'm going to cum for you now, honey" he tells me then grabs my head and starts fucking my face hard, forcing his cock into my throat over and over. I'm gagging and my eyes are watering and it's hard to breathe, but I don't care, all I care about is making him cum. He pulls away as he starts to shoot his load, spraying it on my face. I leave my mouth open and try to catch as much as him cum as I can in my mouth. He rubs the head of his dick on my face again, rubbing his cum into my skin. Then he lets me suck it back into my mouth. "That's a good girl, get it all clean for me" he says.

When I finish cleaning his cock off with my tongue, he gets dress while I watch him. He then helps me to my feet and gives me a big, fatherly hug. He looks at his watch and says he needs to get going, but it was nice visiting with me. He gives me another quick hug and leaves.

I can't believe what I have just done, and yet I can't wait for it to happen again. I hope he enjoyed it as much as me and that it won't be a one time thing. Fucking my daddy was everything I ever fantasized it would be. I'm going to take a nap now, and dream about the next time I get to make Daddy cum.

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