tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCan You Escape?

Can You Escape?


Jim and Stacy have been dating for a few months. They grew up in the same neighborhood, though going to different schools throughout grade school and high school. Jim met Stacy at his best friend's summer party. Jim and Stacy instantly clicked. They spent the first few months hanging out at Jim's friend, Dale's house. A few months into the relationship, the romance thickened. Jim and Stacy finally made the plunge and had sex on Dale's living room couch one drunk Friday night, but that isn't the store I want to tell you about.

Jim worked second shift at a local factory while Stacy was attending college. Both still lived at their parent's house as teenagers. One winter day it was cold and foggy outside. An inch of snow lay on the ground. Stacy woke up and listened to her alarm radio as she lay in bed. The local weather report stated classes for the morning had been canceled due to thick fog. Stacy quickly through on a pair of pajama pants, a t-shirt and snow boots. She grabbed her winter coat and zipped it up as she walked out the door. The wind was blowing tiny snow flakes around. The cold hit her immediately. She threw the coat hood on her head and jogged down the alley to Jim's mom's house.

Stacy rang the door bell and waited for Jim to answer. Jim was still sleeping in bed. He wiped the sleep from his eyes when he heard the door bell and sprang out of bed. He looked at the alarm clock which read 8:30. He opened the first door which lead to the basement. He unlocked the outside door and opened it to see who was there. He saw it was Stacy and quickly let her in from the cold. Stacy took her coat off and put it on the back of a chair.

Jim was cold and crawled back under the blankets of his bed. Stacy joined him. Jim was still tired, but Stacy was wide awake and wired full of energy. Jim gave her a quick kiss before cuddling up with her. He spooned Stacy, resting his hand on her stomach. His groin stirred when he realized Stacy was not wearing a bra. Being a normal horny teenage male, he could not resist grabbing her breasts and fondling them. Stacy kept swatting his hand away.

Having enough of Jim's persistent fondling, Stacy crawled out of bed. Jim, now awake, followed her out of bed. Jim's mom was at work and the two were all alone. Stacy was bubbly and looking for something fun to do.

"Let's play a game." she said.

"What kind of game you want to play?" Jim asks.

"Let's play a game where you tie me up and then hide. I have to untie my hands and then go find you."

Jim's mind went into overdrive. He searched around for something to use to tie her up. All he could find were some shoe strings from an old pair of shoes. Stacy told him he had to make sure she could untie herself and look for him so Jim tied her hands loosely. They took turns tying each other to a metal folding chair and then hiding. The person tied up would take about 30 seconds to free themselves then go searching though the house for the other.

Jim became bored with the basic premise of the game after two rounds. The third round, he decided to make the game a little more fun for him. While tying Stacy's hands, he made the binds a little tighter so it would take Stacy a little longer to release herself. After he finished tying her hands and feet to the chair, he sat on Stacy's lap and gave her a long, deep kiss.

"You tied these binds tighter." She said as she pulled away from the kiss. "You are also supposed to be hiding."

Jim smiled as he reached down and started fondling her breasts. He could feel her nipples were already hard, telling him this pretentious game was exciting her even at the basic level. Stacy told him to stop touching her and go hide as she worked on freeing her hands. Jim continued to massage her breasts and softly tweak her nipples until she freed her first hand, which she used to slap him. At that point, he dismounted her legs, ran and hid.

Stacy finished untying her second hand and then worked on her feet. Once free, she found Jim within twenty seconds. There were few hiding places in the house and most of them had already been used once. The premise of hiding was getting old. The game was quickly changing.

It was Stacy's turn to tie Jim to the chair. She decided she was going to play the game by his rules and tied the binds tighter. Jim intentionally pushed his hands an inch or so from the chair so that there would be wiggle room when he went to free his hands, unbeknownst to Stacy. When Stacy was done tying his hands, she sat down on his lap. She gave him a deep, passionate kiss as he started working to free his hands. The kiss caused his crotch to stir with excitement. Stacy felt his bulge grow against her ass and the bottom of her crotch. She laughed inside knowing she was teasing him.

Her lips moved to his neck, kissing up and down his neck. Her kisses caused him to squirm. His erection continued to grow beneath her. She slipped her hand underneath his shirt and began running her nails softly up and down his chest, knowing it turned him on. It only took a minute for Jim to free his first hand and quickly released his second hand as Stacy took off into the next room. He worked on his feet as Stacy scattered to find a good hiding spot.

Jim untied his feet and quickly found her hiding in a tiny hole between the side arm of the couch and the wall. He saw her blond ponytail poking out, giving her away. He helped her out and quickly tackled her on the couch, lying on top of her. He pressed his stirring groin against her crotch while giving her a deep kiss. Stacy pushed him quickly off her.

Stacy knew the game was going somewhere else and decided to play hard to get. Her original intentions were just to have fun, but she saw this was quickly turning into a sexual game of foreplay. Stacy sat down in the chair and Jim started tying her hands with the shoe strings to the back of the chair. The first three times he tied her wrists together. This time he decided to tie each hand separately to the metal frame of the chair.

"Ouch. You are tying it too tight. You are hurting my wrist." she whined acting like the binds were hurting her. "You had better not play with me again." she lied.

Jim tied her right hand to the metal where the back part of the chair met the seat. He tied the binds tight enough that she would not be able to free herself quickly. He was not able to tie them too much because the shoe string was barely long enough to reach for both hands. Not only was tying her hands separately going to make it more difficult for her, it also was going to allow her shirt to hand more freely on her body. He finished tying her hands, then loosely tied her feet to the chair.

Stacy had began wiggling her wrists back and forth as soon as he finished tying her hands, even while he was tying her hands. She knew him well enough to know he would not head her warnings. Jim sat on her lap once again and ran his hands underneath her shirt. She protested as he pushed her shirt up above her breasts. The cool air quickly hit her nipples. He pushed the shirt up over her head. The shirt rested behind her head and on her arms. She knew she was in trouble as she struggled to loosen either of her hands. Her right hand was fumbling with the knot.

Jim's hands fondled her bare breasts a few moments before lowering his head and taking her left nipple into his mouth. Jim's wet lips on her nipple caused her to grunt softly. His warm, wet lips made her nipple begin to ache. She felt a jolt shoot down her body to her groin, causing her to inadvertently raise her hips against his heavy body.

Not only was she having troubles loosening her hands normally, now she had to contend with fighting the distraction of her horniness in addition. She pulled the end of the shoe string through the first loop as Jim continued to alternate his mouth back and forth on her breasts. She could feel dampness begin to form between her legs. She pulled against the restraint and pulled her right hand away from the chair, freeing her hand. She did not push Jim away, instead she quickly began to work on freeing her left hand.

While sucking on her right nipple, Jim began to run his fingers softly up and down her ribcage. Stacy started wiggling back and forth. Jim knew how ticklish that spot was. She was now having even more troubles getting her fingers to work correctly.

"That is not fair." She yelled as she used her right hand to push Jim off her legs.

Jim fell back off her legs, onto the floor. He was laughing as he worked to stand up. Stacy finished untying her left wrist and tried to stand, forgetting her feet were tied also. She stumbled as she stood up to take a step toward Jim. She pulled her weight backward and sat back down in the seat rather than falling on her face. Jim simply ran into the living room and sat down on the couch, waiting for her.

She untied her legs and refused to chase him. "Your turn." was all she had to say.

She sat on the floor and waited for Jim to return to the kitchen. She was determined to get even and make his punishment ten times worse. Jim knew she was vindictive and was going to get even. He decided to try and end the game.

"I think we should stop playing this game now." he said as he enters the kitchen.

"Your turn." was her only response.

Stacy decided to tie his hands the same way he had tied her hands. She tied his feet to the chair and removed her shirt. Jim struggled to reach the knot. Only the tips of his fingers could reach the knot. Stacy had tied his hands tight enough that he had no separation from the metal chair. She leaned forward and put her breasts just a couple inches from his mouth, teasing him. Jim leaned forward and stuck out his tongue, connecting with the inside of her left breast. Stacy pulled back another inch so her breasts were just out of reach.

She leaned in and started to lick the back of his ear as her right hand slowly slid up his left leg. Jim could feel his dick harden and strain against his boxers. Stacy softly and ever so slowly began to stroke him. Jim's left fingers grasp the knot and fumbled to undo the knot. She was making him very horny. His hips started to rise of the chair.

"You are not playing fair." he exclaimed.

"You started it." she replied.

She adjusted her body and sat down on his lap. She leaned in and sucked his bottom lip in her mouth and kissed him passionately. She pulled away from his mouth and lifted her hips slightly. She began to rock her hips back and forth, her crotch grazing the back of his erect penis ever so softly. Jim was finding it hard to concentrate. He was concentrating on the pleasure, momentarily forgetting to work on his binds.

He finally loosened the knot on his left hand and pulled his hand free. He used his hands together to work on his right hand as she continued to rock her hips. He pushed his hips upward, trying to create more contact. Stacy felt his hips press against her aching pussy and quickly lifted her hips, creating space between them. Her teasing was also causing her to become more horny. She could feel her wetness building between her legs.

Stacy slipped her body off his legs as he freed his second hand. She slipped around behind him and slid her right hand between his legs, stroking his hard penis through his boxers as he worked to free his feet. He could feel his juices beginning to build as she stroked him. He would normally have been able to free his feet quickly, but she was making even the simple task difficult. He finally untied his feet from the chair and pushed her hand away.

He stood up and pulled her close to him. He gave her a deep kiss and grabbed her butt cheeks. She pulled away from the kiss and asked if he wanted to quit now that they had both had a turn.

"No. One more round." he answered.

Jim removed his shirt as well while she sat down. He tied each hand to the chair seat once more, increasing the tightness. Stacy knew this round was going to be rough. The shoe strings were tight against her hand. She knew Jim had not tied the knots as tight as he could before, but he was doing a really good job this time. Jim finished tying her hands and then worked on her feet. This time he tied her ankles to the back of the chair legs, spreading her her legs further apart than before.

Stacy started working on the knots with each hand as she watched him walk out of the room. She was confused as to why he left the room and wondered if he was going to tease her anymore. A few seconds later, he returned with a bandanna. He tied the bandanna around her head and blindfolded her. This was a new wrinkle to the game. She focused on her binds since she was no longer able to see. The vision of his standing shirtless was stuck in her mind.

She felt his lips on her right breast and his fingers pinching her left breast. It startled her, but caused her to release a soft moan. She was getting nowhere on the knots. She felt all sensations stop, but residual feelings caused the nerves in her nipples to make them ache. She felt her pressure against her crotch. She instinctively tried to close her legs to no avail. Jim was using his left hand to massage her crotch. His hand slid up and down her crotch, applying a lot of pressure.

She could feel one of his fingers pushing her panties between her lips on the way up and then grazing her swollen clit. Her hips were rising and falling with the movements of his hands. She could hear moans slipping out of her lips. Her hands were shaking. She was struggling against the tight binds. Just when she thought it was bad enough, she felt his hand slip away. Her body screamed for him to continue, that was until she felt what replaced his hand. She tried to pull her hips back as vibrations flowed through her groin.

She could tell she was starting to get the knot to loosen on her right hand as she pulled the end of the shoe string through the knot. She felt Jim push run the vibrator up and down her crotch. Her hips were once again dancing on the chair. She wiggled her right wrist back and forth, finally loosening her right hand. Her fingers were trembling as they worked on her left wrist. The vibrations seemed to be getting more intense. Her clit was on fire.

Freeing her left hand, Stacy pushed Jim and the vibrator away from her groin. Jim swung around the chair as she began untying her feet. Jim reached around her this time and kneaded her breasts. It took just a few moments for her feet to become free. She stood up and pulled away from Jim's hands.

Stacy took a breather between rounds and poured herself a glass of water. She chugged the glass of water down. The kitchen suddenly seemed unbearably hot. She could feel her body sweating as he legs trembled. Pulling her pajama pants down to her ankles, she stepped out of them.

Jim sat down in the chair. Stacy tied him to the chair once more. She blindfolded him and then dropped to her knees between his legs. She pulled at his boxers and removed them from his hips. Jim felt his vessels in his arms pulse from the pressure of the tight shoe strings on his wrists. Stacy lowered his boxer just below his knees. The boxers were taught against his legs. Stacy leaned in and wrapped her lips around his hard dick, lubricating it. Jim's hips hopped off the seat and suspended in the air. Stacy pulled her lips from his dick and began stroking the length of his member.

His mind was becoming cloudy. He was struggling to be able to concentrate on freeing his hands. She stroked his dick with her right hand as her left hand cupped his balls, causing Jim to moan. His hands began to tremble as his semen raced from his balls toward his penis. Stacy lowered her lips over his throbbing dick and slid her lips all the way down it's length. She knew he was close and wanted to push him to the edge. Her head bobbed up and down on his hard member as her left hand fondled his balls.

Jim was loosing strength as his left hand pulled against the shoe strings in attempt to untie the knot. His heart was beating fast. His breathing sharp and unstable. He threw his blindfolded head back as his hips bounced off the seat with the rhythm of her lips. He could feel himself getting close to an orgasm.

"I am going to cumm soon." Jim exclaimed.

Stacy continued to bob her head up and down the length of his throbbing, hard dick a few more seconds before moving her head away from his crotch. Jim could not loosen the knot and quit trying as she the stimulation stopped. Stacy stood up and kissed his lips.

"You aren't free yet?" she said in mock surprise.

Jim laughed. "I wonder why."

"This is going to be fun then. I have you all tied up and at my mercy it looks like."

Stacy waited a minute watching Jim struggle to untie his hand before kneeling between his legs once more. She wrapped her left hand around his hard penis and slowly started stroking it again. She watched the expression on Jim's face and smiled. She was enjoying the power she possessed. She watched his hips rise and fall each time she stopped stroking him only to begin a few seconds later.

Jim could feel the sweat dripping down his face and chest as she teased his body. She lowered her lips over the tip of his head and ever so softly slid her lips down his dick inch by inch until she could feel his dick pressing against the back of his throat. She slid her lips back up his hot, throbbing member and tasted precum as she licked his tip.

Jim finally loosened the first knot holding his left hand against the chair and began working on pulling the end of the string through the knot. Stacy's head began bobbing up and down sucking as hard as she could. She grabbed the base of his dick with her left hand and stroked it as she sucked on his head.

Jim decided not to say anything this time as he prepared to cumm. Stacy could tell he was about to have an orgasm and froze. Jim's body collapsed against the chair. He was huffing and puffing. He grunted in displeasure as she stopped. Stacy saw him free his left hand and decided to reward him. She feverishly stroked his dick, feeling his blood vessels throb under her hand. Jim fumbled to release his right hand. His hips rocking on the chair, grunting with each breath he took.

Stacy cupped his balls with her left hand and squeezed gently causing his hips to lock. She stroked him a few more times until his released a strong moan. Steams of semen shot all over his chest and hips as she stroked him.

Jim collapsed onto the chair. Stacy decided to be nice and started untying his feet from their binds and then released his right hand. She went into the bathroom and ran a wash cloth under warm water. She handed him the wash cloth and pulled the blindfold from his head.

"That was awesome." Jim exclaimed.

Jim cleaned up and then begged Stacy for one more turn. Stacy was so hot and bothered. She knew he was going to torture the same way, but decided to give in and enjoy it. This time Jim tied her hands firm, but not tight against the chair. He knew she could easily untie her hands in a few minutes if she wanted, but decided to play nice. He didn't tie her feet to the chair, leaving them free to move. He put the blindfold on her one more time and dropped down between her legs. He could smell the scent of her juices as he leaned in between her spread legs.

Jim took his left thumb and circled it around the outside of her clit while running his right index finger up and down her slit. Her lips quickly spread, giving him access to her inner lips. Stacy's hips pushed against his fingers, urging him to use more pressure. She slowly worked on her binds, knowing he did not tie them too tight. She wanted to enjoy this. Jim slowly slid his right pointer finger inside her lips. He could feel her wetness surround his finger. He began moving his finger slowly in and out of her. Stacy started to moan softly, gasping each time he inserted his finger inside her.

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