tagLoving WivesCan You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 03

Can You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 03


The story continues as Becky begins to set her husband Bob up as a cuckold husband. So if you don't like these types of stories stop now.

Although Sue’s offer to fuck me sounded good, the reason for her offer pissed me off. I didn’t decline right away I wanted to find out just what she knew about my wife. I was sure she knew more than she was letting on. I said, “So Sue if I'm being set up why did you wait so long to ask me?”

I think Sue has another reason besides seeing if she could trust me. Finally, Sue said, “Well all along you been a good friend to me Tim. Not once did you come on to me or acted like I was a slut. Not even now when we’re alone together. It wasn’t until I learned you were or should I say we were going to be accused of doing it did I decide to offer myself to you. But yes, Becky’s got a motive for wanting to set you up. From what I've learned by listening to her and Jan talk it’s a great big motive two great big motives in fact.”

As soon as she said that last part my thoughts flashed to the two hillbillies at the motel. But, they left the area and she quit that job. Then I thought, ‘well maybe she’s feeling guilty so she wants to set me up and then in her fucked up mind I won’t be any better than she was. I looked Sue and said, “OK sue tell me what you know or have heard. I’ll fuck you if the offer is still good. Hell baby I've pretty much seen everything you got anyway. You look damn good to me.”

She smiled, took my hand in hers and said, “No Tim if we do it I would want it to be because you really wanted to and not because you’re going to be accused of it one way or the other. Besides I have a man. I just can’t see him on the weekends because he’s getting a divorce. It will be final in a few days and then we’re going to live together. You see your dear wife found out about it and she knows his wife. I was afraid she would tell her about our affair and then his wife could of countered sued him for adultery just like he is doing to her. That’s why I let Becky talk me into this stupid game of setting you up.”

I said, “Knowing Becky like I do, she probably would have told her too. Tell me all of what you know.”

Sue said, “Well we'll be back at your house in a few minutes and I don’t have time. I want to tell you everything that I know. The who, what, where, when and how. You should know that all I know is what I have heard a conversation Becky had which I overheard. But first you got to promise you won’t fly off the handle and do something stupid. I want you to promise me you will listen to it all and then put it in the back of your mind until you decide just what to do.”

I told her, “OK, I'm good at waiting things out. So when can we talk?”

Sue said, “Tonight after your kids are sleeping and we’re playing that damn card game. Those margaritas she likes to make are so good. I’ll help her and make them extra strong. She won’t be feeling any pain. Then after you or we gets her to bed I’ll tell you what I overheard her telling Jan.”

I told her that sounded like a good plan. Just them I pulled into the driveway and we got out and went inside. Becky was walking across the yard from the neighbors. She seemed in a real good mood. That night when Sue told me what she knew I understood just why Becky was in a good mood coming from the neighbors.

Sue’s plan with the margaritas worked. Becky isn’t the type to show she’s drunk, other than she talks a lot. After awhile she just gets real sleepy and goes to sleep. I have made a habit not to let her drink too many especially if we were somewhere else besides home. Once she goes to sleep from to much to drink she sleeps like she’s dead for a good ten hours. I could fuck a wild bear on the bed and Becky wouldn’t wake up.

I thought about Becky and it seemed she spend a lot of time over at the one neighbors now and had been for sometime. To think about it, she and Ruth had really become good friends. It was about the time Becky started working at the motel the second time. Ruth had worked in housekeeping a few months then quit because the income was starting to mess up her husband’s disability social security.

They are a mixed race couple, his black she’s white. But I didn’t hold any hate over that. I just know he and his doctor are pulling a scam with money under the table. His doctor gets the disability money for a back injury treatment now all the husband does is fish. I always thought Ruth was OK and was about Becky’s age. They have no kids together but he has two sons by two other women. The boys were in their late teens or early twenty’s. Seems he had been married before to a white woman but he fucked around on her and knocked up two other girls. Well his wife found out and divorced his ass. The funny thing is the two girls had his babies.

Well that’s the story he’s told me one day when the four of us were together. I call them half twins but they really didn’t look alike other than body size and build. These boys are about six feet tall and shinny. They both came to live with John and Ruth when they turned sixteen. It probably had something to do with his social security. But the boys were now living next store to us.

I went back into the house and took a shower. Dinner was almost done. Just as I was opening the bathroom door to go to the kitchen I heard Becky and Sue’s voices coming from the other bathroom. It sounded like they were fighting but not trying to raise their voices. I heard Sue say, “God damn it!! What do you want to do rape him? I've done everything you ask of me Becky. We sit around drinking and sit and we are both dressed half naked. I run your errands with him and he acts like I'm not even in the car. Do you want me to just come right out and ask him to fuck me Becky?”

Becky said, “NO! He might think it’s a set up.

Sue said, “Becky it’s none of my business but can he get it up? Hell he’s almost 50. I know lots of men his age that can’t get it up for long.”

Then Becky’s voice toned down and she said, “Oh yes he can get a hard-on. If you really want to know why I want him to fuck you I’ll tell you. I know you can’t afford to go and tell him or anybody else for that matter. I know some mean bitch I’d hire that would fuck you up if she knew where her hubby got his pussy at during the week. You know who I’m talking about Sue.”

I know Sue was just playing along when she said, “Oh god Becky please don’t tell her. I damn sure won’t tell him a thing. I promise.”

Becky then went on to say, “Well I've been getting me some big cock from next store Sue. Actually I guess I should say some huge cock. It started shortly after I went to work at the motel the second time. My husband Bob suspected something and I played along letting him think what he wanted to think. I knew he thought he knew who it was I was fucking. I know he did a lot of asking around about these two guys in particular but then they moved on.”

Sue didn’t say anything so Becky said, “I had already made my mind up to change jobs but I knew as soon as Bob found out the two hillbillies had left he might figure out who it really was I was banging. With all the changes I’ve made to my body and my sexual preferences and the things I like to do now he would have figured it out. I'm not quite ready for that to happen yet. Not just yet anyway that’s why I wanted you to fuck him Sue. Then I can say OK you fucked me friend, now I’m going to fuck someone and make you watch.”

Sue said, “Becky I don’t think Bob would go for that at all.”

Becky said, “Get real Sue it’s every man’s fantasy to watch another man fuck his wife. They just most won’t admit it. But now we better get back in the kitchen. He should be done with his shower by now.”

Well needless to say I wanted to go in there and confront her right away but I knew if I did Sue wouldn’t get a chance to tell me what she knew. Becky would said, “I knew you was ease dropping so I made all that up.”

I had to try to play it cool all through dinner and while watching TV waiting for the boys to go to bed. So the three of us could then start with the drinks and the card game. And Sue could get Becky drunk enough to go to bed. So the two of them were drinking and sitting there almost nude.

Becky didn’t drink much in front of the kids it but when they went to bed she started in on the drink. She was starting to get a bit vulgar and talk nasty and about sex.

I had been watching Sue and Becky for some time now. Sue gave off the impression she wanted to tell Becky something. Then the two of them changed into their nighttimes. They were in the bedroom and I ease dropped on them again.

As I said before I didn’t trust Sue all that much. I was right about my suspicions too because Sue no sooner was in the bedroom when I heard her say, “Do you think he’s ease dropping again? I know by his expression he was listening before Becky.”

Becky said, “No not this time. You have been here long enough to know he watches the weather on TV.”
With that Sue laughed and then Becky said, “So he didn’t act mad or upset or anything when you told him he was being setup.”

Sue said, “Well…….no not really.”

Then Becky said, “So he took you up on your offer. And he wasn’t bummed out when you changed your mind.”

Sue said, “I think so a little. But he didn’t fuck me. He wants to hear what I found out about you.”

I knew then Sue told Becky about our chat earlier. I'm not sure if Becky was aware of the fact that the bathroom off the bed room and the cold air return vent in that bathroom were connected to one to the other. In the bedroom where the girls were talking they were only about three feet apart. I could hear everything they said real clear. Becky very rarely used that bathroom so I doubted that she knew.

I heard Becky said, “So what’s the game plan now Sue? Since you told him you heard me and Jan talking, I mean Bob should have caught on by now to what I have been doing.

Sue said, “Fuck Becky, I couldn’t think of any other name to use but her name. All you said was to tell him I had overheard a sexual conversation.”

Then Becky said, “So when are you moving in with your black stud and stopping all this sneaking around?”

Sue said, “His divorce is final in a few days? So I guess right after that. God Becky I'm so fucking glad you talked me into getting laid with this black guy. You still just going to keep sneaking around with yours behind your husband’s back?”

Becky said, “Why not? I have got it made Sue. I get black cock almost every day plus I have my ole man supporting me.”

Becky stopped talking for a few seconds and then I heard Sue said, “Well now what’s the game plan?”

Becky said, “Damn it Sue, you were supposed to have many strong drinks and then I was going to fake passing out. Then you were supposed to tell him what you overheard.”

Becky laughed and said, “Well you did hear it but it was directly from me.”

They both laughed and Becky said, “OK. How about this…..lets have a plan B. I’ve talked it over with my neighbor Ruth and she thinks it time I made my husband Bob a true cuckold just like her old man. He’s already one. Everyone thinks he goes fishing ever night. I guess he does leave the house but he really leaves so Ruth can get a good fucking from the two boys. Then he comes home tongues out her pussy after the boys have filled it with their cum. The boys are just to shy or afraid to fuck her with him there.”

Sue said, “And now they are ready now to fuck you too.”

Becky laughed and said, “And Bob will at least know about it. I know damn well once you tell Bob about the cuckolding he is going to get and when he sees it for himself he’ll love watching me fuck to young studs. Once he gets to see it, he’s too much in love with me to leave me and too much a horny pervert to stop it or do anything about it. He’ll sit there and jerk off while I get the fucking of my life from two young black men with big thick cocks. And once it starts I’ll have more cock than I can handle I’m sure.”

Sue said, “You seen very sure about this Becky. I just hope your right. So what’s this plan B.”

Becky said, “Well plan B is for you to follow my lead. Tonight I think Ruth is right its time Bob found out what I have been doing and want to do. But not just know about it, but see it happen right here.”

Then she called out to me and asked me to come into the bed room. I said I’d be right there and I was thinking, “So you bitch, you been fucking the two neighbor boys and now plan to have me watch! Think again and god damn it them two hell! Neither of these women were right in their heads. I really had to collect myself before I joined them in the bed room.

I decided I was going to play along a little while longer. Little did I know how foolish I was to think I could out smart the two of them. Especially Becky, I was sipping my beer real slow and they began to bitch at me for drinking a beer and not a margarita. I said, “I'm in the mood for beer if that’s not ok I’ll just go to bed.”

To my surprise and Sue’s too, Becky said, “Well Bob if that’s what you want to do go on. We can drink and play cards without you for once. But at least finish your beer baby. Before you do that would you be a sweetie and get my pack of cigarettes from the kitchen table and turn the back yard light off. I think I turned it on by mistake.”

So I went out to the kitchen turned off the porch light. I grabbed her pack of smokes off the kitchen table and then when I got back to the bed room they both were grinning like a cheesy cat. I picked up my beer and saw that it was full. I said, “Damn!! I know it was almost empty when I left the room.”

Sue said, “Oh don’t be a complete party pooper. I know you can drink more than one cant you?”

I said, “I guess so.”

Just then it sounded like someone was knocking at the back door. I said, “Now who could it be?

No one answered. I decided it must be Ruth. Ruth is our neighbor but she the neighbor directly behind us and it a small older subdivision out of town. There are no street lights and very few home owners have dusk to dawn lights. We don’t and neither does Ruth or my neighbor on either side of us. One could walk around nude in the back yard at night no one would be the wiser.

Fucking bitches weren’t going to top my beer off again. I took it with me. I knew I had been not only set up but double crossed. I was pissed off and when I got to the back door sure enough it was Ruth. She said, “Bob I’m sorry to bother you so late but I’m feeling a bit down I was wondering if I could join you guys. I know you stay up late on weekends.”

I told her, “Ruth I don’t dislike you, it’s just that I’ve been out earning wages since I was twelve years old and I don’t care for men who don’t work. And, before you say anything I know John’s back isn’t all that bad. I’ve seen him doing things that a man with a bad back couldn’t do. You and I have had this talk before..”

Just then Becky called out, “Hey old man you knocking off a piece or what I know it’s Ruth no one else comes to the back door not at night at least.”

Ruth smiled real big and followed me to the bed room. I was thinking, ‘plan B - Ruth saying it was time I became a full cuckold the porch light was her clue to come over.

Now I’m as curious as a new kitten on how that was going to play out. I may have already been ‘a not really knowing for sure type of cuckold’. But, fuck me if I was going to be a willing cuckold for god damn sure. I would never become a true ‘seeing and liking it cuckold husband’.

I know I was a condemned man. My downfall would be from getting up to get her package of smokes not turning off the back yard light which was Ruth’s queue to come over. When we got to bed room Ruth smiled and said, “You two look comfy and naughty too.”

Becky said, “Oh we are and were going to get a lot naughtier but you know that don’t you?”

I thought to myself, “Damn I must not have eaten enough for dinner. I’m starting to feel fucked up and only after two beers”. )

What they had said sounded funny and didn’t upset me at all. I wasn’t feeling as pissed off either.

Ruth said, “Hey old man you better sit down you don’t look so good. You have had too much to drink. It was then that Sue, Becky and Ruth all busted out laughing. Sue said, “No he’s had just the right amount I think.”

I said, “No I’m going to bed I feel bad.”

But Ruth helped me sit on one of the wooden high back chairs. Then Becky asked, “Looks like I’m just in time. It won’t knock him out totally will it?”

I realized my beer had been spiked but you know what I didn’t care. I just smiled as Sue said, “No he will just be spaced out and won’t give a shit about anything or anyone. But he'll be aware of everything that’s happening plus it has something else in it that is supposed to work like Viagra.”

I chuckled about that and Sue was right, I didn’t give a tinkers fuck about anything. I was happy go lucky, a troop of baboons could have broke in attacked and raped us all and I would have thought it amusing. Becky said, “Well baby guess what? We’re not going to put more clothes on in fact we are all going to strip down to our skinny dipping suits. So what’s that tell you?”

I wasn’t thinking. Ruth said, “Well hot stuff, I guess it means this.”

And she reached down took hold of her short sundress by the hem and lifted it up over her head. She was nude under it and she lifted it off of her body and threw it on a chair. Well she was actually only half nude she still had on a pair of thong panties. I never took her for thong panties type.

While Ruth isn’t ugly she is not really beautiful either. From the time she got out of school until a couple of years ago she worked in a factory. Now her body showed too maybe scares and burn marks just like any hard working person’s body show. Plus she had real small tits, probably 32A or B/s at best. I had seen her in shorts and a tank top several times as well as those skimpy bathing suit. But, I never figured she would wear thong panties. Then I noticed she had a tattoo on her right tit and upper inner thigh just like Becky. She also had on nipple rings plus she had a belly button ring.

Then the three of them sat on the sofa which was directly across from the chair I was sitting in. I could see them clear as day but by then I couldn’t make out the words they were saying to me. Their conversation seemed to last a very long time. I knew I was only a few minutes but it seemed like slow motion. Finally Sue said, “Are you back with us now you boob?”

She turned to the other two women and said, “He should be pass the real fucked up stage by now and for the next three or four hours he’ll remain real happy go lucky.”

Then Becky said, “Honey in case your wondering what’s going on you have been drugged but don’t worry you wont be addicted and no it’s not a date rape drug or anything like that. You see I no make that we want you to know and remember everything you see. I’ve been fucking Ruth’s two step sons. Don’t worry sweetheart they are now of age. And believe me they are all man. Neither you nor any one else I know can compare to the size of their cocks. Why I’m telling you this you wonder? Well baby I want you to know it now because I want you be a cuckold husband like John. Do you know what a cuckolder is?”

I shook my head yes as I smiled and laughed when she said cuckold each time. Becky smiled back and said, “Well let’s make sure you understand completely Bob. You are such a dumb ass sometimes and act so dopey all the time. So that you’ll know for sure what it is you are going to become a cuckold is a man who lets his wife fuck other men and then eats her pussy to clean it out. Well tonight Bob you’re going to become a full and true cuckold.”

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