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Can You Make Love Anally?


It is a belief of mine that anal sex and making love just don't coexist. Don't get me wrong I am not saying I don't like taking my cock and sliding it up my wife's Hershey highway but every time we have had anal it is just about pure animal lust.

Of course when doing anal you have to get the person ready. Myself I love doing it orally to my wife and I know if I am going to get to travel that sacrosanct hole as soon as I put my tongue there. If my woman thrusts her hips back on my face to take my tongue deep in her ass then I know anal is on for that night.

We don't practice backdoor loving on a regular basis it is more of a treat for me than anything. And it isn't that she doesn't like it, many times she has had assgasms. The infrequency of our anal sexploits is due to the fact we just don't always think about getting to that stage during our romps.

When we do it is fantastic! There is nothing like hot, sweaty, lustful and animalistic sex. When we engage in anal play in is pure and raw. It is on those occasions when she calls out to me to fuck her tight ass and I tell her what a dirty slut she is and our hot talk just takes it to an even higher level.

I never last long when I have my cock sliding deep in her bowels though. Maybe it is the forbidden nature of the act, or just the fact I am so excited to be splitting her ass open with my shaft but when we are fucking that way as soon as she begs me to cum up her poop chute it is over for me.

That is why I just can't see two people connected in anal activity actually having a "loving" time. To me making love is about tenderness and caresses not blind passion and nastiness. When I make love to my woman I like to shower her in kisses, little pecks behind the earlobe, a lingering tongue at the nape of her neck. When we are ass fucking it is about the smacks on her ample ass to get her ready for the painful pleasure of having her cheeks split by throbbing cock.

When making love we like to lightly crawl all over each other, it is more a hunger for the other person's soul and being than a hunger to "get off". The end result in raw raunchy sex is to have the most powerful "physical" orgasm. How much can you shoot, how high, how often and for the ladies how much you squirt or shake, that is what raunchy sex is about. And I have to say I have never experienced an anal night that hasn't been totally raunchy.

In making love it really isn't even about the orgasm, you know when your passion is deep for someone and you truly love them it will happen in the moment. The thrill of making love is the love itself. The whispers in each other's ears, the light stroke of each other's skin and the deep stares into each other's eyes is making love. There are no "fuck me harder studs", no "you are such a dirty bitches", just compassion and hearts aching for each other.

Now don't get me wrong I like both "making love" and just plain hardcore fucking, they are just different. People can enjoy each just as much but they are complete different entities. The perfect thing is when you get to enjoy both with someone you care about.

Now many of you reading this might disagree, and of course I would never say I am right and you are wrong. Maybe you have been one of the lucky ones to tenderly have anal sex with someone you love. Myself, I see it much like spankings, the pain that comes with the act just makes it sex and not love.

If you have happened to have a "love making" session when either sliding your cock in a nice tight ass or you have had a romantic time while getting your ass stuffed, I would love to hear about it. To me it would almost be like winning the lottery, well maybe not the lottery but you know what I mean.

In conclusion "fuck me up my tight ass" and "yes harder, harder" to me is just not making love. In an act like anal fucking I just can't see love being a part of the experience. Can the two people enjoying some backdoor action be in love? Absolutely, but can the same two people in love, "make love" anally? I think not, the dirtiness of it just doesn't allow for it. And I mean a good dirty, kinda like me DirtyJoe.

Would love to hear what you all think!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/24/17

Butt love

If you're making a distinction between hardcore fucking and love making, fine, there's a lot to be said about, but categorizing it by excluding a type of sexual experience just makes no sense. Firstmore...

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