tagLoving WivesCandace Ch. 01

Candace Ch. 01


I never seen this coming. I mean, I had the simple kind of life, one without hang-ups or complications. I was miserable at my factory job, working the tedious day shift day in and day out, and then I hear about the bad news. I'm losing my job and have two kids and a wife with no way of knowing what was in store regarding my future. Yeah, I know, many have the same ordeal. Mine gets a bit more difficult due to arising circumstances I hadn't properly prepared for.

I had an opportunity to return to college. Granted it was a community college, but I was given a new lease on life, it felt, although in my 30's I hadn't imagined what spending time in class with girls much younger than me would yield. I have always been with one woman. My wife. I knew that I was very attracted to women, and simply found a way to combat those feelings through the usual methods. I found myself growing more tired of my life. My wife. The kids. The nagging disturbance that I had accumulated over the years due to mistakes of my own doing. But, I buried my lust. I found ways to ward off my feelings for the pretty young things I might notice at a mall or on a street corner while accompanying my wife to wherever she needed to go. She'd ask me why we were not having sex. Why I wasn't trying to initiate any form of erotic pleasure. She isn't very experimental and doesn't desire to perform oral sex, which I tolerated, though, truth be told, I pondered in fantasies what it'd be like to have something much younger taking advances and instigating a tryst of some sort. It was just a fantasy, and I hadn't literally committed to anything against my wife, so all was well.

As I started attending school, I had one goal, to study as hard as I could and make the grade so I could better myself and my family.

That was until.. Candace came into my life.

It wasn't a sudden urge, and it really grew from just getting to know each other while in certain classes together. She had a daughter and was seemingly happy with her marriage to high school sweetheart, Rob. She was often all smiles, texting away to whoever, maybe her husband or school chum. We talked about our kids and positions in life. I explained my situation, my dilemma about losing my job, and starting over. We began to meet each other, innocently, in the law library near our classroom. We'd continue to chat about life, what happened after school, about our kids, this and that, mundane things that helped shape our growing friendship. This rapport that we had, how comfortable we were, it developed nicely, warmly, until the joy of seeing each other, day to day, grew leaps and bounds.

Soon, Candace would see me in the library, either studying or on the Internet, concerning a test or just amusing myself, and embrace me with this jovial hug that made my head swim. Something happened, maybe she wasn't aware.. perhaps it was just an act of friendship, she had grown to appreciate the bond we had. Whatever the case, I was changing regarding my feelings towards her.

I started recognizing how she looked. Her hair, how it proportioned itself in such a way, like waves down her back. While I'm indeed partial to voluptuous women, her breasts were unassuming, yet present enough to show themselves underneath his T-shirt. I admired her figure more, her curves, her butt, her legs. I had never seen her in any way like this, how her shapely body communicated intimately with my mind. I wanted it to just go away. Leave me be, but her image would remain so visible at night when I'd close my eyes. When my wife would petition for the touch of my hands, desiring for passion, I could no longer look into her eyes and not see Candace. Candace was in control and I was her puppet. What could I do? How do I disorient the spell she had cast over me?! Was I doomed to feel this way?!

You could just imagine the burgeoning angst and tension, that overwhelming feeling that would cloud any sense of normalcy when Candace would come around me. Should I simply abandon her, push her aside, and formulate my plot to completely wipe this magnificent creature from every thought and emotion that had developed inside me? I so tried. No doubt.

Candace developed a curiosity regarding my aloof treatment towards her. She confronted me, after delayed attempts to question, about my baffling behavior. It was late in the afternoon at the law library and Candace, for some reason , was still around, and I was actually consciously swept away into my studies when she demanded answers regarding why I had quit talking to her, confiding in her, simply shrugging her off unlike our previous times together. With the expected gulp, and sinking heart, I told her why. Taken aback and stunned, Candace walked away. Certainly, I was regretting this decision, to inform her of my true feelings. As I had nightmarishly realized, in thought questioning the scenario if it ever was to occur someday, Candace truly knew what was agonizing me, and had left me to convalesce.

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