tagNon-Erotic PoetryCandle Holder and the Talisman

Candle Holder and the Talisman

bySolar Dragon©

I was given a gift from our past.
It’s a sacred holder of light.
This metal that holds the slowly moving flame…..
It’s a gift.
One I will cherish for many ages to come.
The holder was keeper of a symbolic flame.
When I light a candle I create a bond between me and Earth.
The wax will melt and time will be eaten and enjoyed.
That kind of sustenance gives me life.
It’s a medicine even …brought to life with fire, thought and dreams.
I watch the fire change the candles angular structure.
Now I see liquid beauty from fire and dreams.
Liquid curves solidify and beauty without angles takes shape.
Ill create a talisman from that wax …..that wax has great meaning.
It’ll be a source into the spirit world.
That kind of art is very vulnerable to nature….beautiful….perfect.
With more fire…with molds and meaning my protector will come forth.
It might have a face …it might not.
The meaning of the talisman comes forward when one looks with patience and respect into the spirit world.

Candle holder, candle and purpose light the way.
Purpose is the fire.

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