Candles in the Dark


Slowly, ever so slowly this time, His finger traces the line of your cleft, from the bottom of your spine, across your bung, to your slit. His finger hesitates at your back door, pausing to press gently on your sphincter and stroke it in a circular motion. You are glad that you made extra sure to clean and scent it with His favorite perfume, even though the alcohol burned like Hell when you did it. Every part of you is his possession and must meet with His favor!

The feeling is even naughtier than your shaved cunt. You feel so wickedly lewd as He toys with your bung. It's like sparks shooting up your spine to be touched there. You cannot wait to return the favor.

But when? When will this torment end? Your body is on fire for Him, and He hasn't so much as loosened his tie! Minutes pass as hours, what will the hours feel like, years? Your breath is coming faster and harder, and you realize you are audibly panting, grunting, and groaning at His manipulations.

And then He touches your labia, gently parting your lips to see the honey gushing therein. He lays his finger across your cunt like a hot dog in a bun and begins stirring. You can't help it, you begin to lose control, even though he hasn't given you permission yet. If you are to receive punishment for having brazenly touched Him and asked for love is this it? No, He said you would be required to give pleasure in a way you have never done before. If you cum now will this lead to more punishment, and if so, what kind? Your heart is like a violin string stretched too taught, and now He is giving you the slow treatment! If you will be punished further for making unallowed noises then so be it. The uncertainty…!

His finger finally enters you again and you cry out loudly this time. He strokes in and out, his finger becoming slicker with your juices on each stroke. He flicks your "little volcano" inside with his fingertip on each downstroke, and curls against the sensitive roof and your clit with each withdrawal, rubbing against your most volatile sexual triggers.

Your cries of passion are now continuous. He knows you are reaching the height of your arousal. He places a hand flat on your ass to steady you, now that you are beginning to sway. You rise up with your hands on your knees to catch your breath, but you are still wobbly.

"Yes, my pet, yes!" He purrs. "Do you want to cum now?"

"If…you…wish it…my lord!" You grit it out.

He withdraws in an instant. It is as though someone stopped the music in mid-note. He stands up and takes your upper arms firmly in his strong hands.

"Come!" He commands, and you know the pun is His own private joke, you most certainly may not climax at this time.

Your pussy is so hot you sneak a peek to see if it is glowing in the dark, but of course it isn't. It is flushed blood red, although you cannot see this without a mirror. You can feel it, though. Your bottom must look like it was smeared with red paint!

He leads you to a contraption you had thought was a modern sculpture when you first entered the room, but now you see it has padded seats, footrests and handholds. You wonder if it is some kind of exercise machine, but you don't see any weights or levers or anything like that. He turns you away from it and directs you to remove your gloves, shoes, and jewelry, leaving you totally naked. He then squats to position your feet and secures them with velcro straps, presses a hand against your breastbone and cradles your head with the other, forcing you to lie back over a small padded seat and backrest, and your feet rise up off the floor. He then pulls your arms above your head and secures your wrists as well. The punishment!

You are spread-eagled backwards over a barrel of sorts, your legs wide apart, wide enough to admit Him if He should choose. You lay your head back against the headrest, which has a neck pillow. He draws another strap across your forehead, immobilizing your head, your throat, but not tight, one across your stomach, and one each across your arms and thighs. You are bound securely, you cannot move. A delicious fear runs through you, knowing as you do that you are totally at His mercy.

Your eyes follow Him as best as you can as He walks out of sight above your head. You hear the sound of cloth rustling and realize He is undressing. He reappears a moment later and you see He was not undressing, He was changing clothes. Though you trust Him absolutely, you fear the sight before you.

He is wearing a floor-length silk robe with a mask and hood. All black. You watch as he stands between your legs and strokes your mound. You notice the music has changed from the softness of dinner to the sharpness of the Eurythmics. The beat surges through you like a pile driver as you await your fate.

He opens the front of his robe. Even in the dim light of the candles you can see he is naked beneath, his cock erect and throbbing, almost in time to the music. You note with satisfaction that the tip is wet with His precum, so your examination had had some effect after all!

He positions himself at your cleft, lays His cock on your slot, then slowly begins to slide against you, the underside of His shaft rubbing over your clit like a rasp at first, then smoother and smoother as your juices begin to lubricate Him. You drop your head back against the headrest and close your eyes, revelling in the sensation of genital contact and bracing yourself for his penetration.

"Do you like that my pet? Tell me!" He commands.

"Yes, my lord. Your cock pleases me. It pleases me that you plow my furrow! Do you find favor with me?"

He stops his rhythm and does not answer. You hear the sound of a chair being moved. He sits, and you see that His face is now inches from your cunt, so close you feel His breath on your bare skin.

Gently, He kisses your mound. You relax and let the waves of pleasure wash over you, as He eats your box. You swoon again, and hope He takes you to completion this time. The burn builds from your womb through your belly, down your thighs…your butt tightens and you strain against your bonds.

"Please, my lord! Please let me cum! I love you so! Please! Please…!"

Just as you begin to cry out at the top of another arc He stops again. You scream with frustration! You crave release! THIS PUNISHMENT IS UNBEARABLE!!!

He rises and walks out of sight above your head, dragging a finger across your body from your pussy to your chin as He passes. You scream your anger at being denied and fight at the restraints. It tickles!

He returns with a bridle with a gag bit and forces it between your teeth. You still moan, grunt, and groan, then stop and your eyes fly open wide when you see he has a huge red phallus candle in his hand!

It was almost a foot long and at least three inches in diameter. Knobbed and veined, it had two huge testicles in a scrotum at its base and was the same color as the other candles and the curtains. So that is your punishment, to take that monster cock in your cunt and enjoy it!

You steel yourself for your ordeal. You will not fail your lover, you will prove your love in a way you never have before! Never have you even seen a penis that large, much less copulated with it. The thought excites and frightens you.

There can be no punishment without pain! The enormous cock stretches the walls of your pussy to the breaking point as it enters. The knob alone is almost enough to fill you up. Your lover withdraws the tool to give your box time to rewet, then drives deeper. You make a groan in your throat of agony and ecstacy, and your back arches with the pain and pleasure. Again withdraw, and again thrust, each time deeper until you feel yourself stretched to the breaking point inside, and your grunts are truly of pain.

He is listening, and the thrusts are no longer so deep. You relax again and marvel that you could take such a phallus after all when He withdraws again, just as you were about to explode. DAMN! What is he DOING?

You raise your head as much as you can to see Him light the wick in the end of the candle. The visual image of a flame spouting from the tip of a penis was fascinating, and even more so when the wax began to run down the shaft, like semen would after a blow job.

The wax. The hot wax! He holds the massive dong at arm's length over your stomach and lets the wax drip onto your naked skin.

"Ah! Ah! AH!!!" you cry with each impact. It's like being poked by a hot iron. You squirm, but there's no escape. Your thighs, hips, belly, tits…He specifically targets each nipple…your thighs, but not your cunt. This is torture, like having an itchy spot in the middle of your back, which He is deliberately scratching around. Not fair!

First fire, then ice. You feel a new sensation, one of extreme cold alternating with the hot. You open your eyes to see that He has some ice cubes in his other hand and is bathing the spots of wax immediately after impact. He slathers the cold onto your pussy lips, quenching some of the fire inside. You grunt your protest through your gag and shake your head "no." That is one fire you don't want put out! He understands and stops.

Dramatically, He blows out the candle and throws the ice carelessly over his shoulder. The devil, He lets the last few drops of wax hit your clit! Your body jerks reflexively with each drop and He laughs wickedly. Oh well, wasn't that what you wanted?

He kneels and releases your feet, then your legs, then the other restraints one by one, until only your head and wrists are free. He takes handcuffs and snaps them on one wrist, and holds the other cuff. When He releases you your hands are immediately bound behind your back and you are marched around to another part of this sexual jungle gym, and rebound on your hands and knees, your ass high in the air and obscenely open, doggiestyle, again the platform is high enough that your legs are straight and your feet don't touch the ground. To help you up He reached between your buttocks and cupped your sex with His hand, His other arm went around your ribs under your breasts as He lifted you onto the...whatever it was. At this point any sexual contact might set you off, and again you fight your body for control. You don't rest on your shoulders or elbows, your arms are again stretched out straight ahead. There is a donut-shaped rest for your face (there goes the makeup!). The platform is constructed with a narrow padded bar between your breasts, so your tits hang down and sway with every movement, every jiggle.

You are now blindfolded.

You feel your genitals probed again, and a large dildo pressed in. Large, but not as large as the candle, your pussy walls can take this one all the way to the hilt. You feel it being strapped in place by a harness, but you are still filled to bursting. You feel a liquid being poured down the crack of your ass, covering everything. You feel your lover's hand smearing it all over your behind, but mostly in the crease. You know your buttocks clench reflexively with every touch, but you can't help yourself.

There is a pause, then you feel your lover massaging your bung again, this time all slippery and greasy. The liquid must be a lubricant! You feel Him move closer and lay His cock in your crack and hump you, pressing against your back door. The feeling is so wonderful, so…so…nasty!

He lays himself along your back, the heat of His nakedness searing your bare skin. His weight crushes you under him, and you can feel His heartbeat between your shoulders. He reaches around and under you and takes your dangling mams in his hand, squeezing, pressing, stroking, groping. He resumes stroking, and you feel the lubricant spreading all over your ass and his groin, slippery and wet. You sigh to encourage Him as much as yourself.

Your punishment shall be to give pleasure in a way you never have before!

Without warning, He suddenly repositions himself and plunges into your back door, driving His steel-hard rod balls deep into your butt. Your eyes fly open wide under the blindfold, and you start to grunt around your gag, but it's no use! You are His plaything, for Him to do with as he wants. THIS was the punishment, not the candle! Not the wax or the ice, but to give up your second virginity: he's taking you up the ass!!!

He grabs your hips to pull himself even deeper. The pain is blinding…no…the pain is…

Getting reeeallly gooood! You relax your sphincter and feel His cock rubbing inside you against the dildo in your cunt. You've never felt so filled up in your life! The motion urges the pressure in your crotch to build again, this time for sure! Yes! Yesss! YESSSSS!!! You do your best to rock back and forth to meet his thrusts, you are so turned on. Even the feel of the silk robe which envelopes you both like the wings of an eagle excites you further as it slides along your velvet skin. You're going to the Moon!

Now He is grunting with the effort of pile-driving his cock into you. You can tell by His penis spasms that He too is reaching the peak. It is a race to see who will get there first, or more properly, a test to see if you can both arrive together. You signal your arousal with your own moans around the gag, and He again presses down on you, grabbing your mambos, violently this time, but you have no more room in your head to worry about how bruised and sore you're going to be tomorrow. You're getting capital-F FUCKED within an inch of your life, and you want every inch you can get!

His grunts advance from hissing through His clenched teeth to loud, inarticulate ape barks as He reaches the edge. You probably are too, but are too far gone to keep track. With a loud and gutteral "YAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!" He rears up and lets go into you as you both lose control, the both of you spasming, jerking and screaming together as you both fly over the peak and into space, spinning, tumbling, falling together, joined in the ultimate intimate act…

…All goes silent as you drift back to earth, as soft as two snowflakes, as spent as yesterday's pennies, save for His hands again cupping your tits, softly and tenderly this time, His lips on your back, your shoulders, the back of your neck where He was biting you like a cat during the climax. Climax? Isn't that a little inadequate a word for what happened? Even "fuck" isn't enough! "Fucking climax?" Fucking-A!

Your whole body tingles and glows, you feel so secure under His weight. You are His, and He is yours. You notice the music has changed, and as if on cue Greg Lake sings: "We want…us!" Behind the blindfold, you close your eyes. Around your gag you smile. You know He chose the music with his usual thoroughness, and that He leaves nothing to chance. This is a signal, and you are more than content than you have ever been before.

Gradually, you feel Him soften and fall out, His cream oozing out of your bung and down your thighs, hot and sticky. Groggily He rises and you feel the dildo removed, and a cold washcloth on your privates, cleaning and soothing your burning ass. He plants a kiss right on your back door and again you jump. You can hear Him clean himself, because it would not do to permit you to see Him soiled. He then showers your bottom, legs, back and everywhere else with kisses of love and gratitude. You now feel more fulfilled than you ever have before. He cradles your head in his hand and kisses away your tears of joy that He sees rolling down your cheeks.

Gently He removes your gag and blindfold, then the straps and bonds, in contrast to when they were applied. Now is the time for that sweet coming together, the bonding of two hearts as one. It is HE who becomes submissive, thankful to you for your love. He removes the mask and helps you sit up on the bench, then kneels before you, kissing your feet in worship and resting His head on your knees, a lost little boy grown, alone in an empty castle.

And in a flash you realize the lesson! All along He has prevented you from climaxing, forcing you to hold that choking, almost asphyxiating control over yourself until the final act. Just like a man.

Just like a man. That's it! A man must hold his passion on a short leash while he mates with a woman, who blithely goes along accepting his affection with orgasm after orgasm, never realizing that a man can not, must not allow his body to release until the time is right. You suddenly feel so sorry for this poor creature, who not only must obey a woman's every whim if he is to recieve her love (you both know who was really in charge here tonight), but must deny himself the pleasure of release every woman takes for granted, like so many sugar-free candies. A man gets one and only one orgasm, and even then it is for some men grudgingly doled out by cold-hearted Nurse Ratchetts, leaving him with only the secondhand experience of watching his woman climax time and time again, her enjoyment genuine and his only purpose for being besides the mating act itself. It must be like watching a love scene in a movie! He can watch, but cannot participate, and neither you nor anyone else can give him the slightest extra crumb of what women take for granted, to be multiorgasmic.

All this goes through your mind as He looks up into your eyes, and you gently stroke His face. He closes His eyes in ecstacy and rubs His cheek against your hand affectionately, like a…beloved pet. Yes. That's the lesson, to learn the helplessness of a man before the woman he loves, that he must give more pleasure than he himself can ever recieve in return. You love him now more than ever, for making love for a man, the act of coitus itself, is forever a one-way street that leads to his woman, never away.

He rises and takes you to bed, blowing out the candles. You lie in each others arms, kissing and necking softly in the afterglow until just before falling asleep, when you switch to "spoons," with your bottom in His crotch, His heat against your cheeks. Unconsciously in his sleep He gropes you one last time, your tits, your belly, your tits again…and you are glad. For they are your tits and your belly He is touching, and you know it was His heart and not His mind that moved his hand.

You know that you will never leave this house again. Not willingly.

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