tagLoving WivesCandy at the Fertility Clinic

Candy at the Fertility Clinic


I cannot believe what is happening to me.

I lick my index finger, now wet and glistening with juices from my arousal. I place the finger between my red lips closing my mouth around it as one would on a nice sturdy cock. I slowly move it in and our between my lips sucking it lovingly, longing for a thick cock moving in and out of my sopping wet cunt.

I lie on my tummy on our magnificent king size bed. The catalog in front of me. I reach down once again into my lace panties to stroke myself, once again dipping my fingers deep into my love hole. I book mark the page I am looking at. The name is Max. I want Max in me right now.


I am Candy Preston. I never considered myself to be a slut. Although I must say I am quite an attractive woman. At age twenty four, I weigh 105 lbs and stand 5ft 1in tall. By the time I was eighteen I had grown into a 38 C in my bosom. I have a large ass for a girl my size. I graduated in 1981 with a major in accounting and immediately went to work for the Preston corporation.

I dressed very conservatively at school but when I began working for Preston Corporation, I allowed myself more trendy attire. Nothing fancy, just professional looking business suits and skirts that came up above the knees. My clothes fit me well, tight in all the right places and I dressed carefully applying makeup in the right shades to accent my aquamarine eyes and my very dark hair.

That is when guys at the office really started taking notice of me. I even started making the other girls in the office jealous. I began spending a lot of time in front of the mirror, exercising and staying away from junk food. At twenty one, my complexion had blossomed into a glowing olive tone. The skin all over my body thin delicate and flawless

A few months later I was called by HR. They told me there was a vacancy in the President's office and Walter Preston the CEO had requested that the position be offered to me.

I began working very closely with Walter. We worked very hard through lunch and often late into the night when we invariably had dinner together. Walter was 66. But even at his age he was handsome and kept a good physique. He was divorced twice and was going through his third. Of course with multimillion dollar divorce suits, Walter needed the attention of a lovely young girl.

He began picking me up every morning from my apartment in his limo. I would sit very close to him and occasionally he would peck me on the cheek. Weeks passed this way, and Walter got bolder, as his kisses got deeper and more penetrating while his hands would venture high up between my silky legs or under my blouse. The thanksgiving of 1984 Walter asked me to marry him. I couldn't resist the lure of the Preston fortune and the day after Christmas of the same year we were married

I moved into Walter's villa on the outskirts of Atlanta. He owned 40 acres of wooded land on a small lake surrounding the villa which was magnificent complete with a swimming pool, Riding stables, tennis court, an exercise room a sauna, a massage room, and library.

I began to enjoy my surroundings. Walter bought me presents. He always brought me expensive clothing and after the first few months he stared to buy me sexy clothing, and underwear. I soon began to realize that at his age Walter was more of a voyeur and kind of enjoyed seeing me in sexy positions. His sexual function somewhat diminished by his age and his heart condition.

Walter brought home movies. Dirty Movies - We watched them together. I had never had such wild sexual fantasies and was very turned on by them. Walter's staying power was all but gone. Even before the movie was over He had already creamed his pants and would turn over and fall asleep. I was left in a state of tremendous arousal and had got accustomed to releasing myself.

Walter had been interested in seeing me in sexy clothing. Sometimes he would have me wear a very short mini skirt. (No panties of course) and completely topless. My large round breasts on display.. He would have me sit motionless on the couch, a red scarf tied around my neck. My legs carelessly apart. He would like my lips painted crimson. He waned to see me eyes shut head thrown back and red lacquered finger nails penetrating my lips. It was strange, as he never asked me to suck him. In fact I had never sucked a man in my life.

Walter would get very excited on such occasions. Needless to say I would be left to didddle myself to orgasm long after he had gone to bed. I began playing with myself more and more. Sometimes I would lie on my stomach then reach behind me with my fingers and separate my ass cheeks. Pressing my finger against my ass hole felt good. It also gave me very intense orgasms..

Soon Walter began buying me sex toys. I used them frequently, after the disappointing sessions with Walter.

I kept up an exercise routine with my personal trainer and my twice a week massages with Jaques DuPont my personal masseur. Jack, as I called him was French. He was always professional courteous and gentle. His massages were always invigorating and complete without ever crossing the line of decency.

Jack had never seen me naked. For my massages I would wear a loose fitting silk shirt. with nothing underneath. My shorts were also silk once again nothing underneath. They were oversized and baggy too. Jack would massage every part of me through my clothing.

In the beginning I longed for some form of penetration. But Jack would not allow it. In his curious French accent he would firmly admonish me.

Months later, I would discretely take some of my toys and place them alongside his massage oils. Sometimes he would use the toys, reaching under my pants to make the insertion. He was always gentle. Even when I needed it rough having been aroused from watching Walter's Dirty movies.

On our third anniversary, Walter brought up the subject of children. We both wanted to have a couple but it never seemed to be happening. After several visits with specialists and some tests, Walter was found to be sterile.

"There's always the possibility of artificial insemination"

"That's if you and Candy want it," the doctor had suggested.

Walter and I had talked about it on the way home. Walter said that He would be okay with it if I wanted to give it a shot.

I told him that we would have to go to a sperm bank and then select a donor. Then after a complicated and expensive procedure the semen would be planted into me. Walter suggested that I look into it.

In the following days I began researching sperm banks, when a small advert in the local paper caught my eye.

It said

"Safe alternative to artificial insemination"

I was immediately interested, and called to made an appointment with Dr. Allen Murray. I had liked Dr Murray the moment I met him.

He explained that his clinic emphasized in natural insemination rather than artificial insemination. The sperm will be planted by a real donor as opposed to an anonymous one.

The technique would be easier and more effective. The clinic kept a database of highly qualified males who would be able to inseminate me.

The idea appealed to me and I immediately made an appointment for the procedure. Dr Murray gave me a thick color catalog of eligible candidates to choose from.

"Don't wear anything complicated when you come for your procedure" he had said. "This clinic is very informal."

"Something that would permit us easy access would be just fine."

Easy access to what?

I wondered, but did not ask. Of course, I knew the answer.

Dr Allen gave me a form to fill out when I had selected the donor.

"Mail this back to the office a week in advance of your procedure." Dr Murray had said

I spent many hours in bed poring over the pictures of good looking guys. None of the pictures were nude, but many of them were quite revealing. I selected two of them. One was Max and the other was Roger.

Roger was lean and tall. He was well muscled. and had a red Italian complexion The catalog showed him in swimming trunks. They fitted tight across the front and I could only imagine the outline of his generous cock. His shoulders were very square and he had deep blue eyes. His muscular legs sent a twitch between my own, once again I reached between my legs to gently massage my love hole.

Max was a handsome African American male . Brown skinned his picture showed him wearing loose fitting white sweat pants. His upper body was un-covered His chocolate skin was a wonderful contrast against the white slacks.

His skin was smooth and well toned. His upper body was well built and he wore the most wonderful smile. Max had his head shaved to a shine and wore a single diamond stud in one ear. Max's slacks were loose fitting but even so, I was sure he had a great looking cock.

I had the most pleasant wet dream that night thinking about Roger, Max and Me.

Finally the day arrived for my appointment. I was tense and full of anticipation I dressed up in a plaid brown skirt, which was fairly tight around the butt. Maroon panties, a matching lacy bra and a beige sweater completed the attire. The sweater was a polo neck cashmere and fitted very tightly around my breasts. It was Wednesday and I had almost forgotten about my massage. As I was walking out the door I saw Jack drive up to our house. I looked at my watch. What the heck. There was still over an hour till the appointment.

I did not know if I could survive Jacks massage. I was already so light headed. Of course there was no time to change into my massage outfit.

I was feeling a slight tension in the area of my genitals. When Jack was done with my massage my panties were drenched, and he had never even touched me in a sexual way. Jack, the gentlemen that he is carefully reached under my skirt up to my waist and lowered the soaking panties off my hips and down my legs.

He then disappeared for a few moments. When he came back, he had a fresh pair. The maroon color matched my lacy bra. They were thong g-strings. He gently guided then over my feet and then up my thighs. It was then that I realized that they were at least three sizes too small. The elastic was very tight and would not give way. Jack had a difficult time getting them over my generous bum. He finally got them on me to the waist. The material of the thong was tight between my checks behind me, and in front the material of the thong was bunched up between the lips of my sex.

When I got off the massage table, the material of the thong pressed painfully against my engorged clit.. I had difficulty walking. Jack got me a pair of black patent leather boots and helped me into them. The boots came up well above the knees and inches below my plaid skirt exposing a strip of pink skin where my boots stopped and the hem of my skirt began.

I hadn't realized, but the heels were at least five inches high. When I got out the door my body was taut as a violin string. My nipples stood out obscenely even protruding through the material of my bra and sweater. I knew I needed immediate release. Driving with my thong between my ass cheeks was a torture, I pulled up my skirt as I sat in the driver's seat of my Ferrari. My bare bum making contact with the leather seats which felt cool against my skin.

I finally made it to Dr Murray's clinic. I entered the lounge which was large and was equipped with generous couches all around. Across from the hallway, there were rooms.

The doors were closed. One of them said it was a consultation room. Another said it was a lab. Two more rooms across the hallway were labeled therapy rooms. One had a red light above it.

The red lighted sign flashed

"Therapy in progress"

I was careful sitting down on the leather couch. I did not want my skirt to be wet from my arousal so I pulled up my skirt and sat again my bare bum against the couch as I had done in the car.

From the therapy room I heard the sound of heavy breathing. Then a distinct grunt. I could hear the sound of furniture being moved around. Then the distinct moaning of a woman.


The rythmic tone was the distinct sound of a woman. The pitch of her voice getting progressively louder and louder as the crescendo in the voice of an opera singer.


A piercing yell followed

Then silence ...........

Then the sound of some instrument or the other clatter in a metallic tray.

Once again, the woman's unsteady breathing

Then the rhythmic

Unnnnnh......... unnnnnh ..........

Punctuated by regular pauses.


Then heavy breathing, again clatter of instruments in a metal tray.

"unnnnnh unnnnnnh UNNNNNNH "

"Deeper ," I heard the woman gasp.

"Deeeeeeeeeep AAAhhhhhhhhhnh"!!!

"Give it to me Very Deeeeeeep" the woman was saying between moaning sounds.

I was wondering what I had got myself into. But I was really turned on by now. My pussy ached and I suddenly had the urge to take off my panties and finger myself to orgasm. I raised my buttocks just enough for my hands to reach under me to play with the cleft between my ass cheeks.

Just then the consultation room door opened and an attractive looking nurse appeared.

She had a clipboard of some kind. She took a glance the name on the board, and then walked over to me

"You must be Candy Preston" she said. "The room is all ready for you."

She opened the door to the consultation room.

" I will be attending today during your procedure." " Feel free to call me Rhonda" she said.

I got up sliding over the leather couch. My ass making a farting sound as the bare skin rubbed on the tanned leather. The thong hurt unbearably as I stood up and followed Rhonda into the consultation room.

"You may sit here" she said, pointing to a tiny stool that resembled a bar stool, but much smaller.

I climbed onto it my bottom barely fitting over it as I placed my heeled boots onto the step to keep my balance.

Rhonda disappeared from the room and came moments later with a blood pressure instrument. Raising my skirt a little she placed the cuff on the exposed part of my thigh between the top of my boot and the hem of my skirt. I had never seen blood pressure being taken this way. She pumped up the cuff around my thigh and I began to get the most exquisite feeling in my pussy.

A pulse was beginning to throb in my clit when Rhonda finally deflated the cuff

She made some notations on the clipboard and then left.

When the door re-opened Dr Murray greeted me with his usual beaming smile.

"Let's get to work" he said reading my chart.

"You have selected two donors" Dr Murray said.

" I wanted to call you to let you know about your oversight, but then on second thoughts, I figured that two donors would be better than one."

"Since you will be having two donors, we shall plan on one taking you vaginally and the other taking you in your bum"

It turned me on hearing a professional doctor use such language,

"That's if it is okay with you" Dr Murray added. Of Course it was..

"Have you ever had your bum penetrated before?" Dr Murray asked.

"No." I replied quite honestly. My occasional fingering of my ass hole did not count

Dr. Murray sat down on his stool. He sat very close to me facing me. He carefully began an oral examination of my mouth my teeth and my eyes. He was very close to me now. His eyes were in level with mine. I had to spread my legs far apart so he could sit very close in front of me.

My spread legs would have looked obscene and I was thankful that the stool was not very high.

"Have you had a breast exam lately?," Dr Murray asked.

"I do self exams from time to time," I lied,

"Well then, you will need a professional exam today Candy."

"Will you please lift up your sweater over up to your neck and expose your breasts?"

I freed my sweater from the waistband of my skirt and pulled it up in front.

It was then that I noticed that the room was surrounded my mirrors and video cameras. On a large screen in the corner I could see myself in my maroon lacy bra. The big screen outlined the contours of my generous bosom. Dr Murray reached gently with his fingers pressing on the underside of the cups of my bra while his fingers pulled sideways on the shoulder straps.

In one smooth motion he had popped my breasts out of their cups. With my bra bunched up under them. They looked real large and obscene in this fashion my erect nipples glowing red in the over head light.

Dr. Murray lubricated his hands with some kind of lotion and then pressed a foot pedal near his chair. The stool I was sitting on began to rise as the motor whirred and brought my breasts in line with is view.

His fingers were gentle as they pressed on the underside of my breasts. Rubbing his thumbs gently on the underside while his crooked forefingers trapped my nipples in place. The sensation was unbearable. Doctor Murray then completely covered each breast with the palm of his hands. (My breasts are actually much more than a handful). He rotated each breast by pressing down on each while my nipples quickly perked to points in the center of his palms.

Dr Murray's face was inches from my breasts. His breath felt warm on the skin of my chest and I wished with all my heart that he would take each nipple in his mouth. My cunt was in an extreme state of arousal as I rocked my backside on the stool hoping for some kind of relief. But Dr Murray had moved on.

He reached into a metal tray and pulled up a thick clear plastic tube about an inch in diameter. He attached a plastic suction cup to one end and a large suction syringe to the other end. Dipping his fingers once again he lubricated the surface of the suction cup

Dr Murray now stood up. Standing very close to me, I looked down to see a large bulge in the front of his trousers. I wanted to reach down and take his cock in my hands and feel it's hardness when Dr Murray placed the suction cup on my left nipple. The sensation was unbelievable. .I looked up into the big screen where a close up of my nipple was visible. As Dr Murray gently pulled on the syringe, my nipple was drawn deep into the suction cup and into the plastic tube.

AAAAAhhhhhh ..............................

I moaned as my nipple was drawn obscenely into the tube. He placed another tube on the other breast.

Dr Murray began moving the syringe in and out as my nipples were pulled and stretched alternately. His movement was gentle at first and the strokes were short. Then the pull on the plunger got harder and longer and my nipples were extended to an impossible length. Doctor Murray kept up the alternating pulling and pushing as I felt a wave of pleasure in my cunt.

Dr Murray was standing now between my legs. The bulge in his trousers making contact with my sex. I moved my ass back and forth in an attempt to dry fuck my doctor. But he was soon finished with me. He sat down in his chair and made notes.

When he looked up from the note pad he made eye contact and said,

"Now Candy, the next part of the exam is important." " It may be a little un-comfortable but I want you as calm as possible."

"Please place your hands in the arm rests" "Do not move your hands or your body." "You may hold the armrests if you wish"

I held the armrests very tightly and gritted my teeth as once again. Dr Murray pressed on the foot pedal to raise the stool I was sitting on.

My spread legs were in line with his view and he could see well between my parted thighs. I had never been more embarrassed in my life as he pushed up my skirt and bunched it up at my waist.

I looked at my genitals in the mirror as my pussy was wide open my clit poking out from between the engorged lips of my sex. My vagina was a gaping wet hole as pussy juice glistened form the neatly trimmed hair on my bush. As if not satisfied with the view, Dr Murray gently reached down and took hold of my left ankle. He gently lifted it up bending my left knee and placed the heel of my boot on the stool. Now I was completely and totally exposed and aroused with nothing but a strand of G-string from my thong to cover my modesty.

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