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Canned Heat


It had to be a dream that she would wake from soon. It just couldn't be happening, her behavior was so uncharacteristically alien to her. Here she was handling the highly aroused cock of a man she hadn't even kissed before. Yet her husband seemed to be getting turned on, big time, by seeing her do it.

Maybe it was the alcohol? All three of them had several drinks at the bar before she could work up the courage to come to the hotel room with Warren as the extra man. Whatever the cause, she was becoming a captive to sensations previously unexplored.

Oh sure, there had been inklings of such things that had crossed her mind over the years, but she usually quickly dispelled them and chided herself for momentarily enjoying the tingling feelings they produced in her nipples, and between her thighs. Never in her wildest dreams did she think those fleeting thoughts, of being with two men, would ever become reality, yet here she was. And to her disbelief, her lust was becoming voracious.

It hadn't started out that way. She was still very tentative and self conscious as the men began kissing, fondling and disrobing her. In typical male fashion they had torn their own clothes off in a horny frenzy, and unashamedly displayed their swollen, ready cocks. Even as Warren's burly dick pushed up against her she was hesitant to touch it. When he took her hand and wrapped it around his eager hard-on, she instinctively began jerking him off. She felt that, under the circumstances, it was the thing to do. Yet there was more to it than that. As much as she tried not to acknowledge it, everything, from their caresses, to their cocks, swollen with desire for her, had her extremely turned on. Way down deep, she knew she wanted both of their hard, horny cocks.

This wasn't the normal behavior of a middle aged mother, with very limited sexual experience. Where were these feelings, which were turning her into, what she always considered a loose woman, coming from? Where did she inherit the desires and instincts for working another man's cock. Why was it all taking her to heights of lusty arousal that she never knew existed?

It wasn't as though Warren was a stranger, she'd known him for as long as she knew Brad. She met them both when she began her first job after collage. They both courted her. She fell in love with Brad, but may have fallen in lust with Warren. He'd even, occasionally, sneak into her mind while she masturbated when Brad was traveling on business. She'd try hard to focus on Brad, but many times, just as she was about to cum, Warren would be the one fucking her to climax. Whenever that would happen she'd try and purge it from her memory, and she'd be particularly nice to Brad when he got home.

Now all those suppressed, or denied feelings were flooding to the surface, totally short circuiting her middle class morality.

The slow undressing, kissing, and intimate touching of the men was better than anything she could have ever dreamed up in a fantasy.

Warren slid his fingers between her slippery pussy lips when they finally removed her last piece of clothing, her panties. Having her swollen clit caressed was almost more than she could take.

Seeing her reaction to Warren's probing fingers Brad whispered in her ear. "You wanna suck Warren's cock, don't you?" His words were spot on, her mouth watered to do just that.

"Go ahead babe, I want to see his cock in your mouth," he prompted.

Buoyed by his goading she was unable to restrain herself, before she could chicken out she acted on her compulsion. Quickly crouching in front of Warren she took his big cock deep into her mouth. Her aggressiveness surprised Brad as much as it surprised her.

"Wow", he said, "You're a real, hot item." She wasn't sure if he was criticizing or approving, and right then it didn't matter. It caused her to pause for just a second, then she continued to work on Warren's appreciative dick.

She felt Brad rub his cock over the back of her neck and into her hair as she sucked Warren. She swung her head around and ambushed his probing dick, captured it with her mouth and sucked it with the same spontaneity she had with Warren. His moans just get her hotter, if that was possible. He suddenly pulled his dick firm her mouth with a pop. "Whoa", he says "I almost came."

"You wanna fuck my wife?" Brad brashly asked Warren, getting off on hearing himself offer his wife to another man.

"You want Warren to fuck you, don't you babe?" he asks her, almost as an afterthought.

"Anything for you" she lied. She was becoming bolder by the minute, and right then she was totally into getting fucked by Warren. Her pussy ached, and her clit felt is was as big as a grape. She hoped she could take more than just a couple of pokes before she went off, because she really wanted to savor it.

"Are you just going to watch?" she asked Brad.

"Oh I think I can do a little more than watch," he answered.

"Perfect" she thought, she really wanted both of them at the same time but didn't have the courage to come right out with it. She wasn't sure how Brad would judge her behavior afterwards with lustless clarity, and she didn't want to add dirty talking to the list.

"I have some condoms" Brad said, and went to get them.

With her back to him, Warren took the opportunity to grab a handful of her rump.

"You're even more beautiful naked." he whispered in her ear.

"Are you into fat?" she asked, immediately feeling completely stupid for her lame response.

"On you it's called sex appeal," he told her.

After almost twenty years of marriage, and two children, she never expected to feel excitement, of a first time compliment of her sex appeal, again. She had no illusions about male compliments, most men would fuck anything in a skirt. On the other hand he didn't have to say anything, at that point he didn't need to blow smoke up her ass to fuck her. In any case it gave her ego a timely boost, because now, that there was a lull in the action, she became acutely aware that she was wearing nothing but shoes in the company of her admirer, who hadn't seen her naked before.

"You're sweet" she said.

Encouraged, he wrapped his arms around her midriff from behind and kissed her on the neck, which she loved. He pushed his hard-on between her thighs, she could feel it contacting her pussy lips. She was ready to go right then, all she had to do was bend over a little and he could have jammed it right up her craving cunt. But Brad's voice interrupted them.

"Hey guys, not without these" he said, waving the condoms.

She was lustily sucking on her husbands cock when Warren slowly slid his large, thick cock into her. It caused her to moan loudly, which had an effect on Brad. He pulled his cock from her mouth, then covered her mouth with his. His tongue swirled feverishly between her sucking lips while their saliva and groans mingled. The whole thing seemed surreal, Brad kissing her while Warren fucked her.

She came twice before the men did, the first one was extremely intense while the second was like a gentle parting gift of soothing pleasure. Brad came in her mouth and seconds later Warren filled her pussy with a gusher of a load. Even as the men were still panting, she excused herself and went to the bathroom. For some silly reason she felt it was important not to stain the bed sheets with Warren's cum, which she felt oozing out of her.

She took a quick shower and when she returned the men were still naked, which, to her, meant it wasn't over, she was glad.

"My turn" Warren stated while heading for the bathroom.

Now that they were alone, she felt it was a good time to get some feedback from Brad about things that were on her mind.

"Are you ashamed of how your wife behaved?" she asked.

"just the opposite" he answered, "I'm very pleased by your behavior."

"I swear to you" she told him sincerely, "I have no idea what possessed me to act like that." "I have never even fantasized about anything like this before," she told him, reasoning that the unprompted thoughts about Warren wern't fantasies.

"Just answer one question honestly" he said. "Did you like it?"

"Yes" was her, almost inaudible, one word answer.

"Then you don't have to explain yourself" he said "if you're doing it because you want to, that pleases me very much." "I felt like I talked you into this, and I thought you were doing it just for me" he said. "The fact that you're getting as much out of it as I am is a bonus....for both of us."

"But what do you get out of it?" she asked. "Don't you get jealous watching me make out with Warren?"

"Strangely" he answered, that is what I get out of it... jealousy." "The combination of jealousy and lust is like a potent aphrodisiac to me that drives me crazy with desire." I've fantasized about the three of us many times just for that feeling, but the fantasy feeling is like a watered down version of the real thing." "That's why I'm so glad you're into it, that makes that feeling even more intense." "Are you ashamed of you husband for using you like that?"

"Use me, use me" she said with a giggle. "Seriously" she said "I'm not ashamed of you, and that makes me feel a lot better about myself." "Thanks for being honest with me" she said with a kiss.

"Are you going to let Warren do you again?" he asked teasingly.

"Hmmm" he replied hesitantly. "Maybe with his tongue?" "If that's OK with you" she added.

"Oh, I think it's OK with me" he said motioning to his swelling dick.

She reached for it and leaned towards him to kiss him. Just then Warren appeared. Seeing her stroke Brad's aroused cock prompted him to say, "don't forget about me."

They didn't break their embrace, but Brad pointed towards Julie's pussy. Warren got the hint right away. He sat on the side of the bed and spread her thighs. She let them fall apart without any resistance. Once again Brad was deep tongue kissing her when she felt Warren's fingers part her lips. The bed jiggled as he repositioned himself between her thighs. The provocative scent of her arousal left him no alternative but to savor the luxuriant juices that created it. Her breath came in gasps when she felt his soft lips, then his slick tongue contact her, oh so ready,clit. By the time Warren brought to a toe curling orgasm, he and Brad were so horny that it was palpable .

Brad got her to kneel on the bed with the intent of entering her from behind. He began kissing her back, slowly working his way down towards her butt. Warren knelt on the bed belly to belly with her. When he kissed her she tasted the residue of her own juices that were still pungent on his lips. It turned her on so much that it led her to speculate if tasting another woman's pussy would do the same. When she felt Brad's tongue washing over her asshole she was ready to try anything. "Lie down" she told Warren. She wanted to bend over in order to give Brad access to do whatever he pleased back there, while she blew Warren. Brad was lapping eagerly at her pussy, which still felt great, while the head of Warren's big dick was massaging the back of her throat.

She felt Brad lining up his cock with the opening of her pussy, then felt it being buried deep inside her. She sucked Warren's cock with wild abandon while Brad fucked her. She didn't know who came first, but she likes to think it was a simultaneous three way orgasm. All she knew was that she came so hard, again, that she couldn't contain the load Warren was firing into her mouth. Brad slumped over her back when he was done. She rested her head on Warren's belly, getting some of his overflow cum on her face and in her hair.

She wondered what had become of the timid, inexperienced woman she was just a couple of hours ago. She wondered if she would morph back into that woman again, like Jekyll and Hyde. A staid mother and housewife by day, and a hot, insatiable lady of pleasure by night. Or would guilt and remorse turn her into a one time wonder? Chapter two will explore these questions.

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