tagRomanceCanon Ch. 04

Canon Ch. 04


Geoff awoke on the fourth day to find Amy on top of him, warm and naked, kissing his neck passionately and feeling his chest with her small hands as if she'd never touched a man before. She was astride him, moving her hips against him, grinding the velvety stubble of her pussy against his already stiff cock. Her mouth worked on his neck and shoulder as if she were drowning and he was oxygen, her body writhing and working against him desperately, hungrily.

Damn. Zero to sixty in two seconds, he thought. Dead asleep to wide awake instantly. His hands automatically stroked her bare, flexing back and moved down to her hips, where he found she was kneeling on him, her knees splayed open wide and her crotch snug and wet against his own. He felt her smooth, bare, restless legs and caressed her bare little feet as she worked her sweet pussy against his bone and groped at him blindly. She made small, urgent sounds of voracious, desperate need as she crawled and wriggled on top of him, sounds that seemed to come from deep within her bare young body.

Her passion shocked him. He felt her hands roaming and pulling at him as if searching for something, her lips tugging at the wattles beneath his chin, her tongue playing with them, her breasts brushing and rubbing and dragging over his chest, her taut nipples tracing burning paths across his aging skin, her hips grinding lewdly as she wriggled and hunched on top of him.

Geoff pulled her to him and kissed her, hard, brutally, aroused to full stiffness and blazing hunger. Their tongues wrestled, fiercely, aggressively, not sweetly and gently as before. Amy responded just as violently, fighting him, fighting to get closer, to hold onto him, possess him, to make him her own and claim him as her lover, her master, her man.

Geoff felt her small hand searching, finding, grasping, pulling him, fitting his hard cock to her dripping-wet opening and pushing the head between her quivering lips.

Before he had been awake for two full minutes, Geoff was fucking a beautiful, naked young girl whom he loved, and who loved him, both of them with all their hearts and souls. As his dick slid deep inside her, he lifted his head and her tongue was instantly inside his mouth again. She was fucking him hungrily, desperately, sliding her grasping, slippery pussy tube up and down on his steel-hard dick and humping him, whimpering with need.

He wrapped his arms around her and just held on for the ride - and she rode him hard, working her hips, bouncing on him, brushing his bristly chest with her nipples and gasping between deep, sloppy kisses. She pulled at him randomly, clinging to him and gasping.

Then, to Geoff's surprise, she leaned back, set her feet flat on the bed on either side of his hips, and squatted on him with his cock buried in her belly - and then Amy began to belly dance on his dick.

She looked down at him, her eyes slitted and her face distorted with passion and pleasure even as she smiled at him lasciviously - and she gave him a lewd sexual show as she milked his erection with her pussy.

She had changed in an instant from desperate fucking-slut to lewd, cock-teasing showoff, from out of control to controlling him. Geoff could only watch and try to hold back his boiling cum as this naked young beauty, her long hair flying, humped and bumped and undulated her hips, shook her perfect tits, worked and flexed her bare young belly, and stuck out her naked crotch to show him her hairless, gleaming pussy with his cock stretching it wide. She smiled at him teasingly and squeezed his dick with her pussy muscles as she slid her glistening, exposed lips up and down on his bare, swollen hard-on, making him shudder and pump back at her.

She fuck-danced for him with her hands behind her head, writhing like a snake; she rotated her hips, round and round, stirring her pussy deep and massaging his bone with her hot, wet fucking hole. He knew she had been a virgin the night before - but today she was fucking him better than any whore he had ever had. He was shocked almost to orgasm by her undisguised lust and lewdness.

Geoff began to wonder if he were dreaming, even as Amy's juicy, audibly and obscenely squelching pussy and the rising tide of his cum told him he was not.

She began to bounce on him, making her bare breasts bobble fetchingly and his cock plunge in and out - then she leaned forward, braced her hands on his chest, and started to lever her ass up and down rapidly, slapping her wet crotch against him and frankly jacking him off with her slippery, squeezy hole. She lifted her pussy till only his dickhead was between her lips, then slammed it down again to impale herself all the way down to his balls - three times a second, squeezing and milking him the whole time.

He looked up to see her watching him eagerly with a teasing, but passionate smile as she worked her grasping, bouncing pussy on his cock. He shuddered, unbelieving, and felt himself quickly sliding toward the brink, toward the point of no return, as his naked and beautiful young lover worked her heart out to pull his cum from his aging balls.

"Shoot in me, Geoffie," she whispered urgently as she fucked him faster and faster - the first words she had spoken. "Shoot your big sloppy wad in my pussy... Shoot me full... I want to feel your big dick shooting inside me..."

For answer - he did, grimacing and jerking as he unloaded deep in her grasping, squeezing hole. She squealed with delight - and vibrated on him; there was no other word for it. Her whole naked body rippled and fluttered on him, shaking rapidly as if she were having some kind of convulsion - but when he opened his eyes, he saw her watching him avidly.

She was doing it deliberately, and that knowledge drove him even farther over the edge. It felt as if something broke inside him, and he began to shoot again, harder, more intensely. Her shuddering body and her girlish, delighted giggle as he moaned and shot more and more jets of boiling cum into her maddening, fluttering hole drove him close to insanity, and he stared at her desperately as she laughed and shook herself and delightedly made him shoot harder and harder and harder yet.

She finally stopped and fell on him, still laughing as he tried to catch his breath.

"Jesus H. Christ on a crutch," he gasped. "What got into you?"

She giggled. "Your cum did," she squealed happily, and hugged him, quivering with delight.

He held her, his mind reeling. It had not been like the night before - warmly intimate and deeply emotional, a joining of their two souls. Their second fuck had been raw, sudden animal lust, lewd and white-hot and electrifyingly intense - but somehow still an expression of their soul-deep love and trust.

Then it hit him. Amy had not orgasmed.

"Baby, you didn't cum yet," he said into her hair.

She rose on her hands and looked at him with the smile of a child on Christmas morning; both of her amazing eyes twinkled with delight. "I didn't want to, Geoffie," she trilled. "I wanted to make YOU cum - really hard, and really hot. I wanted to drive you crazy and - and send you to the Moon!"

He stared at her, speechless. She giggled. "Say 'Mission accomplished,' Geoff."

"Uh - mission - uh - accomplished, sweetheart. You just - you just wanted to make me shoot?"

The tiny beauty smiled at him happily. "Isn't that what naked slave girls do?"

He stared at her. "Beats me," he finally said. "I never had one before."

She hugged him, moving her shoulders subtly, stroking his chest with her soft breasts. "Well, you have one now," she murmured. "I'm not going to put on a stitch from now till we get up tomorrow, Geoffie. I'm going to go totally bare-pussy naked for you, all day long..."

Then she added, in an intimate whisper, "...and baaarefooted, Geoffie..."

He chuckled and hugged her back. "You know about me and your feet, huh?" he asked.

"Could hardly miss it," she murmured. "I'll be showing you my open pussy, and you'll still glance down at my feet. And I remember how you cleaned them in the garage. That was so sweet..."

"I'm a sucker for pretty feet," he admitted. "And you have the prettiest feet I've ever seen."

"They're yours, Geoffie," she breathed. "You can do anything you want with them. Just like the rest of me."

He held her, feeling incredibly lucky - and happy. His softening cock was still inside her sloppy pussy. Their lips met then, their kiss long and wet and intimate.

"I want you to make me cum now, Geoffie - in the steam room. I want you to make me sweat and wiggle naked in front of you. I want you to tease me and make me feel embarrassed and nasty and bad."

Don't have to ask me twice, he thought...

She giggled as his cock popped out of her pussy when he got up, and she looked up at him shyly as she clapped her little hand over her bald hole as if in modesty. "Carry me to the steam room, Geoffie," she said, looking up at him strangely with her strange eyes.

He carried her to her bathroom, and she kept her hand tightly clasped over her vagina the whole way. "Are you hiding it from me?" he asked curiously.

"Mmm-hmm," she said, nodding, looking up at him like a guilty little girl. "I'm so modest..."

He smiled at that, a little puzzled. He set her down on the tiles, and she covered herself with both hands and blushed prettily. "Ooo, Geoffie, I'm so bare..."

He turned on the steam, then went to Amy and embraced her. They kissed for long minutes as the steam room filled with hot vapor, but she did not hug him back; she continued to conceal her sweet young vagina, shivering in his arms.

Finally, the thermometer was nearing the red zone. "Come on," said Amy, still hiding her pussy. "Make me sweat now. Make me cum in front of you."

They entered the room quickly and shut the door; it was thick with the wet vapor, and the heat was intense and penetrating. In seconds, their bodies were slick and shiny with perspiration.

Amy climbed up on the high shelf and squatted, nodding for Geoff to sit on the low one, which he did, a little mystified. She giggled and blushed bright red for some reason. "I'm going to show you something now, Geoffie... Are you ready?"

He doesn't have a clue, she thought, and shivered as the sweat ran from her naked body. This is going to be fun...

When he nodded, she leaned back against the tiled wall, stuck out her crotch, and took her hands away - and a river of cum slowly oozed from her gaping, red and swollen pussy and hung down obscenely between her lovely bare feet.

As the rope of thick semen lengthened and another began to emerge, she squatted lower and began to visibly squeeze it out - and to bump and hump her bare young crotch at him, making the strings of his cum swing and dangle lewdly.

Geoff goggled and gaped at her filthy display, and she simpered and cooed as his cock suddenly began to stir and lengthen. "Ooo, Geoffie - this is so embarrassing," she whimpered in her best little-girl voice. She wriggled and writhed sensuously, wearing nothing but glistening sweat and his cum, drooling from her swollen, red, gaping fucking-hole.

She suddenly reached down and caught his cum up in her hands, one, then the other, then brought the pearly blobs to her face - and, her eyes on his, did not so much eat his cum as smear it all over her open mouth and cheeks and extended tongue. She caught handful after handful of his drooling cum and covered her lovely, sweating face with it.

She smiled at him with his sperm dripping all over her lovely face. "Do I look pretty like this, Geoffie?" she asked sweetly.

He blinked in shock, but somehow remembered what she wanted. He leaned back against the wall and frankly sneered at her.

"You look like a nasty little slut, Amy," he growled, stroking his cock lazily. "Aren't you ashamed? Naked and dripping with sloppy sperm. Sweaty little whore..."

She shivered and bit her lip, her cheeks reddening. "Oh, Geoffie... Don't say that..." But her pretty toes were curling in excitement and her nipples hardening in spite of the heat.

"You're showing off your sloppy fuckhole with cum all over your face, buck naked," he went on brutally. "And you aren't going to put on a damned thing till tomorrow! What a nasty little hole you are! What a cheap little piece of tail! You fucked me like a Saigon hooker and showed off your cummy hole!" He slapped her wet pussy with the backs of his fingers.

Amy shivered with delight and slid down the wall - and, to Geoff's renewed shock, took her ankles in her hands and pulled her bare little feet back to her face. Her bare, swollen, gaping hole flared open in Geoff's face, and her tiny pink asshole squeezed and flexed beneath it as his cum, still drooling from her pussy, dripped slowly over it. He stroked her bare buttocks with both his trembling hands, and he looked at her dear face framed between her pretty feet.

"I'm so ashamed," she whispered - and she began to clean his cum from her cheeks and chin with her bare pink toes and suck it from them.

"Oh, my God," he whispered. She whimpered and wiggled her toes beside her eyes. "I'm your nasty toy, Geoffie," she whispered. "Play with me."

He slid two fingers into her brazenly displayed pussy, and she wriggled with delight. He began to massage her swollen clit, and she bit her lip and rolled her crotch up at him, whimpering. "Play with me," she breathed again.

He made her shiver as he played with her tender, cum-sloppy pussy, finally grasping that she really was his toy, his slave, his property. He looked at her in wonder - so perfect, so lovely, stark naked and glistening with sweat and cum. He grinned and released her pussy, only to tug and twist at her sweet swollen nipples.

He took first one pretty bare foot from her hand, then the other, kissing them, licking his own cum from her tiny toes, nuzzling them with his lined, bristly old cheek.

He rubbed his face in her wide-open crotch, rasping her tender skin with his morning beard and making her squeak and shudder. He brushed her bare, sensitive clit with his chin, knowing how intensely that stimulated her, and then he bent and sucked on it and whipped it with his tongue.

Amy humped her pussy up at him convulsively, grimacing at the suction and the rasp of his skilled tongue on her bare, defenseless nubbin. He dug his tongue into her squeezing tube as far as it would go, and stirred her depths with it. He stroked her widespread thighs and fondled her slick and quivering breasts, squeezed her soft sweaty bottom and tickled her clenching asshole.

Geoff played with her, enjoying his perfect, naked young plaything, and she loved it. He felt her tensing, rising toward her long-delayed climax - and he realized that his astonished old cock was stiff and hard again.

He positioned himself carefully beneath her, as just as Amy slid over the edge, shuddering and crying out, he pulled her ass over the edge of the tiled shelf and guided her fall - directly onto the concrete post of his swelling dick.

Amy cried out in panic as she fell, cumming - and cried out again in surprise and ecstasy as she fell onto Geoff's hard cock, impaled completely in one shocking instant.

It sent her already intense orgasm into sexual overload. The naked, sweating girl jerked and writhed uncontrollably as she felt her Geoff's rigid organ slam all the way into her belly, and her pussy muscles contracted on it powerfully - and it erupted inside her just as powerfully, as Geoff blasted her with a thick and stringy load for a second time in less than half an hour.

The naked lovers, slick with the sweat pouring from their bodies, embraced and shuddered together in another soul-shattering simultaneous orgasm. Her lovely, glistening pale legs were wrapped around his waist, her arms around his scarred old back, and she clutched him for dear life with both as she imploded on his geysering bone; he held her to him with his strong arms and spurted deep inside her, thrusting deeper as his sperm was torn from him by the cock-milking grip of her spasming hole.

Their mouths sought each other blindly, and their tongues met and caressed each other as they peaked. Amy was helpless in the grip of her super-climax, and Geoff's mind was gone entirely - he was nothing but a spurting, squirting cock, encased and held tight by his sweet Amy's darling pussy.

They shook and shivered for more than a minute, clinging to each other's hot, wet bodies desperately - but it seemed at once to last for an eyeblink, and an hour. They were outside time, inside each other, and lost in the flames of their passion and cradled in the intimacy and infinite trust of their love.

They returned to time and space slowly, shaken to their roots. They blinked dizzily and looked at each other and laughed unsteadily; her long hair was plastered to both of them, entangling them in a net of their own making.

"Wow," they said together, and laughed again.

Geoff held her, kissing her gently and stroking her wet, oily skin. She clung to him, quivering, out of breath, tasting salt as she kissed his chest. His cock was still clasped by her tingling, quaking pussy tube.

"I guess that's what they call 'steamy sex," she said shakily. They laughed, but softly.

"Wore me out, Punkin," gasped Geoff. "I guess I'm too -"

He stopped, knowing what her reaction would be; but she giggled tiredly. "Age has nothing to do with it, Geoffie," she puffed. "I'm one-fmblthmth of your age-" Running her hand over her mouth to garble the word, as he had- "and I'm worn out too." He laughed, and so did she.

They looked at each other, so filled with love and so deeply satisfied, there was nothing else to say.

They rested, still connected, for a while as the room cooled and cleared. Finally, Amy got her feet beneath her and whispered "Watch, Geoffie..."

And as she rose from his lap, once again a thick stream of his cum flowed from her bare, gleaming hole. "I love that," she whispered, as he stared. "I just love that so much. I love taking it, I love having it in me, and I love showing it off to you while I squeeze it out."

He looked up at her sweet, sweaty face and smiled. "My baby girl and my nasty, shameless whore," he said, his face soft and adoring. "I love you, Punkin. I love everything you do. I even love the way you sleep."

He reached out and caught a dollop of his cum that drooled from her crotch and offered it to her. She sucked it from his hand, her strange eyes on his - innocent blue and smoky brown, ice and fire.

They looked at each other, knowing: No limits. There was nothing they could not ask, nothing they would not do for each other.

"Sleep," she said then, wiping a stray drop of cum from her chin and licking it from her finger. "What a wonderful idea."

He smiled and nodded. "Let's wash the sweat and cum off," he said. "Then we can have a little nap before breakfast," he finished with a tired grin.

They laughed, but wearily. It had been a very full morning.


Their shower was intimate and sweet, gentle and comforting. After, they walked together back to their bed - Amy knew better than to ask him to carry her - where they snuggled and slept in each other's arms.


They slept till noon, and woke refreshed - and a little stunned.

"God, that was amazing, Geoffie," said Amy, her cheeks glowing pink.

The old man looked at the pretty girl in his arms and nodded, his own face a bit bemused. "You started it," he said with a wry smile.

She giggled. "I wanted to - I wanted to be a good slave girl and drive you a little crazy." She hugged him and murmured, "I wanted to show you how much I love you, Geoff. I told you I'd do anything for you, and I meant it." She looked up at him again. "Anything..."

He smiled down at her, cocking his head a little with a skeptical expression on his worn old face. "Are you sure you know what you're getting into, with that, Punkin? I have lots of fantasies... And some of them might be - difficult - for you."

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