tagRomanceCanon Ch. 06

Canon Ch. 06


Ellie opened the door and gestured, come in. Geoff and Amy entered the house, and she embraced her daughter, then her old friend. She nodded at Geoff with a smile that was only for him - and then gave Amy one, too.

The girl wondered what lay behind it, and what Geoff had told her.

"Come," she said. "He's in the living room."

Frank, Amy's father, sat on the couch with a worried expression. When the three entered, he stood and hugged his daughter, then shook hands with Geoff.

"What's up, Sarge?" he asked. "Don't tell me this isn't working out."

The old man smiled. "Sit down, Soldier," he said. "This may be hard to hear."

The taller, younger man sat, his expression even more worried. "What is it, Geoff?"

The older man dragged up an armchair and sat down opposite his godson. "Frank," he said, his deep voice soft, "I want you to take every bit of trust and respect - and love - for me that you've ever had, and hold in in your mind, and listen to me."

Frank blinked at him. "That's a lot, Geoff. You've been a father to me, and more." He watched the old man's face. "I'm listening."

Geoff nodded. He looked at the two women watching and smiled; then he turned back to his friend, took a deep breath, and spoke.

"Frank," he said, "As strange as it sounds - as wrong as it sounds..."

He looked at his shoes, then back at his friend's eyes. "I love Amy, and Amy loves me, and we're going to be married."

Frank sat back, grinning; but when the older man did not smile back, his grin faded.

"Wait. You're serious...?" Geoff nodded.

Frank's face was blank. He looked at his daughter. "Amy...?"

"It's true, Daddy," she said. Her voice was strong and clear, which surprised her. "I love Geoff. And he loves me. We could have kept it secret, but we don't want to hide it from anybody. We want to do it right."

Her father's face was growing red, and she could see his anger building. He turned on the older man.

"This is how you repay my trust?" he hissed. "This is how you protect my little girl? By taking her for yourself?'


"It wasn't like that, Frank-"

Frank rose from his chair and punched the older man in the face, full force. Geoff saw it coming, but made no move to defend himself.

"Daddy! No!" cried Amy, moving toward Geoff. Frank swung again, but the old man caught his fist easily and held it.

"One is enough, Frank," he said, his voice a soft rumble. "Now sit down and hear us out. Give us that much." There was an angry red mark on the old man's lined cheek, and he was bleeding slightly from a cut below his eye.

"Why should I?" the younger man roared. He towered over Geoff, who released his fist and looked up at him calmly. "You manipulated my daughter - you wanted her - you don't care about her or Ellie or me..."

"It wasn't like that, Daddy," said the girl. "You know us both better than that." She moved to stand behind Geoff and looked up at her father. She put her hand on the old man's shoulder. "Don't you?"

Frank hesitated, confused, but still furious. "I thought I did," he finally said. "Now I'm not sure."

After a moment, he sat down. "I never thought you'd betray me like this, Geoff." His eyes were dark, his brows still drawn down in anger. "I never thought that was in you."

"It isn't."

All three looked up. It was Ellie who had spoken, still standing to the side.

She came closer and sat down by her husband. "Frank, do you remember when we were first married - and it wasn't going so well?" She put her hand on his.

Puzzled, Frank nodded. "What does that -"

"I left you for a couple of days. Remember?"

He nodded again. "You said you went to a friend's." He was watching her carefully now.

She nodded. "I did. I went to Geoff's place."

The younger man whirled on his old friend again. "Did you-"

"No," said Ellie. "He wouldn't have it, Frank."

He looked back at her. "I threw myself at him," she went on. "But he wouldn't have it. He convinced me to go back to you and work it out." She smiled. "And he was right."

Geoff was looking at the floor; Amy squeezed his shoulder, and he patted her small hand. Now she knew.

Frank was staring at Ellie, struggling to understand. She gestured. "Look at Amy, Frank. And think about me, twenty-five years ago."

His mouth dropped open, and he stared at his friend. "He could have-"

"Yes. He could have, honey. But he wouldn't." She looked at the old man, and at her daughter. "And that's how I know he wouldn't do that now, either, not just for himself." She kissed her husband's cheek. "I know him, Frank. So do you. And we both know our daughter. And I trust both of them."

She sat back and shrugged. "This is strange - but I can't see that it's wrong."

"Daddy," said Amy, "Remember how you told me I was wise for my age?" He reluctantly nodded. "Well, I haven't gotten stupid since then. This isn't something I'm doing because I'm a silly little girl. I know it's right. I know it."

Frank shook his head, still struggling. "But - but he's..."

"Old," said Geoff. Frank looked at him. "Don't you think I've thought about that, too? I wish I wasn't so old. Amy deserves a younger man, who'll be with her longer. But there it is. I can't change that."

"Daddy?" said Amy. He looked at her again. "Take Geoff's and my ages out of it for a minute." She smiled at the old man who was her lover and stroked his bald head. "Do you know a better man?"

Ellie put her hand - as small and white as Amy's - on her husband's again, and squeezed. "She has a point, Frank," she said. "Do you?"

The younger man looked at his friend, and then his daughter, and his eyes filled with tears. "But she's my little girl, Sarge," he said. "How would you feel?"

The old man looked up. "Same as you," he said. "But - I swear to you, Soldier - I'll keep her safe and protect her and provide for her and -" he grinned up at the girl - "and spoil her, and love her and make her happy for as long as I live."

Frank opened his mouth to speak, but Geoff stopped him. "And I know that won't be long - not as long as we'd like, anyway. But whatever time I have left, I want to spend it with Amy at my side. And she'll be very well provided for after I'm gone."

Amy spoke up. "I love him, Daddy. And I want to be with him, too. Till the end."

She and Geoff looked at each other, and the love between them was apparent. "We know how strange this looks to other people. But - well - now is the only time we have, any of us. Whatever time we have together is a gift. And I won't give Geoff up just because we were born fifty-two years apart."

She blinked and looked at her parents, and they realized that she had only partly been talking to them.

She's had to convince him, too, thought Frank. And that insight began to soften his resistance.

Geoff looked down for a moment, then up again. "She's changed me, Frank. I've always been a hard man. Cold, in some ways. I'm sure Tina told you that, Ellie." She nodded.

"But Amy's made me - soft. Warm. I feel things I never felt before. I..." He swallowed. "I cry all the time now." The girl looked at him admiringly; she knew what it cost him to say that.

"I love her with everything that's in me," the old man went on, "and believe me, I don't understand what she sees in me either. But whatever it is -" He shook his head. "She's the most precious and wonderful thing that's ever happened to me. And I won't give her up either." He squeezed her hand, still on his shoulder, but he wouldn't look at her. Everyone knew why.

"I'm happy for Amy, Frank," whispered Ellie. "And I'm proud of her, too. Think about how brave she was to come to us. How honest. Both of them."

Frank looked at her, wiped his eyes, and slowly nodded. "You're right," he finally said, then looked at Amy and Geoff. "You're all right. I know love when I see it." He smiled, his eyes still wet. "it's going to take me a while to get used to this. But - okay." He looked at Geoff. "But you better take good care of her, Sarge."

The old man smiled. "I told you, Soldier. With my life. I didn't know what I was saying then. But now I do." He offered his hand. Frank shook it, then rose, pulling Geoff up too, and the two men embraced. Mother and daughter did, too. Afterward, the younger man smiled sheepishly. "Sorry about the punch, Sarge."

The old man waved it away. "You were entitled," he said.

"Speaking of which," said Ellie, who then rose and left the room.

"Can I call you Dad now?" asked the old man with a cautious grin, and Amy giggled happily. Frank laughed as they sat down.

"You better give me some time on that one too," he said.

Ellie came back in with a Kleenex, some antiseptic, a Band-Aid, and a bag of frozen peas. Geoff sat docilely as she wiped the tiny scratch clean, applied the bandage, and handed him the peas.

He held the bag to his cheekbone. "Thanks, El," he said. "It's no big deal." He saw Frank's look, and added, "Hey, I didn't say it didn't hurt."

The younger man lifted a hand. "I guess after bullets and bombs, it didn't amount to much. I'm really sorry, Geoff. You're the one man in the world I least want to hit." He smiled at his daughter. "Especially now."

She came over and hugged him. "Thank you, Daddy," she said. "It'll be all right. You'll see."

Then she turned and looked at both her parents. "Speaking of bullets and bombs..."

Geoff put his head in his hands. "Oh, shit," he mumbled.

"Did you know Geoffie was awarded the Medal of Honor?"

Her mother grinned.



On the way back, Amy snuggled up to Geoff in the car and leaned her head on his shoulder. "I'm glad we took the Camry, Geoffie," she murmured.

"Why is that, Punkin?"

"The Jag has bucket seats. I couldn't get this close to you."

He put his arm around her for a moment and gave her a squeeze, kissed her hair, then returned his hand to the wheel.

"I think that went okay," she said after a while.

He chuckled. "Easy for you to say," he said. "You didn't get punched in the eye."

"Well, except for that... Does it hurt?"

"Hurts good. I have you now. Right out front and in the open. Straight up, no hiding and no bullshit." He smiled in the light from the dashboard. "It was worth it."

Then he glanced down at her. "Everything was worth it, Amy. To be here with you, now.... " He squeezed her again. "My whole life. Everything that's ever happened to me." He looked back at the road curving away into the dark before them.

And everything that ever will, he thought.

"Mmm," she murmured. "I love you too, Geoffie."

He wondered what lay ahead as he watched the road unfurl before them. Then he remembered what Amy had taught him.

Tomorrow, he thought.

He smiled.

And tonight...


But they went straight to bed when they got home. It was late, and Amy had an eight o'clock class the next morning.

As she snuggled naked into his arms, Geoff asked, "What did you and your mom talk about when you went off together?"

She giggled. "We were planning a wedding, silly." She nuzzled his chest. "I swear, she's as excited as I am."

"What's to plan? We find a judge, we get married."

"Oh, no, you don't. It'll be small, but I want my white dress, Geoffie." She snuggled closer. "And my canopy of crossed swords to walk under."

He kissed her head. "Done, Punkin. Whatever you want."

She sighed and relaxed in his arms. "What were you and Daddy talking about while we were wedding planning?"



"We had a couple of beers and came to an agreement."


"That you're the most wonderful and perfect girl in the world and we both love you more than life itself."

She giggled.

"It's true, baby," he whispered. "You are. And I do." He pulled her close and kissed her - and her lips opened under his.

Some time later, she whispered into his mouth, "Make love to me, Geoffie?"

"Uh-uh. It's after midnight, and you have an early class. Time for sleep now."

"Aww..." She wriggled against him in protest.

"I'll make it up to you tomorrow, Punkin. I'll fuck you breathless."


"Promise. C'mere, let me hum you to sleep." He reached out to the nightstand and turned on the Canon, and she contentedly crawled on top of him and laid her head on his chest.

They both went to sleep smiling.


They were up at their usual six-thirty, and as they normally did on class days, they separated to brush their teeth, dress, and so on in their respective bathrooms. Showering had become an evening ritual, since that allowed them more time to enjoy it.

But when Geoff entered the kitchen, he found Amy making French toast in nothing but her glasses and ankle bracelet.

"You're going to be late for class, Punkin."

"No, Geoffie." She smirked at him and shook her bare bottom in his direction. "I'm cutting all my classes and I'm going to go naked for you all day. I missed my slave girl Sunday. So there."

He sat down in ironic shock. "Amy Madigan, lifelong straight-A-plus student, cutting her classes," he said, shaking his head in wonder. "Surely the Apocalypse is upon us."

She giggled and brought him his French toast and coffee. "Call it our engagement party, Geoffie," she said. "And I'm going to do all my favorite things."

"Which are?" She even makes perfect coffee, he thought, taking a sip and enjoying the sight of her plump, hairless pussy mound.

"Dancing naked for you till you spurt all over me. Sucking your dick till I swallow your cum. Creaming all over your cock while you shoot in my pussy. Maybe riding Honey around the yard till I can't walk straight. And showing you your cum hanging out of my pussy after we fuck in the steam room."

He looked at her with an affectionate, skeptical smile. "You do realize I'm a very old man, right?"

She moved her bare feet wide apart, put her hands behind her head, crouched, and began to bump and shimmy sensuously for him with her chin turned shyly into her shoulder. "I have faith in you, Geoffie," she whispered.

"Jesus, Amy," he said, feeling his cock hardening in his jeans. "Let me finish my breakfast, at least...."


Twenty minutes later:

"Th-this wasn't on my l-list..."

Her bare feet were on his shoulders as he held her pussy open and licked and sucked at her glistening pink hole hungrily. He smiled as he whipped her swollen clit and made her whimper, then paused long enough to say, "No, but it was on mine." He returned to worshiping her sweet young pussy, slipping two fingers into her spasming channel and making her gasp.

As the naked teen shivered and rolled her hips up at his tongue, he sucked on her bare clit and felt a deep satisfaction.

The most precious thing in the Universe is here in my mouth, he thought. My Amy's sweet pussy.

He licked her tender pink tissues with gentle passion, and she whimpered and spread her pale thighs even wider, opening herself to him. He kissed her clit reverently, then pressed on either side of it, exposing it completely for his mouth - and he paused and looked down at it in wonder.

The naked girl whispered, "Don't stop, Geoffie..." and he bent back to his second-favorite work.

His whole world was concentrated in the tiny nubbin in his mouth, and he sucked and licked and kissed it lovingly, not forgetting to slide his tongue around and into her hot, wet opening as well; and a moment later, he decided that Amy's giggle was not his favorite sound in the world after all.

It was her high, sweet child's voice quavering, "Geoffie, I'm g-gonna cuuum..." and her gasps and soft cries as she did.

He twisted and wriggled his fingers inside her pussy and scrubbed his rough tongue around and around and up and down on her swelling, trembling button, doing his adoring best to keep her at her peak as long as he could.

Amy shuddered and jerked at the intense sensations at her center, humping intimately at her gentle lover's mouth... So good, so good, she thought: he's so good to me...

"Oh, eat me, G-Geoffie... Eat me till the s-sun comes up..."

He chuckled into her pussy and mumbled "But the sun just came up, Punkin," without losing contact.

She giggled shakily even as she came - an endearing sound. "I kn-know..."


They snuggled on the couch afterward. Amy was still shivering, and she sat up from Geoff's embrace for a second to look down at her pussy curiously.

"What is it, Punkin?"

"I wanted to see if it's glowing," she said. "It feels like it is." They both smiled, and she added, "I love the way you eat me, Geoffie."

He laughed and squeezed her tight. "I could kiss your pussy for hours, Punkin."

She wriggled in his arms contentedly. "Mmm. Sounds like fun," she murmured.

He chuckled, a deep drumming that passed through her body and made her quiver. "So what do you want to do now?" he asked. "Your day, sweetheart."

She smiled and nuzzled him. "Just lie here naked in your arms and feel loved," she said softly.

Then, more softly: "I'm going to be your wife, Geoffie." She hugged him. "That makes me so happy I can't say it."

He rocked her in his arms. "Me too, my heart. Me too." He smiled, his wattled chin on her head. "Amy Rider," he whispered.

She cooed and shivered. "Ooo...."


And less than a month later, she was.

Their wedding was hastily planned, but perfect for all that. Though they had intended for it to be a small personal affair, Amy's insistence that it be a military wedding, with a Marine honor guard, allowed the word to get out - and the Methodist church where the ceremony took place was filled to standing room only, with many attendees in uniform.

Geoff was resplendent in his dress blues, wearing his Medal of Honor, his other decorations, and his sword. He stood proudly at the altar, with Colonel Johnston beside him - also in his dress uniform - as best man.

When Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" began and the congregation rose to their feet and turned to face the rear of the church, Geoff gasped.

Amy, walking slowly and gracefully on her father's arm, was radiant. Her wedding dress - which had been her mother's - was stunning; lace over silk, with a high collar and long sleeves, and long enough to trail behind her on the carpet. Her hair, long, loose and shining, was graced with a pearl tiara from which her long veil hung like a cloud.

With her perfect skin, full, pink lips and long lashes, Amy needed no makeup; but for that day, she wore a little anyway. And she was breathtaking, with her disturbing eyes sparkling and her smile like the rising sun.

No one but she and her mother knew that beneath her sweet and modest wedding gown, Amy wore nothing at all. Under the long dress, she was barefoot and sweetly naked. Amy had told her husband-to-be of what she would wear beneath her dress - and when he caught a glimpse of her bare little toes peeking out below the hem of her gown, Geoff's heart melted at her love and devotion.

As he watched her draw closer, he was not ashamed of the tears that flowed down his weathered old cheeks, no more than her father was ashamed of his.

Their vows were traditional; the only difference was that they did not look at the minister once as they took them. Their eyes were on each other's faces - young and smooth, old and weathered, but both wearing the same look of pride and adoration.

Amy's ring was small and plain and made of platinum. Geoff's hands shook a bit when he put it on her small and lovely finger - and then he lifted her hand and kissed it tenderly.

When the minister pronounced them husband and wife, and Geoff lifted her veil to kiss her - he touched her face, as if to make sure she was real. Those who sat nearby could see why. She looked like an angel, and her eyes were only for him.

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