tagBDSMCan't Judge a Mistress by her cover Ch. 03

Can't Judge a Mistress by her cover Ch. 03


CH 3- Bambi's rebellion

Read Chapter 1 First to better understand the plot

Club Artemis was empty except for Jane, Bambi and their new slave Isabella. Until tonight Isabella had been a spoiler arrogant Mistress. But after an encounter with the Psionic Mistress she had been exposed as a weakling and a coward. Bambi who was generally submissive and fit the image of it with her red hair and Pixie like looks and been abused by her in the past. Jane her current Mistress had never liked Isabella who knew nothing of the 2 way nature of mistress and slave.

"Well Izzy" their new slave name for Isabella" shall we give you pain or pleasure?

"Let me go you bitch, you have no right."

"She needs to be disciplined" Bambi observed.

True" the ebony skinned dominatrix agreed.. Grab a flogger and a single tail."

Bambi grabbed both and presented them to her mistress.

"You think you can handle the one tail?"

"Yes Mistress, thank you for allowing me to dominate this slut."

"You are quite welcome Bambi, I will take the front."

The two woman went to work and the alternate pains and sensation were a torment to Isabella.

"Please I can't take it!"

"Misty was right" Jane taunted. "You are not worthy to be called a Dom."

"I'll submit to you Jane."

"Mistress Jane cunt!" Bambi said.

"Mistress Jane!" the platinum blond responded.

"And Bambi" Jane asked will you serve as a slave to her in my absence?"

"Yes, anything."

"Than 5 minutes more"

"What you...

Jane wrapped the flogger around Isabella neck. " Slaves have no rights," she said darkly .


Bambi mounted the video camera on a tripod." Ready Mistress."

"Go ahead slave."

A kneeling Isabella, "I am a former Mistress whose place is at the feet of her betters. I will serve my betters, Mistress Jane and Bambi."

"You will begin" by lubricating my strap on" Jane ordered.

"Yes Mistress" as she went to work.

'Deep throat it." grabbing her hair. "This used to be Princess Isabella.. On your back."

"Say you are a fuck toy."

"I am a fuck toy."

"Prepare to be used" As Jane went in on her.

"Oh Mistress"

"You are nothing but a worm," Jane sneered."

After a few minutes, Jane flipped her over. "Ass up."

""Please no."

"Oh yes, take it you slut!" Finally Jane was satisfied.

"Well I have to go to work. Bambi take her home and lock her in the dungeon, before you go to work."

"Yes Mistress" Bambi responded. If Jane has been looking she would have seen a strange expression on her face.


Bambi was feeling conflicted. Outside the sex scene, she was a walking contradiction. She was a major researcher in computer technology with all sort of government access but not always taken seriously because of her looks. She had enough money to retire but needed challenge and stimulation.

She was between projects which was handy because she could not concentrate. Last night was a revelation, it never occurred to her that someone who was small in stature could be so dominant.

"You know Girl" she thought to herself. "For a genius sometimes you are quite dense"

She might not have the psionic powers of Misty but surely you could replicate them artificially.

Bambi enjoyed the rush of domination but she wanted a challenge. Isabella crumbled like cardboard and Katherine was unattainable which left only 1 choice.


Jane arrived home midweek at 7:00 and could see Bambi had arrived ahead of her. Going down the stairs she saw the dungeon lights were all on. Bambi had Isabella tied in a straight jacket while the lower part of her body was exposed.

"Bambi did I give you permission to do this?"

Bambi looked up but continued with the vibrator work on Izzy" I believe you said she was mine in your absence."

"I suppose I did but remember you are still my sex slave."

Bambi stopped "I think it is time we revaluate this relationship."

Jane frowned" You want to end it, but I thought we cared about each other?"

Bambi looked at her with almost hunger, "Jane I do love you it just that after Sunday night I think it's time we switched roles."

Jane was flabbergasted" You want me to submit to you?

"Why not, you don't think I have what it take to dom?"

"To Izzy perhaps, but what makes you think you could top me?"

Bambi sighed, "Jane you are quite creative but unlike me you are not a genius." Bambi pulled out a small device and a high pitch sound emitted.

Jane found herself paralyzed, "Bambi stop!"

Mistress Bambi" The Pixie responded. "A sonic paralyzer than grabbing 2 collars she fastened one on each woman's neck. "I call this a bio collar. It react to my voice only. Kneel sluts. " Both Izzy and Jane went to their knees."

"Bambi no," tear running down Jane's face."

"Now you know how it feels," Isabella smirked.

Quiet Izzy or I really punish you tonight," Bambi ordered. "Jane I know this is shocking to you. But I will give you a choice. You can agree to voluntary be my sex slave or I can use the bio collar. Either way I am domming you tonight. At the end I'll give you a choice about our relationship."

"Voluntary" Jane bit out.

"Say the pledge."

"Artemis and Ishtar I pledge myself the slave of Bambi for this night."

"Now help me put Izzy in the stocks."

"Yes Mistress Bambi."

As they did so, Isabella could not keep the smirk off her face. But it turned into a painful groan as Bambi smashed a fist in her ribs. "Understand this cunt" Bambi whispered. "No matter what happens tonight you will always be at the bottom. Everyone saw unlike Katherine how you cowardly gave up."

"Thank you Mistress" Jane said.

Bambi did not respond but tied one arm to the stock and left the other arm free.

"You are going to be whipped my love but after every hit you get to hit Izzy."

Bambi started slow and teasingly, but built up the momentum.

Squeals of pain and pleasure echoed.

"You are wet Jane"

"Mistress this is not the first time I subbed. Yes I do get off on it. But I still think I should be your Dom."

"Wait till the end of the night, " Bambi responded.

"Neither of you is a Dom" Isabella bit out..

Bambi walked over and pinched Isabella nose and covered her mouth. "Keep whipping Jane."

"Gladly Mistress"

After a minutes Bambi released. Isabella tried to regain her breath.


Bambi surveyed her targets, June and Isabella had been place on their backs on a bondage table with their legs intertwined. Producing a double headed dildo she placed it between their pussy. "Never say your Mistress doesn't give you pleasure," turning on the remote. She than started flogging both their breasts.

"Are my sluts having fun?"

"What do you honestly think?" Jane said defiantly.

"I think I am destined to be a mistress, "Bambi replied.

"Take this collar off and see if you can dominate me!"

"Later love, you are bound by oath to be my slave tonight."

Less talk " putting in a ball gag. 'More punishmen.t"

"I can take much more" Isabella pleaded.

"That is because you are a wimp" Bambi replied sitting on her face. "Lick my pussy." Bambi started working a vibrators on Jane pussy's.

"Please make me cum,".she said through the gag

"Do you acknowledge me as a worthy mistress?" Bambi demanded.


"Then hold it in."

Jane could and squirted out.

With mock sadness" Bambi said, "I expected better control."

Untying them both . "Clean up."


Isabella now had a double penis gag on with her arm in a binder, Bambi finish up by putting nipple clips on. Jane was wearing a leash on her hands and knees.

Speeding her cheeks, Bambi thrust a strap on in her ass " "Now suck Isabella strap on my slut.

"Yes Mistress"

"You are two hot slaves, I should have done this years ago. Keep going."

Jane sucked and was getting totally hot, Bambi reveled in her dominance. 'Who is the Mistress?"

Jane finally gave in " Tonight you are."

"Yes I am, now the question is who is going to be the Mistress in our relationship."

To be continued

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