tagBDSMCan't Judge a Mistress by her cover Ch. 04

Can't Judge a Mistress by her cover Ch. 04


Read Chapter 1 and 2 first.

Miko took off her clothes, Katherine was already naked. Without any preamble Miko started eating out Katherine pussy.

"That feels good, I thought I was going to die earlier."

Raising her head, "Denial can be powerful,"Miko went to back to work.

"Keep going," Katherine sighed.

Miko went on for some time, than instructed, "Your turn."

Katherine flipped 180 degrees but stayed on back and went to work."

Ah" Miko groaned, "Haven't seen anyone skilled at this position before."

"I have a feeling we are going to learn something form each other."

Miko arched up and began kissing the Caucasian while massaging her nipples.

"Keep going." As Katherine began squeezing her ass.


"Stop!" a voice in their heads said.

Miko said" Mistress you said we were free till you came home."

"I changed my mind slave, your Mistress can do that. I'll be home at 3:00. I want you to dominate each other during my absence. Katherine you will go first. Do not take advantage of the situation you will submit yourself to Miko for the second half of the time. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress" they said.


Katherine dragged Miko down to the dungeon. "It's time you serve me, my geisha a slut."

"You don't know what a geisha is," Miko retorted. 'Do your worse."

"I will" Katherine said hang cuffing the smaller Asian wrist over head and stretching out." You will also address me as Lady Katherine."

"Yes Lady Katherine."

"Good slave" as she began licking her nipples." Lets make these hard!" As she attached the nipple chains.

"Oh," Miko breathed.

"Only the beginning," grabbing a crop. "Kiss is bitch."


Katherine drove her fist in Miko stomache.


"Now kiss it"

Miko obeyed.

Katherine gently traced it around her captive's body. "I should not be so cruel, but for me to be in a slave position has caused me a lot of stress. I find you enticing." As she began swatting the smaller woman's ass.

"Thank you Lady Katherine."

Katherine went on for a few minutes then move to the front of her victim. "You are going to hold this with your teeth." She placed the crop between Miko's teeth. Picking up a flogger she began an upwards circular motion attacking her breasts and pussy.

"I only wish this was something else."

"I am sure you do," Misty said in her mind

"You better hope that I never turn the tables." Katherine responded.

Misty laughed, "Katherine I love your defiance, Isabella has already been made into a pathetic slave." "Serve her right," Katherine said as she continued Miko's punishment.

Miko finally lost control of a the crop.

"Clumsy slave. What should I do with you know."

"What ever you wish, Mistress."

"Right answer," Grabbing a violet wand. She press it against Miko's chest.

"Ah" Miko screamed.

"Take it bitch," Katherine said brushing it against the Japanese's pussy"

"Please mercy."

"No mercy" Katherine sneered applying it to the bests.

The alarm than rang, Katherine regretted ending the session but knew Misty was in her mind. So she released Miko and gently helped her to the floor.

************ "Massage my wrists slave." Miko ordered," I need to regain some circulation."

"Yes Mistress" Katherine answered going to work.

"That 's better." Miko rose to her feet. "Stand up with your feet slightly apart."

Katherine obeyed and her eyes widened as she saw Miko grabbing different colored rope.

The Asian smiled," You guess what I am going to do?"

"Shibari Mistress."

"Yes, are you familiar with it."

"I've seen and read about it but could find no one who could teach me about it."

Well" as Miko grabbed a black hemp rope and put it around the back of Katherine's neck, "you are about to experience it from a Master of the art."

"So modest."

Miko threaded is through her crotch so the rope brushed against her pussy>"


"Put your hands in a reverse prayer" Then she tied the first rope around her wrists. Miko then took a gold colored rope and started from the bounds wrist and went over the left shoulder than cross ed over the right breast and reversed it the other way.

Katherine was already getting hot and wet.

"I should mention I coat the hemp with a version of the same aphrodisiac I used before. Now kiss me you white cunt.!"

"Yes Mistress" Katherine said leaning down.

Miko stuck her tongue down asserting her dominance. " I am so glad Misty has taste in her slaves."

"You seem to have accepted her as your Mistress," Katherine noted.

Grabbing a vibrator, "I don't enjoy the mind control any more than you do. But given the alternative which in my case would be a death sentence; I've accepted it. Now back to fun." Miko than turned on the vibrator.

This is really turning me on," Katherine admitted.

"Don't cum until I say so. 'Miko ordered.

"I can't."

"You will!"

Katherine started groaning, "Please let me cum."

"Not yet, "Miko than started sucking on her tits.

"You are evil" Katherine cried.

"Yes I am, I am an enforcer after all. Cum now."

Katherine squirted all over Miko as the alarm sounded.

"You sluts have 10 minutes to get clean" Misty announced in their minds.


Both Katherine and Miko were kneeling when Misty came in.

"Well my slaves I was very entertained and I am tempted to have us do a threesome right now, but we have some non sexual work to discuss."

"What do you mean Mistress?" Katherine asked.

Misty sat down on the couch " Why don't you sit down on and for the time being we can skip the Mistress slave talk until our next session.

Katherine relaxed and sat across from her.

Misty looked at Miko, "Continue your analysis of the pirate situation. Katherine I captured you for two reasons. One is you are obviously a hot sexy woman with a lot of creative erotic talents."

Katherine blushed.

"You are also a talented attorney on sabbatical."

"You want me to be your lawyer?"

"I want to use your legal talents for my covert group."


"Right now" Misty began, the world is in a lot of trouble." We have Islamic terrorism, Latin American dictators and Somali Pirates just to name a few of the problems. With the incompetent President and a criminal AG fighting this has become harder. Add to this the ACLU , and other groups who think the U.S is the problem. I need legal arguments to neutralize them and that idiot judge in Spain."

Katherine nodded, "You're right, what did Caroline do for you."

"A lot of gossip about celebrity sympathizers like Penn , Glover and Belafonte. Next time they criticize the U.S we'll anonymously provide tapes of a payoff to the latter two. What do you say?"

Katherine rose" I am in" kissing her Mistress.

To be continued

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